18 May

Business Analyst/Product Owner

dnipro, lviv, remote · $2500 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

o Requirements elicitation and requirements management, work on user stories and acceptance criteria based on user’s needs, technologies, best UX practices; o Knowledge of SDLC, planning and testing processes; o Work on technical documentation, test cases and technical reports; o Communication across the different teams: development, product and UI/UX, sales, high-level management teams in order to cope with the challenges and make the progress in project delivery; o Knowledge of project management methodologies and approaches (Agile: Scrum, Kanban; Waterfall, Lean approach); o Experience working with A/B, Multivariate and Personalization campaigns, behavioural targeting and web analytics using Maxymiser, VWO, Optimizely platforms; o Basic knowledge of web technologies (HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript); o Experience with CMS (Wordpress with WooCommerce); o Work on wireframes, low-fidelity mockups and prototypes with Sketch and Balsamiq, user journeys and user journey maps; o UML diagrams creation: data flow, class diagrams, activity diagrams as well as work on mind maps, organisational charts, RACI matrix, SWOT analysis of the business cases; o Work on reports based on data from web analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manger, AdobeAnalytics).

Product management, Project Management, Business Analysis

Worked in cross-functional teams, have the experience in the client-facing role, meetings, requirements gathering process, workshops. Have provided the solutions for work on the products, faced with online conversion challenges and increased conversion rate based on improvements from web design, marketing, UX perspectives.

I'm looking for the projects where my skills and background are relevant. The opportunities to grow are highly desirable. Interested in remote work only.

14 May

Product Manager, QA 🔥

kiev, dnepr · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Summary: ● 7 years in IT in general ● 4 completed projects for last year as Product Manager ● 5 years of experience and 15+ web and mobile projects as QA Engineer ● 1.5 years of experience as QA Lead of the small team ● 1 year of experience as QA couch; 25% of students are working as QA Areas of expertise: Product management ● Use agile development practices (Scrum, Kanban) ​methodologies and tools ● Practicing the MVP approach and ​leading product development from concept to solution ● Preparing and maintaining the core development road map ● Writing user stories, grooming product backlog, prioritization of stories, tasks ● Coordinating the collection, description, analysis, and prioritization of feature requests and improvements from stakeholders ● Effective cooperation within all teams (Web, Mobile, Backend, QA, Design, Data-Science, Marketing, Support) and team players ● Performing testing procedures on relevant products ● Presentation of new products (demo) to other teams and stakeholders ● Post-production support, generating new features and logic creation ● Measuring metrics, investigation of impact and usage of this data for the upcoming features recommendation Quality assurance ● Requirements analyzing and reviewing; ● Creation and update of test documentation; ● Planning and performing testing; ● Web & Mobile (iOS, Android) testing; ● Closer cooperation with PO, PM, developers, and other QA; ● Leading QA staff (small team) ● QA couching.

Product management, QA management, Quality Assurance

As PM: ● released 4 projects for last year as Product Manager and now involved in post-production support, generating new features and logic creation. ● released projects helped to increase DAU, MAU and Customer Retention Rate of the ecosystem and decrease Churn Rate As QA: ● Successfully launched a number of features where I acted as owner or was responsible for the testing process ● Helped in implementing the idea of features ownership ● Increased level of loyalty from the development team to test engineers, as a result, QA get bigger influence on pre-planning stages ● Improved and simplified basic test documentation, so time on preparation was reduced, and the level of quality becomes higher ● Held open lectures for other QA teams regarding BE projects and specific functionality ● Provided suggestions regarding product lifecycle that were reviewed and implemented, to increase time on testing between releases and remove the excess load on QA engineers

Good Management Dream Team Interesting Project

13 May

Product manager

kiїv, dnіpro, l'vіv, harkіv · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Запустив більше 10 проектів на Український ринок в рамках аутсорсингової компанії. Найбільші з них мають більше 1М завантажень та високі показники дохідності. Опис проектів: Запускав мобільні додатки для великих українських компаній в сфері логістики, програм лояльності, маркет плейсів. Відповідав за процес створення та реалізації продукту від моменту збору бізнес вимог до момементу проектування наступних ітерацій за KPI та користувацькими відгуками. Процес роботи. Збір бізнес вимог, написання функціональних вимог, написання технічного завдання, поектування дизайну, проектування аналітики за KPI. Координував команду на всіх етапах розробки та створення продукту. Провів 20 "Дизайн спринтів" за методологією Дизайн мислення. Маю бізнес освіту в одній з провідних бізнес шкіл України. Проходив курс масштабуваня бізнесу в Chicago Business school. Зараз в пошуках проекту який би мені реально подобався, для віддаленої роботи.

Product management, Business Analysis, Team management, User Experience, Product research, Marketing, Prototype, User Interface, Product Development, Communication, Comminication, problem-solving skills, Requirements analysis/clarification, Analysis, Design & Prototyping, Sprint Planing, mobile design, Mobile App Product Launch Management, Mobile Analytics, Product Design, Lean Product Management, Developing cases for new Products/Features

Запустив новий мобільний додаток для програми лояльності Української компанії - збільшив ретеншин у 4 рази. Показники дохідності у 8 разів.

Цікавий проект, на якому можу застосувати весь свій досвід на повну. Так як собаку зїв на проектуванні мобільних додатків для різного роду бізнесу. Цікавить маленькі команди, продуктових чи аутсорсингових компаній, які хочуть запустити насправді величний та амбітний продукт.

13 May

Program / PMO Manager / Delivery Director 

dnipro, remote · $4500 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Summary Project manager with over 9 years of experience in driving projects in teams from 4 to 183 people, across different markets (non-IT: construction, pipe production, FMCG; IT: Retail, Banking, Insurance, non-profit, government, etc.) and clients type (from startup to Fortune 500). In project management I use PMI framework and Scaled Agile Framework. In people management - TTI Success Insights: DISC, PIAV and Social Intelligence instruments. I believe in: - power of Agility to unleash people full potential - power of common sense to drive communications and manage stakeholders - power of motivated and self-organized team to develop the best products - power of servant leadership, coaching and mentoring to drive Agile philosophy, common sense, motivated and awesome teams to build the best products. Experience Delivery Director / Head of PMO at RubyGarage (Jul 2018 – now) Managing a team of 12 project managers. Create a company project management framework. Managing delivery of an average of 15 projects. Co-founder at Admiral ltd (Aug 2017 – now) Program Manager at Eleks (Dec 2016 – Sep 2017) Managing program of implementation of ERP solution. Client is Marks, a retail part of CanadianTire business. Team of 35 people (PM, BA, Leads, Dev, QA, QC, other). Managing project of developing and supporting one of the world leading LCMS. Team of 15 people (PM, BA, Leads, Dev, QA, QC, other). Coaching, training and mentoring project managers from non related projects. Program Manager at Zaelab (May 2016 – Dec 2016) Managing two ecommerce projects for General Electrics. Total team is 16 people. Project Manager at Maxymiser (Dec 2013 – Jun 2016) Managing 19 projects: Managing a team of 15 people: split across 3 locations (UK, DACH, UA). Project Manager at SVA Group Ltd (Dec 2010 - Nov 2013) Building outsource department from scratch. Managing various projects for clients from UK. Managing teams up to 183 people, split across 2 counties and multiple locations. Successfully implemented Agile Scrum methodology. Senior Consultant / Lead of Business planning group at SVA Group Ltd (March 2010 - June 2012)

Negotiations, People management, Project Management, Result oriented, PMP

Профессиональный рост

11 May

Project director / CTO

dnepr, kiev, har'kov. · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

PMP, CSM, MCP, MCSD, MCAD. Project and program management, processes setup. People management, budgeting and KPI setup. Company IT strategy development, Portfolio management.

POrtfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, Project management professional, Scrum master, Operational management, Business Analysis, Lean Six Sigma

Successful management of development Center, 200+ FTE. Development and implementation of personal assessment methodology, creation of processes to establish an incubator for projects and startups. Successful launching LSS approach to optimize developing processes.

Looking for CTO, managing director or similar VP positions in IT.

11 May

Project Manager

zaporozh'e, dnepr, dnepropetrovsk, kiev · $1500 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

May 2016 – Oct 2018, 2 yrs 6 mos Founder at webbee.pro Web design and development. We provide best quality to our clients. PHP: Wordpress, Yii2, Symfony. Custom microservice architecture solutions JS: AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS MySQL, PostgreSQL CSS, HTML Nov 2014 – Present Project Manager at Upwork I help my clients to transform their business from idea to working solution. Together we will work through every step and aspect of your business and find the best ways to achieve target goals. English level - Upper Intermediate. Can communicate with clients and solve issues.

Product management, Agile, Business Analytics, Jira, Project Management, Startups, Scrum

Founded webbee.pro - web development studio. I have "founder thinking". Understand founders and top management even better than employees, because I was in the same shoes. I think about companies profit and growth rather than just about how much you pay me.

I am here to show my skills and become a top manager. "Make your company grow and the company will pay you back."

8 May

Product manager / Product owner

kiev, odessa, har'kov, dnepr, l'vov · $1000 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Team management, English, Communication, project planning, time management, Jira/Confluence, own business, self-organization

Project Management, Team management, Scrum, Agile, Product management, Communication, Team leading, Jira, SQL

I have the ability to easily communicate with different people, cause I realized all people are unique and I not try to hear what I want to hear, but what they try to say me. I adore communication with new people (really) and always try hard to reach my goals.

In several words: I have a lot of energy and want to transform it into really great results for me, my team and my company.

7 May

Product Manager, Product Owner

dnepr, Ukraine · $3000 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

My passion is helping business to make their digital products. From an idea to an MVP, from an MVP to strong business. I’m lean enthusiast. My specialization is business automation, E-commerce, Retail, Messengers and so on. I've been doing this for the last 8 years in different roles. - I developed strategies for market entry projects. - I was responsible for the design implementation. - I performed verification of product hypotheses, problem interviews. - I did business analytics. - I am strong in sales and digital marketing I created 3 projects from idea to successful sold as a product manager, and more than 30, like project manager.

Product management, Team management, Marketing, User Experience , Google Analytics, Business development, Business Analysis, Technical background, Prototype, User Interface, Digital marketing, Project Management, Product Development, User Experience

I have 4 areas of expertise (8 years IT experience: CEO, Product/Project management, UX/UI art director): 1. Operations management. Because I was CEO (one and a half years) at outsource company with more than 30 employees. Built processes, standardized it and managed the team. 2. Digital marketing. For 1.5 years of my work like CEO: growth of leads in the company 300% (over 200 per month B2B leads from company site and other ways). I creating and using a digital marketing plan to support digital transformation and company growth. 3. Project management. I managed project teams from 5 to 10 people (5 years). I provided customers with the product and technical expertise. I did projects ordered from the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Methodology of project management: scrum, kanban, waterfall, xp, lean practices. Android, iOS and web development (term of the project is more than a year). 4. Strong UX/UI expertise in mobile and web app. I was 2 years art director in outsource company. Guidelines, user's portrait, customer interviews, A/B tests and awesome UI - my strong point.

- Not an outsourcing company - Office in Dnipro with a team of experts

7 May

Product manager, Startup analyst, Growth hacker

dnepr, l'vov, kiev, har'kov, odessa · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Marketing strategy Unit economics Theory of Constraints (TOC) Social marketing Web marketing strategy ICO investing Мани-менеджмент Business planning BPMN CJM Backlog Grooming UI/UX design Wareframes design Mockups creating Programs: Amplitude Axure Balsamiq Marvel Jira Trello Bitrix Google Analytics Yandex.Metrika DevtoDev Product Management (2 года опыта) Средний, использую в настоящее время. Анализ перспективности startup проектов (3 года опыта) Эксперт, использую в настоящее время. Расчет экономики проекта (unit-economics) (3 года опыта) Эксперт, использую в настоящее время. Маркетинговая стратегия (2 год опыта) Эксперт, использую в настоящее время. Бизнес-планирование (2 года опыта) Эксперт, использую в настоящее время. Проектирование и внедрение оптимальных моделей монетизаций (2 года опыта) Эксперт, использую в настоящее время. Growth hacking (2 года опыта) Эксперт, использую в настоящее время. Исследование и анализ рынков (2 года опыта) Эксперт, использовал год назад. Анализ конкурентов (2 года опыта) Эксперт, использую в настоящее время. Customer Development, Lean startup (2 года опыта) Эксперт, использую в настоящее время. Инвестирование в криптопроекты (ICO, майнинг-фермы) (полгода опыта) Эксперт, использовал год назад. Amplitude, Google Analytics, Яндекс Метрика (1 год опыта) Средний, использовал год назад. Арбитраж трафика (1 год опыта) Средний, 1 год назад. Customer Experience, UX (1 год опыта) Средний, использую в настоящее время. Теория ограничений (TOC) (1 год опыта) Средний, использую в настоящее время. Алгоритм ранжирования Amazon, BSR (полгода опыта) Средний, использовал пол года назад

Growth Hacking, Анализ конкурентов, Бизнес-планирование, Расчет unit economics, Product management, Бизнес-архитектура, Инвестирование в ICO, Исследование и анализ рынков, Маркетинг, Расчет моделей монетизации, Сustomer journey map, Создание криптоферм, Customer development , Арбитраж трафика, Определение доходов конкурентов, Теория ограничений (TOC), Google Analytics, Яндекс Метрика

На данный момент идет работа над проектом: - Фриланс биржа для рынка US Построены маркетинговые стратегии и тактики. Рассчитаны unit-экономики и бизнес-модели для шести компаний. Реализованный проект: Adspoiler.com

Получение должности Product manager, Startup Analyst, Growth Hacker, с целью развития компании. Создание и продвижение нового успешного продукта, реализация имеющихся знаний, способностей и опыта.

6 May

Project Manager

dnepr, kiev · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

VR, 360 videos, Drones, 3d scanning, Product Management, Project Management, Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban), Waterfall, RUP, Team Management, Team Leadership. Certified Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance) 5 years experienced in the IT industry, success in all phases of diverse projects, result-oriented, focused on success and attentive to details. Specialties: - Product development from conception to launch (Mobile/desctop apps, web) - Requirements Analysis - Mobile/Web usability, UX - VR - 360 - Web applications

360, Project Management, RUP, VR, Waterfall, Android, Agile, Scrum, Unity3D, Kanban

As a project manager launched several complex products: - mobile fast implementation game platform (about 300k income); - analytic platform for mobile advertisement platform (later became the part of the game platform); - About 200 success mobile games developed (abot 500k Income); - Launch of VR.kyivstar - Launch of VRZoo dubai project

Interesting projects, Friendly environment, Professional growth

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