HR bp, HRd

Харьков · $1200 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Capability Manager (Heads). 1. Training and development of heads, orientation in the position (development and conducting of training programs for Team Leads, department heads, competence development trainings, training workshops – managing staff of 132 persons). Preparation of records based on the results of group work. Further assessment of dynamics of efficiency indicators changes and groups’ performance based on the results of education/training. I have trained and successfully oriented in the Head position (Level of Team Lead, group lead, department head, Directorate Director) over 40 employees. 2. Training of heads for forming of teams for projects – recruiting, teaching how to conduct interviews, the orientation of newbies in the team and the main skills of cooperation in the “head-employee” format, work with employees’ issues. 3. Control and management of projects inside the Company (work groups up to 6 employees) – directions: development of strategies of entry into a market with new electrotechnical and IT products, improvement of products quality according to a Customer’s demands, optimization of business-processes inside the Company. 4. Forming of internal managing skill pool/annulment of skill ballast. Attestations for heads and employees, planned and based on results of probation. Managing staff 132 persons, work force – 1100 persons. 5. Diagnostics and assessment of professional competences and skills of employees and heads, estimation in orientation in the position. Conducting of qualification interviews with heads and specialists in order to form managing skill pool (Team-Leads, Group Managers, Department Heads and Department Directors). 6. Audit of professional results of employees of finance departments, provision and planning, logistics, departments of production environment development in the scope of great reorganization of the Company activity, production of recommendations based on results of conducting, assessment of results, retrospective. During the period of work with personnel, I conducted over 100 workshops, trainings, training programs for more than 500 heads and employees. I developed and implemented a system of assessment of each employee’s efficiency and results.

I have 6 years of experience in professional development of personnel, namely managers of all levels starting from top-managers and up to Team leaders, heads of work groups. I have mastered control and management of projects with the use of several key technologies; the projects have been sold to the Customers with positive feedback. I have work experience with big data packages (collection, systematization, production and implementation of solutions based on the result) and preparation of qualitative records based on work results. I am keen on my job. I am always open for new challenging professional tasks. Personal skills: high level of responsibility and self-control, skills of qualitative communication, the skill of production of quick and strategic solutions timely.


IT Recruiter

Харьков · $150 · 1,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

IT Recruitment (1,5 years) Interviews holding CV screening English - C1 Proven leadership skills Event-management Good speaking skills (have experience of being a speaker)

Recruiting, Research, Human Resources, Boolean Search, Screening Resumes, IT Recruitment, English, headhunting, X-Ray, Team Building, event management, Communication Skills

Have founded my own organization Young European Ambassador German foundation's scholar English speaking club leader Organizer of events with more than 100 people

Will consider a job with a maximum flexibility of schedule


IT Recruiter

Харьков · $1000 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

- Full cycle recruitment process. - Creating job descriptions. - Search and selection of candidates of different specializations: Java, .Net, JavaScript, PHP, С++, Python, Salesforce, Security IT, QA etc. - Prescreening of candidates, interviewing, reference checks. - Delivering interview results (feedbacks) to the candidates. - Working with internal database. - Preparing recruitment reports.

IT Recruitment, English, Linkedin, Communication, Interviewing, Boolean Search, X-Ray

Хороший коллектив, дружная команда, лояльное руководство. Возможность прокачивать разговорный английский/общение с клиентами. Отсутствие микроменеджмента.


Senior-Level IT Recruiter

Харьков · $900 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Talent recruitment and acquisition professional with experience developing and  executing recruiting plans within both agency and in-house settings. Manage all  phases of full-cycle recruiting, from initial sourcing and screening through offer  negotiations, placement and onboarding. Creatively source high-caliber  candidates by leveraging recruiting software, social media, cold calling and  employee referrals Responsibilities:  - sourcing potential candidates by utilizing job sites, LinkedIn, Turbohiring, Boolean Search,  X-Ray, Amazing Hiring etc. Also, reviewing resumes for requirements and pre-screening of  candidates for Ukrainian and USA positions;  - initial contact with candidates;  - market research (mapping creating company);  - record-keeping in Recruitment Dept.;   - maintaining HR procedures (adaptation, performance evaluation, employee satisfaction  surveys, salary review);  - working in close cooperation with recruiting and development team;  - event management, generating new ideas for office and employee satisfaction.

IT Recruitment, HR, Interviewing, Boolean Search, Interviews, Sourcing, X-Ray, TurboHiring, Amazing Hiring, 1:1 meetings, Performance review


HR, Recruiter

Харьков · $350 · Pre-Intermediate

ㅡ 2009, супермаркет “РОСТ”, кассир. ㅡ 2009 - нынешнее время, АО «Укрзализныця», от техника до инженера 2 категории. Основные обязанности: ● ведение различной отчетности предприятия, составление планов, актов, протоколов, приказов, указаний, деловая переписка между предприятиями; ● администрирование системы Навигация и управление с применением устройств GPS/GPRS; ● сопровождение автоматизированных рабочих мест.

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Research, Linkedin, Communication, HR, headhunting, Boolean Search, Onboarding, CV Screening, Sourcing, X-Ray, Executive Search, adaptation, Team Building, Microsoft Office, LinkedIn Search, Corporate culture, one-to-one meetings, Team management, Compensation&Benefits, HTML, Teamplayer, Communication Skills, Working with Trello

Курс HR/Recruitment расширенный. A-Level

Сплоченная команда, работа на результат, инновационные технологии.

24 марта

IT Recruiter / HR Assistant

Харьков · $600 · 2 года опыта · Intermediate

- Full cycle of recruitment (searching, prescreening, interviews, communication with hiring managers, feedbacks); - Preparing, placing and updating vacancies in required sources (career page, job websites and other); - Working with vacancies of varying complexity and different specialisations , from Junior to Senior level (Front-end and Back-end developers, QA, PM, administrative staff); - Direct search for candidates through LinkedIn, job websites, internal database, etc.s; - Preparing different reports; - Supporting positive company’s image in job market; - Organizing corporate events, holidays - Participation in other HR processes.

Interviewing, Researching, Screening Resumes

22 марта


Харьков · $450 · 9 лет опыта · Beginner/Elementary

Основными обязанностями были: -подбор персонала; -адаптация; -мотивация; -оценка персонала; -формирование кадрового резерва; -корпоративная культура. Закрывала вакансии: PHP, JS, Java, С++.

event management, Human Resources, recruitment, Team Building

Профессиональный рост, интересные задачи и стабильный доход.

22 марта

IT Recruiter

Харьков · $200 · Intermediate

Get the position of HR manager or recruiter with the prospect of personal development and career growth as a HR/Recruiter. I'm responsible, proactive and hard-working person. I like to learn new things and look for opportunities for career growth.

IT Recruitment, Recruiting, Human Resources, English, HR Management, recruitment, IT, Interviews

IT Source

22 марта


Харьков · $1000 · 7 лет опыта · Intermediate

Professional skills: • Recruitment of the staff of various levels in the fields of production, trade, services (for over 7 years), including IT-specialists (for over 2 years); • Adaptation, retention, personnel assessment; • Development of internal regulatory documents; • Internal and external PR. Experience • recruiting: IT, office, sales staff; • conducting of welcome-trainings, exit-interviews, control of the probation period, mentoring; • development, implementation and analysis of loyalty, engagement, conducting of 360 surveys; • one-to-one meetings, participation in the working out of employee development plans; • preparation and participation in job fairs, interaction with IT-schools, universities, preparation for corporate events; • introduction of the new employer brand “FactorWebSolutions” to the labor market; • auditing and updating of corporate standards (Corporate Code, Mission, company presentations, etc.); • development and implementation of regulatory documents (“Plan for Adaptation of a New Employee”, “Sheet for Assessment of an Employee during the Probation Period”, etc.); • organization of training for middle managers. • personnel documents auditing; • personnel accounting; • development of job descriptions, labor contracts; • training and certification of personnel. Professional and personal qualities: Ability to build communications, set priorities, work in a team. Organizational awareness, ability to learn, technical understanding.

Human Resources, HR Management, adaptation, HR, Interviews, Coaching

Looking for a projects where I can create, optimize or administer hr-processes. Minimum of reсruitment.

21 марта

HR, HR Generalist, Recruiter

Харьков · $650 · 1 год опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Search and recruitment; Staff adaptation; Organization of events; Control and coordination of organizational processes. I continue to develop in this profession and continue to learn English.

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Onboarding, Communication, Team Building, Human Resources

I want to be part of a professional team.

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