16 июля

Junior C++/C# developer 

Днепр · $1200 · Меньше года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Production experience Junior .NET developer in Dbb Software (since August 2018). Project: GroupDocs.Comparison. My responsibilities: added some features, fixed bugs, created SDK for cloud project (Java, Ruby, Node.JS, Python) Since April I work in Sitecore Skills • С++, C#, basic knowledge Java, Git, Jira • OOD, OOP, TDD, RAII, STL, SOLID • English(Upper-Intermediate), technical English • Basics analysis and processing of statistical data using R

.NET, C#, C++, OOD, OOP, Win32API, Git, Test driven development (TDD), Machine Learning, Qt, LINQ, SQL, MS SQL Server, SOLID

Higher education: Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan Department of Technical Cybernetics. Major: Software development. 2015 -2018 (4-th year). Additional education: - Computer Education Center Dnipro. 2013 – 2017. Class: “Object-oriented programming basics C++, C#” - Apriorit Class: “Advanced C++ and low-level programming plus reverse engineering” (autumn 2016).

Junior С++/С# software developer

16 июля

Embedded Developer

Днепр · $2000 · 5 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Микроконтроллеры семейства PIC (PIC16, PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC) Языки программирования: C/C++, Assembler Пакеты автоматизации проектирования: OrCAD, MicroCap, Proteus Реверс-инжиниринг электронных узлов и схем. Эксплуатация современного контрольно-измерительнного оборудования

Assembler, C/C++, MicroCap, OrCAD, PIC/dsPIC, Proteus, RTOS, Git

Разработка программного обеспечения для приборов на базе микроконтроллеров PIC24, dsPIC33 в среде MPLAB с использованием диспетчера задач (RTOS). Работа с графическими дисплеями 240х128, 128х64. Применение алгоритмов цифровой обработки сигналов и измерений (измерение среднеквадратического значения напряжения, измерение времени дребезга контактов и т.д.).

Интересный проект. Адекватный менеджмент. Профессиональный рост.

15 июля

C++ Developer

Киев, Львов, Днепр, Харьков, Одесса · $1000 · Меньше года опыта · Intermediate

I worked with a project which allows connecting with remote desktop. I implemented new features, refactored exist code, fixed bugs and wrote tests. I used the next tools: CMake, Visual Studio, Qt Creator, GTest/GMock, cppcheck, Git, Bamboo, Conan Package Manager, Boost library. I can create a cross-platform desktop application using C++ (C++11/C++14), CMake, Qt Framework, boost but in general, I prefer development under Linux based OS. I always use design patterns when I want to develop a flexible architecture of the application. I create unit-tests for the new feature (also use TDD), which was being developed by me because I want to be sure that my code works correctly. I use RAII idiom when I work with API or code, which based on C because all resources must be deallocated safe. For the better understanding my application by the other developers I use UML for the creating sequence diagrams and diagram of classes. I read the documentation when I want to understand some features or how to implement some features. I like to read books about C++ practices and recommendations. I know the life cycle of software development and roles of the team. Also, I have some pet-projects. I want to join a friendly team and develop a modern project (for example machine learning, computer vision, blockchain, VR, virtualization, etc).

C++, Git, STL, OOP, Linux, Python, Qt, C, Algorithms, Visual Studio, Boost, Windows, С++, bash, Design Patterns, Jira, Java, Networking, MinGW, Scrum, JSON, GUI, cryptography, CMake, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, gtest, Blockchain

I have finished the course “Advanced C++ and low level programming plus reverse engineering”, Apriorit, 2017

I want to work with a modern project in the friendly team.

14 июля

Business Analyst

Удаленная работа, Украина · $2000 · 3 года опыта · Upper Intermediate

Experience: January 2013 - 2018 FSC fsec.ltd.ua/ Project manager Software development for windows, linux, mac os Remote work, own project, freelance September 2016 - November 2016 BeeSoft C ++ Programmer Software development for Windows. Kharkov, Ukraine January 2016 - May 2016 SCE (USA) Tech Support Technical support for users using the SCE platform. Remote work February 2014 - September 2014 CodeX Software Minsk, www.codex-soft.com/ Junior Programmer Development and completion of software for windows, linux, mac os Remote work January 2013 - August 2014 IISC Information technology, systems integration, internet ... View more Junior Project Manager (c ++) Development, patching software for windows, linux Remote work

Automated e-mail delivery to databases Verification system of IMAI iPhone Extend the functions of the standard Windows Explorer Educational projects with WinAPI (working with networks (for example, a utility for working with wifi), chats, injectors, protectors, working with WinSockets) Projects on steganography of images GUI library for the console for C ++ applications The system of users accesses to information on the key (as a key usb media) using the AES algorithm. Autobot to work with targeted advertising (partially) Live wallpapers for Windows EDS system based on RSA and md5 Patchpieces for programs OpenGL games (LWGE) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF7OpVeTweU Visual Image Editor Clickers, web site parsers

11 июля

разработчик микроконтроллеров, С, C++

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Beginner/Elementary

Работаю с микроконтроллерами STM8, STM32, AVR, AVR32, PIC, TI (MSP430), ESP8266, ESP32. в среде программной разработки IAR , CooCox на языках C, C++ , Assembler , при необходимости применяю RTOS . Пишу программы для PC в Visual Studio (C#, C++) и Rad Studio (Borland C, C++). Большой опыт работы в использовании протоколов RS485, RS422, SPI, UART, USART, I2C, LAN, CAN, TCP IP, UDP, BLE, X10, ZigBee, Lora, MODBUS. Имею опыт в разработке средств автоматики умного дома, средств опознавания образов и автоматики производства, программировании и разработке аппаратного и программного обеспечения на основе Raspberry и Orange, имею опыт в разработке робототехнических систем. Работаю с микросхемами датчиков ускорения, гироскопами, датчики температуры, давления, микросхемами GPS навигации, GSM , GPRS модемами и др. В работе применяю PCAD2006.

C++, C, STM32, Electronic, Linux, Embedded, Visual Studio

Готов делать полный цикл разработки. ( разработка схемотехники, программного обеспечения, разработка печатных плат и технической документации).

5 июля

junior java developer

Днепр · $600 · Pre-Intermediate

Java, Maven, SQL, React.js, Git, JavaScript, Docker, MongoDB

Thesis project “Development of a web application for the calculation of tempera-ture indices with Arduino Platforms”. November 2018 - June 2019. Server side developed with framework Project Grizzly (Java framework). Server allows to catch and pass requests to specific controllers for processing information. Front side developed with React.js (JavaScript library), and allows to manage data and get information about the system using the UI. I want to see the prospects in the work and in the projects to be developed. I strive to get feedback on my work and not stop for what has been achieved.

26 июня

Data Scientist

Днепр, Киев, London, Amsterdam, EU, Berlin · $850 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

I have wide range of interests from data analysis, statistics and programming to quantum physics and biomechanics, and get use to grasp new concepts and assignments quickly without needing hand-holding. Breaking into blocks my previous experience, I can highlight the following: As a data scientists / system analyst I had an unforgettable experience with analyzing customer requirements with respect to current solution and identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement of existing solutions. Close and productive collaboration with management, quality assurance, architecture and other development teams, participation in code reviews taught me stern lessons and instilled unshakable restraint. So unshakable that now I can say with confidence that I can literally communicate with everyone in any conditions and come to constructive solutions that will benefit everyone. In close collaboration with Marketing and Product Departments I had to learn how to process the scattered data from different sources (inner DB,GA,Y.M,CRM,etc) and calculate the core metrics such as CPA, CPC, SAS, CR, Churn Rate, ROMI, LTV through BigQuery (using Python to program queries and functions manually). Next to this experience, Tableau, Power BI, OWOX BI and similar systems for processing and visualizing data seem really simple. =) Plz, if somebody from those companies is reading this a la CV, don't get offended! In conclusion to my adventures as a data scientists, I can point out that I also have a modest experience in Business Analysis and Email Marketing, including development of a business strategy based on the given data and researching users' behavior in order to impact on their perception through the emails and/or through other ways of digital communication with a consumer. As a scientist I've been working with ANSYS, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, FEBio, Materialise Mimics (Medical), 3D Slicer, Maple, C++ and very interested in the medical / biomedical projects. Open to your offers!

SQL, Data Science, English, Tableau, Math, Data Mining, Business Analysis, Excel, OOP, Python, Jira, python programming, C/C++, Algorithms, google cloud, Confluence, BigQuery, Google BigQuery, Medicine, MySQL, Excel/VBA, Biostatistics, CRM, Data Analisys

From the age of 14, I have become accustomed to independently solve any scientific problems at various contests and competitions, and then reasonably defend my thoughts on appeal and among my teammates and supervisors. This experience made me at the same time both really good team player and independently thinking person who doesn't avoid responsibilities for decisions and solutions that can best fix the situation. As a University student was honored by few Excellence scholarships including Excellence scholarship of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Multiple winner and participant of All-Ukrainian and world competitions in the field of mathematics, technical sciences, physics, including the INTEL ISEF, IYMC, MAoS. I have three patents on the utility models and two special honors from the Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute.

I am looking for really interesting, dynamic and inspirational projects in collaboration with well-motivated and open-minded professionals. Please do not bother me with the routine repetitive work on the code. Considering the possibility of moving to work in another country (preferably Europe).

17 июня

Разработчик C#

Днепр · $500 · 1,5 года опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Работал на фрилансе upwork

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, T-SQL, WinForms, WPF, LINQ, OOP, HTML, MS SQL Server, SQL, JSON, XML

Разрабатывал приложение для anghami, так же клиент-северное приложение, также есть большой опыт разработки сетевых приложений ,есть опыт разработки бизнес приложений

Готово на все предложение

17 июня

C++ Developer (junior/intern)

Киев, Львов, Одесса, Днепр · $500 · Upper Intermediate

I've no commercial experience with C++, but practise programming on my free time. My pet project is a car parking emulator, which uses multithreading to make scheduled transaction's operations. Currently learning networking with Boost/asio. My other skills: HTML/CSS, SQL, bash, Linux, PHP, QA Can consider any offer related to C++ dev position

C++, Git, OOP, STL, Multithreading, SQL, С++, Jira, Visual Studio, Algorithms, Boost

Написал проект емулирующий работу парковки,многопоточная эмуляция транзакций.

15 июня

Разработчик Objective C, Swift, iOS

Удаленная работа, Украина · $1000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

С++, Objective C, Swift, iOS, Wimdows, Linux,

Примеры выполненных проектов: Windows 1. https://absolutist.ru/review/microblots/ - реализация игровой механики и анимации. 2. http://absolutist.com/kid_games/hoyle_miami_solitaire/ - отладка скриптов игровой логики, участие в реализация интерфейса и конфигурировании игры. 3. http://www.mobygames.com/game/bicycle-solitaire_ - модификация проекта №2 для компании Encore, изменение интерфейса, функциональности и конфигурации, подстановка новой графики. 4. http://absolutist.com/kid_games/bubble-bonanza/ - реализация управления "мышью" вместо джойстика. iOS 1. https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/drebeden-gi/id571913431?ls=1&mt=8 - участие в разработке приложения учета расходов домашних хозяйств в проекте www.drebedengi.ru 2. https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/legalcom.org-online-legal/id433115686?lmt=8 - участие в разработке приложения для частного чата с юристами в проекте legalcom.org 3. https://itunes.apple.com/ua/app/taxikz/id867008741?ls=1&mt=8 - разработка iOS-приложения в проекте taxi.kz 4. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gunsel/id927298449?mt=8 - участие в разработке приложения для компании "Гюнсел" (доставка грузов и пассажирские перевозки) 5. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/каталог-эйвон-украина/id1246652140?mt=8 - разработка приложения - каталога фирмы Эйвон в Украине 6. https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/meiram/id1287519421?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 - разработка приложения для оформления и отправки свадебных приглашений 7. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lider-compressors/id1299051072?l=ru&ls=1&mt=8 - разработка приложения для завода энергооборудования «Лидер», каталог запчастей и комплектующих, а также мониторинг оборудования для клиентов завода 8. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fox-assistant/id1300571835?l=ru&ls=1&mt=8 - разработка приложения для контроля качества и мониторинга исполнения корпоративных стандартов и бизнес-процессов в магазинах компании "Фокстрот. Техника для дома"

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