Head of sales department, Director Business Development, CVO 

Одесса, Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр · $4000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

1993-2012 Senior IT specialist, Top Senior manager of the IT group; - Targeting, assigning tasks, coordinating the work of 30 specialists; - Reporting on the work performed, the creation of documentation; - Full data analysis, solving problems related to assigned tasks. 2012-2015 Project manager. Representative in the Western Europe: - Searching for partners to sell products in the market, - Maintenance of contacts with managers in Poland and Germany, - Optimization of internal processes in close cooperation with managers of individual departments, - Managing the work efficiency of the team and ongoing projects, - Participating in tech events and conferences, - Advertisement creation and publishing, searching for advertisers, - Partnering with customers to understand their business needs and objectives, - Documentation maintenance related to results and efficiency. 2015-2018 COO/ Generall menager on Western Europe: - Co-creation, recruitment and operational management of sales and support areas, - Co-creating the strategy and setting business goals of the company, supervising their correct implementation, - Cooperation with Chef Technical Officer and other departments in the company, - Establishment of contacts with partners, conclusion of agreements, - Negotiations concerning products and services sales, - Co-creating a sales strategy, - Creating the company's image outside - representing the company at trade fairs, conferences and during meetings with key clients, - Designing and implementing business strategy, plans and procedures in order to maximize the growth and drive efficiency of supervised countries, - Overseeing daily operations of the hub, subordinate countries and the work of executives in Customer Service, Collections, Back Office, IT. 2018 - until now CVO: - Building relationships with business partners, - Cooperation with key company partners, - Introduction and creation of brand image in new markets, - Extension, searching for new outlets and sales channels, - Business analysis, company position and competition, - Constructing contracts and business contracts, - Business reports, analitics of the carried out work, - Developing investment plans, - Creating and supervising the implementation of periodic development plans, - Implementation of new technologies and tools strategized on the result. - Management, coordination of large teams of specialists from various departments...

Sales Management, Negotiations, Sales Development, Team Lead /Encouragement, Business Developement, Full-cycle sales, IT outsource sales, Internalional sales

Interesting projects, complicated tasks. Understanding the business building cycle and the implementation of tasks before joining the cooperation. Only serious suggestions.

12 сентября

Sales Manager

Удаленная работа, Украина · $400 · 1 год опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Досвід Роботи 09.2018 – 03.2019 Sales Manager, компанія «Krichet» - Робота з клієнтами. - Пошук нових клієнтів. - Робота з CRM. 01.2018 – 05.2018 Sales Assistant, компанія «Shopping Cart Elite» - Робота з клієнтами. - Організація зустрічей. - Робота з Google Calendar.

Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, B2B, International sales, English, It sales, Lead generation, Business Developement, Leads Generation

2 сентября

Support manager

Днепр · $800 · 3 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

I worked as a sales manager for 1.5 years and English call operator (support manager) for 2 years. Ability to learn and adapt to new skills. Can work with any colleague, panctual and always striving for excellence.

Support, Customer service , customer support , CRM , Jira , Microsoft Office , Ability to learn quickly , English , Windows

I learnt a lot about customer service and how to convey information to clients. A skill I will retain for all my career in any field. Worked with tickets (jira). Handled outgoing and incoming calls from all over Europe, Canada, Latam countries, New Zealand and Australia. Handled chats and had correspondences with clients through emails. Conveyed clients' issues to appropriate departments and likewise conveyed the results to clients after issue rectification.

To mature career wise and as an individual. To obtain new skills and mental abilities.

27 августа

Marketing Manager

Днепр · $1600 · 5 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

5+ years of experience in marketing from a marketing assistant to a head of marketing department. 5+ years as a head of customer support department in one of the leading international agro companies. 1+ year as a head of marketing department in a medical sphere.

English, Project Management, Team management, CRM, Product management, Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking, French, Supply Chain Management, Budget Management, SAP SD, Customer Service, customer support, business planning and forecasting

Main achievements: - Creation from scratch and management of a marketing department and customer support department. - Development and introduction of operations procedures. - Participation in SAP implementation project. - Preparation and management of participation in local and international trade shows.

I am looking for a challenging opportunity to manage and lead large projects where my skills, education, and knowledge of foreign languages and many years of experience can be fully utilized. Though I have no experience in IT sphere I am eager to learn and develop myself in this business.

19 августа

Business analyst, Analyst, Аналитик 1С

Днепр · $1200 · 7 лет опыта · Intermediate

1. Анализ, описание и оптимизация бизнес-процессов компании для внедрения системы 1C ERP, Oracle Retail. 2. Участие в доработках 1С8; 3. Подготовка отчетов, предложений по оптимизации бизнес-процессов. 5. Аналитика и планирование продаж. Социально-медийный маркетинг. 6. Веб-аналитика.Поисковая оптимизация 7. Подготовка технических требований для разработки ПО для 1C ERP, Oracle Retail

1С, ERP, Jira, HTML, Oracle Retail, XML, Oracle

Разработка, оптимизация и внедрение БП в системе Oracle Retail для систем планирования и прогнозирования продаж розничных сетей. Разработка, оптимизация и внедрение БП для блоков: ведение справочников, бухгалтерия, логистика, продажи в системе 1C ERP.

14 августа

Head of marketing department, CMO, creative director

Запорожье, Днепр · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

- Building a brand of IT company from scratch; - Development of PR strategy of the company; - Planning and implementation of brand media campaigns; - Building marketing, creative teams from scratch; - Development and organization of PR-actions, PR-concepts; - Preparation materials needed for the implementation of the marketing strategy; - Preparation of technical specification for content managers, designers; - Team management, setting tasks, writing recommendations for site technical improvements, monitoring and analyzing results; - Creation content for SMM, brand media campaigns, PR-actions, PR-concepts; - Marketing, creative team management; - Improving sales, lead-generation processes; - Boosting sales, diversification of income sources; - Packaging and repackaging of business; - New markets launching; - Online advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO, video campaigns, content marketing, etc.)

Digital Marketing, Digital PR, Digital marketing strategy development, Content marketing, Marketing research, Public Relations, PR, Managing Content Creators, Market research and competitors analysis, Social Media Marketing, social media, Marketing, Digital marketing, Creative thinking, Strategy & Creative

8 августа

Разработчик JavaScript

Днепр · $700 · Pre-Intermediate

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap 4 SASS Кросбраузерная,адаптивная верстка JavaScript на начальном уровне, в данный момент изучаю. Имею два высших образования ( техническое и экономическое) Быстро обучаюсь. Стремлюсь к саморазвитию.


Учусь в компьютерной школе Hillel. Направление front end. Имею хороший средний балл.

Добрый день. Хочу получить практический опыт работы в реальном проекте. Желание обучится новому. Развивать полученные знания и совершенствоваться.

5 августа

Sales/Project Manager 

Днепр · $850 · 3 года опыта · Intermediate

Skills: - Working with customer expectations. - Search and collection of all necessary information about the potential client. - Presentation of estimates and objections handling. - Contract sign-up, support and upsale - Facilitation, coordination, scheduling, and managing designers team (up to 12 people). - Build and maintain strong, long-lasting customer relationships - Manage 2-3 projects simultaneously. Languages: English - intermediate

Basecamp, CRM, Jira, Pipedrive, Redmine, Thunderbird, zoho, Agile, Project Management, Team management, English, Confluence, trello, Communication, Pre-sales, Microsoft Office, Sales, Business development, Communication Skills, B2B, Negotiations, International sales, It sales, Lead generation, Presentation skills, Collaboration with clients/stakeholders, Продажи, IT outsource sales, Sales skills, Linkedin, B2B sales, Sales Management, Sales Development, Business Developement, Sales Strategy, International Deals, Sales Operation, Business Strategies, HR, B2C, Problem Solving, Business communication

Looking for: -interesting projects and tasks; -personal development; -career growth.

4 августа

Sales Manager

Днепр · $650 · 1,5 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Sameday Capital ( merchant cash advance company) Feb - December 2017 * Cold calling. * Worked with small business owners in America. * Sold business loans with specific pay-back terms. * Sorting out financial documents for new clients. * Worked with the CRM system and emails. * Night shifts. BigFx (forex company) June 2018 - July 2019 * Cold calling. * Worked mainly with European clients. * Sold bitcoin. * Registered new clients on company's platform. * Worked with CRM system, skype, emails.

Sales , Fluent English , International Deals , Communication Skills , International Sales , Customer Support , CRM , English , Negotiations , Team Player , CRM, Customer Relationship management, It sales, mobile marketing, Customer Account Monitoring, Presentation Skills

Sold a 120k(USD) toan to an American business owner whose application had been previously rejected by the bank and another merchant cash advance company.

> To earn as much as i can. > Long term employment. > Gain more experience and the possibility of a promotion.

2 августа

Sales Manager

Запорожье, Киев, Львов, Днепр, Харьков, Одесса · $2500 · Upper Intermediate

Sales of services and spares parts, repair of power transformers on the market of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America Sales of services and spares parts, repair of power transformers, different substation equipment (GIS, circuit breakers, instrument transformers, bus-ducts and so on), monitoring of substations on the market of Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan Interesting job in IT market with high profit.

Sales, International sales, Communication Skills, Business development, It sales, English, Negotiations, CRM, Product management

Building of strong and long partnerships with key clients.

City with good ecology.

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