QA Engineer

Dnipro · $300 · Intermediate

• CAD/CAE software; • Practical experience in Software Testing (UI, UX, Smoke, Cross-browser); • Testing artifacts (Test Plan, Test case, Test suite, Checklist, Bug report); • Test-design techniques (Equivalence classes, Boundary values, Decision table Pairwise and State Transition diagram); • Bug’s life cycle; • SDLC (Agile/Scrum); • Bug tracking system (Bitbucket); • Work with project World Kendo Map (Nov 2016 - Mar 2017) • Work with project TourDnipro (Apr 2017 - Sep 2017) Danieli Heavy Machinery Engineering (Aug 2015 - Present) Design engineer • New mechanical products development • Detail and assembly design (AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor). • Foundation loads calculation. • Design of metallurgical and service equipment, cooling, grease and hydraulic systems. • Checking of drawings. Dneprokranservis (Apr 2012 – Jun 2015) Design engineer Scientific Research Institute of Machine Building Technolog (Oct 2011 – Apr 2012) Design engineer

Agile, SDLC, Scrum, SQL

Work experience (3 months) in Danieli & C.Officine Meccaniche SpA HQ office in Buttrio (UD, Italy).

Improvement new and existing professional skills in the field of quality assurance.


Junior QA Engineer

Dnipro · $500 · Pre-Intermediate

Student DevEducation QA Engineer (Manual/Automation C#). #Knowledge and understanding of Software testing theory; #Understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC); #Bug tracking and management tools; #Basic knowlege of C# (Unit Tests, UI Tests);

Test Design, Scrum, Jira, Manual Testing, SQL, Agile, Web Testing, Postman, API testing, Confluence, REST API, JSON, Automated Testing, Testing, iOS, XML, Test Plan, Mobile Testng, AGILE/SCRUM, GUI testing, Security, Test check plans, Quality Assurance, HTML, UI/UX testing, Bug detecting&localization&reporting, Windows, Android, Functional testing, English

I am looking for a competitive and interesting job where I can apply and improve my professional skills to achieve the goals of the company as a QA engineer. Ready to work as a team. During the QA courses, I conducted cross-browser testing of the site The results of this testing were actually applied to improve the site. Also, in the courses for the Debugle program, I wrote a specification, a test plan, developed and passed test cases and checklists.


Junior/Trainee Front-end Developer

Dnipro · $300 · Pre-Intermediate

Проработал всего 4 месяца над проектом, так как команда с 10 человек потихоньку начала распадаться в итоге все разошлись( Задачи которые я там делал, это дебаг кода и написание новых menu при помощи pixi.js.

Java, JUnit, OOP, Linux, Design Patterns, Java Core, HTML/CSS, SASS, MySQL, JSON, Git, React, Redux, PixiJS, REST API, JavaScript

National Aerospace University H.E. Zhukovsky "Kharkiv Aviation Institute". Bachelor. Graduation Year 2017. Mcpp Zone. Graduation Year 2018. SkillUp. From May 2019 – September 2019


QA engineer

Dnipro · $300 · Pre-Intermediate

"Сильпо Фуд" 2011 - 2019 Manager by the department of commodity account o Organization of work of the department. o Keeping records of goods in the database. o Performance monitoring and optimization of subordinate equipment. "Витмарк-Украина" 2010 - 2011 Sales representative o Fulfillment of the sales plan. o Control of accounts receivable. o Coverage of the territory, connection of new clients.

Jira, Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, Functional testing, Web Testing, HTML, CSS, Postman, API testing, Test Design, Android, Smoke testing, test dsign, Check list, Regression Testing, SQL

HARD SKILLS - Theoretical knowledge of software QA - Knowledge of testing types - Knowledge of test design techniques - Understanding the client-server architecture - Experience in writing test cases - Entering bugreports into Jira - Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS PERSONAL SKILLS - Confident PC and Android user - Analytical abilities - Human resources management - Responsibility - English - Pre-Intermediate - Stress resistance

I want to find work to apply existing skills and acquire new ones.


C++ Developer (junior/intern)

Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro · $500 · Upper Intermediate

I'm practicing C++ programming on a regular basis for my projects. I've strong knowledge of C++11 standard and a good understanding of multithreading programming including such synchronization tools as mutex and conditional variables. I can work both Linux and Windows environment (MVS). My pet project is a parking emulator based on multithreading (using standard library sources). Also, I've experience with STL and understand the backstage of major containers and algorithms. I'm able to implement the basic data structures and related algorithms (list, queue, stack, binary search tree etc). I've tried unit testing using Google Tests for my own projects and investigate for memory leak using Valgrind tool. Currently, learning networking with Boost(asio). Among other things I have some experience with PostgreSQL(using libpq) and nlohmann library for JSON parsing. I have basic knowledge of Linux console and background processes, basic knowledge high math and physics. I do understand the development lifecycle and able to use Git for that purpose. My other skills: HTML/CSS, SQL, bash, Linux, PHP, QA Can consider any offer related to C++ dev position

C++, Git, OOP, STL, Multithreading, SQL, С++, Jira, Visual Studio, Algorithms, Boost

Написал проект емулирующий работу парковки,многопоточная эмуляция транзакций.


Android developer

Chernigiv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa, Vinnitsia · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Some freelance work: creating app for ski resort 2 android apps made for myself by myself, currently uploaded to Google Play A Bachelor of Software Engineering and currently getting my Masters degree Idealy I want a distant work as android developer but i can quickly learn to do other tasks

Android, kotlin, Java, JSON, OOP, Room


Junior QС Engineer

Dnipro · $700 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

- understanding and knowledge of software testing and development processes - good skills in manual testing, test design techniques, defect tracking - understanding the basics of web-based applications functioning, HTML, CSS - initial experience in using web-application API by Postman - experience with SQL - experience with Jira, TestRail - experience with SVN, GIT - desire to learn and grow in profession - no problems with communication Language Skills: - English (speaking) – Intermediate (lack of practice) - English (reading, writing) – Upper Intermediate I'm young in QA area, but i can say that i have passion to new knowledges and ability to use this knowledges for fast growth like specialist. Experience: - 2018 to date Junior Test Engineer - 2014/2018 Ministry of Justice department of state executive service - 2013/2014 County Administrative Court of Dnepr

MS SQL Server, Postman, JIRA, TestRail, SQL, Manual Testing


Junior JavaScript developer

Dnipro · $500 · Upper Intermediate

Заканчиваю курсы по javascript в Днепре, не большой опыт по созданию магазина с адаптивной вёрсткой, наполнение сайта интерактивными элементами, подключение к сайту api.

JavaScript, HTML5, Git, CSS, HTML, Node.js, webpack, React

Самостоятельное и не стандартное решение задач.

Так как опыта работы в it у меня увы нет, хочу получить возможность продуктивно развиваться и работать, а также изучать другие языки программирования в дружном и весёлом коллективе. Также не плохо было бы найти работу в Каменском но и Днепр тоже хорошо.


Junior QA, Trainee QA

Dnipro · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

- Manual testing of applications - Finding issues and documenting them in bug tracking systems - Creating and performing test cases in order to ensure the compliance with customers requirements - Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, MySQL Professional skills: - Knowledge of software development, testing procedures, knowledge of system testing, business process and testing life cycle - Detail-oriented skills - Self-reliance and responsible approach to solving tasks - Graduated from the courses of the QA from the company SkillUP

Windows, CSS, HTML, Manual Testing (QA), MySQL, JavaScript

Дружный коллектив, работа над интересными проектами, приобретение опыта, возможность развития.


Frontend Developer 

Dnipro · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Skills: HTML, CSS, JS (ES6), Jquery, HUGO CMS: Wordpress, Drupal 8 (learning) Frameworks: React + Redux (learning), Vue + vuex (learning) Workflow: Gulp, Git, npm, Pug, Scss OS: Windows, linux

CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, es6, Git, JavaScript, NPM, SQL, React, Redux, SASS, CSS, Responsive, jQuery, JSON, HTML

Занимаюсь версткой адаптивных, кроссбраузерных сайтов. Интересуюсь js-фреймворками: React (+Redux), Vue.js (+Vuex)

Интересные проекты и задачи, профессиональный рост.

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