Junior Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer

Kharkiv · $1000 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

I have experience of work in the area of machine learning, namely development, integration and improving artificial intelligence systems. I participated in such projects as the creation of a system for recognizing people, products analysis in an online store. I want to find a job with non-standard tasks that will give me excellent experience and development as a specialist.

Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, C++, PyTorch, numpy, sklearn, pandas, OOP, SQL, Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Python, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, Math, opencv


Junior Python Developer 

Kharkiv · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Have a commercial experience with backend development (RESTful APIs) using Flask (with different extensions) and SQLAlchemy (PostgreSQL). Made a huge refactoring of the existing code. Wrote an OpenAPI (using UI of Swagger and ReDoc) specification. All of the projects were built with Docker and deployed using GitLab CI tools. I've used DRF to create an API for my course projects in the university. PostgreSQL was used for storing data. Everything was deployed on Heroku. Also, I have developed some laboratory works using Flask. Made several bots for Telegram (chat helpers, posting bots, etc). I am looking for a job where I can grow and evolve as a software engineer. I'd like to work in a team of a dedicated and enthusiastic developers.

Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Git, Flask, REST API, OOP, Jira, Telegram Bot API, SQL, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, Pandas, d3.js, Linux, Docker, JSON, AsyncIO, Swagger, Redmine, Gitlab CI, RabbitMQ, Django REST Framework

Flexible working hours and ability to work remotely sometimes.


UI/UX Designer

Kharkiv · $800 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Designer with 2+ years of experience in UI/UX, product design, graphic, web design, mobile design, CRM systems design. Self-motivated and striving to constant learning. Keen on the latest web-design trends and used ones to create fresh and stylish layouts. Ready to represent a high-level design, and extreme attentive to details. I have been working as a web designer in an digital agency for 2 years, where I was creating websites, landing pages, mobile apps, prototypes, social networks, printed materials, logos, infographics, etc. for client from the US, the UK, Australia, Europe. My experience gave me a broad outlook, ability to learn quickly, capability to be flexible and proactive at the same time. Now I am open to new challenges and interesting projects.

Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Responsive Design, Wireframes, mobile design, WEB DESIGN, User Experience, User Interface, Responsive Web Design, English, Jira, iOS & Android design, Zeplin, Adobe After Effects

I'd like to work in a cutting-edge IT company where I can realize my potential and grow up. Interested in working on meaningful and valuable products, which can make people’s lives easier and comfortable. Friendly team is also important.


HR People Partner

Kharkiv · $1500 · 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Опыт работы в сфере HR 10 лет из них на руководящей позиции 4 года. Направления бизнеса: ИТ, продажи, производство. Опыт построения системы управления персоналом "с нуля", а также систематизации уже существующих HR бизнес-процессов (подбор, адаптация, обучение, performance review). Поддержка бизнес-подразделений в достижении их целей путем имплементации hr-процессов в подразделениях. Опыт автоматизации HR процессов. Опыт обучения и развития команды отдела HR. Базовое+ дополнительное образование в сфере управления персоналом. Сертификация и практический опыт в роли бизнес-тренера.

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Communication, HR, Onboarding, one-to-one meetings, Organisation skills, Creating job description

Инициированы и успешно реализованы проекты направленные на увеличение эффективности hr-процессов, увеличение производительности труда сотрудников HR отдела путем автоматизации документооборота, проекты направленные на информированность сотрудников и внутренную коммуникацию, адаптацию персонала.

Мне было бы интересно работать в команде профессионалов с открытым форматом коммуникации, которые стремятся к развитию и активно используют новшества в своей работе или поучаствовать в процессе формирования такой команды. Для меня важно ощущать, что результаты моей работы сделали компанию еще лучше, эффективнее и привели ее к поставленным целям.


Python Developer

Kharkiv · $500 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

EDUCATION 2011.09-2017.01 East Ukrainian National University Qualification: Master Specialty: System Programming WORK 2017.11-2018.12 city center of primary health care computer systems engineer REMOTELY 2015.01-2016.06 Web Programmer PHP / MySQL HTML coding, CMS WordPress 2017.02-2018.09 Web Programmer Python / Odoo HTML coding custom module development

Python, Django, Odoo, Git, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

Interesting projects and good team


Manual QA Engineer

Kharkiv · $550 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

10 месяцев работы в тестировании игр на разных мобильных платформах: iOs, Android, Amazon, Windows. Работа в команде или сам. Работал с проектами компании Zeptolab, G5,Color Switch Phoenix LLC, Most Games.

Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, Functional testing, Test Design, Regression Testing, Jira, Android, TestRail, iOS, Mobile Testing, Functional, knowledge in QA theory, Windows, Software testing, Scrum

Новые знания и проекты.


Customer Support Team Lead

Kharkiv · $1000 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

С 2014 по 2018 была агентом саппорта в трех разных компаниях, с 2017 по 2018 была лидом саппорта. С 2018 по 2019 перешла в гейм дизайн, но поняла, что не подхожу на эту должность. Хотела бы вернуться в саппорт, поскольку хорошо понимаю клиентов, могу быстро выяснить у них детали проблемы, воспроизвести поблему и предложить решение.

Support, English, Customer service, customer support, Customer care, CRM

- создала отдел техподдержки в своей нынешней компании, - благодаря моей помощи несколько клиентов, только пришедших в игру, выросли с неплатящих до "китов", - вносила изменения в црм систему компании, чтобы улучшить взаимодействие с клиентами и облегчить работу для отдела саппорта


Node.js developer 

Kharkiv · $1700 · 1 year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have been working in commercial environment since September 2018 Fluent English (2 years work experience in position involving direct communicating with customers)

JavaScript, Jest, NodeJS, Docker, MongoDB, AWS, MySQL, Express.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Redis, Node.js, REST API, Python, Sequelize, React.js, Jira

Created an application from scratch to production in highly time-sensitive environment involving AWS configuring and communication with foreign customer. Also was involved in several projects as a temporary developer for bug fixing and feature implementation.

Looking for a position that involves team work on a large(-ish) project. Also interested in deepening my front-end skills, although this one is optional.


Junior PHP Developer

Kharkiv · $200 · No English


Окончил курсы программирования по направлению "Web-programming (PHP)". Быстро осваиваю новый материал и готов повышать уровень квалификации в любой момент. Уверенно чувствую себя в этой сфере, не испытываю дискомфорта при изучении нового материала.


Junior Front-end Developer

Kharkiv · $500 · Advanced/Fluent

I am hard-working, responsible and stubborn in achieving final result. I have knowledge in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Redux, jQuery, Node.js. Also, I know website development lifecycles. I have finished three-month JavaScript course. Currently, I am looking for opportunities to apply my knowledge on practice


I have listened a course of JavaScript in Source iT. Currently I am working on my own React project using such libraries as react-router-dom, redux, react-redux, axios, redux-thunk etc

I would lie to find a JavaScript Junior/ Trainee position in a company where I will be able to implement my knowledge and learn a lot of new!

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