Junior Front-end Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am a Junior Front End developer, having more than a year experience in commercial development and 6 months in development on my own. I was working at Cyber Bionic Systematics, BusinessService and now I’m free for new projects and web-development.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, SASS, HTML, es6, Bootstrap, TypeScript, Angular, OOP, Git, AJAX, JSON, Gulp, Web Development

I am writing different JavaScript projects, have developed several simple games, such as sudoku, scripts for sites, validation, visual activity and want to deal with more complicated cases.

The most important is a team. If there is a strong friendly team, it is a pleasure to work on both difficult big product projects or simple outsourcing tasks. It is relevant to use both new technologies and basic programming language


Chief Executive Officer

Kyiv, EU, USA, Canada, Lviv, Odesa, London · $12000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Wanted POSITION & open to others • Chief Executive Officer • Chief Operating Officer • Chief Experience Officer • Chief Information Officer • Chief Financial Officer SKILLS BUSINESS 20+ years experience, incl.: - Business architecture & models - Marketing & Accounting flows - Human Resource Management & Salary Management - Creating instructions and business-materials - Business Management Reporting & Financial Reporting - Project Management by Agile methodologies. KNOW 100+ technologies: IT (incl. BigData, have strong skills in 1C:Enterprise 8 configurations for Russia, Ukraine, EU), Engineering (incl. HVAC), Medicine (incl. Medical standards & equipment integration, EHR, EMR, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS, LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), Hospital Information Systems (HIS), eHealth.) LANGUAGES: English (Upper-Intermediate), Slovak (Upper-Intermediate), Czech & Polish & Slovenian (Pre-Intermediate), Russian & Ukrainian (Native speaker) I don't drink or smoke. Have a family. Driving from 2001. Licences A1, A, B1, B, C1, C, D, BE (1M+ km). Flying from 2001 (4M+ miles, 60+ countries).

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, CEO, CFO, CIO, HL7v2, HL7v3, CDA, CCD, ASTM, DICOM, HIPAA, SNOMED, LOINC, RCC, BigData, Product management, Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Docker, Cloud Architecture, 3D Scanners, 3D printers, VR and AR, REST API, Git, Jira, Python, SQL, MongoDB, PHP, Hadoop, 1C:Enterprise, MySQL, NoSQL, couchbase, Mobile development for Android and IOS, Linux, Virtualization software, VMware, CCTV, Premises Control, VoIP Asterisk, SEO, SMM, SAP, Cassandra, 1C-Bitrix, GPS-tracking, Highload, Analytics, AWS, Architect

MANAGED 50+ success projects by Agile methodology in recent decade years of TOP100 Forbes companies from EU, Ukraine, Russia. MANAGED 1000+ employees by Motivation Programs to Optimize Results (for Engineering team, Medical team, IT-development team, Design team, Regional managers' team, Content's team, Support team, Teachers' team). MANAGED 40+ big events & exhibitions in 5 countries, training & seminars.

my PREFERENCES before discussion • 80/20 Own Decisions • 80/20 Responsibility for Results • 10/90 Feedback-Effect • 20/80 Financial Benefits • 50/50 Business Risks


Head, Director or GM

Kiev · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Business Development or Product Director Strong in IT Transformation & Growth, Sales, Digital Marketing, Software Development, IT services, and Infrastructure Can be local head of office for startup or tech company PaEI, hunter profile

Blockchain, Digital marketing, Digital Transformation, Engagement, Enterprise, Lead generation, Outsourcing, Presale, Product management, Project Management, Sale, Software Development, Team management, Sales, Negotiations, Business Developement

- Increased sales revenue up to +150% per year - Developed strong technical stream from the ground up (blockchain, enterprise, security, etc.) - Built a team motivation culture - Can transform vision into Product or company strategy

Smart and open company CULTURE. Can start local office or new stream from scratch Can travel up to 75% Team to manage


Business Development Lead

Kyiv · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I am currently a Business Development Lead of Canadian-owned software consulting and staffing company. My main responsibilities are to develop potential and current customers network, generate leads and arrange sales meetings and presentations. In addition to the day-to-day activities and responsibilities, I provide leadership, inspiration, mentorship and career development to members of my team. At my current position I have also developed the ability to handle multiple tasks at a time, switch between them, as well as set priorities effectively.

Business development, Sales

I am determined to develop in the area of Sales and Marketing in a multinational software development company. My aim is to grow professionally as well as benefit the Company with the knowledge and personal qualities I have.


Sales Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $400 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Досвід Роботи 09.2018 – 03.2019 Sales Manager, компанія «Krichet» - Робота з клієнтами. - Пошук нових клієнтів. - Робота з CRM. 01.2018 – 05.2018 Sales Assistant, компанія «Shopping Cart Elite» - Робота з клієнтами. - Організація зустрічей. - Робота з Google Calendar.

Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, B2B, International sales, English, It sales, Lead generation, Business Developement, Leads Generation


Head of Sales and Marketing

Kyiv · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Highly proficient Business Head, with 19+ years’ experience in B2B and B2C Sales & Marketing area for international companies. More than 9 years in Telecom and Smartphone business (Nokia, Lenovo, Motorola) with expertise in business development, retail and wholesale channel administration, skilled in distribution chain building and effective channel management. Successful 8 years’ experience of Device and Services Sales and Marketing in Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova. Yearly Sales and Marketing plan development, strategy and Profit&Loss management. Lead Marketing team for new product launches (incl. Go-to-Market plan development and PR strategy). People management, coordination with UAREE team and cooperation with support functions international team (Finance, Marketing, Product, Services, Supply Operations etc) - 4 years’ experience in Marketing agency on Senior account manager position. Skilled in Sales and negotiation of complex solutions and scenarios, High level of leadership skills, Excellent presentation skills

Sales, Communication Skills, Negotiations, English, Account Management, Team player, B2C, B2B sales, Team management, Business development

2013-2014 Lenovo smartphone business start. National coverage, 7% Market share in Feb 2014 2015 1st-2nd places on Market, MS 22-33%, 100M revenue 2015-2016 Open offices in 4 countries. Sales team launch.

Head of Business, Sales and marketing director, CCO


Sales Manager

Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, EU, USA, Canada · $3500 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Since April 2017 - Head of Client Service Quality Center • Ensuring the maintenance and development of the existing Customer base; • Building and developing a customer service quality system for the Retail business clients in Ukraine; • Comprehensive analysis of customer appeals/complaints and search for non-standard solutions; • Exchange of knowledge and experience in building a customer service quality system and Customer Advocacy with shareholders; July 2013 - April 2017 - Head of Kyiv Region Division • Creating a strategy for the development and sales of consumer loans; • Implementation of the business plan and control of all business indicators in the entrusted territory; • Building partnerships with retail chains and other partners in the field of consumer lending; • Building a strategy for attracting partners in the framework of consumer lending; • Negotiating to attract new partners at the regional and local level.

Sales, Communication Skills, Negotiations, Team management, Team player, customer support, Business development, English, Presentation skills, Customer Support, B2B, B2C, Networking, It sales

- в 25 років став керівником управління Банку, який входить в ТОП 3 за рівнем надійності та ефективності в Україні, та в ТОП 3 найбільших фінансових груп світу. - на даний момент займаюсь сервісом, входимо в ТОП 3 кращих банків за рівнем NPS. Але найбільше я пишаюсь роботою людей - команди. На різних посадах були досягнуті результати, які відповідали або перевищували очікування. Амбіціозних цілей вдавалося досягнути злагодженою командною роботою.

Основне очікування - отримувати результат та цінність від роботи.


Sales Manager

Kyiv · $2000 · Upper Intermediate

My aim is to reach out to the position of Sales Manager in a reliable IT-company with a well- established company culture, ambitious targets and, of course, interesting and useful products. I never worked in IT before, but I believe that my analytical vision, sense of purpose, communication and negotiation skills should be found useful for your project. I am proud to say that my current project was born in the year 2015 as an idea to build and develop a sales team to offer the by-products of Ukrainian industrial plants and in the present time we are a worldwide known brand with a wide geography of sales from the US to Japan, and with a business contracts in Toshiba, Samsung, TSMC, Hynix, etc.

Sales, Communication Skills, Business development, B2B, English, International sales, Negotiations, Lead generation, Team management, Team player, Networking, Presentation skills, Key Account management, Project Management, Customer experience, cold colling, Sales operations

a. The 1st contract with an amount of 1 million USD b. Contract with Toshiba c. Increasing of annual revenue in 3 times during the 5 years

That's what I'm looking for: a team of inspired people fascinated by their useful and interesting product


Sales Manager

Kyiv · $900 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

05/2019–11/2019 Sales manager Procter&Gamble, Kyiv (Ukraine) Head of two in-store teams to achieve KPI target and drive sales forward; Prepare and control Promo activities with relevant in-store communication and evaluation of the best solutions; Negotiate and execute B2B sales based on in-depth customer, market and trade analysis; 02/2018–02/2019 Customer Support manager Govitall, Kyiv (Ukraine) Work with potential customers and researches of the sales market (generating leads through networking, cold-calling and marketing, converting into key accounts). Monitoring customer preferences to determine the focus of B2B and B2C sales efforts (coordinating and leading service review meetings to ensure customer satisfaction and SLAs are being met). Support and maintenance of valid projects in SaaS, E-commerce, Retail/FMCG, crowdfunding and startup projects (the whole working process is held in English). Meet personal/team KPIs and call handling quotas. Developed sustainable relationships of trust through open and interactive communication. 09/2017–12/2017 Sales manager Apricot, Kyiv (Ukraine) Achieved growth and hit sales targets set by the Sales Department. Map potential customers (following up on opportunities to generate leads) and transactions' closing with American, German, Swiss and Austrian markets. Operation with the sales cycle from inception to execution (production, payment, shipment). Provided accurate revenue forecasts on a weekly basis. 02/2017–07/2017 Content Manager MAMA Marketing, Kyiv (Ukraine) Develop a content strategy aligned with short-term and long-term marketing targets. Investigation of data influence in crisis situations. Amplification of the brand's protection strategies.

Sales, Business development, International sales, Account Management, Project Management, B2B, CRM, English, Lead generation, Team management

EDUCATION AND TRAINING 07/2019–07/2019 Sales Department/Procter&Gamble, Warsaw (Poland); 11/2018–12/2018 Master Project Within the Framework of German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD and Robert Bosch Foundation (Robert Bosch Stiftung); Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich; 09/2018–Present Master of Arts in World History; Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; 10/2016–02/2017 Exchange Student Within the Framework of German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD; University of Konstanz; 09/2014–06/2018 Bachelor of Arts in History with First Class Honours; Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; VOLUNTEERING AND LEADERSHIP 11/2017–11/2019 Founder and Head of "German Speaking Club" ("Sprachklub Deutsch"); Kyiv, (Ukraine); 06/2017–08/2018 Moderator of Tandem-program "Kyiv-Regensburg"; Kyiv (Ukraine), Regensburg (Germany); 09/2016–08/2018 Junior Lieutenant in Reserve Officers Training Courses Military Institute of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv; 12/2015–12/2015 Moderator of Youth Camp "Action Reconciliation Service for Peace"; Oswiecim (Poland);


Digital Sales Manager

Kyiv · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

My background comes from experience in working with own products, DSPs, and networks. Most of my current clients are game developers due to the specifics of my product. My current role is made up of communication and I am always in search of solutions which will benefit both: my company and my client. I think that the main task of a Business Development Manager is to understand clients’ business goals, solve problems and increase account activity by reaching KPIs. Taking all these steps day by day I drive client retention, renewals and upsells through communication and deep account management. I feel comfortable by working closely with internal finance, tech and product teams to find new opportunities for growth. Cross-functional cooperation provides my team with advantage to ensure that campaign performance metrics are met. Understanding of our platform, systems, product offerings, and partnerships helps me to advice on campaign strategy and campaign delivery success. Knowledge of ad operations process is a key for me to resolve technical issues with campaign set ups and integrations. I like leading and driving daily relationships, client strategy, and revenue growth. I believe that results are always accompanied by hard work. Getting the client to the right point consists of multiple steps like: extract insights from complex data sets, clearly communicate opportunities to clients, pull reports, dive deep into the data, analyze and present trends. This scope of workload is consistent and firm. This makes all of the parties satisfied. And this is something I am ready to share with you. Thank you for your time! I hope that I’ll have a chance to meet you personally and discuss how I could use my skills to benefit your company.

Sales, Business development, B2B, English, Negotiations, International sales, Communication Skills, Account Management, Team Management, Sales Operation, Key Account management, Presentation skills, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, advertising

Delivered successful advertising campaigns for world leading app deveopers live TripAdvisor, Machine Zone, Big Fish Games, Innogames, GungHo, IGG and many others

I am looking to be a part of a team where results are valued more than office hours.

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