16 September

Middle Java developer

Dnipro · $2000 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Hello! I'm a student of masters degree of cybersecurity. Now I am working as a developer in big Ukraine company which developed client-server applications for laboratories and clinics around the word. Our company cooperate with big American company. My project is a security services for all other product of our company.

REST, Git, Java, Maven, Hibernate, JPA, XML, PL/SQL, SQL, Spring, OOP, JBoss

iI want to try myself in freelance. Also I'm interested in web development and I'm learning web(JS, React). Also have a little bit knowleadge in python, and in future want to improve it.

15 September

Junior Android Developer 

Dnipro · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I work in scrum team. I can read someone else's code. Skills of working with Google sdk, GoogleMaps. Experience in publication of applications to the Play Market. Half year of experience working in software development company. I communicate with foreign customers in English, in a chat.

Java, KotIin, Android SDK, MVP, MVVM, Retrofit, Room, Dagger 2, RXJava 2, Glide, Data Binding, SQLite, JSON, REST API, XML, Multithreading, Git

Ability to be part of a team. I can read in someone else's code. Participation in real projects.

Interesting projects. Clean code. Career growth. I like to write code.

12 September

junior java developer

Odessa, Kiev, Lviv, Dnepr · $400 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Java, TypeScript, Maven, Spring, Spring Boot, Angular 5, Hibernate, JDBC, MySQL, SQLite, H2, HTML, XML, JSTL, CSS, JSON , OOP,

Java, JDBC, Hibernate, Jetty, JSP, JSTL, Maven, MySQL, OOP, Spring, Spring MVC, SQLite, CSS, HTML, JPA, JSON, Tomcat, XML, Angular.js, TypeScript

Project: -RESTful API using Spring 3. Front-end- Angular 5. -Web application in which the client manages information through a browser.(including the user interface and client-side logic) (Java 8, Spring, Maven, Hibernate, MySQL, Jetty and other) -CRUD application. This application converts information from the .csv format to SQLite (JavaSE, JDBC, SQLite)

Professional growth and new projects. The most interesting direction is related to work Web-development.

12 September

Junior/Trainee Java/Scala Developer

Zaporizhzhya, Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Have some non-commercial experience with Scala/Akka/Spark. I have some experience with Golang and Java. Currently, i work as python/django developer and have more than 3 years of experience. During my work carrier I developed different projects: system for medical recommendations; sports betting platform; cybersports events aggregator; rest api for app like Uber; rest api for dating app; etc.

Python, Django, Git, PostgreSQL, Linux, JavaScript, MySQL, REST API, Docker, Flask, Redis, Celery, SQL, MongoDB, HTML, AWS, Aiohttp, Django-Rest-Framework, Django Channels, Scala, Akka, Java, HTTP, Scrapy, Slick, Sanic, Cassandra, Django REST Framework, RabbitMQ, Nginx, Apache Spark, Spark, Akka-http, Akka streaming, Play framework

Create a realtime map with indicators of current meetups in the world. For that project, i use Spark and Spark streaming, for web socket connetions - Akka-http. All data are storing in Cassandra with some processing.

Interesting projects with a professional team without frontends tasks.

11 September

junior java developer

Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro · $200 · Beginner/Elementary

Опыта коммерческой разработки нет, имею пол года самообучения под руководством практикующего программиста. Знаю Java Core, ООП, коллекции, потоки ввода-вывода данных(Stream-ы), знаком с многопоточностью и её реализацией в джава(Multithreading).


Таких проектов нет, но все ещё впереди!

Хочу расти рядом с профессионалами, развивать себя и развивать компанию.

11 September

junior java developer

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro · $300 · Intermediate

I am finished DonNTU University. My specialization is Software engineer. On my diploma work i am wrote project with Spring Boot, PostgreSQl and Angular.

Spring, Java, Maven, Hibernate, Git, SQL, Linux, OOP, REST API, JUnit, JPA, Tomcat, JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, REST, PostgreSQL, Java Core

I wrote application to taxi,in this project I implemented CRUD, and used hibernate, git, maven, Spring Boot.

I want study, study and study. And write good enterprise applications.

10 September

junior java developer

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro · $600 · Upper Intermediate

Комерційного досвіду не маю Є декілька проектів на github Переможець хакатону Dehack 2019:Дунаївці Переможець хакатону від фонду Бориса Колесникова Программіст 2018

Java, Spring, Hibernate, REST API, JDBC, JPA, MySQL, JSON, Gradle, JUnit, SQL, Maven, Git

Створення системи побудованння логорифмічної спіральної антени за методом генетичного алгоритму

10 September

Java Software Engineer 🔥

Dnipro · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

Date: 01.08.2016 - present Position: Software developer

Java, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Maven, Gradle, Git, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jenkins, Docker

My purpose is to find a job opportunity within professional environment, where I will be able to use my programming skills as well as to obtain new knowledge and experience. I'm looking forward to new challenges and opportunities.

10 September

Android Developer - Remote

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Have experience with Messaging application with E2E encryption, XMPP protocol, PJSIP, and WebRtc protocols I've developed an app for the Ukraine government. App with EDS authentication (electronic digital signature) Also different client-server applications, and Android apps with a different advertisement system.  Android, Sqlite, ButterKnife, Retrofit, Picasso, Flurry, Facebook ads SDK, AdColony, Revmob, Vungle, etc  Java Core, Java EE, Kotlin;  Android Navigation  RxJava, Dagger  MVP, MVC, design patterns  JavaFX  JUnit;  Hibernate, Bootstrap;  REST, SOAP;  Maven;  Git;  HTML, Servlets;  SQLite, PostgreSQL

Android, Java Core, OOP, Git, Gradle, Hibernate, Java EE, javafx, Maven, Multithreading, SQL, XML, Design Patterns, HTML, JSP, JUnit, PostgreSQL, Spring MVC, Twitter Bootstrap, Kotlin, Java, REST API, Retrofit, Android SDK, kotlin, Jira, JSON, MVP, Dagger 2, Google Services, Support Library, RXJava 2

I'm enjoying programming. I developed a applications with more than 300k installations (have been deleted for SMS spam, the SMS send function was customer requirement). Other it's client-server apps, also different pranks like broken screen or transparent screen, rebuild my own telegram client and add ads to it for my client.

Professional growth. Interesting projects. Friendly team

8 September

Junior java developer

Dnipro · $500 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

В течении полугода находился на позиции Java intern на небольшом коммерческом проекте, который был связан с автоматизацией процессов заказа продукта. Выполнял разного рода задачи , в основном был занят написанием тестов с использованием JUnit и Mockito. Также писал собственные программы, с использованием разных технологий и инструментов.

Java, Maven, Git, SQL, JUnit, OOP, Tomcat, JSON, Design Patterns, XML, MySQL, Java Core, JDBC

Выполнял в указанные сроки сложные для себя задачи, с которыми раньше не сталкивался. Прошел отбор на бесплатные курсы по Java в крупную компанию.

Хотел бы попасть на интересный проект, в котором можно будет научиться чему-то новому, освоить новые технологии.

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