14 October

.NET developer 🔥

Prague, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Tallin, Moscow, Kyiv · $3500 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

- C # - Developed a variety of desktop applications (WPF, WinForms), including multi-threaded, applications working with databases; - SQL - Worked on development of client-server applications using MS SQL Server; - VBA - I have experience in develop modules for MS Office - JS - I have some experience, continue learning Have experience in designing and developing databases based on MS SQL Server 2014/2012 / 2008.R2 / T-SQL (stored procedures, functions, triggers, views) for financial, commercial, medical and other tasks. Good experience parsing code. Ability to translate the client's desire into code. Now I am working on high-load financial project, based on service architecture, as one of lead developers.

C#, .NET, WPF, SQL, WinForms, Windows, MSSQL, MS SQL Server, OOP, LINQ, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Entity Framework, JIRA, Confluence, NHibernate, JavaScript, Git, Jenkins, HTML

Developed a system, that allows employees to search for pharmacies on the map that have purchased certain drugs, for subsequent analysis of sales and employees performance.

I am here to find a job, which one can help me to get more application development experience, meet interesting people, learn new features

12 October

C++\C# Junior Developer

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Moscow, Saint Petersburg · $400 · Less than a year of experience · Upper Intermediate

I practiced in research and production company starting from february and finished on June 10 year 2019. I've got honorary diploma because of successfully implemented tasks. I worked with creating program modules for the enterprise using C#, html, JavaScript, CSS.

C++, C#, Visual Studio, MySQL, Java, OOP/OOD, SQL, Windows, CSS, HTML

Successfully had been developed programs modules for the enterprise where I have practised.

I expect to work with VS 2017/2019 using mostly c# programming language.

9 October

Системный программист 

Remote work, Russia · $8000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

In IT — from 2000 year and software developer from 2006 year. Expert in Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, ARM beginner; Expert in Forth - DSL, web, OpenGL; C#, Asm, JavaScript, JQuery, Html/Html5, CSS/CSS3, Lua, SQL, VB, Python; beginner: VHDL(FPGA), PHP, С/С++, Haskell, RoR; Desktop develop - Windows, Linux, OSX. Node-webkit/nwjs, node.js, kiosk applications; helpdesk Photoshop, Inkscape, Blender 3D, Inventor 3D, Redmine, Zabbix, FreeNAS. http://brainstorage.me/VoidVolker/portfolio

C#, CSS3, forth, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, nwjs, Redmine, WinForms, Adobe Photoshop, Assembler, Blender3d, Linux, MeteorJs, FreeBSD, Inventor3D, OpenGL, webgl, Python, C++, Lua

Админил Win, строил станции спутниковой связи, работал с лазерами и системами управления лазерами. Отличный тестер. Пишу ПО в основном под Windows/Linux/OSX, есть несколько кросплатформенных проектов. Киоск-магазин через REST API (win/nix). Есть опыт ведения полного цикла разработки ПО. Разработчик плагинов для nnCron. С компьютерами более 19 лет, программирую более 13 лет.

Хочу работать в интересном и амбициозном или даже безумном проекте. Было бы интересно попробовать себя в качестве тимлида. Очень заинтересован в получении новых знаний и опыта, в т.ч. в наукоемких областях.

1 October

Разработчик C#

Remote work, Russia · $5500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Thank you for visiting my profile! I am passionate .NET programmer from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. My city has quite a small number of sunny days in summer and very frosty winter, so I have plenty of time to sit at my computer and either code something, or learn new things in programming world. I have been working since 1999, that make me 15 years experience in IT industry. But I think that my profesional carrier started at 2004 with my first coding for a commercial project. Since then I learned different programming languages like Pascal, C/C++, Lua and finally in 2006 I got my hands on C#. That year I fall in love with this language, and I decided to specialize in C# and .NET stack.

.NET, C#, NHibernate, OOP, WPF, asp.net mvc, Entity Framework, LINQ, Ruby on Rails

18 September

Senior .Net Developer, Team/Tech Lead, Architect 

Remote work, Russia · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced .Net developer. 19+ years as an IT professional Best skills in: C#, ASP.Net, WebAPI, MVC, WCF, Web Forms, REST, SOAP, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, Qlickview, Silverlight

C#, C/C++, QlikView, SOAP, WCF, WebServices, Angular.js, JavaScript, AWS, Azure, Microservices, .NET, Entity Framework, Git, .Net Core 2, Knockout.js, OOP/OOD/SOLID, Design Patterns, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, JSON, TDD, DDD, jQuery, .NET Core, REST API, LINQ, ASP.NET, MSSQL, SOLID, MVC, WPF, T-SQL, GIT, SOA, OOP, Redis

Some achievements 1) In the role of a technical leader and architect, I developed from scratch a system for collecting, converting and analyzing the signaling traffic of mobile operators. The database size grows was around 1 TB data in month. Used tools: Graylog, Jenkins and Python scripts. First release for users was ready in three months. 2) Project: off-exchange trading registry In role of team lead have managed and developed new project from scratch for registration for off-exchange trading. Project is web based powered by ASP.NET MVC + WebApi and MongoDB as a storage. All important actions doing by users are signed with GOST certificate. Time from specification to production: 2 month. Team size: 3 developer + 2 QA 3) For last 5 years interviewed more than 100 specialists, hired around 15

Looking for a nice growing company, new interesting (live) projects, where I have a real-world impact and open up new horizons for business and users.

17 September


Moscow, St. Petersburg · $1400 · 1 year of experience · Intermediate

I have one year experience in commercial software development using blockchain technology. My stack of technologies includes C#, .Net core, Solidity, MS SQL Server, Аngular 5+. I have knowledge of OOP, OOD, SOLID principles; of algorithms and data structures; of SQL and ability to work with databases, also have a good understanding of cryptocurrences. The biggest projects in which I participated are the cryptocurrency exchange and investment index fund. I was working as a full stack developer. Also, I have an experience in machine learning: I know the AI algorithms and have implemented several of them for text and shapes recognition.

C#, .NET, CSS, HTML, Angular.js, GIT, Bootstrap, SQL, Solidity, Machine learning, Entity Framework, LINQ, SOLID

I want to work on interesting projects with professional and friendly teammates. Always ready for new challenges. Opportnity of professional grouth is important for me.

14 September

Разработчик документооборота, управленческих систем

$100 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

WinForms (С#) ASP.NET SQL (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL) HTML, JavaScript

HTML, JavaScript

Множество реализованных проектов, CMS. Собственное ноу-хау для быстрого прототипирования и разработки.

Сложные задачи. Документооборот, управленческие системы, учётные системы, системы отчётности.

13 September

Lead .Net Developer

Remote work, Russia · $4500 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

C#, Entity Framework, ASP.NET CORE, .NET, REST API, Git, JavaScript, SQL, LINQ, OOP, Docker

22 August

Разработчик .NET

Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg · $500 · 2 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Оптимизатор бизнес-процессов. Совместная с руководством и сотрудниками оптимизация алгоритмов предоставления агентских услуг. Автоматизация эти алгоритмов. Составление шаблонов отчётов. Консультация сотрудников по правильной работе в BPM-системе.

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL, OOP, MVC, asp.net mvc