UI/UX designer

zaporozh'e, kiev, dnepr, odessa, l'vov, har'kov, eu · $700 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Best Web Soft (Zaporizhzhia) february 2018 - july 2018 Developing product design from an idea to the implementation: performing UX-analysis, building storyboards, collecting visual briefs, developing low and high fidelity prototypes and design concepts, branding and development of corporate styles. Ideal Design (Remote) july 2018 - september 2018 Website design, adaptive versions, prototyping, thinking through the structure of pages and user logic. Creation of logos and printing, packaging products, preparation for the printing. Design of outdoor advertisements, posters, etc. Easy Done (Zaporizhzhia) september 2018 - present time Design of applications with their subsequent adaptation to different devices, control of the platform development processes from the start to the final stage of transferring it to the client.

Adobe Photoshop, User Experience, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, User Interface, InVision, WEB DESIGN, Prototype, mobile design, Photoshop, Wireframes, Illustrator, Responsive Design, Prototyping, Principle, User Flows, Design, Mobile apps

Positive feedbacks from colleagues and customers.

I am a team player, and would like to find like-minded people!

19 May

Human-Centered Designer

zaporozh'e, kiev, har'kov, dnepr, odessa · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Hello! Thank you for opening my profile. I want to tell you a little about myself! My name is Artem. I design complex systems with a user base of over one million people. My experience and skills allow me to successfully put into practice the knowledge for high-quality performance of the tasks. I’m happy to design a sleek and emotional design from web pages, landing pages to mobile apps for all existing platforms. With love I will prepare layouts for transfer to developers, if necessary I will create graphic documentation. Carefully check the development and perform the examination. I work in the Adobe XD package, Bohemian Sketch, for transferring layouts using Zeplin and Avacode. Prototyping in Adobe XD or Invision. I also performed the following functions: — management of all projects in the company, as well as the design of the team; — collaboration with product managers, developers and team design members throughout the entire product life cycle; — responsibility for all stages of developing the user's experience and the user's interface process; — application of the best and most modern methods of product development; — support in recruitment processes and part of all major decisions in the management team.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Android, Atomic design, Design Patterns, Design thinking, iOS, MacOS, Product management, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Bootstrap, Rapid Prototyping, Windows Phone, Sketch, Zeplin, Prototype, Wireframes, User Centered Design, InVision, User Experience, User Interface, Prototyping, Adobe XD, Design Guidelines, Adaptive Design, UX / UI, Responsive Design, Product Design

I have strong experience in designing user experience, but I especially want to highlight such projects: — writing specialized articles for the company; — product development for the leading telecommunications operator Holland; — AR product development for America's leading media operator.

First of all, I would like to work in a team of experienced specialists with a strong background. It is also interesting for me to work on such tasks: — the development of complex systems with a user base of 1M+; — development of native mobile apps for android and ios; — the development of cross-platform applications for android and ios; — designing programs for mac os; — design applications windows store; — monitoring of Implementation of the draft; — creation of project documentation; — preliminary estimate of the time to develop a project; — writing and implementing official instructions; — optimize workflow between designers and management team; — settlement of disputes; — participation in meetings and seminars; — user experience prototyping; — user interface design.

17 May


dnepr, kiїv, l'vіv, harkіv · $800 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

I am a UX/UI Designer with over 4 years of practical experience. I practice user-centered design principles with a strong emotional appeal, intuitive navigation, in order to maximize user interaction. I use various types of researches to make design decisions. I work with marketing materials to provide a consistent design language in all brand properties.

Web/Mobile Design, User experience, Sitemaps & Mindmaps, Prototyping, User Interface Design, Patterns Library, Apple HIG, Google Material Design, Atomic Design Methodology, Interaction Design, Product Presentations, Responsive Adaptation Design

17 May

Mobile & Web Interface

Remote work, Ukraine · $700 · 4 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

I’m remote - UX / UI Designer with 4 years of experience - up to the present, work on start-up projects, developing user-friendly, and clean mobile and web interfaces. Creating style guides, component library for developers. Adobe XD, Figma, Prototype, User Interface, Web and iOS / Android design, User research, Adobe Photoshop, Frameworks, Web design, mobile design, Sketch.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, User Interface, User Experience, WEB DESIGN, Figma, mobile design, Adobe XD, UX analysis, Prototype

I do not do graphic design, namely printing, illustration. I work only with interfaces and web.

17 May

UX/UI Designer

Remote work, Ukraine · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

Natmix, UK, remote - UX/UI Designer September 2018 – present time Working on startup projects, designing user-friendly, responsible and clean web interfaces. Being responsible for identifying user problems and needs through user research. Collaborating with Managers, Business Analytics and Engineers. Creating style guidelines for Front-end Developers. Node Ads, Kyiv – UX/UI Designer May 2018 – November 2018 Took part in designing multiple projects for iOS and Android platforms with HIG and Material Design Guidelines. Designed landing pages for small business and closely cooperated with Front-end developers. Improved existed User Experience through A/B testing.

Figma, inkscape, InVision, Prototype, User Interface (UI), Web and iOS/Android design, User Experience (UX), A/B testing, User Research, Adobe CC, User Experience, Wireframes, WEB DESIGN, User Interface, mobile design, Sketching

Through my working experience I conducted user research and A/B testing, created user personas to make better UX. Designed apps with Material Design principles and HIG. Made animations and motion ads for the app. I improve projects' experiences constantly receiving feedbacks from users and analysing it. I increased percent of users who create schedule in one of my projects Shift Schedule by 40%.

16 May

llustrator, graphiс designer

Remote work, Ukraine · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

5+ years graphic design and illustration. 16+ years of art. Art education, artist decorator bachelor.

Adobe Ps / Ai +

Just a painter out of flesh and blood...✎

design for design

15 May

UX/UI Designer

odessa, kiev, har'kov, l'vov, dnepr · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Привет✌ Я UX/UI дизайнер web-сайтов и мобильных приложений. Также обладаю навыками разработки печатной продукции. Имею большой опыт как командной работы в крупных IT компаниях, так и над индивидуальными проектами. ◾ В сфере UX/UI имею 5 лет опыта работы, продолжаю постоянно развиваться (конференции / курсы / тренинги), хорошо ориентируюсь в трендах и потребностях цифрового рынка. ◾ Есть понимание процесса разработки IT продуктов. ◾ Есть практическое понимание верстки сайтов (HTML / CSS). ◾ Знание английского языка на уровне Intermediate В наличии есть опыт разработки дизайна: ◽ Большой опыт работы с e-commerce ◽ Landing Page ◽ Сайтов визиток ◽ Корпоративных сайтов ◽ Интерфейсы администрирования web-ресурсов ◽ Презентации ◽ HTML5 баннеров ◽ Монтирование видео ◾ Понимаю, что дизайн делается не для красоты, а для удобства пользователя и максимальной конверсии в покупках. ◾ Умею доводить начатое до конца, в независимости от трудностей и препятствий, возникающих на пути. ◾ Практикую чётко и грамотно доносить свои мысли до собеседника. ◾ Адекватно отношусь к конструктивной критике, также, при необходимости, всегда готов защитить свою работу. Портфолио давно не обновлял, длительное время работаю по NDA. Наилучшим вариантом проверить подхожу ли я вам — тестовое задание! Telegram: @GraceYouth Тел: +38 063 864 68 96 Mail: С уважением, Андрей.

User Interface, User Experience, WEB DESIGN, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Prototype, Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD, UX / UI, Product Design, Logo design

- Разработка UI и UX крупных европейских e-commerce с ежемесячной посещаемостью более 100'000 человек. - Прошел много достойных курсов по дизайну, и постоянно продолжаю развиваться в этом направлении.

15 May

UI/UX Designer

har'kov, kiev, dnepr, odessa, l'vov · $1500 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

UI/UX, Invisionapp, Zeplin, AdobePhotoshop, Illustrator, In Desing, Marvel, Axure, Baslamiq Mockups, Marvelapp, BOOTSTRAP, Responsive design, pixel perfect, IOS guidelines, Google material guidelines, I'm Roman, and I’m a web-designer from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Experience more than 3 years in similar positions. I love minimal design, easy to understand and clean, but not for only creating pretty things. I love pretty things that work. Taking care of client product is always my aim. I consider myself as a hardworking and reliable person, who works with passion and who just love facing new challenges. The design and prototyping of websites and mobile applications of different types and levels of complexity. Understanding of web technologies and mobile applications. Always up to date with modern technologies and trends in design.

User Experience, Adobe Illustrator, Jira, Zeplin, Adobe Photoshop, Agile, Axure, Prototype, InVision, Principle, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, Marvel, Sketch, WEB DESIGN, Prototyping, User Experience , HTML, Motion design prototyping, Creating Icons, Responsive Design, mobile design, Wireframes, Website designer, User Interface Design, iOS

Professional growth. Difficult and interesting tasks. Adequate management and long-term cooperation prospects.

15 May


har'kov, kiev, l'vov, odessa, dnepropetrovsk, summy · $300 · Less than a year of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Опыт работы 6 месяцев. Создавала удобные для пользователей сайты, одностраничные сайты, корпоративные сайты, сайты-визитки, интернет-магазины, баннеры, главные экраны, многостраничные сайты, адаптивные сайты, графический интерфейс. Предоставлю свои работы заказчику для примера. Проходила обучение в школе Source It

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Axure, WEB DESIGN, Photoshop, Prototype, Illustrator, InVision

Горжусь тем что могу добиться желаемого результата.

Могу рассматривать как маленькие команды либо крупные проекты, склоняюсь к новым технологиям, но и помнить о отлаженных процессов. Я рассматриваю различные варианты работы, главное коммуникабельность заказчика, предоставление информации о заказе от клиента.

15 May

Product, UX/UI Designer

Remote work, Ukraine · $700 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Experience in UX/UI and web design. Have been working on both customer and business solutions. Experience in animation and illustration. Enjoy working directly with the customers to have a clear vision of their business and communicate design ideas. Have strong presentation skills.

User Experience, User Interface, Interaction, Web design, Prototyping, Adobe CC, Sketch, Figma, Animation, English , Zeplin, InVision, Marvel App, Product Design

Looking for challenging projects that are valuable for business and customers and an experienced team to work with. Hungry for new knowledge and skills. Always happy to share my experience.

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