Senior Data Scientist, Senior Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst, COO, CFO, CPO, CMO, PhD

Харьков, remotely · $4500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Working experience in IT (and not only): C-level: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Performance Officer. S-level: Senior Project Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Senior Data Scientist. Worked with Team members from: Ukraine, Russia, USA, UK, Germany, Turkey, Belarussia. Projects: Antonov, MoSi GT Engines, ERP (SAP ERP R/3, MS Axapta, MS Navision, QuickBooks EE, Sage Line 50, all 1C), BI (SAP BO, Dundas, PowerBI, BIStudio, IBM Cognos BI, Tableau, Qlick), many CRM Software, AI & Data Science (Business Statistics, DS & ML for Business (Management, Marketing, Sales, Distribution), Text Mining, NLP, Recommendations Systems, Fraud Detection, Clinical Trials and Diagnostics, Drugs Development, Games Analytics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Object Detection, Text Recognition from Images in CV, SparQL, Geolocations from main Geocoders, 3D Modelling, R, Python, SPSS, MiniTAB, SAS, JMP, OriginPro, Statsgraphics), Digital (On-line) Marketing, Web Development, Developers and Teams Performance Management and Code Metrics. For serious companies and projects ready to use main 60 project management forms from PMI (PMBOK 6) in PDF or Word. Also ready to use dozens of BOKs (not only BABOK and PMBOK as any BA and PM). I have hundreds of books in English in Data Science, Project Management (including Agile (SCRUM - Kanban - Scrumban - SAFe - LSS)) and Business Analysis. Education: Higher Technical and double Higher Economical. Scientific Degree: Ph. D., twice Post-Graduate (Engineer & Economics). Ready to work as: CFO, COO, CPO, CMO, SPM, SBA, SDS. The Data Scientist's work is to analyse and to mining collected data and to develop the data models, the Data Engineer's work is to collect data from various sources for Data Scientist's analysis. Data collecting must not be confused with the data analysis and mining, how it is done in Ukraine. Data Scientist IS NOT! equal Data Engineer. Data Engineer works for Data Scientist. For foreign companies and developers teams ready to establish your IT Development Department in Ukraine (Kharkov).

SQL, R , Data Mining, Tableau, Power BI, Project Management, Machine Learning, Jira, Agile, Math, Python, Deep Learning, pandas, numpy, English, Recommender engines, Databases, CRM, writing manuals, Algorithms, Medicine, PostgreSQL, Web Analytics, MySQL, Keras, Tensorflow, Statistics, MSSQL, computer vision, AWS, OpenCV, Matlab, data analysis, scikit-learn, Spark, Data Science, MongoDB, Matplotlib, NLP, Probability theory, SAP BO, Jupyter Notebook, Scrum, Data Analytics, Pandas, MS Azure ML Studio, google cloud, Neural Networks, NumPy, Data Visualisation, Analysis and research, Team Management, Data Visualization, Financial Reporting, Google Analytics, Statistcs, Data Engineering, Apache Spark, NLTK, xgboost, MS SQL Server, Probability Theory & Statistics, Time Series, Text Mining, Data Science in Python, Data Analisys, SPSS, Behavioral analysis, Scikit-Learn, seaborn, Computer Vision, supervised learning, Unsupervised Learning, SciPy, Sklearn, Business Analysis, Linear Algebra, Artificial Intelligence, QlikView, Automatition, classification, AI algorithms, Math Statistics, Image Processing, Analysis, MS PowerBI, Predictive Models, Mathematics, SAS, Windows, Data Analysis, TensorFlow, time series analysis, Convolutional Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Google Data Studio

SAP ERP R/3 (SD, MM, PP, FI, CO, BO) Implementation. It is the most complex project among all possible IT Development Projects in any industry in any country, including any double AI + triple Big Data. Scientific interests are: management, modern inductive logics, causality, evidence, philosophy of science, control systems, system analysis.

Something challenging in IT development and (or) Data Science (AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Time Series). Ready to raise your any business to higher level by Data Science for Business and Modern Business Management (Strategy, Business Model, Business Processes, Orgstructure-Teams, Business Metrics). And expect long lasting projects, preferably at product company.


Project Manager

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1300 · 2,5 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

2.5 years of experience of Project Management in IT Main projects: - native apps for Android and iOS, - cross platform mobile app, - websites with custom backend, - full-stack web apps, - websites on WordPress and Magento Management of 20+ people simultaneously. Experience of working with distributed teams and client-side team.

Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Waterfall, Jira / Basecamp / Trello, Confluence, Redmine, Teamwork

General achievements: - Each of my projects was new to me in the terms of technology stack and experience. I was learning and diving into all the details on the go. - The clients from all my projects were satisfied with the results and thanked me for my work. My greatest achievement I am proud of: Delivering the project in a timely fashion (two native apps and two full-stack web apps). The project had the following issues: - a total absence of clear requirements - restrictive deadline - budget limit - incompetent human resources - constant change requests from the clients - performing of almost all project stages simultaneously

I’m looking for a remote position. I don’t mind working from the office during the probation period if the company is based in Kharkov. I would like to manage different projects including Web, Mobile, Cross platform, IoT, VR/AR in order to keep gathering various experience and knowledge. I would like to perform specifically Project Management activities. I worked in companies which didn’t have a position of a Business Analyst. So all related responsibilities were held by Project Managers. This led to a shortage of time for project management tasks. As a result, overtimes were a necessity in order to perform my duties properly. Generally, I don’t mind overtimes. I have experience of working 100+ hours of overtime per month. But it is not efficient for team productivity, wellbeing and motivation.

26 февраля

Junior Project Manager 🔥

Харьков · $900 · 2 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Goal-oriented manager with experience in outsourcing projects in IT studio, with 10 developers. I was conducting 5 projects, three of them were simultaneously. Keen on resource management and facilitating efficient meetings. Switched to IT business about a year ago from media sphere and non-formal professional education. Completed IT PM course. Looking forward to obtaining position in a dynamic company with sufficient amount of various tasks. .

Project Management, English, Facilitating, AGILE/SCRUM, Good communication skills, Self-motivated, Analytical and problem solving abilities, Jira & Confluence, Trello, Time Managment, Resource management, UML, Customer communication, Product management, Youtrack, Agile Project Management, Self-starter, IT Project Management, Meeting Facilitation, Project Estimation, Manual Testing

Managed a media portal about education for 3 years, developed it from first visitors to 15 thousand monthly. Successfully got everything I need from untalkative developers and coped with dozens of new potential projects which needed to be estimated (ROM Estimate) in tough time.

Friendly team, display of personal skills, new career opportunities, worthy wages. Excited to explore different types of responsibilities.

26 февраля

Розробник Python/Project manager

Харьков, Харьков · $400 · 1 год опыта · Intermediate

Site for Kharkiv Business Review (in progress) — (as PM 'n developer) Telegram bot for applicants of KhNEU — (as PM 'n developer) Register of personal training systems — (only developer)

Django REST Framework, Linux, Django, Git, Python, OOP, Pandas

25 февраля


Удаленная работа, Украина · $700 · 3 года опыта · Beginner/Elementary

По специальности журналист. Работала в журналистике около 3 лет. С 2013 года занимаюсь контент-маркетингом, SMM и интернет-маркетингом в целом. На разных этапах руководила командой от 4 до 25 человек. С 2016 года по нынешнее время работаю в маркетинговом агентстве D.MAR. Обязанности: - разработка стратегии продвижения компаний в интернете; - анализ конкурентов и целевой аудитории; - внедрение и сопровождение интернет-продвижения компаний: SEO, контент-маркетинг, e-mail, краудмаркетинг, контекстная реклама. Работа с Photoshop и графическими онлайн-редакторами, сервисами аналитики, планнерами, сервисами массфолловинга и масслайкинга. Более детальное резюме вышлю на почту.

SMM, Digital Marketing, SEO-copywriting, Content marketing, Team management

25 февраля

Senior Project Manager

Удаленная работа, Украина · $3500 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Project Management, Agile, CRM, Scrum, Microsoft Office, Jira, Quality Assurance (QA), Trello

Agile, Jira, Microsoft Office, Project Management, CRM, Quality Assurance (QA), Scrum, Kanban, Team management, Risk management, Communication, project planning, Confluence, SDLC, Risk Management, People management, trello, English, Business Analysis, Google tables, Waterfall, Lean methodology

Lean and agile projects implementation, people development, negotiations with internal and external clients, on time and in full successful projects, standardization and stabilization of activities Management of 2 projects in parallel, successful reboot of the project

Career growth, interesting and challenging tasks and project.

24 февраля

Business Analyst

Харьков · $500 · Upper Intermediate

RPA Engineer (July 2017 - Present) Business process analysis and automation (Desktop Automation using Kryon/Uipath RPA tools together with OCR tools and Web Automation using Selenium, JavaScript). Experience architecting and developing workflow based solutions or functionality. Communication with the Clients, analyzing, understanding and documenting the business processes in detail where required. Working within project planning constraints, communicating any identified project risks and issues to the delivery/project manager accordingly and providing inputs to the change control process. Creating and documenting test procedures and scenarios for the pre-UAT phases. Supporting the Operational Teams during the UAT and rollout phases. Data Entry Specialist (January 2017- February 2018) Strong ability in data search, analysis and verification Patent Agent (May 2016 - October 2016) Prosecution Patent Expertise, Patent Search, Experience in Intellectual Property Field Languages English Upper-Intermediate (TOEFL IBT 90) Education VN Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine Master’s Degree in Biochemistry

Business Analysis, Agile, Scrum, User stories, Requirements analysis, Use cases, Analytical Skills, VBA, JavaScript, Basic SQL, HTML, Waterfall, Jira

Prefer projects in healthcare domain due to Master’s degree in Biochemistry

24 февраля

Project Manager

Харьков · $2500 · 7 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Different scope projects (mostly web) for the last 7 years. Managed remote & local teams, helped in sourcing people for the project and ensured the delivery. Ability to communicate with clients from Europe and US on native level English, strong communicational and interpersonal skills. Broad technical knowledge and interest in new technologies. Worked for corporates and as freelancer. Ability to think outside of the "normal" and find unusual solutions that help businesses accomplish their goals.

Project Management, Product management, Agile, English, trello, Risk management, Confluence, Business Analysis

Recently helped a food-delivery start-up to get the project back on track (They outsourced to an Indian company and came to me with a half-working MVP. Assembled a team of 4 remote engineers, refactored what they had and delivered all the required features for the MVP under the budget, time and defined quality standards) Climbed couple of mountains over 5k meters. Won couple of car racing competitions.

Cool, motivated and driven team. Working environment that enables innovation.

24 февраля

Project Manager, IT Manager, CTO

Одесса, Киев, Львов, Харьков, EU, USA, Canada · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Intermediate

10+ лет опыта управления проектами и IT инфраструктурой, в т.ч. запуск стартапа прошедшего Y Combinator и собравшего в 2016 году 4млн инвестиций Работал в больших компаниях, в стартапах , даже в служил в гос. службе. Управлял разработкой мобильного месседжера, чисто web back-end системы для статистических исследований, системы электронной отчетности , системы раннего предупреждения на основе анализа видео потока, строил IT инфраструктуру государственной соужбы, создавал с 0 и развивал IT инфраструктуру собственной продуктовой компании и много чего еще. Выраженные лидерские качества и аналитическое мышление. Интересует работа в сфере управления IT проектами или IT инфраструктурой компании.

Project Management, Agile, CTO

Построение ИТ инфраструктуры компании с ноля. Управление сложным комплексным проектом. Построение системы культурных ценностей компании.

Компания с культурными ценностями ориентированными на персонал, эффективность работы важнее бюрократии, амбициозные цели

22 февраля

Marketing manager, project manager, PR manager

Харьков · $500 · 2,5 года опыта · Intermediate

С 2016 по 2019 год: менеджер проектов направленных на продвижение детских и подростковых книг: - координатор участия в украинских выставках и ярмарках, - организатор маркетинговых мероприятий; - PR ключевых в отрасли личностей; - организатор книжного фестиваля, который за 1 год увеличил свою популярность в 2 раза и получил статус Всеукраинского; -есть опыт нетворкинга, привлечение партнеров, ведение партнерских программ, заключение договоров с иностранными и украинскими партнерами, навык мониторинга ключевых тенденций рынка, email marketing, копирайт, работы в scrum. В 2018 году занималась продвижением лавки эко-товаров через инстаграм. Продажи повысились на 1,5(на определенную группу товаров) В 2015 HR менеджер - направленность: поддержание атмосферы в коллективе, организация мероприятий, контент-менеджмент соц.сетей

Marketing Strategy, PR, E-mail marketing, SMM, Product management, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, copywriting

Организация и координирование Всеукраинского фестиваля, нетворгинг с международными партнерами, выступления на важных в отрасли фестивалях

Интересный проект, который увлечет и даст возможность развития в сфере маркетинга.

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