27 февраля

Project Manager

Харьков · $2500 · 3 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Dedicated IT project manager with QA and technical background. For myself, I decided that I want to work in a management position. Currently, I`m working as a Project Lead & Mobile Development Lead. Terms of Reference: - consideration of new challenges and their distribution; - stand-up with the team; - preparation of the team's strategy for the quarter; - meetings with QA and server development team; - solving architectural issues; - design development (UI / UX); - work with project documentation; - development of business logic; - communication with the client; - collection and processing of new applications from customers; - release apps to the store.

Charles, Jira, OOP, Release apps to the store, Scrum, Stand-up with the team, Agile, Asana, Create and support documentation, CSS, Design development (UI / UX), HTML, Photoshop, Planning ideas to improve product qualit, Planning the testing process, Risks evaluation, Communication with the client, Development of business logic, Experience in modelling with UML, Git, Jenkins, Kanban, Postman, Selenium, Project Management, Team management, Risk management, project planning, Confluence, Trello, People/processes coordination, Web Development

- Support and development of more than 40 applications per year - Highest quality product in its segment in the market - Creation of a system that ceases to depend on the human factor - Stable release 4 apps per week (more than 200 releases per year)

- Release of only high-quality software - Creating the right working atmosphere in the team - Application of all the experience to bring to the ideal of the software development process

27 февраля

Java developer 

Харьков, Харьков · $4000 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

Java: Java core, Kotlin, Scala, Spring, JavaEE, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, MSSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ. Front-end: Angular (6), ReactJS, Meterial, jQuery Python: Python, MySQL, Linux, HTML, Django Коммерческий опыт: - Java developer (Java, Kotlin, Spring, Cassandra, MSSQL, MySql, MSSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Mongo, Lucene, Hibernate, Vaadin, etc.) - Fullstack (Python-Django, js-jQuery) - 1 год

AJAX, apache-log4j, commons-fileupload, IntelliJ IDEA, Java, Mockito, OOP/OOD, REST API, Servlets, Spring, Spring Data, Spring REST, Tomcat, XML, Angular, Design Patterns, Django, Git, Hibernate, JDBC, jQuery, JSOUP, JSP, JUnit, Linux, Maven, Mercurial, MongoDB, Multithreading, RabbitMQ, Redis, Spring AMQP, Spring MVC, Spring Security, SQL, SVN, Swagger, Vaadin, Akka, BigData, Cassandra, CSS3, JavaMail, JavaScript, Jetty, material design, MS SQL Server, MySQL, HTML, Node.js, C++, CSS, Lucene, JMS, Rust, SOLID, Spring Boot, Microservices, Docker, REST, OOP, GitLab, PostgreSQL, React, Kubernetes, Gradle, Lombok, Kafka, Mongo, Java 8, AWS, Jira, SpringBoot, Scrum, Java Core, JPA, Log4j, Micro services, JSON, Jenkins, Freemarker, Basic algorithms, Spring Web MVC, Eclipse;, CQRS, NoSQL, TDD, Spring Data JPA, Spring Core, MVC

Профессиональный рост. Сложные задачи. Дружелюбный коллектив. Интересует разработка современных приложений

26 февраля

QA Lead, QA Manager 

Харьков · $3000 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Expertise Leading the team of QA engineers (8 members). Software development models and software development methodologies, requirements-based testing; Software test types (functional, non-functional, change-related testing); Established QA processes from the ground up within a fast-growing medical project. Technical documentation writing (test cases, training materials for doctors, release notes) Work planning documentation compilation (test plan, release plan, development calendar); Project engineering; Proxy Product Ownership experience. Tools: ​Confluence, Jira, Browser Development Tools, SQLite Manager, Apache JMeter, Git, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Postman, Xenu Link, Jenkins, MySQL Workbench; CMS: Magento, WP, OctoberCMS.

Agile, Scrum, QA team lead

Implemented QA processes within the custom department from scratch. Reached a new level of QA/QC team performance increasing the team size twice as much (9 members) as a result. Established QA automation expertise within the custom department. Introduced people management processes.

Full-time position as a QA Lead / QA Manager in a challenging software development environment to leverage all my skills, knowledge, and experience with a balance of practice and leadership responsibilities.

26 февраля

Database/BI Developer 

Харьков/Remote · $5000 · 9 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

9+ years of experience in databases and business intelligence. Key skills: MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, Netezza, SAP HANA, ETL, SSIS, SSRS, DWH, English, Scrum, Continuous Integration. Strong experience in data modelling, data migration, performance troubleshooting & tuning. Able to work in team or independently.

DWH, ETL, MS SQL Server, Performance Tuning, SVN, T-SQL, Agile, English, Scrum, SQL Azure , SSIS, Jira, Netezza, SAP HANA, SSRS

Able to provide an imposing list of recommendations and professional certifications.

- No relocation; - Looking for projects that are not on the phase of support or testing; - Looking for an opportunity to get familiar with new technologies; - Ideally looking for projects that can be handled remotely (via telecommuting).

24 февраля

CTO / VP of Engineering / Head Of Development / Engineering Manager / Technical PM

Харьков · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

10+ years of web development experience and more than 7 including team leadership. Last years performing as a CTO, Starter Lead + technical pm / technical support lead (team of 50+ members). 25+ projects starting from a small size (up to 2 months). Till 2+ years of enterprise development. PHP (Yii, Laravel, Symfony), nodeJS (express, loopback, sails), MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Linux (LAMP, LNMP), JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, React), REST API, GIT, Docker, AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud, CI, CD, HTML/CSS, SASS, Bootstrap I have solid experience in the leadership, pre-sale, estimating, customer proposals, development of skill-up plans. Build teams and SDLC.

Apache, Git, jQuery, Laravel, Linux, MySQL, PHP, Yii, AWS, Express.js, Heroku, JavaScript, Loopback, MongoDB, Nginx, Selenium, vagrant, Angular.js, Node.js, REST API, OOP, Product management, Docker, Symfony, Jira, Agile, Microservices, AMQP, Redis

Additionally just to top-notch technical delivery and leadership had a number of challenges few of them just for example: in CTO position from the "few weeks from scratches" till the MVP that could be sold and earn money pushed less than a year and stuffed/build 8 people team. Finished bunch of fixed-price projects with a twice time-cut and replacement the framework in the middle of the road. Participated in the building and improvement of the technical pre-sale process. Participated in the building of skill maps, and skill-up plans, interviewed candidates. Repaired number of projects after Low-Skill built MVP with technical debt even more than the project itself (1 file node.js application 7k+ lines of code).

CTO / VP of Engineering / Head Of Development / Engineering Manager / Technical PM. Ready to work with pre-sale, estimates, architectures, a building of development teams, implement SDLC, and provide leadership.

24 февраля

Project Manager, IT Manager, CTO

Одесса, Киев, Львов, Харьков, EU, USA, Canada · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

10+ лет опыта управления проектами и IT инфраструктурой, в т.ч. запуск стартапа прошедшего Y Combinator и собравшего в 2016 году 4млн инвестиций Работал в больших компаниях, в стартапах , даже в служил в гос. службе. Управлял разработкой мобильного месседжера, чисто web back-end системы для статистических исследований, системы электронной отчетности , системы раннего предупреждения на основе анализа видео потока, строил IT инфраструктуру государственной соужбы, создавал с 0 и развивал IT инфраструктуру собственной продуктовой компании и много чего еще. Выраженные лидерские качества и аналитическое мышление. Интересует работа в сфере управления IT проектами или IT инфраструктурой компании.

Project Management, Agile, CTO

Построение ИТ инфраструктуры компании с ноля. Управление сложным комплексным проектом. Построение системы культурных ценностей компании.

Компания с культурными ценностями ориентированными на персонал, эффективность работы важнее бюрократии, амбициозные цели

23 февраля

Lead Java Developer

Харьков · $5000 · 6 лет опыта · Intermediate

Programing languages: Java, Groovy, JS, CSS, HTML, XML, Sightly, JSP Databases: JCR, SQL, MongoDB; Search platform: Apache Solr; Platform: Adobe AEM/CQ (Day CQ), Apache Sling Software Development Methodologies: Continuous Integration, SCRUM; SSO: SAP Cloud Identity; Utility Libraries: Apache Commons, Gson, Guava, JS Handlebars, jQuery OSGI: Apache Felix IDE: IntelliJ IDEA Build tools: Maven; CVS: Git Issue trackers: JIRA; Code Audit Tools: Sonar;

Java, Maven, Git, SQL, JUnit, REST API, OOP, REST, JSON, Jira, Design Patterns, HTML, XML, CSS, JSP, IDEA, Windows, English, AEM, OSGi, Sling, JS, JQuery

22 февраля

Team Lead/Tech Lead 🔥 

Харьков · $4500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

• Experience of 10+ years in the relevant field. • Great understanding of the system development lifecycle, requirement and risk management. • Scheduling and estimating. • Business analysis and optimization. • Addressing the organizational and economic issues. • Comfortable working in regulated environment. • Comfortable working in Scrum/Agile environment. • Strong knowledge in UI development. • Planning of work • Presentation skills • Business negotiations

C#, .NET, LINQ, JavaScript, SQL, Git, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, WinForms, OOP, Entity Framework, asp.net mvc, .NET Core, MS SQL Server, Azure, REST API, jQuery, MSSQL, SOLID, MVC

- собрал команду с нуля, обучил - на двух последних проектах сделал эстимейт, который был выполнен с точностью до дня - умею начинать проекты с нуля и доводить до релиза

Большая или средняя компания, долгосрочный или средне строчный проект, удобное рабочее место, хороший компьютер, дружелюбный коллектив

21 февраля

Software Architect/Team Lead/Engineering Manager/CTO

Харьков, Remote · $6000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

- More than 13 years of working experience in software development. - Leading a development department for 35+ people (resource planning, performance review, PDP and 1-to-1s, etc.) - Experience technical leading all stages of product development, including pre-sale activities, POCs, requirements gathering, design, architecture, implementation, and support. - Almost 10 years in the USA healthcare domain with HIPPA and FIPS 140-2 compliance. - More than 2 years in fin-tech, building modern banking backend and fin-tech aggregators. - Major experience is in .NET Core, AWS.

Jira, Visual Studio, REST API, NoSQL, Docker, AWS, PostgreSQL, Micro-service architecture, .NET Core, MongoDB, DevOps, Leading teams, Team Managment, Build Teams, Cloud Architecture

Led fin-tech platform development from zero to a working business (dev process, tech stack, core decisions, team leading) Grew department from less than 10 to more than 35 people. Grew DevOps team from zero. Previously one of the key team leads in a big team of 100+ people. Most Valuable Player Award, Annual Excellence Award

LIKE: - Product company - Team of professionals - Take part in early stages of project(s) - New technologies - Good office DISLIKE: - "body-shop" - desktop development - automatic time tracker is a stopper

20 февраля

Team Lead/Tech Lead/Senior Infrastructure engineer/Senior system administrator/System administrator/Security engineer/SRE

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Operating systems: Windows Server 20XX, Windows 10 and below. Linux: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, FreeBSD Databases: MSSQL; MySQL, Postgre SQL, MongoDB, Redis. Technologies and services: Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, IIS, RAS, Direct Access,Group Policy, WINS, SNMP, FTP, DFS, NFS, WSUS, Hyper-V, VMWare ESXi, VM WMWare VCenter, Citrix XenServer, VirtualBox, SharePoint Server 2007/2010/2013, Project Server 2007/2010/2013, NLB, Apache, Nginx, Thin, Pound, haproxy, postfix, redmine, squid, SNMP, SSH, iptables, openvpn, Puppet, Ansible, svn, git, Jenkins, Jira, Confluence, Mantis, Zenoss, Nagios, Zabbix, Docker Networking: Routing,OSPF,BGP,RIP,VPN (PPTP, OpenVpn, L2TP,IPSec,SSTP,PPoE, Mikrotik routers, firewalls, QOS, VLAN, Cisco routers and switches, Trunking, Bonding, Bridging, IPIP, EoIP, PPP, PPPoE, WiFi, any L2\L3 switches\routers. Security tools: Snort, Alien Vault OSSIM, Nessus, Metasploit Framework, Kali linux. Other: Rack equipment, product of APC, Intel, HP,Dell, Schroff, Atten, Adaptec, LSI. A lot of experience with IBM, HP, Dell, Intel, HP Blade systems, SuperMicro,HP storage systems, HP Data Protector, Acronis, Bacula.Have a great experience with telecommunications equipment, switches, routers,DSLAM, modems, AP (Cisco, LinkSys, Mikrotik, HP, Planet, Zyxel, D-Link, Dynamix,etc.). Planning and implementation of communication networks with using following technologies: Ethernet, Internet, Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, ADSL, SHDSL,GSM, 3G, VPN,IPSec, QOS, BGP, OSPF. Selection, analysis, purchase, server and telecom equipment, materials and other equipment. A lot of experience with data centers: SoftLayer, Hetzner, Colobridge, RackForces, Amazon, Azure, RackSpace. Superior troubleshooting and documentation skills. Another skills: Deep hardware knowledge (level of hardware developer or service engineer),hardware troubleshooting, repairing any equipment. Strong knowledge of measurement equipment, multimeters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signals generators, power sources.

Backups, CentOS, Debian, ESXi, Hardware, Linux, Mikrotik, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Network hardware, Networking, Security, Server hardware, Troubleshooting, Ubuntu, VMware, WiFi, Windows, PEN testing, TCP/IP, Git, Zabbix, Ansible, Docker, Nginx, DNS, Jira, iptables, Project Management, Apache, Xen, ESXi virtualization, WebServices, docker

Success infrastructure migrations and upgrades, Establishing basic IT processes, Make knowledge and tutorial bases, Establishing infrastructure security processes, Minimize downtime on disaster situations, Improve infrastructure performance on each layer.

I expect clear responsibilities and established workflow for tasks (or possibility to establish it).

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