Digital Marketer

dnepr, Ukraine · $1200 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

The brief list of responsibilities: - Customer acquisitor (set up KPI, develop USP & web-site concept, create and manage AdWords campaigns, provide A/B testing). - Analyse client’s online market and business opportunities. - Develop a list of recommendation for increasing the website conversion. - Setup and tuning the analytical systems (GTM, Google analytics, Yandex Metrika). - Create, optimize and analyze the Google AdWords, Bing & Yandex Direct campaigns for clients’ businesses. - Reach the established goals - Report to the client about effectiveness - The assistance for the CEO & CEO Assistance in information & presentation materials. - Conduct desk research for the strategic issues, connected with future company development and directions. - Strategy formulation & analysis of future possibilities.

Business Analysis, google adwords, Google Analytics, Keywords Tool, PPC, Buffer|Zoho Social, Search Console, Similarweb, Yandex Metrica, yandex webmaster, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CMS, HTML, SEO, CSS, SQL

App promotion: Increased the uploads of the app from 4 261 to 20 799 (iOS and Android); Unloads from ads become in 2.95 times more; Decreased the cost of upload on 84.5%; Google Play Market app page is on the TOP-5 by keywords. Web-site promotions: IT company (3-month project): - Increase the number of forms´ submissions in 5.8 times. - Reduce the price of conversion by 63%. Big/Middle E-commerce (3-month project): - Reach a permanent monthly ROI >= 200% - ROI in holidays period (BlackFriday, New Year) > 700% - Increase number of transactions in 1.2 times. - Increase revenue from PPC ads to the 31% from whole online marketing sources. - Decrease the price of the transaction in 1.4 times under increase of per click prices in 2 times. Freelance marketplace (3-month project): - Reduce the price for the customer in 2 times. - Increase the number of completed and published orders in 4 times. Manufacturer (6-month project): - Increase the number of forms´ submissions in 1.7 times. - Developed a strategy of online EU market entrance. - Achieve the required conversion price for the CIS and EU market.

Searching for the remote job, preferably at the Saint-Petersberg with further availability for relocation. Flexible hours. Preferably IT companies. Ready to develop in other spheres.


Product Manager / Product Owner

dnepr, eu, canada · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Product management, Agile, MySQL, Google Analytics, E-commerce, Communication Skills, Business Analysis, Scrum, Project Management, Marketing, User Interface, Jira, Python, Product Market fit, SQL, JavaScript

15 April

Product manager

dnepr, Ukraine · $1200 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Project: B2B web app for Ukrainian tire market. Tech stack: Java, AngularJS, Vue.js, Google Material Design, PostgreSQL. Managed development team (4 in-house and 3 remote). Desing prototypes (Axure) and specifications. Managed project (agile Kanban). Maintained and prioritized requirements. Backlog management. Customer support and maintenance product. Presented product to customer at conferences and special forums. Maintained product vision through updates. Achievements: Over 1200 active business users, 300 suppliers and 100000 unique products in the system.

Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, Project Management, SEO, Drupal, Product management, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, SDLC, Business Analysis, trello

15 April

Product Manager | Product owner

kiev, dnepr · $2500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Product Owner: - Development of a Roadmap for the implementation of various parts of the product. - Development of Business Requirements Document for joint projects with different companies, for instance, Google. - Responsibility for managing the development team and all stakeholder for the successful delivery of the project (NDA). - Implementation of SCRUM and maintenance within the team. - Managing the overall Backlog of the entire project. Management of estimates and risks. - Understanding and organization of the SEO process for a large international project (consultation with the best SEO experts in the market). - Launching of the project in the Chinese market, together with PayPal. Product manager: Responsible for the majority of areas in interaction with buyers, sellers, and account managers on the leading trading platform Allbiz in CIS - understanding the market and competition in the segment - analyzing audience behavior, developing user stories, understanding audience needs (advanced GA) - organization of priority backlog for necessary improvements - full development cycle within analyzing and describing the task and monitor performance - definition of a roadmap for the introduction of new features - business process automation - development of prototypes, mockups (Figma, Axure, Ninjamock, etc.) - A/B testing (Google Optimize) - setting up data acquisition via GA (events, content groups, UTM tags, enhanced e-commerce, etc.) - GA setting (views/resources, filters, goals, segments, reports, etc.) - setting up reports and performance dashboards in Data Studio - writing user manuals and technical documentation.

Product management, SDLC, Communication, Business Analysis, Agile, Product research, User Interface, Google Analytics, User Experience, CRM, Prototype, ecommerce, Project Management, A/B testing, Google Optimize, Product Development, Product Launch, Product Backlog management, Developing cases for new Products/Features, Lean Product Management, Marketing, Problem Solving, Scrum, Team management, SEO, Figma, UI/UX, Wireframing and prototyping, Customer development

Achievements: - 20+% increase number orders - decreasing in bounce rate is 4% - implementing a new product ranking algorithm, more efficient - implementing a complete review system infrastructure that improved the user experience - 25+% increase in the active user base as a result of the launch of new features - launching an adaptive version of the entire main directory, which improved behavioral factors - launching updated multicurrency and multilingual functionality, which greatly simplified the opportunity for one merchant to sell in other countries, and for the buyer to make a purchase from a seller from any country.

I consider the position of Product Manager|Product Owner. I have a good diverse experience. Open to new opportunities and want to join the team that is burning with the idea of its product and is ready to go towards its goal together.

11 April

Project Manager 

dnepr, Ukraine · $800 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

More then 3 years experience in Project Management in different projects (outsource, product, start-up) Project Management: Prototype Technical documentation Agile Scrum Kanban Waterfall Asana, Jira, Trello UpWork Lucidchart Bitbucket Github Bitrix24 Teambuilding Motivation Stand-up Pre-Sale Sales English - Upper-intermediate

Quality Assurance, Agile, Project Management, Prototype, Scrum, trello, CMS, HTML, Jira, Product management, Asana, Bitrix

Management 50+ projects from start to end. Management 5 projects at the same time Manage team (20+- people)

Professional growth . Friendly staff . Informal atmosphere Startup . An interesting projects

10 April

C-Level, Project/Product MGMt

dnepr, · $5000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Strategic thinking, strong analytical and concerns resolution skills. - Worldwide customers. - Requirements management (Quality\Features\Terms\Coasts) - Stakeholders management - Human resources management - Communication management - SMART objectives - Risk management - Delivery management Hands-on experience in IT management including collecting reqs, planning, monitoring, risk management, consulting, Business Processes analysis. Methodologies: Scrum, kanban, PMI. XP, Rup - mostly theoretical; ability to use and to be adapted for. PM Tools: Jira, confluence, Redmine, smartsheets, Visio (+business studio), MindJet Mind Manager, Trello,

Project Management, Requirements analysis, Agile, Business Anallysis, Jira, Kanban, Redmine, Scrum, System Integrations, Axure, Product management

Implementation a system of management accounting for a huge enterprise with country-wide branch offices a few factories and a few foreign offices. Managed the development of integrations for Magento high load e-commerce projects. Deep participation in the basic UI\UX design development for many projects with the planning of the further implementations and features.

Ideally Pruduct, Production management in AA, AAA Game development company, 1-2 huge long-term projects or work as PM lead with 2+ PMs or BAs. Agile environment, Difficult challanges, Ability to grow and take decisions.

10 April

Game Producer

dnepr, kiїv · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Game Designer/Product Owner c 11.2013 до сейчас 1. Настройка рабочих процессов в рамках компании: a. разделение зон ответственности b. введения скрама и инструментов управления разработкой c. реструктуризация команд 2. Анализ идей и принятия решение по запуску новых продуктов 3. Ведение двух f2p проектов от этапа идеи до мирового релиза 4. Всего выпущенных f2p продуктов, в которых принимал участие – 4 5. Разработка плана выпуска игры (оценка разработки, рисков, бюджета, определение сроков запуска) 6. Разработка фич исходя из потребностей продукта 7. Анализ показателей продукта, выявление проблемных мест, разработка вариантов решения проблемы, внедрение одного из решений. 8. Управление двумя командами параллельно 9. Ведение документации проектов 10. Разработка двух продуктов на реальные деньги: a. внедрение дополнительных модулей в продукте b. принятие решений по развитию проекта и увеличению прибыли c. проведение глобальных ивентов в продукте (определие бюджета, разработка баланса) Game Designer с 07.2013 до 11.2013 1. Понимание специфики социальных игр 2. Анализ рынка 3. Написание дизайн документов 4. Написание User story 5. Написание концепт документов для новых проектов 6. Понимание принципов монетизации f2p игр 7. Реализация кроссплатформенного приложения 8. Понятие об FB интеграции приложения 9. Описание интерфейса и графических частей приложения 10. Координация процесса разработки 11. Взаимодействие с художниками и программистами 12. Управление командой до 20 человек 13. Знание основных показателей проекта и предоставление фич для их корректировки Project Manager с 07.2012 до 07.2013 1. Управление командой до 30 человек 2. Ведение проекта в jira 3. Написание документации 4. Распределенение работы между членами команды 5. Декомпозиция задач Team Leader QA с 02.2012 до 07.2012 1. Подбор персонала; 2. Обучение новых сотрудников; 3. Контроль качества тестирования командой QA;

Jira, Confluence, Scrum, Product management, GameDev, Mobile games, Product Design

9 April

IT Project Manager

dnepr, Ukraine · $1500 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Больше 5 лет работ в команде по созданию проектов Android, iOS и Web различной сложности. Работаю с разными системами (Jira, Redmine и пр.) Есть опыт создания мобильных приложений и сайтов от интервью с заказчиками и создания прототипов ТЗ, до релиза и пост-релизной поддержки. Английский - средний, не разговорный, но я работаю над этим.

User Experience, User Interface, Android, iOS, Jira, Project Management, Prototype, Scrum, Web Development

Несколько десятков успешно сданных проектов, некоторых досрочно. Опыт работы с разными командами, включая команды в разных странах и часовых поясах. Применение в работе самых современных технологий и решений.

Команда профессионалов, с которой можно будет вести любые проекты.

9 April

Digital Product / Project Manager

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Product management — 7+ years Project management — 10+ years UX design — 12+ years QC management — 8 years QA / manual testing — 8 years Usability design and testing — 10+ years GUI design — 15 years Strong creative skills Multiple projects, multitasking Startup experience 50+ realized projects

Manual Testing, User Experience, User Interface, Quality Assurance, branding, Business Processes, changes management, Creative, Design Patterns, Funnels and segmentation analysis, GUI, Kanban, Product ownership, Redmine, Regression Testing, SDLC, Team management, UIKit, usability, Waterfall, Agile, Ampitude, Business Analytics, Product management, Project Management, Prototype, Requirements management, Confluence, Content marketing, google adwords, Google Analytics, iOS, Photoshop, SMM, Strategic planning, UML, BPMN

50 + realized projects Portfolio:

I'm looking for an interesting project or position with good mission and karma =)

8 April

Product manager/Project manager/BA

zaporozh'e, l'vov, dnepr, odessa, har'kov, kiev, eu · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Product Management Experience: Product Management, People Management, Understanding the Customer, Product Development, Requirements Analysis, Pricing, Planning, Competitive Analysis, Sales Planning, Inventory Control, Financial Planning and Strategy Project Management Experience: Developing Budgets, Coaching, Supervision, Staffing, Project Management, Management Proficiency, Process Improvement, Tracking Budget Expenses, Self-Development, Planning, Performance Management, Inventory Control, Verbal Communication Business Analysis Experience: Written & Verbal Communication, Problem Solving, Researching, Solutions Development

Product management, Project Management, Business Analysis

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