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Swift Developer

Any remote, Kharkiv office · $1500 · Upper Intermediate

My goal is to start working with Swift for iOS. I have a good experience for the few years with pure Javascript (not web frontend, created various kind of automation with workflow developing). Had very basic experience with Java, just created Miner game for old mobile phone. I started to learn programming with C++ and Assembler, so understand things a bit deeper. I have learned Swift for iOS with Stanford course (for iOS 11), have good understanding of Swift language itself but have a lack of experience as I did not work on real projects here. More important thing is my overall programming experience so I am not like a beginner that is just learned some language for the first time. I am using OOP mostly and understand it of course but also trying some elements of functional programming style since I have been learning Swift. I have conversations with native English speakers time to time, my English level allow me to do that free enough.

Swift, iOS, Xcode

Successfully completed real automation projects for business that works (not iOS), implemented very unusual and innovative approach in my area that increased output quality really a lot. Not such a big projects like you can imagine, but it was a small team of 1 person, I was responsible for all stages of the project.

I expect to be a part of innovative team. Product is priority I guess but I understand that interesting outsource projects happens too. Don’t really like boring things, love everything new and innovative. But most of all I love great designed algorithms that is a kind of art for me sometimes.

10 января

Trainee IOS Developer

Харьков · $250 · Pre-Intermediate

Начинаю свою дорогу в IT. Закончил магистра по направлению "Системный анализ" в НТУ "ХПИ". В данный момент активно занимаюсь самообучением Swift и Objective-C. Ищу работу на должность Trainee для более эффективного развития и приобретения опыта в этой сфере.

Swift, iOS, Xcode

Грамотная система взращивание кадров

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Junior iOS Developer

Киев, Винница, Суммы, Харьков, Львов · $1500 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Have half of a year of experience at Ukrainian company that specializes in developing food delivery apps for restaurants.

Swift, iOS, CoreData, Xcode, MapKit, CoreLocation, MVC, MVVM, OOP/OOD, realm, SOLID, OOP, UIKit, CocoaPods, Swift/iOS, Moya, Multithreading, Cocoa Touch, VIPER, JSON, Git, GitHub, Firebase, Parse, Foundation, Jira, GCD, Autolayout, WayForPay

To my achievements i can attribute finished freelance works and apps that i did for my self improvement like weatherApp or NewsApp wich u can see at my GitHub profile. Have experience with CoreLocation, Alamofire,Jira,CoreAnimataion,CoreData,Realm,Moya,MapKit and GoogleMaps, Multithreading. Worked with Firebase and Sashido databases.

Hi. I im looking for a full-time job. For me is important to work in friendly atmosphere, so i could show great performance and improve myself. No react or Objective-C.

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iOS Developer

Запорожье, Львов, Харьков, Киев, Запорожье, Днепр · $500 · Pre-Intermediate

Моя цель получить должность Junior iOS developer в команде единомышленников. Самостоятельно изучаю разработку на языке Swift на протяжении 7 месяцев. За это время удалось реализовать несколько мини-приложений. 1) Заметки — приложение реализовано с простым интерфейсом. Основной посыл разработки данного приложения — изучение CoreData. 2) cardnum — приложение также затрагивает CoreData, но выполняет функцию хранения номеров банковских карт и возможность делиться ими с друзьями. 3) RateToday — основано на работе с сетью и в целях изучить работу с получением данных из сети. Работал с Git, CoreData, Networking, UIKit, Foundation, Alamofire, API, AutoLayout Понимание принципов ООП, SOLID. Готов усердно обучаться и приносить результат.

Swift, iOS, Xcode, UIKit, CoreData, MVC, Alamofire, SOLID, Git, JSON, Foundation, Autolayout, OOP

2 января

Junior iOs Developer

Харьков · $500 · Intermediate

I don't have commercial experience in this position, but ios-dev is a hobby that I have been doing for more than 2 years (just as self-interest) accumulated their semi-applications and pet-projects. I have completed quite a few online courses! Such as Ray Wenderlich, Swiftbook, Udacity, Coursera, Hexlet, Geek Brains, Intuit and others (I don’t know if it makes sense to list all the sources). From the last - I finished the course by Yandex on stepik.org I have the skills to work with the version control(GIT) system and dependency manager(CocoaPods). Skills of working with the API, in particular, working with the REST API, through JSON. I can build UI using code and Interface Builder In the last project, I used Locksmith and Firebase/Auth, Database and Storage!

iOS, iPhone, Cocoa Touch, OOP, Xcode, CocoaPods, Foundation, iOS SDK, JSON, Swift, UIKit, CoreData, Git, REST API, Objective-C

The best solution for me is a team with an experienced senior specialists to share skills and fast grow with. Even though I am a self-learner, I still expect advice and tips from colleagues in the development process.

31 декабря

iOS Developer

Харьков · $400 · Advanced/Fluent

Закінчив курси iOS розробки. Під час курсів навчилися працювати з UIKit, а саме UILabel, UIButton, UIView, CollectionView, TableView, ScrollView, NavigationController та іньші. Також користувалися принципами OOP, MVC, SOLID. Використовували Autolayout, ARC, GCD, Networking, Navigation, Cocoapods, CoreData.

iOS, Git, Xcode, UIKit, Swift, MVC, OOP, JSON, Cocoa Touch, Autolayout, SOLID

29 декабря

Junior Trainee iOS Developer

Львов, Киев, Івано- Франківськ, Тернополь, Харьков · $150 · Pre-Intermediate

SUMMARY: Hardworking and reliable student. I have an interest in learning new and fast- growing technologies that will help me develop my professional skills. I'm responsible person with good analytical abilities. Easy learner. I have good communication skills, teamwork skills and have strong objective to be a professional software developer.

iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Git, CoreData, MVC, OOP, CocoaPods, REST API, CoreLocation, SwiftLint

Привітний колектив, можливість розвиватися

26 декабря

swift developer 

Харьков · $400 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

Seeking a challenging position as Trainee or Junior iOS developer or any other specialist in the field of iOS programming. Jobs experience: Position: trainee iOS Developer Duties: commercial application development for iPhone and iPad, work on Chart- based application for statistics processing project Company: UX Energy (Art of energy from Roman Budaev) Period: two months

Swift, iOS, Xcode, CocoaPods, UIKit, CoreData, Git, SQLite, Cocoa Touch, iPhone, JSON, SOLID, Autolayout, OOP, MVC, REST API, Multithreading, Foundation, MapKit, Alamofire, Push Notifications

I create chart-based ViewController and connect json data from server to it. Also I create open source project ToDo list with push notifications and using core data for saving tasks.

I want to work with new applications and update old projects.

23 декабря

Junior iOS Developer

Киев, Львов, Харьков, Днепр · $600 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

I have 1,5 years of non-commercial experience in UNIT Factory. I studied Swift, C languages and various libraries and frameworks for these languages. During this time i have acquired such HARD SKILLS as: - coding skills with Swift and C languages - basic knowledge of CoreData, RESTful API - basic knowledge of frameworks MapKit, Alamofire, JSON - basic knowledge of OOP - knowledge of MVC pattern - how to work with API - create and connect CocoaPods and SOFT SKILLS such as: - quick learner - attention to detail - can find solution of my own - i can work independently and in team - extremely organized

Swift, iOS, Git, Xcode, UIKit, MVC, REST API, CocoaPods, JSON, CoreLocation, Cocoa Touch, MapKit, OOP, Alamofire, REST, SOLID, Design Patterns, Foundation, GCD

I am a student at UNIT Factory. An alternative type of training based on practical cases where students study without lectures. I studied: C, SWIFT languages and various libraries and frameworks for these languages. About training project i have done: Swifty Companion: An application that retrieves information about 42 students using the intranet API at 42. In this project i used frameworks: Alamofire, JSON, SVProgressHUD. Swifty Proteins: An application to work with API and draw the proteins using SceneKit. Also was implemented such modules as Face ID, Touch ID MapApp: Application for finding places and building a route to them. I worked with MapKit and CoreLocation. EateriesApp: An application where you can add your favorite restaurant, add a photo, rate it, and mark it as visited. Was used native framework CoreData. Links on projects and my Github have been attached in my resume. Demo of these projects you can find on my Github.

I’m looking for opportunities to obtain useful experience. I’m excited with IOS technologies. I hope to find enthusiastic and dedicated team which will inspire me to move forward

20 декабря

iOS Developer 

Харьков · $500 · Меньше года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Swift Foundation , UIKit, CoreData, CocoaPods , JSON ,Storyboard , Cocoa Pods, Collection Views , Alamofire , GIT , VIPER

Git, Swift, UIKit, Xcode, Foundation, JSON, Networking, OOP/OOD, MVC, VIPER, Cocoa Pods

Профессиональный рост. Адекватный менеджмент. Офис возле метро , неформальная обстановка , хороший кофе.

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