Senior .Net Developer

dnepr, Ukraine · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

.Net Core, .NET (C#) / Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Web API, REST Services, WCF, SignalR / MS SQL Server, MySQL, Azure Cosmos DB (Gremlin, Mongo) / Entity Framework / Windows 8.1 Universal App (XAML based UI, Store & Phone), WPF

C#, .NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, SQL, OOP, Git, REST API, SOLID, Design Patterns, EntityFramework, WPF

Over 19 years of experience in software development with more than 12 years in outsource industry, over 13 years working with .Net and over 16 years working with MS SQL Server.

Interesting tasks that give me a challenge. Open for new technologies. Also available for remote working.


Front-End Developer Remote, Junior Front-End Developer ReactJS

dnepr, Ukraine · $1000 · More than 10 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Тестовые задания не предлагать, хотите проверить мои знания задайте вопросы. PHP, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, NodeJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, PhotoShop, LESS, HTML, CSS React на стадии изучения Имею опыт работы с следующими JS библиотеками и плагинами: morris.js fancyBox3 - dotdotdot - underscorejs - perfect-scrollbar Tooltipster device.js Chartist.js bootstrap-datetimejs

CSS, HTML, Zeplin, Bootstrap, Jade, Photoshop, Pug, AJAX, CSS Bliss, JavaScript, jQuery, LESS, БЭМ, Jira, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, webpack, Prototype JS, React

Принимал огромное участие в разработке Три года принимал участие в разработке Как дополнительные и важные навыки: 1. Юзабилити web-интерфейса, дизайна 2. Понимание СЕО при верстке 3. Владение графическими редакторами на уровне отрисовки макета страницы. 4. Использую CSS для отрисовки элементов дизайна без использования картинок и sprite.png (пример подобной верстки ) 5. Использование CSS приемов для уменьшения JS и jQuery скриптов. 6. Так же имею опыт работы с API от google, yandex, vk.


Senior PHP Developer 

Remote work, Ukraine · $3500 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Backend development. Leading the team. Design and maintain complex highload systems. Splitting monolith to microservices. Integration with 3rd party services and implement own API. Unit and functional testing. Performance optimization. Refactoring of legacy code. Communication with testing, support teams.

Test Driven Development, DDD, Design Patterns, Git, Highload, Memcached, Microservices, MongoDB, MySQL, OOP/OOD, PHP, RabbitMQ, SQL, REST API, Docker, vagrant, Redis


UI/UX designer

zaporozh'e, kiev, dnepr, odessa, l'vov, har'kov, eu · $700 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

Best Web Soft (Zaporizhzhia) february 2018 - july 2018 Developing product design from an idea to the implementation: performing UX-analysis, building storyboards, collecting visual briefs, developing low and high fidelity prototypes and design concepts, branding and development of corporate styles. Ideal Design (Remote) july 2018 - september 2018 Website design, adaptive versions, prototyping, thinking through the structure of pages and user logic. Creation of logos and printing, packaging products, preparation for the printing. Design of outdoor advertisements, posters, etc. Easy Done (Zaporizhzhia) september 2018 - present time Design of applications with their subsequent adaptation to different devices, control of the platform development processes from the start to the final stage of transferring it to the client.

Adobe Photoshop, User Experience, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, User Interface, InVision, WEB DESIGN, Prototype, mobile design, Photoshop, Wireframes, Illustrator, Responsive Design, Prototyping, Principle, User Flows, Design, Mobile apps

Positive feedbacks from colleagues and customers.

I am a team player, and would like to find like-minded people!


iOS Developer

dnepr, kiev, har'kov · $600 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Worked on Swift to create mobile application in IOS. Worked on CoreData, Foundation, UIKit, Design Patterns, Delegates, NotificationCenter, TableView, CollectionView, MapView, WebView. Integrated Rest api: Vk API, Flickr API, Etsy API, Yandex Translate API and Google services(Firebase, analytics). Worked with GIT to merge the code and pull changes on the working branch.

CocoaPods, Auto Layout, Collection, CoreData, firebase, Foundation, Git, MVC, Notification, Swift, MVVM, realm

Adequate management and professional growing.


Software Engineer / Test Automation Engineer / Performance Engineer

dnepr (dnepr), udalenno · $3100 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Linux, Unix, Python2, Python3, Selenium WebDriver, CSS, HTML, Jenkins,, jmeter, Git, GitLab, GitLab CI, SQL, PostgreSQL, Bash, Docker, Performance testing, Py Unittest, pytest, Regression Testing, Functional testing, UI testing, Confluence, Jira, Redmine, Scrum, Test planning, Requirements analysis, Test case, XPath, JSON, boto3, elasticsearch, AWS, Flask, AngularJS, Mechanize, jQuery, python-telegram-bot, kibana, logstash, Docker Swarm, jmeter

Automated Testing, Docker, Jenkins, Requirements analysis, Selenium WebDriver, Confluence, CSS, Git, GitLab, GitLab CI, Linux, Performance Testing, Python, Scrum, Test Planning, XPath, HTML, jQuery, JSON, locustio, OOP, PostgreSQL, REST API, Unix, AWS, bash, Flask, XML, ELK, JMeter, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, Docker Swarm, Lxml, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash, pytest, UnitTest

- developing test framework from scratch - developing performance testing framework with real time results - working in cooperation with sales team as technical advisor - setup CI/CD process - organize test process from scratch - successful usage of agile practices - involving whole test team in creation of automation tests - successful GA of a several projects - setup performance testing process - usage of best test techniques to improve test coverage - usage of Docker and Docker Swarm in testing process

Consider remote, part-time vacancies first. - no manual testing - no bureaucracy - agile schedule - ability to switch to developer role - absence of hidden policies - informal atmosphere - ability for remote work/partial remote work - clear PDP - work for result - innovative projects PS: i don't use java , c# in my work and currently don't want to


Senior Android Developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Technology: Android SDK, Java SE, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Gradle, Android Architecture Components, Android Data Binding Library, Dagger2, Google Maps API, Dagger 2, EventBus, Retrofit, RxJava, Mockito, Espresso Java EE, EJB, JSTL, JSP, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate JavaScript, Node.js, Sails.js, Ember.js SQLite, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch Git, Ant, Maven, Linux, Firebase, REST, SOAP, WebServices, RabbitMQ, SVN, Jenkins

Android Architecture Components, Android Data Binding Library, Android SDK, Google maps, Gradle, Java SE/EE, material design, Node.js, Oracle SQL, REST API, SQLite, Dagger 2, EventBus, kotlin, Retrofit, Swift, RxJava

I have 7+ years experience in IT industry as a software developer (Android, Java, Node.js). I successfully worked in USA on-site for half a year, worked in distributed teams and have experience of a remote job with english-speaking colleagues. I consider myself as goal-oriented, self-organized person.

I'm looking for long-term remote job as Android developer. Most interested in development of complex native apps.


Программист 🔥

kiev, har'kov, dnepr, odessa · $1500 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Я разработчик с/С++/embedded с опытом 5+. Мною, как лидером команды, реализованы проекты: - серия (6 типов устройств) IP телефонов промышленного исполнения для диспетчерской громкоговорящей связи. В основе устройств SIP с использованием библиотек pjsip для Linux, а также обработка звука (эхокомпенсация) на DSP TMS320C55xx. - комплекс позиционирования персонала для угольных шахт. Для реализации проекта применялись радио технологии на основе ZigBee. Имею опыт разработки баз данных MS SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite. Иною реализованы БД для упомянутого комплекса позиционирования, а так же для биллинговой системы УПАТС "Coral". Кроме того, как главный инженер, я не только активно участвовал в разработке, но также отвечал за производство и внедрение этих и других продуктов компании.

C ++ , C , C / C ++ , Embedded , Linux, Visual Studio, Multithreading

В последнее время много работаю с: - SIP устройства на основе одноплатных PC: OrangePI, RaspberryPI. - Обработка звука на DSP типа 320C5535. - Трансиверы точного определения расстояний DW1000.


Digital Marketing, SMM/ASO/SEO/PPC Specialist

dnepr, kiev, odessa, har'kov, l'vov · $1800 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

— Комплексное SMM; — Разработка контент-плана, формирование стратегии продвижения; — Работа с лидерами мнений, видеоблогерами, закупка тематических постов, статей, анализ трафика; — Техническая и визуальная оптимизация страниц приложений в App Store, Google Play Store; — Запуск рекламных кампаний в Instagram, myTarget, Facebook, Google Adwords, Yandex Direct; — Работа с метриками; — Разработка landing pages, лидогенерация, создание PPC -кампаний. SMM, SEO, PPC, ASO, Adobe Photoshop, A/B Testing, PR Content, E-mail Marketing, Web - development (CRM systems), Landing Page optimization, Targeting, Jira/Trello, UI/ UX optimization, Project planning and delivery, Team Building and Facilitation, User testing optimization for lead generation

Digital marketing, SMM, Targeting, User testing, optimization for lead gene, A/B testing, aso, Digital Analytics, Google Analytics, Jira/Trello, Landing page optimization, PPC, Project planning and delivery, UI/ UX optimization, E-mail marketing, HTML, SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing, google adwords, Web Analytics, PR, Marketing Budget Planning, Targeted advertising

More than 7 years in the positions of Digital Marketing Specialist in IT-companies. Создал wap - сайт с ежедневным трафиком в 75 000 уникальных посетителей и 2 000 000 хостов, а также банерообменую сеть с 2 000 000 показов внутри сети, которые успешно продал более чем за $100 000.

Открыт для интересных и масштабных проектов.


CTO / R&D Director 

dnepr, kiev · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced and passionate manager is looking for a project concerned with FinTech, RegTech, Statistical or HealthCare domains. Hiring and organizing teams up to 60 FTE. Setting up SAFe based processes. Technical decisions. Preparing a solution design. Presale, upsale. Managing software development team/company. Looking forward to communicate with you and your company!

Test Driven Development, Quality Assurance, Agile, Domain Driven Design, JSON, MySQL, People management, Product management, Project Management, RDBMS, REST, REST API, RUP, SDLC, software requirements specification, System Analysis, UML, XML, banking, Confluence, cqrs, Jira, Microservices, MyBatis, OOP, R&D, Solution Design, TDD, CX Design, Git, Maven, PostgreSQL, Scrum, Spring Boot, Java SE

More than 100 successful projects were done since 2008

R&D is preferable

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