23 января

Golang Developer

Санкт Петербург · $2700 · 7 лет опыта · Intermediate

Hello! I am 7+ years experienced software engineer. Currently in love with Golang Have a good knowledge of Ruby & Ruby On Rails I'm experienced in blockchain, fintech, adtech.

Golang, PostgreSQL, Docker, Linux, go, REST API, Microservices, Kubernetes

I'm a part of the top 10% Stack Overflow answerers in Golang tag.

Looking for challenging, intellectually stimulating development work .

22 января

Senior Software Engineer

Санкт Петербург, Berlin, London, EU, USA, Canada, Россия · $3000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

My work experience consists of - building several hotel property management systems - working in large teams on corporate projects - working with popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel Symfony Yii CodeIgniter - working with python perl and go

PHP, MySQL, Git, OOP, JavaScript, Linux, MVC, Laravel, REST API, Docker, SOLID, Nginx, Redis, Symfony, Yii2, PostgreSQL, PHP7

Building projects from scratch and seeing them grow and be successful

I enjoy working in teams on large projects

21 января

Backend Developer

Saint Petersburg · $6000 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Linux, MySQL, Maven, spark, Hadoop, docker, Git, Oracle, Scala, Java, bash, Ruby, PostgreSQL

bash, docker, Git, Hadoop, Java, Linux, Maven, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Scala, Spark, Ruby on Rails, Kotlin, Golang, Kafka, Redis, RSpec

On my previous job I developed several projects which I very proud: - Continue watching system for video streaming platform: From the very beginning I myself analyzed and thought out a system for storing and processing time stamps that contain information on the time each video was viewed by users on the platform. I thought about how to store these timestamps and in which of the database. How to transfer information to frontend clients. How to make the system resistant to high loads and to make it so it was easily to develop by other developers. - On another project, we started split the monolith into microservices. I integrated Apache Kafka into the system to synchronize part of the information through the kafka. It was error sensitive information that could not be lost, that's why we use Kafka instead http. Also If we used http we ddos our own system. This system began to be used by other projects in this company. and more interesting projects...:)

Looking for interesting projects, challenging task, new opportunity, various language and various technologies. Always wondering to develop big distributed application.

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