20 February

JavaScript Developer

Dnipro · $1300 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Написание front-end на нативном JavaScript, jQuery, React/Next.js. Написание серверной части приложений на Node.js с базой данных на MySql или mongo.db.

JavaScript, React / Redux, Redux-Saga, NextJS, TypeScript, Node.js, Express.js, HTML5/CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Webpack, Git, Illustrator, Photoshop

- Стабильный рейтинг 5* на одной из самых популярных фриланс бирж. - Отсутствие отрицательных отзывов за этот период: нахожу общий язык с любым клиентом.

17 February

Разработчик React

Dnipro · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

январь 2017- декабрь 2017 - ЧП Пасечник В.А., разработка интернет магазина, а так же мобильного приложения (Reaxct.js / React Native). январь 2018 - январь 2020, ЧАТ Приоком - разработка пользовательских интерфейсов (CRM) с использованием библиотеки React.

JavaScript, Node.js, React, Redux, MongoDB, Apollo GraphQL, Redux Saga, Context API, React Hooks

Изучил программирование самостоятельно и бесплатно)

16 February

Fullstack developer 🔥

Dnipro · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

Total development experience is above 3 years with: Golang, Node.js, React, React Native, Typescript, Javascript, SQL, Redis, MongoDB, and others. data processing specialist AVK Confectionery Ltd - Kiyv march 2017 - november 2019 Responsibilities: Maintaining software to analyze and compare data of different formats in real-time. Debugging and developing software for data processing and analyzing data consistency. Minor web development (both backend and frontend) Used stacks: NodeJS, Golang, React (+ React Native), TypeScript, SQL Server, Redis, MongoDB Some achievements beside responsibilities: Wrote TCP-tunneling client/server software to achieve secure connection to a database for users, where deployment of RDP or VPN was not the case (Golang). Created a tool for automatic detection of issues with data flow between databases with different table schemas (Node.js, Redis, AngularJS). Created web-interface to compare sales data in database with such in .xlsx file, with a feature of flexible waybill's number pattern detection (Node.js, AngularJS, SQL Server, XLSX). Created web-interface to inspect data in a database with JWT authorization (Node.js, React, Websockets, MongoDB, SQL Server, Typescript). The main achievement was the creation of a microservice communication framework that met our architectural needs in GO and TypeScript. I made it publicly available (link to GitHub provided)

JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Git, REST API, Docker, TypeScript, Linux, Express.js, JSON, Redis, OOP, CSS, React, SQL, HTML5, Mongoose, Redux, Bootstrap, JWT, Backend, NodeJS, Microservices, Golang/Go

I created a microservice communication framework for Node.js and Golang: roletalk-js, roletalk-go

I seek an interesting job not only to earn but to learn. The main goal of the potential job is to improve my skills and master new ones. Ready for challenges and hard work.

16 February

FrontEnd Developer

Dnipro · $800 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

JavaScript, AngularJS,, AJAX, MySQL, SASS, LESS, HAML, Linux, HTML5, CSS3, GULP, jQuery, Bootstrap, React. Responsive and cross-browser web-design Technologies, which I'm currently studying: AngularJS, Node.js, React, Node.js, D3.js

CSS3, Frontend, HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL, Ubuntu, JSON, HAML, SASS, React / Redux, Node.js, AngularJS, Angular, Jade/Pug

Data visualization on geo maps Technologies: D3.js, Redux, HTML/CSS Project description: using D3 library displayed statistic data on purchases, number of registered users, number of buyers etc. on the visual map. Responsibilities: implementation OOP and intercalation Redux for large amount of data Role: JavaScript developer Client: 3taps platform Team size: 6 team members Involvement duration: 12 months (February 2019 – February 2019) React development of the website with ads Technologies: React, Elixir, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Logstash Project description: The resource collects ads, filters and sorts them into categories and gives them to users. Users can create their own ads and place them on this resource. Responsibilities: development of reaсt application using Redux, Redux-form, Redux-router, Redux-saga Role: React developer Client: 3taps platform Team size: 4 team members Involvement duration: 1+ year (November 2017 – December 2018) NodeJS development for checking attestations on user’s web page Technologies: Node.js, PostgreSQL Project description: The application checks attestations on the web page after certain user actions Responsibilities: developed node application that interacts with other applications (mobile-app and web-app) and sends the results to the database Role: NodeJS developer Client: 3taps platform Team size: 4 team members Involvement duration: 3 months (June – August, 2018) Front-end development of the website for customers’ communication Technologies: AngularJS, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, MySQL, Express.js Project description: The client side was implemented on AngularJS: correspondence between users, adding data in user profiles etc. Online chat system for customers was developed as the analog of Skype (on Express.js). GULP was used during building the application Responsibilities: front-end development of the website from the very beginning to release to production. Deliver complete frontend applications, create modules and components, couple them together into a functional app using MVC pattern. Completed number of tasks to develop backend for the chat. Closely cooperated with the team of back-end developers in the process of building the RESTful API. Used WebSockets Role: AngularJS developer Client: Ukrainian-Chinese company Team size: 6 team members Involvement duration: 1,5 year (March 2016 – November 2017)

Ищу работу на должности Front-End разработчика на постоянной основе в Днепропетровске либо удаленно.

15 February

Junior/Trainee Front-end Developer

Dnipro · $300 · Pre-Intermediate

Проработал всего 4 месяца над проектом, так как команда с 10 человек потихоньку начала распадаться в итоге все разошлись( Задачи которые я там делал, это дебаг кода и написание новых menu при помощи pixi.js.

Java, JUnit, OOP, Linux, Design Patterns, Java Core, HTML/CSS, SASS, MySQL, JSON, Git, React, Redux, PixiJS, REST API, JavaScript, Node.js

National Aerospace University H.E. Zhukovsky "Kharkiv Aviation Institute". Bachelor. Graduation Year 2017. Mcpp Zone. Graduation Year 2018. SkillUp. From May 2019 – September 2019

8 February

junior back-end developer

Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa · $700 · Advanced/Fluent

Занимаюсь самообучением изспользуя документацию и различные книги. Разработал сайт для церкви на NodeJS c базой данных и поддержкой трех языков (Английский, Русский, Украинский

JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, CSS

Разработал сайт для церкви на NodeJS c базой данных и поддержкой трех языков (Английский, Русский, Украинский

7 February

BackEnd Node.js Web Developer 🔥

Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa · $2000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

As a back-end developer, I took part in the development of various projects, such as: social network, ad marketplace, system for taxi services, system for management and dispatching of condominium unions, inventory control platform, and others.

JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, Git, REST API, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Express.js, NodeJS, Linux, Redis, OOP, JSON, Express, AWS, SQL, HTML5, CSS, Mongoose, Git and Version Control Systems

Looking for interesting projects, that would be useful for people. Each team member should see the full picture and always take a look at pieces of work (tasks) and the whole project from the business perspective. NOT willing to work on adult or gambling projects.

6 February

Front-end developer 

Dnipro · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgresqlSQL, Linux, JavaScript, Angular2+, RxJS, React, Redux, Redux-Saga, GraphQL, MongoDB, TypeScript, Express, Node.js, git

React, Redux, GrapQL, JavaScript/NodeJS, Express, TypeScript, MongoDB, Redux-Saga, Angular 2+

Закончил курсы от RubyGarage, получил навыки работы с Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Rack, React, Redux. Работал над созданием интерфейсов в Lambda Team для проекта Demand Helm (Редизайн страницы профиля, страницы аналитики, добавление чартов на страницу аналитики, работа с интерфейсами экспорта данных и добавлением новых пользователей в аккаунт). В данный момент работаю над проектами Shortify (Url shortener), Kalimantan (Shift management platform), QuickCV (CV template builder).

Прогресса, рентабельности, обучения, свободы выбора, актуальности, гибкости, темпа, заботы, сложности, конфликтов, нетривиальности, возможности, появления гордости за эту самую работу в большой или маленькой команде приятных, умных людей.

5 February

Front End developer

Dnipro · $1200 · 2 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Последние полтора года разрабатывал, поддерживал сервисы, занимался улучшением UI, рефикторил легаси код в компании Oxgaming. Стеком был: JS, jQuery, HTML, CSS. На данный момент основное направление моего развития React разработка, так же параллельно разбираюсь с Node.js MongoDB, что бы в будущем стать Full stack js разработчиком

Gulp, LESS, SCSS, Git, JavaScript, БЭМ, jQuery, React, Redux, REST API, HTML5, Node.js, SASS, webpack, CSS3, ES6+, Jira, JSON, Express, React router, Gulp | Webpack, Bootstrap 4, Material UI, MongoDB, Flexbox, Grid, Mongoose, Cypress, Ant Design(React)

Хотел бы новый стек и постоянно развивающуюся команду

31 January

senior nodejs developer, team lead, CTO 

Mykolaiv, Kyiv, Dnipro · $4000 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

1year as CTO 4 years as full stack developer 2 years as web developer

NodeJS, Golang, PHP, Docker, NoSQL, MongoDB, Clickhouse, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Aerospike, Redis, es6, Git, Linux, TeamCity, Ansible, REST API, Algorithms, Vue.js, codeigniter, Laravel, Express, Software Development, Web Development, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Microservices, React.js, prometheus, grafana, redash, machine learning

At my current position I have solved whole range of problems according to deployment, developing and data analysis on several projects. I have built technical command that includes 15+ persons. Main scope of activity is real time bidding with 200k+ requests per second load.

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