13 сентября 2017

Project Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner

Киев, Львов, Харьков · $2500 · 6 лет опыта · Свободный английский

- 6 years experience as PM/Scrum Master/BA - technical and business background - customers from USA & EU and all over the globe - SCRUM, Kanban, Waterfall - valid USA visa - fluent english

Successfully implemented and supported different projects from zero (Web,mobile,desktop app) for customers from all over the world

Interesting new challenges and projects. Will build effective team and make customers satisfied.

3 сентября 2017

Middle/Senior Project Manager

Киев, Харьков, Львов · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Свободный английский

5 years of a real hard work as a Project Manager for Mobile Apps Development Company 9 month of working abroad in USA (VA, DC, SC), have valid SSN Managing Devs, QA, UX/UI Communication with customers from Requirements till full project acceptance Mentoring junior/newbie team members Experience as an HR for Outstaff department

Highly motivated result oriented team member, Directly responsible for earning $$ for company

Difficult tasks, moderate level of stress, multitasking

3 сентября 2017

Project/Product Manager

Киев, Одесса, Харьков, Львов, Запорожье, Минск · $600 · 1,5 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Frameworks: • Traditional: Waterfall, PMI • Agile: Scrum, Kanban, XP Strategic level: • Startup Metrics • Innovation process and models • Product Concept and Requirements • Business Analysis Management level: • Jira, Teamwork, Trello, Redmine, Bitrix24 • Resources, Backlogs, Daily Scrum, Retrospective • Agile Teams Training and Coaching • Business Stakeholders Support Executive level: • Documentation, Reports, Charts • Root Cause Analysis • Manual Testing • Understanding UI/UX • Experienced with GitHub, Heroku Strongest skills: • Leadership, Psychology, Analytics, Research • Anvanced written English, Upper Intermediate spoken

I remember the time when I was working on the 'Smart City' project. The primary aims were to satisfy social needs, provide variety of e-services, and increase cultural values. I've gathered a team and worked out the Smart City concept, which was represented on Egap Challenge Program. That’s when the idea of team management began. The next step was to enhance experience and improve knowledge in management. So, I got a job and plunged into business processes. I’ve faced tons of real cases and theory. Atm I'm looking for a family team and full involvement. I believe that ideal IT team is built on trust with shared objectives. My aim is to bring success to the company.

12 сентября 2017

Project Manager

Харьков, Киев, Днепр, Львов, Одесса · $400 · Меньше года опыта · Английский выше среднего

- Work with Jira, Trello, Slack - Knowledge and understanding of Agile (SCRUM, XP, Kanban) and Waterfall methodologies - Knowledge and understanding of the stages of WEB and development - Ability to create mock-ups in Marvelapp, Axure

•The experience of managing the team in the production field is 4.5 years. •Implementation of construction, installation and procurement projects. • Management of the team of 30 people in the production area;

I'm looking for a job to realize my potential and skills in managing resources and staff. I would like to participate in interesting projects in which I can gain experience and bring benefit.

13 августа 2017

Business Analyst

Харьков · $2000 · 3 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Skills: Requirements Analysis Wireframing - Balsamiq, Invision UML diagrams - Use Cases, Activity Modeling - Gliffy, Creately BPMN diagrams Researchs Technical background: Web - PHP, Front-end coding (html/css) Mobile - iOS (Xcode - Objectve-C/Swift)

I looking for a friendly team, good leadership and interesting tasks.

3 сентября 2017

Project Manager

Харьков · $2500 · 7 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

I have more then 10 years of general experience, about 8 from them on the leadership positions. Graduate from KHNURE. Spoken and written English. Participated in projects of different size and orientation. From my point of view the main keypoints of succesful project are good communication with customer, accurate planning and united team.

Led the development of internet and intranet projects of various orientations(Tourism, Healthcare and etc) with duration from 1 month to 2 years

I am looking for a leadership position that would most fully met my expectations and skills would allow to develop dynamically. Interested in large and medium projects in a team of professionals.

31 июля 2017

Project Manager

Харьков · $800 · 1,5 года опыта · Английский выше среднего

Scrum Managing PHP project (SAAS) Investigating of project/product Estimation and planning of development process Working with multiple projects and teams simultaneously Experienced in managing projects for testing, mobile apps (Android, iOS)/web. Experienced in testing desktop applications, web sites, and mobile applications; Deep understanding of development process phases of functionality.

10 сентября 2017

Project Manager/Product Manager

Харьков · $1000 · 2 года опыта · Средний уровень англ.

Project Management, Agile, CRM, Scrum, Kanban, Planing, Microsoft Office, Redmine, Quality Assurance (QA), Trello, Marketing.

Управление разработкой сети интернет магазинов в режиме продакшин. Полная интеграция с отделами SEO, Маркетига, Контента, Продаж. Полный технический support проектов. Руководство обучением стажерами в компании. Хорошие технические знания по работе серверов и основ html, css, js, php.

Создавать и вести интересные проекты. Работать в дружном и слаженном коллективе. Желательно, иметь возможность, работать часть времени удаленно.

19 августа 2017

Product Manager / CMO

Харьков / Киев · $3000 · 7 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

Built a mobile Publishing company from scratch. Extensive experience in working with Publishers abroad (contacts remain), set up processes of development and launching of 4 own and 8 3rd party mobile projects. — Managed a team of 5 members, provided full cycle services for "packaging" and launching games in App Store & Google Play. — Managed the development and launch of several own mobile games (did not code, had a team) — Was responsible for the whole process of planning and running Mob. apps marketing campaigns — Practically able to work with any analytics system (Appsflyer, Flurry, AppFigures, Game Analytics...etc) — ASO — User Acquisition — Good communication skills, have experience in attracting venture investments.

— Top level web sources posted articles and reviews about projects I managed — Argued with Apple — TOP App Store ranks in the different countries — Around 2,5 million installs for the game with humble budget — "Game Of The Week" in Chinese Appstore for the own game — Main page AppStore featuring in USA, Russia and other countries

Interested in: — Mobile apps and games development — Learn new technologies, doing something no one did before or only a few did — You won't hear "I can't do this" or "that's not my profile" from me. In the worst case, it would be: "this will cost this much" or "I need this much time to research this matter".

13 августа 2017

Project/Product Manager

Киев, Днепропетровск, Харьков, Одесса. · $3500 · 5 лет опыта · Английский выше среднего

- USA, AU, UK, EU customers. - SMART objectives - Requirements management (Quality\Features\Terms\Coasts) - Stakeholders management - Human resources management - Communication management - Risk management - Delivery management Methodologies: Scrum, PMI. XP, Kanban - mostly theoretical; ability to use and to be adapted for. PM Tools: Jira, Redmine, Visio (business studio 5), MindJet Mind Manager, Trello, TeamGantt.com Strategic thinking, strong analytical and concerns resolution skills. Prove ability to support a project from pre-sales to maintenance it. Hands-on experience in IT management including collecting reqs, planning, monitoring, risk management, consulting, BP analysis.

Executing the project of Implementation a system of management accounting for a huge enterprise with 17 branch offices + 2 factories in Ukraine and 3 external branch offices. Started with analysis of the established sales processes(and the used system), continued with testing of the further system to be according to the requirements, Implementation of the new system with fixing the issues and teaching the end users to work with the new system. Managed the development of integrations for Magento high load e-commerce projects. Deep participation in the basic UI\UX design development for wikispective.com with the planning of the further implementations and features.

Agile environment, Product Owner/Project Manager/Scrum master Position, Interesting projects, Difficult tasks, Ability to grow.

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