iOS Developer

Kyiv, Dnipro · $1700 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

IOS Developer with 2 years of production development, looking for ambitious project and perfect team

Swift, Git, iOS, UIKit, Xcode, REST API, MVC, CocoaPods, OOP, CoreData, Multithreading, GCD, Autolayout, Alamofire, CoreLocation, MVVM, SOLID, Push Notifications, MapKit, Foundation, Cocoa Touch, Design Patterns, REST, Realm, Firebase, Core Graphics, Cocoa Pods, iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Operation/OperationQueue, Google API

I want to work in a team of professionals, ambitious team is must

24 January

Xamarin Android, iOS

Dnipro, Remote · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Проекты: Nine Plus Life Chat - Приложение - чат, для поддержки и сопровождения беременных женщин, координирует лучших специалистов в области комплементарной медицины, которые обучены работе с беременными женщинами, и ежедневно дают советы на различные темы во время беременности. Реализовано на Android и iOS платформе. Akita Security - приложение для Умного дома, обеспечивающее защиту IoT устройств от хакерских атак. Реализовано на Android и iOS платформе. Maximarkets / Umarkets - Приложения для торговли на рынке Forex, сочетающие в себе все функции торговой платформы и удобство мобильной аппликации с расширенными возможностями. Реализовано на Android и iOS платформе.

Android, C#, iOS, Jira, SQLite, REST API, OOP, JSON, Git, MVC, iPhone, SOLID, UIKit, Xamarin

У меня больше чем 4 года опыта в разработке и поддержке приложений на Android и iOS платформах. Предпочитаю работать на Xamarin, Xamarin forms. С проектами на Objective-C и Swift работал мало.

17 January

iOS Developer 🔥

Dnipro, Kyiv · $3500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Technologies: Swift, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, GCD, ARC, Core Location, Core Animation, Auto Layout, Core Graphics, REST Patterns: MVC, VIPER Tools: Source Tree, Sketch, Zeplin, Figma, Postman, GitLab, Charles, Fastlane - Experience with third party libraries and APIs - OOP, POP, SOLID

Foundation, Git, REST API, Swift, UIKit, Xcode, Objective-C, CocoaPods, OOP, CoreLocation, MVC, VIPER, POP

Created BlaBlaCar like app. Took part in creating big Instagram-Periscope like streaming app. Full development cycle in the biggest ecommerce IOS App

Looking for a job with interecting projects and perfect team. No outsource, only product

16 January

Android developer/Cross-platform developer

Dnipro · $4300 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Programming languages / Technologies Java Kotlin Flutter React Native Frameworks / libraries Android SDK In-app Purchase Anko Butterknife Collection Framework DataBinding FCM Firebase Google maps Retrofit RxJava Data Binding Bluetooth API Deeplink/UniversalLink Moxy DI(dagger2) Glide Picasso PJSUA/PJSIP/JNSIP Retrofit LiveData Livecicle callback Paging library RXJava WorkManager Navigation SOLID, KISS, DRY, YAGNI TDD Database: ROOM, ORMLite, Realm, SQLite, Floor Dialog Flow Google Assistant ML Vision Architecture MVP, MVVM, Clean Architecture, Redux, BloC CI/CD (Jenkins + GitLab Runner) Docker

Android, ButterKnife, Data Binding, Dependency Injection, Jira, kotlin, OOP, OrmLite, SQLite, Java Core, Anko, Espresso Test, Mockito, PJSUA/PJSIP/JNSIP, Redux, Flutter

15 January

Разработчик Swift

Chernivtsi, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Dnipro · $400 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Вивчення мови Swift , 4 курс Чернівецького університету по спіціальності «Прикладна математика» .

Swift, iOS, Xcode, Git, OOP, UIKit, Cocoa Touch

14 January

iOS Developer

Dnipro · $1800 · 2.5 years of experience · Intermediate

IOS developer. Mobile development. ‒ IOS app. development ‒ Bugs fix, adding new features ‒ Estimate ‒ Task distribution ‒ Refactoring, App. architecture development ‒ Developed 3 apps, of which 2 were from start to publication. Worked as head dev in 2 last projects - wallet and social network app 09/2017 - 03/2018 IOS developer. Mobile development. ‒ IOS app. development ‒ Bugs fixed, added new features and published to store. ‒ Estimate ‒ Task distribution ‒ Developed crypto wallet app from start to publication in AppStore. 01/2017 - 09/2017 IOS developer. Mobile development. ‒ IOS app. development ‒ Bugs fix, adding new features ‒ Took part in development apps for working with e-commerce platforms like OpenCart, PrestaShop, Wordpress.

Swift, Git, Multithreading, MVVM, SOLID, GCD, MVC, Realm, iOS SDK Frameworks, Notifications, JSON, Goole maps, AppStore submission, REST API, Push Notifications, OOP, Firebase SDK, iOS, Xcode

I'm experienced iOS developer. I have 2+ year experience in software development industry. I have worked with server API, mobile database and optimization process using new technologies and frameworks. At these projects, I took a part in every side of developing from building architecture design to publishing in store: - 2 years of real iOS apps in App Store. - Experience with third-party libraries and APIs. - Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends, and emerging technologies. - Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle. - iTunes Connect and Test Flight App Management.

12 January

iOS Developer

Dnepr · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Languages:​C, Objective-C (2years), Swift(2year), C++ Persistent Storage:​CoreData, SQLite, SQL, Realm Work with Tools:​Xcode, Sketch, RedMine, Zeplin, Postman, iExplorer, APNs Provider, DB Browser for SQLite, Paintcode, Figma Version Control:​Github, Cocoa Pods, SourceTree Used iOS Frameworks: UIKit, JSON Serialization, NSXMLParser, Core Network, Core Location, MapKit, Address Book, AFNetworking, Reactive-Cocoa, MagicalRecord, EasyMapping, FastEasyMapping, Facebook, G+, Twitter, Braintree,​OCR, openGL, Mobile-Buy-SDK, GoogleMaps, Apple map, PureLayout, Google Analytics, Fabric, Crashlytics, Charts.​. and so on. Now I use full:​​RxSwift, Reusable, RxCocoa, RxDataSources, RxFlow, RxAlamofire, RxKingfisher, SwiftLint:) Design patterns: ​MVC, ​MVVM​(use now), viper (know but not use) Good knowledge ios pattern:​singleton, abstract factory, facade, decorator, adapter, composite, Observer​and so on.

iOS, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, CoreData, REST API, OOP, MVC, CocoaPods, MVVM, Autolayout, Foundation, Objective C, JSON, GCD, Cocoa Touch, CoreLocation, Multithreading, Jira, MapKit, Git, UIKit, Design Patterns, SOLID, Alamofire, REST, firebase, SQLite, Scrum, Carthage, RealmSwift, Arduino, Parse,, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM, xctest, Reveal View Controller, trello, Entity Framework, Keras, Perforce, OperationQueue, LINK, Networking, GoogleMaps, ADO.NET, TestFlight, CloudKit, iOS9, KVC, AppStore submission, jailbreak, DOT.NET, Automated Testing, SwiftLint, Fabric, Firebase SDK, Research, Charles, [blockchain] truffle, CoreBluetooth, XCode, Git Flow, PHP, macOS, Tensorflow, Third-party Libraries, React Native, OpenSSL, Localization, CI/CD, WCF, WPF, PromiseKit, 3D algebra, RxCocoa, LivePhotos, IOS, Flutter, WinForm, Ethereum, GitHub, Forensic, Python, AWS, Swift API Design Guidelines, SocketIO, CentOS, Web Development, CSS, [blockchain] embark, [blockchain] web3.js, Push Notifications, SpriteKit, LINQ, Java, Core Graphics, [blockchain] solidity, Architecture, TCP/UDP, Mobile app development

12 January

iOS Developer

Dnipro · $3200 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Objective-C, Swift; - OOP; - REST Client API; - JSON,XML parsing, NSURLSession, NSURLConnection, AFNetworking, Alamofire; - CoreData, SQLite, NSUserDefaults, KeyChain; - CoreGraphics, CoreLocation, CoreAnimation; - Local/Push Notifications, KVC, KVO; - Multithreading, Multitasking, In-App Purchaces; - CocoaPods, Social Network APIs; - UI, AutoLayout, SnapKit, PureLayout, AsyncDisplayKit, VoIP, IGListKit, Size Classes; - Using Cocoa Coding Guidelines; - Different design patterns, MVP, MVVM, VIPER, SOLID principles; - Fastlane, generamba, swiftlint; - Strong knowledges at higher mathematics, cryptology; - Experience in working with GIT, SourceTree;

iOS, Swift, Objective-C

Цікава робота

12 January

iOS Developer

Dnipro · $4000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Computer Theory Skills: 
  GOF patterns 
  Architecture patterns (MVC, MVP, MVVM) 
  Functional Reactive Programming (RxSwift, RxCocoa) 
 Software Engineering Skills: 
  Basic UIKit (autolayout, responder chain, view 
lifecycle, view controller, etc) 
  Advanced UIKit (custom view controller transitions, 
autolayouts in code, UI profiling, IBDesignable, 
IBInspectable, etc) 
  Core Graphics, Core Animation 
  Simple Multimedia (AVKit, AVFoundation) 
  Basics multithreading, GCD, NSOperation, locks 
  URLSession, JSON/XML parsing 
  User Defaults, NSCoding 
  Basic Core Data (core data stack initializing, fetch 
results controller, etc) 
  Advanced Core Data (multithreading, data merging, 
versioning, etc) 
  3rd party libraries and tools (CocoaPods/Carthage) 
  Data structure concepts (Domain, DTO, DAO, 
Business Logic, Data Services, Repository) 
  Software architectures (Apple's MVC, MVC, MVP,
  Software testing techniques (Unit tests / TDD) 
  Git (Git flow, GitHub flow) 
  Continuous Integration (Fastlane only)

iOS, JSON, MVVM, Jira, SOLID, TDD, Git, Android, CoreData, CoreAnimation, Xcode, RxSwift, Swift, OOP, REST API, Multithreading, CocoaPods, Cocoa Touch, GCD, Design Patterns, CoreLocation, Foundation, Auto Layout, User Interface, VIPER

30+ completed projects on iOS and Android Result-oriented Self-organized

Looking for remote job. Part-time or full-time.

10 January

iOS Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1500 · 6 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Development, maintenance and support of application programs for mobile systems using Xcode and related tools Full patch from apple developer registration, certificate generation (+ push notification etc), and publishing (+ Facebook) in iTunes Connect Structure development for client/server architecture and solutions Code analysis for system testing, debugging Experience in technical interview, lead a team of several developers, ‪consultation‬ backend developers. Experience in creating complex solutions and projects Engineering experience in applied 3d graphics solution, neural network.

Swift, iOS, Objective-C, Git, Xcode, REST API, Cocoa Touch, CoreLocation, firebase, ARKit, UIKit, JSON, MVC, MapKit

Опыт в создании разнообразных продуктов, опыт с создании видео стримингового сервиса на основе сущесвующих решений, работа с большим спектром технологий и инструментов.

Небольшая комманда, минимум бюрократии, удаленка, более-менее свободный график. Работаю так же почасово, графа "Зарплата не ниже" отражает примерный уровень и зависит от проекта.

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