Sr. IT Recruiter

Kiev · $1800 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

More than 13 years in IT Recruitment. Fluent English. More than 100 developers hired in 2 years in the same company.

Recruiting, CV Screening, Interviewing, English, Sourcing, LinkedIn Search, Onboarding, IT Recruting, One to one meetings, adaptation

office close to subway. friendly team.


Senior HR Manager

Kyiv · $2500 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

• 7+ years of experience in HR Manager, HR Generalist, HR Lead, Head of HR role. • 7+ years of experience in recruitment (technical, non-technical and top talents). • Responsible for the full cycle HR & Recruitment operations in IT Companies (outsource, outstaff, product). • Proven negotiation and problem solving skills. • Able to be a communication link between staff, business owner and customer. • Proven managerial skills (leading the teams of 2-6 specialists). • Implementation of HR policies/procedures/check-lists. • Budgeting, reporting, and analytics made in clear, understandable and easy-to-use way. • Good grasp of IT business segment. • I'm also an easy-going person :)

HR, Recruiting, HR Processes


IT Recruiter, HR Manager

Kyiv · $1600 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Опыт работы 2 года (компания + рекрутинговые агенства) Вакансии, которые закрывала: Java Developer, Frontend, FullStack, Ruby, Python, Backend Node JS, PHP Backend, Unity Developer, Technical (Unity) Level Designer, Data Analyst, Mobile Marketing Manager, Embedded Developer и др. На данный момент работаю HR в IT компании (40 человек) Основной функционал: - поиск и подбор персонала - проведение интервью - онбординг, адаптация, 1:1 - организация тренингов, корпоративных мероприятий - взаимодействие с руководителями подразделений - проведение внутренних тимбилдингов

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, HR, Linkedin, Interviewing, Screening Resumes, Communication Skills, Interviews, CV Screening, Human Resources, Research, Boolean Search, headhunting, analytical skils, Client Management, Communication, Onboarding, Executive Search, LinkedIn Search, adaptation, X-Ray, Recruitment, Employee Relations, On-boarding

Закрыла Ruby Developer меньше, чем за неделю

Хочется работать в классной компании с демократичным менеджментом, где есть возможность профессионального роста и влиять на процессы найма.


HR manager

Kyiv · $1000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have a very high level of social competence, multitasking. At my last job, I easily combined the duties of several positions. I am seriously interested in psychology. Despite the fact that my work is connected with people, I consider it necessary to have a supervisor who is a psychologist by education. I am convinced that personnel management can be successful only when the personnel manager is able to approach each employee in the personalized way, namely: to hear, see the person and solve the problem situation in time. I admire my work, because each person is a chest with a valuable treasure and my main task is to find this treasure, which means to give the employee to open up and show their best qualities!- Development of Regulations on the selection and adaptation of personnel. - Search and selection of personnel (conducting interviews, tests, etc.). - Adaptation of personnel (introductory training, appointment of a curator for a probationary period, conducting interviews during the probationary period, conducting testing at the end of the probationary period). - Study of staff interest. - Organization of training of employees (preparation of the plan, schedules, control of quality of training). - Organization of corporate events. - Development of the concept of motivation (material, non-material) of personnel and its implementation. - Development of the concept of personnel assessment and its implementation. - Development of the concept of development of internal communications of personnel and its implementation. - Development of the corporate culture code and its implementation. - Control of employees ' effectiveness. - Calculation of staff turnover and study of their causes. - Preparation of opinions on the current labor legislation of Ukraine. -Full cycle of personnel documentation (admission, dismissal, vacation, sick leave, etc.) During the period of my work in the Company, I built from scratch the personnel department, document management of the Company, the organizational structure of the Company, significantly reduced the turnover of the Company personnel and developed a successful system of adaptation, motivation of employees, which, in turn, increased the Company's revenues.

HR, Human Resources

From scratch, I have built HR processes at Datacenter Parkovy, established teamwork and internal communications, significantly reduced staff turnover, and I am an internal auditor and secretary of the Information Security Management Committee. I am directly involved in the development and implementation of information security policies in information and telecommunications systems. I speak 3 languages: English - fluent, Italian - fluent, French - spoken.

My goal, later, is to become the HR generalist of a 100-person company. At the new place of work I expect mutual understanding with the company management. For me, it is very important for management to brush up that people are the company's main resource and treasure.


HR Manager, Middle

Kyiv · $1100 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

- Участие в ведении кадрового делопроизводства (прием, увольнение, отпуска, больничные листы); - Ведение личных дел сотрудников во внутренних системах компании; - Контроль за соблюдением правил внутреннего распорядка компании; - Ведение электронного архива; - Участие в разработке систем мотивации сотрудников; - Проведение тендеров среди страховых компаний; - Организация мероприятий (корпоративы, конференции, тимбилдинги, тренинги и т.д.) - Обеспечение жизнедеятельности офиса; - Координация офисных закупок (еда, кофе, вода, канцелярия, мебель, визитки, рекламные материалы); - Сопровождение первичных бухгалтерских операций (счета-фактуры, акты); - Организация деловых поездок (бронирование гостиниц и билетов, заказ такси, документальное сопровождение);

Human Resources, HR, Organisation skills, Team Building, budgeting, adaptation, Listening and communication skills


HR manager

Khmelnytskiy, Kyiv, Lviv · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

1,5 года опыта работы в IT на позициях HR и HRD 3 года опыта работы в производственной сфере и b2b 4,5 года опыта работы в сфере HoReCa

HR, IT Recruitment, Human Resources, Communication, Recruiting, Interviewing, Screening Resumes, HR strategy, Performance review, Полный цикл подбора персонала, Linkedin, Coaching, Compensation & Benefits, Training for Recruiters, Budget


IT Recruiter

Kyiv · $700 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Recruiting search tools: Linkedin, Boolean and X-ray search, internal and external recommendations, Djinni, Turbohiring. Searched technical (Middle, Senior, Lead, Architect ). FrontEnd: JavaScript , Angular, React, Node.js, HTML, CSS. BackEnd: Java, .NET, Python, C++, PHP (Laravel, Yii, Symfony), QA, Golang. Have experience handling up to 5 vacancies at the same time. Conducting interview steps: -cv’s screening -pre-screenings -providing candidates with feedbacks

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, X-Ray, Screening Resumes, Research, Boolean Search, CV Screening, LinkedIn Search, Talent acquisition, Sourcing, Interviewing, Communication Skills


HR manager

Kyiv · $1050 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

A people-oriented, result-driven HR manager with excellent negotiation and organizational skills. I have strong expertise in the whole HR field with the overall 5 years of experience at the various HR positions in large international companies. HR Manager IT Company - Worked on improving existing HR processes & procedures and on creating new ones - Created HR documentation database with a detailed description of all existing HR processes & procedures - С&B responsibilities (using Jira, 1C, Apex etc) - Organized adaptation process for newly hired employees - Administrated employees dismissal process (organized exit interviews, created exit interview online form for getting feedback on working in the Company) - Provided support to all employees regarding all HR related issues - Worked on launching of a new time tracking & HR database system in the Company (data input in the system, organizing trainings for key users, reporting errors to IT department etc.) - Completed project of creation job descriptions for all departments in the company - Provided weekly reports to management HR Manager IT company - Organized adaptation process for new employees - Planed and organized monitoring meetings for employees according to the defined procedures and deadlines - Organized internal interviews for employees - Timely and proper maintenance of HR records and HR processes database updating - Advised managers on matters related to personnel management - Advised employees on matters regarding their professional development - Created and maintained effective cooperation with heads of departments and PMs - Conducted regular meetings with heads of departments in order to resolve current issues related to personnel (quantity, qualification, salary, career advancement) - Monitored teams to identify and prevent risks and their consequences (dismissal, professional burnout, conflicts, etc.) - Informed employees about changes, implementation of the new HR procedures, processes, etc.

Building HR activities, CV Screening, Internal communications, Interviewing, people managment, Strategic Management, Executive Search

I'm interested in a challenging career in IT company to apply my best skills and knowledge. I`m looking for position of HR business partner or HR manager. Recruiting can be one of the functions, but not the main function.


HR Business Partner/ People Partner

Kyiv · $1850 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Project Manager (about 4 years): - Outlining the project objectives and scopes, planning and managing timelines; - Applying Agile Methodologies and Frameworks, Lean, Waterfall; - Forming teams according to the project needs, handling teams and clients requests; - Tracking and reporting on overall progress (Jira, Confluence, Trello etc.); - Managing daily operations, implementing new programs and improvements; - Keeping risk management process up to date, collaborating with stakeholders and all involved sides. People Partner (up to 2 years): - Collaborating with management and employees to improve existing processes, following high-performance culture and building credibility with all levels; - Supporting and driving new practices, responding to organizational changes, handling employees’ requests, wishes, issues; - Interviewing candidates, following all procedures related to employees’ on-boarding, adaptation, professional growth and rotations; - Coaching team members, identifying training and development needs for teams and individuals; - Planning and managing an assessment process, performance, evaluation and feedback meetings; - Assisting in elaborating individual development plans, managing quarterly goals (mbo), building self-development and education strategy, ensuring regular 1:1 meetings, participating in merit review process; - Analyzing data and trends, designing and applying new valuable approaches according to business needs; - Actively cooperating with colleagues and partners on strategic and operational people management areas.

Team management, People management, English, Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Jira, Microsoft Office, Kanban, Ability to learn quickly, Analytical and problem solving abilities, Communication Skills, project planning, Budget and Timelines Achievement, Agile & Waterfall Methodologies, SDLC, Trello, Agile / Scrum / Kanban, Risk Management, IT Project Management

Passioned about people and soft-skills development ways. Know and apply coaching approach in daily work. Use Agile methodologies, Management 3.0. Successful experience in People and Project management. Certified Professional Scrum Master I. Strong team player.

Like to open up and dig into new professional areas, make a collaboration with colleagues and clients, assist with personal development growth. Open for international and people-oriented companies. Interested in Team and People management, Customers and Partners Communications. Ready for business trips.

21 November

HR Business partner, HR People partner, HR manager

Kyiv · $1700 · 6 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Больше 6 лет работаю на HR-позициях (HR generalist, People Partner, Product Owner), реализовываю HR-проекты, которые имеют разнообразные цели (например, внутренняя валюта, как инструмент развития корпоративной культуры и поддержки ценностей; корпоративная библиотека как дополнительный инструмент шеринга знаниями и, снова таки, поддержки корпоративных ценностей; проекты социальной ответственности компании; автоматизация HR-процессов). Также имею опыт создания и имплементации процессов и процедур, разработки HR-стратегии.

HR, Onboarding, Team Building, People management, HR Business parrtnering, HR business processes, Training, Strategy development

Инициировала проект реализации автоматизации HR-процессов, что освободило 40% времени для непосредственной работы с сотрудниками, командами и бизнесом. Реализовала с командой проект развития менеджерских скиллов для руководителей с незначительным или отсутствующим управленческим опытом, что позволило успешно делегировать им работу со своими командами, минимально вовлекая руководителей высшего уровня. Запустила и поддерживала инициативу трудоустройства людей с дополнительными потребностями, что позволило реализовать потребность компании в сотрудниках и не словом, а делом поддержать корпоративные ценности.

Рассматриваю HR-позиции в компаниях, ориентированных на развитие, партнерство, открытое и конструктивное взаимодействие. Интересуют позиции, предусматривающие широкий спектр функций: построение или улучшение процессов и процедур, он-бординг, обучение и развитие, корпоративная культура, другие HR-проекты, исходя из потребностей бизнеса. Важно понимание ценности HR-функции или хотя бы готовность проверять гипотезу о наличии этой ценности :-)

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