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Software Engineer

Харьков, EU · $3000 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

While having a mostly C++ background, I want to expand my skillset. In particular I'm interested in Big Data with Scala and machine learning with Python, but open to other opportunities (although not a fan of front-end development). Here's where I worked in the past: Backend Developer (Python) (September 2019 - November 2019): - Lead a 4-people team of front- and back-end developers - Oversaw development across all layers from database design to REST API specification - Designed an onion-based application architecture using DDD principles Technology stack included: Swagger, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Docker, Angular. C++ Developer (June 2019 - September 2019): - Resolved binary interface compatibility issues - Implemented gathering hardware information for geolocation - Fixed bugs in a multithreaded application C++ Developer (November 2018 - June 2019): - Optimized high throughput code for performance - Used profiling tools to measure performance and detect bottlenecks - Written scripts to streamline the workflow for both myself and the team - Actively sought work process improvements - Rewrote the build system using CMake C++ Developer (July 2016 - October 2018): - Designed and implemented core algorithms and models - Provided memory and performance efficient solutions - Thoroughly covered implementation with unit and component tests - Generated feature specifications by researching the industry domain - Routinely discussed specifications with domain experts to provide the best solution - Constantly sought improvements to the product - Closely collaborated with other developers on solving architectural challenges - Coached interns into junior employees

Linux, Git, SQL, Docker, OOP, Python, Scrum, REST API, C++, Ruby

In 3 years I have worked on projects from various domains and used different tools. Some of the tasks include: - Designing application architectures - Leading a team of developers - Coaching interns into full-time employees - Designing and implementing core algorithms and modules - Verifying functionality by writing unit, integration and acceptance tests - Writing tools to assist me and my team in day-to-day tasks I am able to pick up new technologies and get into new domains in a short amount of time. Recently I made a switch from writing desktop applications and utility libraries in C++ to developing web services in Python. After only a couple of weeks I felt comfortable enough to lead a team with more experience with that specific technology than me.

What I like: - Small companies with family-like teams - Interesting projects with lots of work ahead - Skilled coworkers - Streamlined work processes What I don't like: - Restrictions in tools choice - Unmaintainable codebase - Bureaucracy

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Senior Java/Scala Developer 🔥

Харьков · $3000 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Development of high loaded analytics engine which is a leader in e-discovery sphere. Performance and accuracy our biggest value. Development of distributed microservices in Amazon and Azure clouds. Containerization with Docker and orchestration with Kubernetes. REST services based in Spring MVC and Hibernate ORM. Design discussions and decisions. Direct customer communication. Big experience in troubleshooting and investigation.

Java, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, REST API, REST, Docker, PostgreSQL, JUnit, Jenkins, Scala, Akka, Avro, JPA, SQL, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring AOP, Spring Boot

Resolved tons of customer defects. Successfuly implemented 5 big features. Overall performance improvement up to 2 times. Implemented Language support for analytics engine.

В поисках возможностей работать удалённо и с чувствовать ответственность за проект. Хочу принимать дизайн решения и активно участвовать в жизни проекта. Я больше про софт скилы. Я не хочу быть тех-лидом.

7 ноября

Scala developer

Одесса, Харьков, Киев · $4200 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

- NDA project(current) Technologies on the project: Scala, Spark, Oozie, Sqoop. - NDA project Technologies on the project: Scala, Akka streams, Azure blob. - Project related to navigation Technologies on the project: Java SE8, SQLite. - Insurance web project Technologies on the project: Java, Struts2, Spring, Hibernate, MS SQL, jQuery/JavaScript, Jboss 6x.

Java, Scala, Spring, Akka, Maven, Sbt, SQLite

Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer (2016) Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer (2018)

Preferable: - Good processes - High skilled teammates

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