GoLang, NodeJS Developer

Kyiv · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Senior developer/Team leader Jul 2014 - present time (5 years 6 months) ZEO Alliance (zeoalliance[dot]com) over 500 employees; sell software and services for customers worldwide. (The main products are MacKeeper and ZoomSupport) developed: 1) internal portal for all workers (with timetable, events, kitchen and etc) 2) custom CRM system and the one biggest part of it 2.1) migrate company CRM to Sales Force 3) payment provider proxy to process orders by many payment systems 4) telephony service (frontend as a plug-in for Chrome and plug-in for Sales Force) and back-end on GoLang and PHP (symphony + Sonata Admin) 5) support and develop new micro-services on back-end for MacKeeper and new other software

Golang, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, Docker Compose, Docker/Docker Compose, Oracle, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Git, GitLab, GitLab CI, DDD, TDD, Symfony, Zend Framework, Nginx, REST API, Linux, AWS, Jira, gRPC, RabbitMQ, Node.js, SQL, JSON, CI/CD

Created an interesting and brand new dating site with a partner when we were students. Developed MLM high-load portal at the first work. Created advertising portal with many services at the second work (very interesting idea and unusual development) Build the website of the biggest finance company (Dragon Capital) at the third work. I developed and supported (,,,, Build new services for ZeoAlliacne products, support old ones and build such a good team

Want to work with big and interesting projects, be a part of the clever, smart and interesting team. Develop great projects and new technologies. Always learn something new. Learn English and talk with people in English. Want to take part in conferences.


C/C++ developer

Kyiv · $1250 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

C/C++ developer - Modify, debug and add functionality to the existing cryptographic library - Modify, develop, debug and add functionality to the application - cryptographic Rest Api service (Go language) - Modify, debug and test library for creating digital certificates - Created my own Rest Api service using Spring boot for verifying digital signature and integrate it with company application - Take part in integration application on MacOS and Linux operation systems - Take part in integration application on iOS, create handle-based interface of app (similar to WinAPI) and create simple mobile interface on Objective-C - Take part in integration cryptographic libraries on iOS - Take part in integration CI in company 8 non-commercial projects, some of them (C language): - Core War game - assembler for Core War virtual machine - Lem-in - simple navigation system - Filler - fight against virtual machine on Filler board - Personal C library with my own printf function - FDF - creating a simplified 3D graphic representation of a landscape - Abstract-VM - simple virtual machine that can interpret programs written in a basic assembly language (C++ language)

C/C++, Java, Git, OOP, HTML, Shell, Linux, Algorithms, Design Patterns, Golang, Multithreading, Visual Studio, STL, C, bash, Maven, Windows, MacOS, Xcode, С++, Objective-C, OOP/OOD, English, GNU make

Student of Unit Factory Courses: CodAcademy Frontend Web Academy ITVDN Frontend developer ShawAcademy (Digital Marketing)

To take part in some exciting projects, to have opportunities to constant professional development, to become a part of great team and to have nice benefits for work.

20 February

Software Engineer

Kyiv · $2300 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Passionate about technologies software engineer with experience of working with C/C++ and Python. Currently, I'm working on the R&D project in the automotive domain. Previously, I worked on the development of the testing application for embedded devices and worked on the automotive PoC. P.S. I'm learning programming languages and technologies for fun, I feel comfortable programming in Go, LISP, JS except those I'm working with. There are also technologies I'm familiar with, but not well enough to list them (for example Swift, Java, Kotlin, etc). My main skill is the understanding of how to design (OOD, SOLID, Design Patterns) and implement software solution, not the programming language.

Python, Linux, MacOS, C, Git, SQL, TCP/IP, bash, Docker, HTML, JavaScript, MongoDB, Multithreading, Regex, OOP/OOD, SOLID, Design Patterns, C++, Flask, PostgreSQL, OSI Protocol Suite, REST API, CSS, Golang/Go, Networking, OOP, SQLite, Embedded, Linux Kernel, LISP, ProtoBuf, Unit Testing, Redis, Jira, JSON, Microservices

Invented a sorting algorithm with time complexity O(n). Organised and provided a series of tech-talks on design patterns to advance expertise in the team. Developed several tools to simplify team planning and testing.

R&D project, Scrum, Linux or Mac workstation, flexible working hours. It would be nice if the office is located in the Podil or close to the city centre. I'd love to create something valuable for humanity or bring social impact!

20 February

Golang Developer 

Kyiv · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Applying for the Golang developer position. Passionate about Go and microservice architecture! Experience: My previous experience is Python programming. I worked for two 2 companies for the last 2 years. The first one is which was the Geo Information System for the real estate industry. The second one is Semantrum, which is the leading Ukrainian web application for media monitoring. Due to my previous experience I have an expertise in back-end web development, geographic map related applications development and text-processing applications. Have experience and constantly improving my skills in: • back-end web development (REST APIs) • developed distributed task processing pipelines • skilled in SQL, Postgresql dialect • have commercial experience with MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch • familiar with gRPC • familiar with web-sockets • proven linux user • good at linux shell scripting • proven docker, docker-compose user • familiar with the following AWS services: IAM, EC2, S3, SES, VPC, ECS, ECR, RDS • able to write swagger documentation • constantly use git and gitflow Education: • Programmers degree. Unit Factory (School 42) • Engineers degree in Power Engineering (Kyvi Politecnic Institute)

Golang, Python, Linux, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elastic Search, RabbitMQ, Docker, Docker-compose, WebSockets, gRPC, SQL, Micro-service architecture

20 February

Technical Product Owner 

$3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Below you may find projects and activities i have been involved since 2016. Also in attached CV I referenced my solid expertise in consumer & retail banking which I accumulated being employed by various financial institutions in CIS region. 2016 – current moment – fin-tech product company, Kiev – Technical Product Owner CRM domain - Pre-sale activities for the enterprise grade leads including but not limited to: o Efforts estimation for scope which may vary from confident customer input to one elaborated as a result of discovery phase handled by us o Delivery roadmap preparation and negotiation o Project team bootstrapping and operational control at agreed checkpoints / milestones R & D domain – we offer our team as “plug & play” Product team for any founder to be able to implement his idea if it lays within domains, we are known to be strong at o consumer finance banking o micro-financing (PDL) o health care o Hyperledger and Ethereum blockchain ecosystems Few projects from our portfolio worth to be mentioned: o Kimlic KYC – API back-end done with Elixir and Solidity smart contracts functionality design, testing, documenting. o Lakediamond - software platform with ReactJS web app and API back-end done with Golang. Solidity smart contracts including passing an audit by ChainSecurity o p2p finance eco-system - - delivered p2p transfers product for one of Top 3 world-wide funds transfers operator subsidiaries at Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia which is live with the roadmap for new features planned and shipped by our team according to schedule - sub-project with Viber bot as p2p transfer channel - Payment Service Provider (competitor for P2Y, Karton) for eco-system same world-wide funds transfer leader established in Ukraine

SSIS, SSRS, C#, SQL, Golang, Problem Solving, Requirements elicitation, Product Backlog management

My priority is on product companies or companies offering product team service to startup founders. Hardly believe I could be in position to join enterprise ecosystem of any kind / domain.

18 February

Junior Golang developer

$500 · Upper Intermediate

Several programming and math laboratory works at University. You can find it on my github page. Currently I'm interested in growing myself as backend golang developer.

Control Theory, Functional Analysis, Probability theory, SQL, Golang/Go, C++, Linux, Machine Learning, OOP/OOD

I want to work in a modern team to increase my skills and be helpful in real project. I'm ready for new challenges and interesting projects.

18 February

Golang Developer 🔥

Dnipro, Kiev · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

1.5+ year experience of Golang developing with microservices architecture. The prevailing amount of time worked with Go programming language, Cassandra, Kafka, Docker and GraphQL. During work achieve habit of code debugging, covering it with tests, refactoring and give feedback to other’s code. Have learned how to communicate with customers and how to be able to help teammates almost any time it was needed. Very active and friendly, ready to learn new, help others and develope myself.

Golang, GraphQL, Docker, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, OOP, Agile/SCRUM, GitHub, REST, Microservices architecture, Go-Swagger, Go Meta Linter, Go Vendor, Postman, GinGonic, GoMock GinJWT, AWS, Jenkins, C#, Unity, PostgreSQL

Have Certificate of Cambridge English Language Assessment, CEFR level: B2

I'm looking for a company with a friendly environment, using modern technologies. Would prefer positions and companies with interesting and challenging projects, also will be great to have a mentor. Open to any suggestion and ready to discuss job openings :)

18 February

Golang Developer 

Kyiv · $1500 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Skilled in developing complex solutions based on Linux using Golang and delivering it with Docker (compose). Experienced in direct communications with customers, determining business value and enriching project’s technical documentation.

Golang, PostgreSQL, gRPC, Git, Ruby, Google Cloud Platform, Algorithms, Software engineering, Linux, Colly, Testify, Go

- achieved CAE C1 (Advanced) English certification; - designed and implemented scraping engine that is able to process 2k webpages simultaneously; - developed a financial data handler for manipulating exchange asset trading data for collecting and storing large streams of data in real time; - developed own interpreted programming language as a pet project.

Fast-paced environment with possibilities for solving tough challenges and grow as a software engineer.

18 February

Senior Software Engineer 🔥

Kyiv, Lviv · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

- JavaScript developer with more than 4 years of production experience - Full-stack developer with strong back-end expertise - Strong knowledge of NodeJS and KoaJS - Enthusiastic in investigating cutting-edge technologies - Self-organized, fast learner, strong troubleshooting skills

JavaScript, Node.js, MySQL, Git, REST API, Docker, Linux, SQL, JSON, Redis, NodeJS, Vue.js, Nginx, Koa.js, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Memcache, AWS, Kubernetes, Grafana, GraphQL, Prometheus, GitLab, GitLab CI, AJAX, Golang, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Istio, Terraform, Jaeger Tracing, Pinba, TypeScript

- Worked with high-load service, that serves thousands of users simultaneously - Migrated 2 projects to Kubernetes - Have good knowledge of architecture and cloud technologies

- Interesting project - Challenging tasks - Preferably product company - Possibility to use cutting-edge technologies - Friendly team

18 February

Python Software Engineer 🔥

Kyiv · $3200 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Product: - business logic (Python) for a 4th class soft switch implementation (VoIP) - framework for infrastructure provisioning and further deployment and orchestration of OpenStack installations - configuration engine part written on Python - platform solution for automated ML Ops product - installation, configuration and lifecycle management of services comprising the product Outsource: business logic for REST API based application (Golang)

Git, Linux, PostgreSQL, Python, docker, Kubernetes, Docker, Ubuntu, AWS, bash

I am looking for product related positions or any challenging and engaging projects. Teams with emphasis on communication and cohesiveness when it comes to "make a project happen". People who care not only about the product but also continuous testing and delivery processes for it. It will benefit my productivity greatly if there is some kind of visibility of the results of my work. I definitely would not like to work on long term support related positions. The less bureaucracy the better. Absolutely will refuse any positions with strict time tracking or controlling ingenuities (e.g. snapshotting workstations' screen or sending notifications on the phone after 10 minutes absence from the workstation:)

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