22 January

C#, ASP.Net developer 🔥

Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kyiv · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

C#, OOP, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, MS SQL Server Management Studio, BootStrap3, HTML/CSS, Visual Studio 2005-2017, Git Опыт работы .Net 3 года.

asp.net mvc, Entity Framework, MVC, Bootstrap3, C#, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, OOP, SQL, AJAX, C++, WinForms

3 года работы .Net, сейчас занимаюсь с ASP.NET MVC. Ищу проекты на ASP.

долгосрочное сотрудничество, разовые проекты

22 January

Junior QA Engineer

Dnipro · $450 · Beginner/Elementary

Courses : DevEducation School Manual and Automation testing (1.08-6.11.2019)

Manual Testing , Scrum, Agile, Mobile Testing, Functional testing, Web Testing, Quality Assurance, Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing, write test cases, Jira

21 January

.NET developer 🔥

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, USA, EU, Canada · $3000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

A strong specialist with experience in developing applications on the .NET platform more than 5 years. I participated in both large projects and in the work of small product teams. Except .NET stack I have extensive expertise in a large number of related technologies. I try not to stay in one place and constantly shift my focus to areas of interest to me.

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, JavaScript, REST API, OOP, Git, SQL, SOLID, Design Patterns, asp.net mvc, MVC, TypeScript, Azure, WPF, WCF, XML, .Asp.Net Core, WinForms, NUnit, JIRA, PowerShell, ADO.NET, Moq, React

20 January

Разработчик Delphi, MSSQL, C#

Dnipro, Dneprodzerzhinsk · $1500 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Delphi, Firebird, MySQL, client-server apps, DevExpress, FastReport, ODAC, FIBPlus, UniDAC, MS SQL, VB6, VBA

Delphi, Firebird, MS SQL, архитектор приложений, C# winforms

1. Грамота за достижения в изучении информационных технологий 2. Грамота за достижения в изучении английского языка

Дружественная творческая атмосфера Адекватная оценка труда Профессиональная самореализация

19 January

Junior C# / .NET Developer

Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Vinnitsia, Ivano-Frankivsk · $600 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I have 3 months intership experience as BE developer. While I was working as a SEO specialist, I was learning OOP during the couple of years, studied C# and Java on software development courses. I have an initial knowledge of C#, .NET, ASP.NET, SQL, Entity Framework, MSSQL, also a little familiar with Java. I`d rate my level of English as Advanced.

C#, .NET, OOP, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL, .NET Core, Git, ASP.NET, Design Patterns, HTML, SOLID, MS SQL Server, REST API, .Asp.Net Core, MSSQL, ADO.NET, Multithreading, TDD, ASP. NET WEB API, Agile Scrum, English, OOP/OOD/SOLID, NUnit, JIRA

I finished courses in Dev Education and InfoPulse companies.

Looking for a job as junior developer in Kyiv or ready for relocation to another city.

17 January

Junior .NET Developer

Zaporizhzhya, Dnipro · $650 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Hello there! My name is Sergey. I started to study programming in 2017, the reason for this was I found myself and a sphere is close to me in spirit, principles, and concepts. Languages and frameworks I studied during the learning process: .NET, C #, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Java, ReactJS (React + Redux), WPF, etc. I also have a complete understanding of markup languages such as XML, JSON. I studied at the STEP Computer Academy, Zaporizhzhia. So, I successfully added a third education in programming to my two university ones. First one: NATIONAL AEROSPACE UNIVERSITY, KHaI, Kharkiv, M.S. Air and Space (Mar 2004) Second one: CLASSIC PRIVATE UNIVERSITY, Zaporizhzhia, M.B.A. Business Administrator (Feb 2015) My career began in 2006 in SIGMA FMCG Distribution Company from the Sales Manager position. It took me 5 years to reach a Unit Manager position (Chief of Department) and over the next 8 years, I only strengthened my position with a confirmed result. I have confident theoretical knowledge in the field of programming, as well as crazy motivation for self-improvement in this area. Why now, not 2.5 years ago? My responsibility in the high-quality performance of tasks doesn't allow me to talk about my competencies in this field, which cannot be said about the current state. My experience and the confirmed result, albeit in a different professional field, give me complete confidence in my future competence. My analytical mind, managerial experience and a penchant for programming also strengthen my position as a future reliable, promising and competent developer. abilities and skills that strengthen me: 1. analytical mindset 2. propensity for self-development 3. self-management 4. systematic 5. diplomacy 6. proactivity abilities and skills that weaken me: 1. perfectionism 2. underestimation of achieved results 3. tolerance to society I'll be glad to have a dialogue and a constructive discussion.

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, Git, OOP, SQL, MVC, WPF, JavaScript, Redux

I'm proud of my achieved and confirmed results. I'm proud of my team, which has not left TOP-3 within Ukraine among Distributors for more than a year, I'm proud of the best results for the Company. I'm proud of my skills and abilities to quickly learn, a tendency to introspection and hunger in development, my analytical abilities and my bright head.

I expect a new type of activity where I'll be able to fully reveal my mental potential, a place in which I'll be able to fully realize my skills and have the opportunity to new challenges.

16 January

Junior .NET Developer

Dnipro · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Junior .NET Full Stack Web Developer From 06.2019 to 11.2019 (5 months) Anuitex, Dnipro

C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET CORE, MVC, REST API, Angular, MS SQL, MongoDB, Amazon AWS, SignalR, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Stripe, NgBoostrap, Entity Framework, Dapper, XUnit, N-Layer, XAML, Razor, WPF, Git

Completed intern project on ASP.NET Core 2.1 and Angular 8 with N-Layer architecture, Stripe payment, Dapper and Entity Framework databases. Developed website GIT tools using AWS CodeCommit and IAM authentication using Amazon tagging strategy

16 January

C# Developer

Dnipro · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

C#, Visual Studio, MVC, XSL, LINQ, SQL, Mongo, Postgre, NUnit, Git + Git Extensions, PowerShell, Jira,TeamCity, REST API, WCF, Scrum, Team Lead

C#, Visual Studio, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, TeamCity, GIT, REST API, XSL, Scrum, NUnit, Team leading

15 January

Разработчик Unity, Геймдизайнер, Левлдизайнер

Dnipro · $300 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Indie разработчик - 1 год. Основной опыт разработки на Unity.

Unity3D, Game Development, C#, GameDev, Unity, game design, .NET, Android, Unreal Engine 4, Unreal

Мені важливо здобути досвід та працювати в дружньому колективі.

14 January

Junior Full Stack Angular2 / Node.js / (C#)

Dnipro · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

HTML, CSS, (не верстальщик) Bootstrap, Materialize .NET, , ASP.NET. Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, MSSQL, MongoDB JS, TypeScript, jQuery, Angular2+, NodeJs

MSSQL, .NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, CSS, Entity Framework, HTML, jQuery, Angular 2+, Node.js

Работаю в основном c ASP.NET Web Forms / MVC, занимаюсь поддержкой и доработкой сайтов. В свободное время практикуюсь в MEAN стеке

Работа над сложным и интересным проектом. Применение актуальных технологий. Ежедневное развитие и опыт. Минимум бюрократии. Хочу работать с JS (TS) на Angular / Node

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