iOS Developer

harkіv, kiїv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Full cycle development (planning architecture ,code review) Mostly worked with business and entertainment apps, IoT. Mostly used MVVM+C (with RxSwift) as base architecture for apps, familiar with Redux(ReSwift). Have good practice with Bluetooth technology.

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, Objective-C, Multithreading, MVVM, GCD, SOLID, OOP, Design Patterns

- interesting projects with complex architecture and UI flows - experienced team to join in - advanced and flexible management


iOS Developer

dnepr, kiev, har'kov · $600 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Worked on Swift to create mobile application in IOS. Worked on CoreData, Foundation, UIKit, Design Patterns, Delegates, NotificationCenter, TableView, CollectionView, MapView, WebView. Integrated Rest api: Vk API, Flickr API, Etsy API, Yandex Translate API and Google services(Firebase, analytics). Worked with GIT to merge the code and pull changes on the working branch.

CocoaPods, Auto Layout, Collection, CoreData, firebase, Foundation, Git, MVC, Notification, Swift, MVVM, realm

Adequate management and professional growing.


iOS Developer 

kharkiv, Ukraine · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- Objective-C, SWift, iOS SDK, XML, JSON - Core Location, Push Notifications, in-app Purchase, Advertisement, Social - Multi-threading, Observers, Core Graphics - REST Client API,OOP, Design Patterns,SQite - Опыт разработки коммерческих iOS приложений - Знание принципов ООP и шаблонов проектирования - Умение быстро разбираться в коде - Опыт работы с Git, SVN - Технический английский

C#, Objective C, UIKit, User Experience (UX), SQLite, User Interface (UI), ADO.NET, Git, MS SQL Server

Работа над коммерческими приложениями, как в одиночку так и как часть команды

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Интересные проекты


iOS Developer

remote, kharkov, europe · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

I have excellent knowledge Objective-C and Swift in iOS: UI, Animation, Multithreading, Geo location, Maps, Data bases, Networking, Push notifications. Provided architectural solutions with MVC, Coordinator, MVVM, Viper. Nice knowledge with git and project tracking tools such as Jira, GitLab, TeamWork and other.

CoreLocation, iOS, Objective-C, CoreData, Git, Networking, Swift, UIKit, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM

Apps with pixel perfect design with hard architecture that are on AppStore (links to apps will be provided in private dialog).

Nice project or long term relationship with stable work.


Xamarin Developer

kharkiv, Ukraine · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

- Application for managing leave-sick, days-off and holidays schedule and other aspects of communication between employees and HR Managers, Project Managers, employers. - Tinder like application for dating, communication by real-time chat, creating and managing parties and events. - Application for managing working time by builders. App provide a few functions: control for working time and overtime, differentiation in builber`s objects (projects) by Q-code and capability to communicate and send some requests to managers.

Jira, OOP, Git, Java, MVC, MySQL, REST API, XML, Android, C#, Visual Studio, Redmine, MvvmCross, Xamarin, Xamarin Forms, Xamarin Native, Xamarin.iOS, iOS

17 May

Swift Developer

any remote, kharkiv office · $1500 · Upper Intermediate

My goal is to start working with Swift for iOS. I have a good experience for the few years with pure Javascript (not web frontend, created various kind of automation with workflow developing). Had very basic experience with Java, just created Miner game for old mobile phone. I started to learn programming with C++ and Assembler, so understand things a bit deeper. I have learned Swift for iOS with Stanford course (for iOS 11), have good understanding of Swift language itself but have a lack of experience as I did not work on real projects here. More important thing is my overall programming experience so I am not like a beginner that is just learned some language for the first time. I am using OOP mostly and understand it of course but also trying some elements of functional programming style since I have been learning Swift. I have conversations with native English speakers time to time, my English level allow me to do that free enough.

Swift, iOS, Xcode

Successfully completed real automation projects for business that works, implemented very unusual and innovative approach in my area that increased output quality really a lot. Not such a big projects like you can imagine, but it was a small team of 1 person, I was responsible for all stages of the project.

I expect to be a pert of innovative team. Product is priority I guess but I understand that interesting outsource projects happens too. Don’t really like boring things, love everything new and innovative. But most of all I love great designed algorytms that is a kind of art for me sometimes.

15 May

Senior iOS Developer 🔥

l'vov, hmel'nits'kij, harkіv, kiїv · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Работаю в коммерческой разработке ПО с 2013 года. Был разработчиком на С++ в 2013. С 2014 по 2017 работал Андроид разработчиком. Был тимлидом на нескольких проэктах. Есть приложения на GooglePlay. С 2017 работаю разработчиком на iOS. Являюсь тимлидом на последнем своем проэкте. Есть приложения в AppStore

iOS, Swift, SQLite, Autolayout, Git, REST, UIKit, CoreData, firebase, Goole maps

13 May

Junior iOS Developer

kharkiv, Ukraine · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Студент, коммерческого опыта нет, есть несколько домашних проектов. Работал с CoreData, Json (через Alomofire), CocoaPods само собой, HTML парсинг через Kanna, немного SnapKit, Git, API, совсем немного SQL. Понимаю принципы ООП, все домашние проекты делал на основе паттерну MVC, использовал синглтон, делегат. Знаю время жизни вью контроллера. IOS разработку изучаю примерно пол года, пишу на Свифте. Готов, и хочу учиться.

Swift, iOS, Xcode, Git, CoreData, UIKit, Cocoa Touch, REST API, MVC, OOP, CocoaPods, Multithreading, SOLID, Foundation, SQLite, iOS SDK, User Interface, MySQL, JSON, English, OOP/OOD

Несколько домашних проектов, таких как: "Калькулятор добычи криптовалют", "To do list", игра "Число"

От работы в первую очередь ожидаю развития. Дружескую, опытную команду. Интересные проекты. Вкусный кофе :)

12 May

Junior iOS Developer

kharkiv, Ukraine · $250 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Non-Commercial Experience as IOS engineer 1 years, Currency project Commercial Experience as IOS engineer 3 month, Client-server apps (Swift, Navigation, Realm, CollectionView, Alamofire, Parse JSON, WEBKit, MVC, Git, SwiftLint, GCD ...) Language Skills: English – Pre - Intermediate (currently learning)

Git, Networking, Swift, Xcode, MVC, UIKit, User Interface (UI), JSON, OOP, RealmSwift, iOS, Jira, Cocoa Touch, Alamofire, SwiftLint, Navigation

2017 – Course «Swift basics. IOS Development» in the Spalah IT school 2018 – Course iOS Swift Author V.Beliy - 4 months 2018 – iOS in Sigma University - 4 months 2018 – Course of English in English-HUB 2019 - Course of English in Green Forest

I would like to get a position of trainee/intern/junior IOS Developer to use my skills and get experience, Work with interesting projects, friendly team...

12 May

Senior iOS Developer

kharkiv · $4000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

During my career I've taken part in more than 15 commercial projects. Participated in application development for Ukrainian IT Conference “UA-Mobile 2016”. I like to work with innovative projects with difficult UI logic and tasks. Always up to date with new modern features which come to us with new updates from Apple.

Swift, Objective-C, iOS, Git, CoreData, Xcode, UIKit, OOP, Jira, REST API, CoreLocation, MVC, Cocoa Touch, REST, JSON, XML, Bitbucket, Patterns, Codable, GoogleMaps, AFNetworking, Memory Management, ARKit, MVVM, MVP, VIPER, SiriKit, SOLID, WatchKit, MapKit, Core Location, Core Animation, CoreGraphics, AppStore submission, Continuous Integration, Unit Testing

* Professional growth; * Difficult and exciting tasks; * Possibility to take a part in architecture implementing; * Business trips to the USA.

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