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13 июня 2018

Business Analyst / QA / Project Coordinator 🔥

Харьков · $1000 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Experience of working in ►Tableau ► SQL (MySQL, Oracle) ► Creating test case scenarios ► Manual Testing (QA), ► Data mapping ► Client requirements ► Workflow analysis ► Financial reporting ► Creating test case scenarios ► User Acceptance Testing (UAT) ► Controller View ► JIRA tracking system ►Confluense ► Kronos ► XML ► XBRL ► Agile Scrum - Strong understanding of the business side of a matter - Successful experience in the implementation and support of regulatory reports on client side - Strong verbal and written communication skills

- I have 2 Master's degrees in Engineering and Economics - Conducted on-site observations, analyzed client data for the listed global clients: Standard Chartered, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America. - Successfully implemented financial projects and documented findings

- I prefer remote work - I'd like to have an ability to use new technologies and improve my skills; to be a part of experienced team working with interesting projects

13 июня 2018

Technical Writer/ Business Analyst assistant

Харьков · $700 · 1 год опыта · Intermediate

2+ years of professional expertise in the Information Technologies (IT) industry; - development and updating of technical and user documentation for web and mobile projects; - unambiguous and understandable description of logic of application’s functional.

Recently Completed Projects E-Commerce Solution Customer: US-based company Description: The project’s aim was to create e-commerce system which provides the full cycle of customer service for the large distribution company. The system allows to register customers and their orders, take payments, control delivery and warehouse, perform promos. It is divided into several parts: webshop, admin side, payment system. Position:IT Researcher/ Technical Writer Speech Recognition Platform Customer: US-based company Description: The platform (web, mobile app) provides multi-functional emotional analysis for speech (audio) recognition and following converting to text. Position:Technical Writer

30 апреля 2018

Finance manager

Харьков · $900 · 8 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

PHP, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript

Automatisation in accounting (Kharkive undeground, Sun InBev) Preparation of presentation and training to new employees Possibility to see above the box Big experience in accounting and finance About me: Responsible Desire to develop Able for quickly education Communicative Able to relocation Innovative

Interesting and perspective job in Finance department. With challenges and differences task

3 мая 2018

Business Analyst

Харьков · $1500 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Experience in analysis, documentation and prioritising of requirements Technical background, as well as strong understanding of the business side of a matter Experience of effective work with development team Ability to analyse complex problems Strong verbal and written communication skills Work with tracking and agile project management tools MS Office Work with support ticketing system Strong skills in financial data analysis Strong verbal and written communication skills

I have 2 Master's degrees in Economics and Law, was director of the small company, owner of online shops and Business Analyst in US company (last three years) so I can analyse business requirements from both sides and understand exact business needs.

I prefer remote work but I will also consider the office. I am more familiar with financial business area.

15 мая 2018

Business Analyst

Харьков · $400 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

Management, marketing, sales PHP & MySQL English

Проработал в продажах и маркетинге 10 лет. Занимался переговорами, технической поддержкой абонентов, подбором персонала и развитием клиентской базы. Окончил курсы PHP/MySQL/AJAX в мае 2016г.

Буду рад продолжительно работать в хорошей компании на постоянной основе, под руководством опытного руководителя. Люблю трудиться в настоящей команде, где преобладает взаимовыручка, поддержка и активный отдых. Предложения на проект не рассматриваю.

13 мая 2018

Data scientist, mathematician-researcher

Kharkov · $1100 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

Skills. 1) Correlation analysis, сluster analysis, statistics; 2) Applied analysis of random data, Time Series Analysis, Spectral analysis (wavelet transform, fast Fourier transform, method of the spectral characteristics); 3) Machine Learning: linear and nonlinear regression analysis, neural networks, deep learning, group method of data handling, principal component analysis, singular spectrum analysis, genetic algorithms etc.; Deep Machine Learning, Convolution Neural Networks end etc.; 4) Computer vision algorithms: Image manipulation (resize, blurring, filtering), Image gradients (Sobel, image profiles, 1st and 2nd derivative, Hessian matrix), Image thresholding (global, adaptive), histograms (hist matching, hist construction, hist equalization, CLAHE), Canny edge detector, Hough transform , Morphological operators (erosion, dilation, closing, opening), Contours detection, Corner detection (Shi-Tomasi, Harris), Template matching, Keypoint detection (FAST), Local descriptors (ORB, SURF), Image matching, warping and stitching, Homography, Optical flow and etc., OpenCV modules; 5) Problems of identification (Kalman filtering and etc.), self-learning models, probability models, stochastic control, numerical methods; 6) Using MATLAB, MAPLE, Python (Pandas, Numpy, Mathlib and etc.) Or I'm ready to learn other programming languages.

My duties: - the mathematical formulation of the problem; - the choice of the method of solving the problem, or development the method based on the existing methods; - algorithm development, the fulfillment of this algorithm by one of the most convenient languages (MATLAB, Scilab, Python); - debugging and transferring to the other specialists for integrating into the finished software product. 2014 – grant holder of the fund named N.I. Akhiezer for young mathematicians of the Kharkov Mathematical Society (http://www.ilt.kharkov.ua/bvi/info/akhiezer_fond/akhiezer_fond_stipendiati_r.htm).

26 апреля 2018

Financial analyst

Харьков · $500 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

- experienced in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Power Point, - skills of preparation and presentation - financial analysis, business modelling, project management, costs planning & optimization, negotiation, risk analysis, analytical skills

1) developed & implemented: - tool for calculation logistics costs on «complex» routes - tool to control pricing & losses from non-fulfilment of trade conditions - ABC costing system & tool of estimation Customer’s profitability 2) developed corporate documentation: statute about pricing, marketing, finance department, credit policy, strategy order, order & report of advertising actions, job descriptions, internal procedures, that successfully passed the audit of fiscal organs & Supplier 3) Client’s sales increase 20%, reduction of costs 10%, margin increase 40%: developed an updated schedule of supplies, commercialized transfer to a shorter payment term 4) Client’s sales increase 10%, decrease in the level of recovery 50%: development & presentation pricing & assortment analysis, suggestion of differential mark-up, reasoned turnover of goods 5) dependence analyzed between sales & used advertising. Made a profitability rating, argued absence of requirement in non-liquid. Saving on purchases and costs 20% 6) implemented a system of work monitoring & evaluation (covering all departments activities), which made possible to speed up the audit and reduced the process time by 20% 7) experience of passing Supplier’s audit: received the maximum score in the company

- financial-management reporting - business planning - analysis of investment project efficiency - financial modeling - cost forecasting

7 июня 2018

Business Analyst

Харьков · $700 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Experienced with 0,5 of a year at the requirements elicitation and analysis, translation business requirements into technical, cooperation with stakeholders during product development lifecycle. Modelling and managing requirements. Understanding of the software development life-cycle, technical writing skills, high-attention to details.

Looking for a company to grow professionally.

27 апреля 2018


Харьков, Киев · $1000 · 1,5 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

SQL, C (basis), PHP (basis),InVisio, Moqups, Excel, Visio, HTML, CSS, WorkSection, Bitrix24, Agile, b2b-продажи, разработка и внедрение системы Kpi управление проектами, составление Технических Заданий (ТЗ), проведение аудитов, переговоры, анализ спроса, анализ конкурентной среды, корреляционный и регрессионный анализ, построение прогнозных моделей, многомерные стат.данные, торговый анализ

Работал на региональном уровне в городах Краснодар и Белгород (РФ), Харьков, в качестве менеджера проектов у местных digital-агентств и штатного маркетолога компании ранга топ-3 в Украине. Под моим началом были разработаны и выведены в топ-10 сайты как регионального, так и федерального масштаба. Проводил анализ рынка сх-запасных частей, теплотехники (более 100000 товарных позиций)ценообразование, прогнозные модели, построение гипотез,анализировал склад, создал и внедрил систему KPI. Вел рекламную деятельность, включая email рассылку, POS-материалы, создание ТЗ и контроль разработки интернет-магазина на .Net, имеющего 2 аналога в СНГ(dev.aa-p.ru заменит aa-p.ru) учитывая функциональность, полноту информации (более 3 миллионов товарных позиций), UX и UI.

Интересует: 1. Молодая, состоявшаяся команда раработчиков у которых можно научиться новому 2. Возможность повысить уровень английского языка 3. Перспективный проект для реального сектора экономики (АПК, энергетика, хим.пром и т.д) Не интересует: 1. 1С, Банки, устаревшие системы управления предприятием, SAP

5 июня 2018

Lead Generation Manager

Киев. Львов. Харьков. · $500 · 1,5 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Анализ рынка. Поиск возможных клиентов. Поиск контактов. Сбор, обработка неструктурированных данных из различных источников; Анализ операционных, маркетинговых показателей и прочих данных для решения повседневных бизнес-задач компании;

Периодически занимаюсь подбором кандидатов и новых сотрудников. Так же пишу инструкции к программам, сайтам с которыми работает наша команда. Разрабатываю решения для упрощения "быта" каждого сотрудника.

Профессиональный рост. Сложные задачи. Неформальная обстановка.

Анонимный поиск работы на Джинне

Кандидаты размещают свой анонимный профиль, работодатели предлагают вакансии. Для кандидатов Джинн бесплатен, работодатель платит 50% месячной з/п по факту найма.

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