IT Recruiter / HR Manager 

Харьков, Remote · $800 · 4 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

1. Recruitment agency Talent Sourcer (January 2020 - till now) 2. IT company HR Generalist (Apr 2018 - Nov 2019) Responsibilities: - Searching for candidates using a variety of channels and tools; - Identifying and approaching suitable candidates; - Interviewing candidates; - Supporting the recruitment process up to the job offer; - Describing the requirements for IT vacancies and posting them in the networks; - New employee adaptation and integration; - Conducting HR meetings; - SMM (managing the company’s social media pages, writing posts); - Event management; - HR brand; - Office management. 3. IT conferences and workshops Organizer (Nov 2018 - Nov 2019) Responsibilities: - Searching for speakers; - Communicating with speakers (from sending an invite message up to coordinating on the day of the event); - SMM (managing the events’ social media pages, writing posts, creating a content plan); - Communicating with partners and sponsors; - Managing the process of attracting participants; - Coordinating the work of a location and catering services. 4. IT company Sales Manager (Jul 2017 - Apr 2018) Responsibilities: - Lead generation; - Making cold / warm calls (USA, UK, UAE, Europe, Ukraine); - Communicating with clients via email, LinkedIn, Facebook (USA, UK, UAE, Europe, Ukraine); - Organization of road shows (from preparing a plan to scheduling meetings / calls); - Finding clients on freelance marketplaces (Upwork, Guru.com, Freelancer.com); - Managing a team. 5. IT company Sales Manager (Jun 2016 - Jun 2017) Responsibilities: - Communicating with existing and potential customers across the USA (phone calls, emails); - Conducting web seminars for potential customers; - Educating existing and potential customers on products of the company; - Doing research in order to find new customers. Please, find more in CV.

Communication Skills, Negotiations, Team management, Linkedin, Processes, Business correspondence, process improvement, Teamwork, HR Management, English, Event management, Content marketing, Digital Marketing, IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Research, LinkedIn Search, CV Screening, Boolean Search, Onboarding, Sourcing, Organisation skills, Job offers, Retention and engagement, Job Description

1. Role: HR Generalist Accomplishments: - Successfully filled open positions in time; - Improved the process of interviews; - None of the employees from a department, I worked with as the HR, quit or were fired; - The department, I worked with as an HR, had a high projects’ success level and recommended our company to other people; - Improved company’s social media pages; - Successfully organized corporate events, employees gave great feedbacks; - Successfully managed external conferences and a workshop (the details are above). 2. Role: Event manager Accomplishments: - Found the speakers from the top companies (BBC, Intel AI, Kiwi.com, Elastic, Siemens, PlanetAI etc.) - Doubled the amount of social media pages’ followers; - Built good relationships with sponsors and partners, so they wanted to cooperate in the future; - Attendees gave positive feedback and some of them now work or want to work in the organizer’s company. Please, find more in CV.

NOT interested in sales positions!

29 марта


Киев, Харьков, Черкассы, EU, USA · $4000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Более, чем 15-летний опыт работы в области финансов на руководящих должностях в международных и региональных компаниях (производство FMCG, B2B, retail business в Украине, Швейцарии и США) с P&L от $ 35 млн. до $ 500 млн. Свободный английский язык, квалификация АССА

Team management, Project Management, Communication Skills, Financial Reporting, Account Management, Financial Management, Financial Planning and Strategy, fluent English

29 марта

3d Artist

Харьков · $500 · 2,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Я больше двух лет проработал в компании на должности Data Entry Specialist, однако меня всегда увлекало 3D моделироваение. Так что сейчас активно развиваюсь в этом плане и хочу превратить хобби в работу.

3ds max, 3d Max, 3d modeling

29 марта


Харьков · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

18-летний опыт управления командами, создание и построение бизнеса "с нуля". Есть опыт по организации коммерческих и технических структур. Степень МВА (KMBS).

2000-2005 - "С нуля" организован бизнес - сеть магазинов по продаже мобильных телефонов и цифровых устройств - 15 магазинов, сформирована команда - около 80 человек, сеть - один из лидеров Луганской и Донецкой областей. 2006-2009 - карьера в ООО "АЛЛО". За три года рост от директора Луганского филиала до директора группы филиалов Восточного региона (от 7 магазинов в подчинении до 56). 2010-по н.в. "С нуля" организован бизнес - подрядные работы (технические и коммерческие) в телекоммуникациях. Организована работа по строительству телекоммуникационных сетей в Луганской, Донецкой, Харьковской, Сумской, Полтавской, Днепропетровской областях. Организованы процессы продаж - привлечение клиентов через "холодные звонки" и инсталляция.

Могу заниматься административными вопросами либо выполнять работу, не требующую опыта в IT, но требующую навыков в управлении. Хорошо знаком с законодательством, налоговым учетом, проведением переговоров.

28 марта

Senior Support Manager / Reputation Manager / Support Team Lead /

Харьков · $1000 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Last 2,5 years I've been working in the US product development and distribution company (electronics). I started to work as a Customer Support Agent in Support dept. but after the first 5 days of the training I was promoted to the Reputation Management Specialist and after 4 month I headed the Reputation Management sub-division which consisted of 4 great persons. The main responsibilities included all aspects of organization of the work process in the sub-division. Optimization and facilitation of the team's work by means of administrating Zendesk platform (creating triggers, automations etc.). Building and maintaining an information database for RM team newcomers, describe working processes&handovers inside the team; Achieving company targets and KPI’s as set by the President of the company by having own quarter/monthly rocks; Working closely with Marketplace Managers and E-commerce department for achieving common results; Product insert management; Initiation the generation and the purchase of reviews depending on the risks and needs of the company or product; Continuous search and implementation of new ways to achieve the goals of the unit to improve efficiency and effectiveness; My last position was PR & Influencer Manager and my responsibilities were: Driving brand awareness targeted on sales increase; Identifying and building relationships with prominent influencers and thought leaders (on Youtube, Instagram); Brainstorming new, creative approaches to influencer campaigns (Brand collaboration, cross-promotion, outreach templates etc.); Researching the tech platforms used to run campaigns efficiently; Identifying opportunities for greater profits by analyzing the influencers profiles (via various online tools and intuition);

Support, English, Customer service, Ability to learn quickly, Good communication skills, CRM, helpdesk, Communication Skills, Team management, zendesk, Troubleshooting, Customer Support, Customer care, Project Management, client communication, reputation management, Excel, Client Management, public relations, Customer Support Expertise

Developed and successfully implemented: - KPI's system, quality assurance system and performance-based bonus system; - the process of sending handwritten letters to reactivate the reviewer/customer and change the opinion about the company of even the most dissatisfied customers. - the process of identifying a reviewer and finding ways to communicate with him, which reduced the number of unidentified reviewers and allowed to increase the number of upgraded reviews. - wrote the text of a letter to the customer which indirectly (psychologically) prompted to change the review and at the same time did not violate the rules of the marketplace, despite the fact that requests to change the review are strictly prohibited. Thereby increased the number of people who changed their feedback after providing support through the marketplace.

I am looking for the lead position in any department with interesting tasks, career growth opportunities and the opportunity to learn and grow professionally.

28 марта

Technical Writer, Senior Technical Writer

Харьков · $2000 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Looking for an opportuniti to continue developing my Technical Writing career. Languages: English (fluent, French (advanced), Ukrainian and Russian (native). Skills and Technologies: • Experience in writing developer-oriented documentation, describing APIs and SDKs, including REST APIs; Swagger/OpenAPI tools, Postman; • Scrum, Agile; • XML, HTML, Docbook, Markdown; • MadCap, Confluence, Document360 and various diagramming and visualization tools; • CHM, PDF generation tools, experience in providing context-sensitive help; • Microsoft Visual Studio, PHP Storm; • Basic programming and scripting skills (C#, PHP, PowerShell, JavaScript, Delphi); • Cloud and web technologies. March 2018 – March 2020 Technical Writer / DocOps / Technical Writer at Spryker GmbH • Creating and updating developer documentation for the Spryker Platform (tutorials, HowTos, guides); • Creating and updating end-user documentation for the Spryker Platform (help, guides); • Describing and maintaining the REST API platform provided by Spryker (both information for API resource developers and API consumers); • Performing DocOps operations and maintaining the documentation web site; • Documentation automation (generating documentation based on comments in code); • Documentation reviews. August 2012 – February 2018 Technical Writer / Support Engineer at Softerra, LLC • Updating end-user documentation for the Softerra Adaxes product (help, tutorials); • Updating documentation for developers (SDK); • Maintaining the script repository of the product, creating and editing PowerShell and C# code to help adapting the product to the customers’ needs; • Providing support to customers; • Developing custom solutions to adapt the product to customers’ environments. December 2006 – September 2012 Freelance Translator and Interpreter October 2004 - December 2006 Translator and Interpreter at Program-Ace, LLC June 2002 - October 2004 Translator at Crazy House Art Studio

Technical Writing, English

- Huge experience in documenting both user-oriented and developer-oriented documents. - Experience in documentation automation and DocOps. Successfully completed and maintained a documentation-out-of-the-code project. - Huge experience with documenting SDKs, APIs and the like.

- An interesting project, preferably web services.

27 марта

Technical writer

Харьков · $800 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

All these activities were performed on freelance base in parallel with main jobs described in attached CV. 2010 - 2016 SEO copywriting in Russian and translation to English for small online games website fungirlsgames.net. 2016 review exchange for Amazon books. 2017 - 2018 Corrector and translator of local factory newsletter

Technical Writing, Software Documentation, Microsoft Office, English, Excel, User guide, Communication Skills, Team player, Analytical and problem solving abilities, Analytics

I want to change my working direction to work with text and information. I believe that I can apply my current experience and skills and try my best to become a technical writer

27 марта

Chief Operating Officer, Product manager

Харьков, Berlin, EU, London · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Business planning and setting up product company from the foundation. Planning, budgeting, and cash flow management. - Business development - Product development - Built infrastructure and processes from the scratch. - Operations management. - Management of engineering projects and teams.

Business development, English, Scrum, Operation Management, Startups, Product management, International sales, Marketing, business strategy, Project Management, Management

26 марта

Casino, gambling, gaming (China)

Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса · $1000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Занимаюсь выводом gambling and gaming продуктов на рынок Китая. Организую подключение продуктов к платежным системам Китая с возможностью получения оплаты от китайских пользователей через AliPay, WechatPay, UnionPay без дополнительных авторизаций и верификаций. Вывод денег из счетов в Китае в Украину.

casino, gambling, gaming, china

23 марта

Senior Project Manager / Program manager / Delivery Director 

Харьков · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- 14 years in IT, 7 years in engineering, 7 years in management - Projects initiation/ planning / execution / monitoring/ closer - Consulting and coordination, processes improvement - Building SDLC (agile, scrum/kanban, custom...) - Delivery management (full cycle) - Test/Development engineering and processing - Training and mentoring - People management - Staffing - Startups from scratch

Jira, Manual Testing (QA), Product management, Project Management, Quality Assurance (QA), TFS, SQL, JavaScript

- Successfully built departments from scratch up to 90fte - Successfully delivered startups - about 60+ successfully delivered projects within last 14 years - increased quality delivery up to 40% - set KPI's and company policies/process from scratch

Looking for a challenging job (Delivery or Program management activities) to utilize skills and gain experience by bringing values to a company

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