Java Developer

Dnipro · $1300 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I had experience in Healthcare projects. Developed some important features. Worked on database query optimizations. Also I developed sport application. I had experience with writing application and aproved design concepts of code. Developed database structure.

Spring, Java, Git, Maven, Hibernate, JUnit, SQL, OOP, REST API, JPA, REST, Design Patterns, JDBC, Jira, JSON, Tomcat, Gradle, Mockito, HTML/CSS, DRY, Basic algorithms, JAX-RS, Testing Frameworks: JUnit 4;, CI/CD, SLF4J, XML, MongoDB, Java Core, Groovy, Spock, Frameworks: Spring Boot, Sprin Security, AspectJ, Spring Data, Spring AOP, Spring Core

I had some experience with modern technologies: Spring, Hibernate, Java 8, MSSQL, Docker, JProfilier and etc.

I'd like to work in dynamic and ambitious project.


Java Developer

Odesa, Kyiv, Odesa, Vinnitsia, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro · $1700 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

HEAD (Vinnitsa, Austria, Germany, Remote) Java developer Rewrite "Divessi" from PHP to Java, extend functionality, bugfix. Responsibilities: Develop, bugfix, test (Unit, Integration, Manual), implement and maintain software April 2018 - January 2020 EVO (Odessa) Java developer Develop a social project with two clients (Web and Android) Responsibilities: Develop, bugfix, test (Unit, Integration, Manual), implement and maintain software November 2017 - April 2018

Spring, Java, Git, Maven, Hibernate, JUnit, SQL, OOP, JPA, Docker, REST, Microservices, Design Patterns, Linux, Mockito, Gradle, XML, Log4j, Spring Data, Sprin Security, Jira, JSON, MySQL, IntelliJ IDEA, Heroku, Java 8, MVC, English


Spark/Scala (Big Data) developer, remote only 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Spark/Scala developer, looking for remote job only. Experience: I worked in outsourcing companies for most of my career, with Spark ETL on last projects. Last position was remote. Spark/Scala ~3 years, Java > 10 years.

Java, Spark, Scala, Big Data, Spring, Play Framework, AWS, Git, Docker, ScalaTest

Spark + Scala/Java project. Python is not interesting now.


Java Developer

Dnipro · $800 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Коммерческого опыта на java нет, работал в основном с другими языками программирования. Есть опыт работы в команде, стабильно повышаю свои навыки, хорошо знаю ООП, стараюсь следовать паттернам. Так же есть опыт работы в front end(React js, Vue Js). На java есть свои проекты, использую spring + hibernate.

Java, Git, Maven, Spring, Hibernate, OOP, REST API, JDBC, JSON, MySQL, Tomcat, React, Vue, Design Patterns, Sprig Boot, Sprin Security

Принимал участие в разработке социальной сети. Сам освоил и использую сейчас front end фреймворки. Предложил и внедрил тестирование в проект.

Интересный проект, в который можно погрузится с головой. Дружелюбная атмосфера в офисе. Возможность повышать квалификацию/использовать новые технологии.

7 April

PHP Software Engineer (Symfony) 🔥

Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kyiv · $2800 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have been working in software development for 6 years. Currently, I am focused on web application development. Mainly with distributed sustems or API. I enjoy working with a team to solve complex tasks, love to solve problems and eager to learn cutting-edge technologies, I always try to follow SOLID principles. Use GRASP and GOF patterns when it is suitable. Always try to meet industry standards during coding and try my best to produce high-quality codes. I am a purposeful, responsible, sociable person, who can work both in a team and alone, developing projects from scratch and also complementing or optimizing existing code, always carry out the tasks in a strictly set period, I'm a workaholic and love my job.

PHP, MySQL, Git, OOP, Linux, MVC, REST API, JSON, Docker, Redis, Symfony, SOLID, Nginx, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Apache, Memcache, PHPUnit, Behat, Doctrine 2, GRASP, Centrifugo, ElasticSearch, Kibana, DDD, CQRS, Kubernetes, Java, Spring, Hibernate

I have enough experience with the PHP language. I had expirience with B2B, CRM, API Platforms, Distributed systems architectures. Which mostly were written with Symfony. At a new place of work, it would be interesting to work with clear app architecture with strong team.

6 April

junior java developer

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro · $1050 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

EFSOL: Android develepor, дистанційна работа з 11.11.19, працюю над проектом автоматизації складів, за чей час мною було написано декілько додаткових модулів, та проведена деяка оптимзація механізмів використовуюмих бізнес логікою додатку. Є декілька проектів на github, Переможець хакатону Dehack 2019:Дунаївці Переможець хакатону від фонду Бориса Колесникова Программіст 2018

Java, Spring, Hibernate, REST API, JDBC, JPA, MySQL, JSON, Gradle, JUnit, SQL, Maven, Git, Android

Створення системи побудованння логорифмічної спіральної антени за методом генетичного алгоритму; Ping-pong на Arduinо;

6 April

Java Developer

Dnipro · $650 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

A highly-motivated, enthusiastic person with great experience in the IT sphere as a product manager trying to overcome new horizons and find a position as Java Developer. I have good knowledge of OOP/Java, RDBMS and SQL, familiar with Hibernate framework. Thirsty for new knowledges I look for a community to continuously improve my development skills.

Java, MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, OOP, JPA, Git, Maven, Design Patterns, JUnit, TDD, Spring

I would like a job that gives me a chance to apply all that I have learned and enable me to grow as a professional. I would like a role that allows me to make a difference and improve my skills.

5 April

Senior Java Developer 🔥

Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro · $5000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Location: Kharkiv - 4+ years of experience utilizing Java tools in business, web, and client-server environments including Java Platform, Spring, Java Servlets, JDBC technologies. - 2+ years of experience with AWS stack (EC2, S3, RDS, SQS) - 1+ lead experience - 1+ years of experience building application with microservices architecture using Docker, Kafka, Redis and deployed on AWS - Understanding and experience in different database models: relational (MySQL, PostgreSQL), document-oriented (MongoDB). - Experience in web service development applying RESTful design. - Good understanding of what clean code and best code standards. - Understands the importance of software architecture design, following design patterns and best practices - Implementing automated CI/CD pipeline using Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, SaltStack - Have mentoring, interview experience

Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Microservices, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, REST, RESTful Webservices, MongoDB, Oauth, Git, Design Patterns, Mockito, Kafka, NoSQL, AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS SQS, SQL, OOP, Maven, Architectural design patterns, Redis

5 April

Розробник Java

Dnipro · $400 · Intermediate

Опыт работы пока отсутствует. В настоящее время сдал экзамен-простое приложение "Корзина покупок" -на Spring Boot, Thymeleaf,MySQL.

Java, Maven, MySQL, Spring Core, CSS, HTML, OOP, Git

Закончил курсы-получил диплом,но этим не горжусь ,так как нет полноценных проектов-все впереди.

Большое желание быстро развиваться в отрасли backend приложений или игр.Найти дружный и стремящийся развиваться коллектив.

4 April

Android Developer

Dnipro · $1400 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Android 4+ years iOS 2 years Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, swift Retrofit, Dagger 2, Koin, JavaRX, MVVM, jni Gradle Linux, Mac

Android, Java, Jira, Gradle, Git, Swift, MVVM, Dagger 2, Room, Retrofit

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