Java Developer 🔥

Kharkiv · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

• Having overall 10 years of commercial software development experience 2 last projects: 1) Multi module Swiss tax system. Key features: • Process self-declarations in XML format, pars and persists data in DB. • Provides UI for viewing and editing taxations data. • Interacts with other modules for authorization, receiving external information, tariff calculation etc. Responsibilities and Key Accomplishments: Developing code in Java with Spring Framework. Collaborated with a 8-member development team. Writing Unit and Integration Tests. Technologies: Programming Languages: Core Java SE Spring (Core, Boot, Data, MVC) Databases: Oracle, Liquibase ActiveMQ Tools: IntelliJ IDEA Build Tools: Maven, Bamboo VCS: Git 2) Big Data Security Analytics Project Product Workload: The Security Analytics Project (SecA) aims to provide the Security team with the following capabilities: • Provide a central point with all data needed for security personnel to perform investigations • Provide a workflow that permits collaborative efforts between investigators • Permit investigators to include external data such as screen shots, files, and web pages into the timeline that represents the investigation • Store and protect all data in a fashion that will be admissible as evidence in court of law • In addition to simple correlation and rules, utilize Machine Learning to identify potential incidents Responsibilities and Key Accomplishments: Developing code in Java with Spring Framework. Collaborated with a 8-member development team. Writing Unit and Integration Tests. Technologies: Programming Languages: Core Java SE Spring, REST API, WebSocket Google Cloud Storage, Bigtable Apache Kafka, Nifi Databases: MySql, Liquibase Tools: IntelliJ IDEA Build Tools: Maven VCS: Git

Java, Git, Spring, SQL, REST API, JSON, JDBC, Jira, XML, OOP, Spring Boot, MySQL

Достойная зарплата. Офис в центере города. Гибкий график. Возможность работать удаленно. Дружный коллектив. Интересные задачи.


Java Developer

Kharkiv · $800 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Designed and developed small web applications. Writing client desktop applications using JavaFX. I support a legacy project related to biometric devices.

Java, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, Git, SQL, REST API, OOP, Tomcat, Linux, JSON, HTML, REST, JPA, XML, JS, SVN/Git, Thymeleaf, Spring Core, jQuery, MySQL, Spring MVC, Gradle, JavaScript

I want to find partners with whom I can find possibilities to apply my skills and talents.Big projects, minimum bureaucracy, good team.


junior java developer

Kharkiv · $800 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Over a year of experience in backend developing for commercial sites using Java and related technologies.

Java, Hibernate, REST, JDBC, JUnit, SQL, Git, Spring, Maven, JPA, Design Patterns, Microservices, Mockito, OOP, JSON, MySQL, Jira, Spring MVC, JSTL, HTTP, Swing, Tomcat, IntelliJ IDEA, Java 8, Java EE technologies: Servlets, JSP, Log4j, MongoDB, Postman, Swagger, ActiveMQ, Python, Restful Web Services


Junior java developer, Junior Android developer, Trainee C/C++

Kharkiv · $400 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

07/2019 – 12/2019 Kharkov Trainee Full stack Java + React JS Development database viewer. 02/2015 – 06/2017 Kharkov Android developer Support for android applications controlling cardiac microsystems. 08/2014 – 12/2014 Kiev Junior Programmer Delphi System EDM. 09/2013 – 06/2014 Kharkov Junior programmer C/C++ Gaming applications for WinRT, Android, iOS. 03/2002 – 10/2013 Junior Researcher Developer of mathematical models and algorithms of test signals for the control of incoherent scatter radar. (Basic, Pascal, C/C++).

Java, JDBC, MySQL, OOP, JSON, JUnit, Git, C/C++, Maven, Spring


Senior Java Developer 🔥

Kharkiv · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent


Design Patterns, Java, Java Core, JUnit, OOP, REST API, Java EE, JAX-RS, OOP/OOD, Spring, Hibernate, ORM, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL, Mockito, Spring Boot, Docker, Linux


Java developer 

Kharkiv, Kharkiv · $4000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Java: Java core, Kotlin, Scala, Spring, JavaEE, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ. Front-end: Angular (6), ReactJS, Meterial, jQuery Python: Python, MySQL, Linux, HTML, Django Коммерческий опыт: - Java developer (Java, Kotlin, Spring, Cassandra, MSSQL, MySql, MSSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Mongo, Lucene, Hibernate, Vaadin, etc.) - Fullstack (Python-Django, js-jQuery) - 1 год

AJAX, apache-log4j, commons-fileupload, IntelliJ IDEA, Java, Mockito, OOP/OOD, REST API, Servlets, Spring, Spring Data, Spring REST, Tomcat, XML, Angular, Design Patterns, Django, Git, Hibernate, JDBC, jQuery, JSOUP, JSP, JUnit, Linux, Maven, Mercurial, MongoDB, Multithreading, RabbitMQ, Redis, Spring AMQP, Spring MVC, Spring Security, SQL, SVN, Swagger, Vaadin, Akka, BigData, Cassandra, CSS3, JavaMail, JavaScript, Jetty, material design, MS SQL Server, MySQL, HTML, Node.js, C++, CSS, Lucene, JMS, Rust, SOLID, Spring Boot, Microservices, Docker, REST, OOP, GitLab, PostgreSQL, React, Kubernetes, Gradle, Lombok, Kafka, Mongo, Java 8, AWS, Jira, SpringBoot, Scrum, Java Core, JPA, Log4j, Micro services, JSON, Jenkins, Freemarker, Basic algorithms, Spring Web MVC, Eclipse;, CQRS, NoSQL, TDD, Spring Data JPA, Spring Core, MVC

Профессиональный рост. Сложные задачи. Дружелюбный коллектив. Интересует разработка современных приложений


Junior java developer

Kharkiv · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

I worked in one company on three projects: Dec. 2019 - Present The medical project that based on transfer information from ambulance worker to hospital. I performed the following tasks: - set up CI/CD processes at the beginning of the project; - code refactoring; - bug fixing. Technologies: Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Gradle May 2019 - Dec. 2019 The tool that combines two applications between customers I performed the following tasks: - developing tools for application; - code refactoring; - bug fixing. Technologies: Play Framework, SBT, PostgreSQL Aug. 2018 - Apr. 2019 REST application for collecting and processing data from medical devices. I performed the following tasks: - developing tools for application; - bug fixing; - creating customers features. Technologies: Spring, Spring Boot, MongoDB, Spring Data, Maven

Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Hibernate, Play Framework, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, REST API, JUnit, Mockito, Spring Test, Maven, Gradle, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, CI/CD

External training EPAM «Java » Сourse of «Tel-Ran» (Israel, Rehovot) «Java-programming and Android development »

- Profesional growth; - Good team and interesting projects.


Android developer 

Kharkiv · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Фриланс 1+ года. Работа в компании 3+ месяца (и в настоящее время) (Обязанности: разработка приложений Android с нуля, верстка дизайна. опубликование приложений в Play market. • Android и Java более 1 года, Kotlin • Базы данных: Firebase, Room; • MVP, MVVM, Clean Acrhitecture • JSON, REST API, Retrofit, Dagger2, DataBinding, Picasso, Glide, Admob; • Работа с основными компонентами Android-приложений: View, resources, Multithreading, Broadcast receiver, Notification и т.д. Взаимодействие между Acitivity и Fragments; • Работа с GitHub

REST API, SQLite, Android, Git, JSON, OOP, Room, XML, Android SDK, firebase, Retrofit, Dagger 2, MVP, RxJava, Retrofit2, KotIin, Android Architecture Components

Несколько полностью разработанных и опубликованных проектов

Приобретение опыта работы в интересных и сложных проектах Работа в дружном и веселом коллективе


Full Stack Web Developer 🔥

Kharkiv · $4400 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Experience with Java, Spring, Hibirnate. Experience with ES6, TypeScript. Experience with Node.js. Frameworks: React, Angular1, Angular2+, Vuejs, Backbone. Container state; Redux. Collectors: Gulp, Grunt, Webpack. Unit testing (Karma, Mocha, Jasmine, Sinon, Chai) Language skills English (intermediate level) Russian (native) Ukrainian (native) Methodologies: Agile (Scrum) Source Control: Git

JavaScript, Java, HTML5, CSS3

25 February

Java Software Engineer

Kharkiv · $2600 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

My first project was related to student testing. Students used the program to take tests on specific topics and interests. On the project, I was a developer. I was engaged in introducing new features and fixing bugs. Now my project is related to deals. The financial sector. Mainly for convenient tranching and providing information on transactions. At the project, I am a developer and I am responsible for developing new functionality, improving the existing functionality. I am engaged in fixing bugs and discussing requirements.

Java Core, Java EE, Java SE, JDBC, Jira, JSP, Maven, OOP, Scrum, JUnit, Mockito, Servlets, Tomcat, Spring, AJAX, Hibernate, JavaScript, JPA, Spring Boot, Spring Core, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data, MySQL, Docker, REST API, Git, PostgreSQL, JMS, Kafka, Kafka Streams, Design Patterns, SQL, IntelliJ IDEA

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