CTO / Team Lead; Node.js, Angular, React Full Stack developer

Remote work, Russia · $6500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

More than 15 years of developing web, mobile applications. I have experience in business analysis, project management. Able to pick up input like 'I need something like this', as questions, and provide a fully working, scalable, bug-free system as the output. Technical expertise: Back-end: Node.js: Express.js, Sails.js, Nest.js; PHP: Yii2 Front-end: Angular.JS, React.JS, Gatsby.JS, Next.js Authentication & Authorization: Auth0, Keycloak, OAuth Messaging & data-exchange: REST, GraphQL, Websockets, Centrifugo server APIs: Facebook Graph API, Facebook Marketing API, Google AdWords API, Google Analytics, Twitter, Stripe CMS: WordPress, Strapi Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis (including large 300-500GB databases) Expert in DevOps high availability, scalable, zero downtime deployment with Ubuntu / Docker stack Expert in payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal, Braintree.

Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, REST API, TypeScript, Express.js, MySQL, Redis, Linux, AWS, NodeJS, React, SQL, Mongoose, RabbitMQ, GraphQL, Nest.js, Unix,, PHP, AJAX, Git, Docker, Express, Backend

26 March

CTO, Solution Architect, Team Lead (Blockchain, Fintech)

Saint Petersburg · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Blockchain development, crypto-exchanges development, payment processing development.

.NET, C#, Exchanges, Bitcoin, MS SQL Server, REST API, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, ReactJS, Redis, Solidity, TypeScrypt, Cassandra, Project Management, Leading teams, Architect, Architecture, Micro-service architecture, Microservices, Blockchain, Crypto, Solution Architecture, Problem solving, Solution Design, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core MVC, ASP.NET WEB API, Finance Domain, Financial services, Fintech, Git, Linux, Docker, Scrum, Product management

For three weeks I have created a full-fledged product, which according to industry norms takes 3 months.

New technologies

25 March

Project/Program Manager/Consultant

Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Berlin, USA, Canada, Amsterdam · $6500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

A result-oriented manager/lead with solid programming skills, requirement management, and team leadership experience. Able to prioritize tasks and demonstrate problem-solving skills. Able to speak with both business and technicians. Major activities: • Providing full-cycle SDLC consulting to the clients • Setting up transparent & manageable processes • Building the successful teams for both technical/non-technical clients • Account/Program/Initiative development Current employer: international software development company with 10+ offices worldwide Experience highlights: • Successful project management of projects and programs (+$5m budget) • Leading of multiple distributed teams (overall teams size is up to 30 people, SME, team leads, business analysts, designers, developers, QA, DevOps); • Leading discovery/solution design phases both onsite and offsite; • Effective communications at all levels with clients in US, Switzerland, UK; • Leading pre-sales activities; • Project transparency on operational and executive levels; • Expectations management for the stakeholders and the team. Tech background • .NET, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Java, JavaScript, SQL • Selenium, NUnit • Git, TeamCity, Jira, Confluence, TestRail • Continuous integration, test-driven development, fast production lifecycle, algorithms & data structures Education • Master's degree in math & computer science Certificates: • PMP • Program and portfolio management (ICP-PPM) • MCP

Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Team management, Jira, Kanban, English, Communication, Confluence, SDLC, Negotiation, Waterfall, Business Analysis, project planning, People management, Relationship management, Product Development, solution design, Team Leadership, expectation management, Product management

• Top #1 account (by gross margin) in company division in 2018 • Top #2 account (by gross income) in company division (2016-2018) • Удалось поработать и с госсектором, и с бизнесом в России и по всему миру • Десятки завершенных проектов • Могу построить команду для разных проектов: - технический/нетехнический клиент - один человек со стороны клиента или целая команда - гибкость управления скоупом/неясные требования + прозрачный управляемый бюджет - ответственность за программу/проект с момента первого контакта и до окончания поддержки • Могу работать с неопределенностью, когда непонятно, чего хочет клиент • Верю, что IT меняет мир, бизнес и людей, а проблемы - это новые возможности

• Bring life to new initiatives, changing the way company works • Concentrate on accounts/programs/product development rather than project management duties within a development team (ideally, cooperating with project managers, project assistants, architects, team leads, etc.) Буду рад обсудить вашу ситуацию

18 March

Lead .Net Developer, Team/Tech Lead, Architect, CTO 

Remote work, Russia · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced .Net developer. 20+ years as an IT professional (c/c++ 7 years, .net 14 year) Best skills in: C#, .Net Core, ASP, WebAPI, MVC, WCF, Web Forms, REST, SOAP, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, Qlickview, Silverlight

C#, C/C++, QlikView, SOAP, WCF, WebServices, Angular.js, JavaScript, AWS, Azure, Microservices, .NET, Entity Framework, Git, .Net Core 2, Knockout.js, OOP/OOD/SOLID, Design Patterns, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, JSON, TDD, DDD, jQuery, .NET Core, REST API, LINQ, ASP.NET, MSSQL, SOLID, MVC, WPF, T-SQL, GIT, SOA, OOP, Redis

Was working in multiple roles, from senior developer to director of the branch. Some achievements 1) In the role of a technical leader and architect, I developed from scratch a system for collecting, converting and analysing the singling traffic of mobile operators. The database size grows was around 1 TB data in month. Used tools: Graylog (elastic search backend, mongo db) , Jenkins and Python scripts. First release for endusers was ready in three months. 2) Project: OTC Trade Register In the role of team leader, he organised and developed a new project from scratch for registration on over-the-counter trading. The project is based on ASP.NET MVC + WebApi and MongoDB web technologies as storage. All important user actions are signed by GOST certificate (analogue of PCA). Time from specification to production: 2 months. Team Size: 3 Developers + 2 QA 3) Participate in interviewing and hiring new developers. For last 5 years interviewed more than 100 specialists, was hired around 15

Looking for a nice growing company, preferred start-up, new interesting (live) projects, where I have a real-world impact and open up new horizons for business and users. Would like to work remotely (office only in case relocation to Europe)

17 March

QA Director

St. Petersburg · $4000 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

QA Director, Lead QA, Automation QA TeamLead.

Performance QA, Quality Assurance (QA), Jira, Manual Testing (QA), Confluence, Agile

Организовал и развил тестирование производительности в AAA Mmorpg. Плотно интегрировал отдел с разработкой и Manual QA. Проект вышел в релиз с лучшей производительностью, чем у основного продукта. Успешно собрал команду автотестирования из разрозненных сотрудников на разных направлениях, избавился от узких мест в инфраструктуре автотестирования. Провел несколько обучений для команды по методологии и процессам QA. Обучил лидов внутри своего направления и выстроил процесс максимально автономно. Успешно руковожу командой 100+ тестировщиков. Занимаю должность директора по качеству в компании которая разрабатывает и издаёт мобильные игры.

Профессиональный рост.

10 March

CTO/Product owner

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Los-Angeles · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

September 2018 - Current Data science manager/Project manager Development of artificial intelligence systems for data analysis and blockchain solutions for a running business. Supervising development from the development of initial requirements, technical specifications to the implementation directly into the business We used: Creating Intermediate SQL Queries Working with CLI Python programming Data analytics with NumPy, SciPy for comparative statistics, for manipulation and analysis of Pandas, Visualization with Matplotlib Scikit-Learn for building models Independently take courses on Coursera in deep learning and areas of its application Car Detection, Art Generation, Facial Recognition AB testing implementation In general, I went deeper into the blockchain / artifical intelligence field. CTO January 2016 - September 2018 CTO - Designing application architecture in collaboration with backend lead - Choice of technology stack - Selection of tools for developing, planning and managing processes - Team work control (60 people) - Planning development tasks - Task setting team - Writing technical documentation - Coordination of work with business owners - Technical team consultation - Estimation of deadlines for performing tasks - Conduct interviews for Android developer / iOS developer / Backend developer / DevOps / PM / QA / Analytics / System engineer - Conducting ICO, all blockchain operations (ETH / BTC / BCH / DASH / LTC etc) - Creating your own cryptocurrency - Interaction with third-party vendors in diverse areas Have a great experience in the field of DevOps Backend and directly managerial functions Task tracking in JIRA CI / CD Jenkins / Bamboo Stack MongoDB Redis RabbitMQ Docker Kubernetes etc January 2014 - December 2015 PM Full project supervision January 2013 - January 2014 Backend lead developer Programming on Node.js, framework express, DB MongoDB May 2012 - January 2013 Backend developer PHP-coding

AWS, Jira, MongoDB, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Redis, Git, MySQL, Python, Product management, Project Management, Docker, Technical Writing, JavaScript, Scrum, PostgreSQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Communication Skills, computer vision, BlockChain, REST API, OOP, RPC

Created a team from scratch Created the architecture with the team Out in production with the finished product Held ICO from start to finish Engaged mostly backend / devops but also closely interacted with client teams

Interesting project, strong adequate team and leadership

6 March

Swift Developer, Teamlead, CTO 

Moscow, St. Petersburg · $7000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

CTO, .NET, Xamarin, Swift

iOS, Swift, Android

As you will see from attached resume, I’ve had an experience in various roles, errands and challenges, ranging from software developer to CTO In addition to having a proven ability to provide senior leadership in establishing IT strategy, I embody ideas easily, taking into account the views of my team. To keep abreast of new developments and ideas, I'm visiting the SLUSH Conference in Helsinki annually, and WWDC in 2019. Key strengths including knowledge of architecture of iOS and Android, backend and understanding of both building up and managing a team, insure the successful and efficient functioning of mobile engineering process. For confirmation I had a successful experience in CoinKeeper, all the rates of which my team and me have been increasing by 30% steadily. I’m strongly believe in TDD, SOLID and Clean architecture.

I want to participate in a projects willing to make difference in the world. I love people and good, tasty code.

27 February

Системный архитектор / Функциональный архитектор / ИТ архитектор предприятия

Krasnodar, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Novosibirsk, Voronezh · $2300 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

5 лет был разработчиком, 5 лет работал системным аналитиком, запустил множество проектов в ритейле (АО Магнит внутренние продукты, мобильная разработка, веб-разработка) выполнял полный цикл анализа от исследования предметной области до написания ТЗ и проектирования архитектуры решения.

REST API, SQL, C#, Redis, YAML, BPMN, UML, SOAP, Scrum, Проектирование, Архитектура

Спроектированное мной пилотное решение для 50 аптек, Магнит масштабировал уже на 1000 объектов. При разработке решения опирался на понимание недостатков процессов компании (любовь к запуску пилотных решений в прод), странный выбор 1С в качестве высоконагруженной WMS (тут от меня ничего не зависело) в подборе стека технологий исходил из свободных ресурсов разработки.

Лучше всего себя показываю на предпроектном исследовании и проектировании систем в сферах клиент/серверной мобильной разработки, разработке микросервисной архитектуры, исследовании ИТ ландшафта предприятия и поиске наиболее эффективных решений бизнес-задач.

19 February

System Architect/VP of Engineering/CTO/Head of Infrastructure

St. Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin, London · $7500 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

DevOps, Clouds, CI/CD, Architect, Leadership

Amazon Web Services, bash, Bosh, DevOps, PCF, Linux, PostgreSQL, Python, Clojure, Golang, k8s

I have been working for infrastructure over ten years with short interruptions for backend-development and functional programming. I was creating engineering teams in Kyiv and Saint-Petersburg and spending the last three years for more over 100 technical and management interviews. I hired, fired and motivated people. I've seen and huge enterprise companies and small startups. Worked in class A+ offices with a dress code and remotely from home. I was crafting cloud systems from scratch and improved different legacy systems. I was programming Bash, Perl, Python, Clojure, Scala, Nodejs, Golang. Now I'm in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and 29 years old. I'm burning out in an outsourcing company. I wish something to proud of I'm doing. For current employment, I'm doing infrastructure, improving infrastructure and consulting how to do an infrastructure better. The last project related to DataIngestion, so I'm working with data and developing some tooling with Scala and Python. I don't feel afraid of any job if I see the goal and sense. I don't love senseless movements and work-for-work. I love to deal with complicated things and learn fast. I don't like fanatics about tooling. I believe engineer is first, and Data, System or Software doesn't mean a lot. I have an opinion about team management, hate micromanagement, can understand I'm not right and proud of the team. Moreover, I'm joking near the coffee machine.

13 February

Experienced Ruby, Elixir, Clojure and Rust

Remote work, Russia · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have been engaged with computer science since childhood. The main part of the projects which I took part are various web services. Probably, the applications of some of them are installed in your smartphone. Backends on Ruby, Clojure and Erlang/Elixir. Have production experience with Rust for micro-services. Databases: PostgreSQL mainly, Redis, RethinkDB, Elastic, Neo4j. Variety of frontend technologies, personally I prefer Elm or ClojureScript. Or even better - do not make complex frontend and using something like fomkin/korolev, synrc/n2o, phoenix/liveview. Interested in low-level programming on C/C++, looking into the direction of Rust, Swift and Scala native. Have successful experience as a team leader, but I still prefer engineering work. One of my pet projects fully developed on Clojure ( only Clojure for everything, even for CSS ) still works like a clock in hands of the new non-technical owner who bought it from me. Photography is one of my hobbies. I experimenting with photogrammetry using OpenCV library. Image analyze and objects recognition is very interesting for me. I have a good sense of UI/UX. Everything I do looks nice and neat. I looking for complex problems with calculations, data analyze. I prefer companies with a flat hierarchy, independent employees who are able to cooperate decentralized for the benefit of the project. Micromanagement, Jira, daily scrums are my stop words. I am ready to work with new technology for myself. Anyway, every year I learn something new.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RSpec, PostgreSQL, React, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, OTP, C++, Git, Redis, MongoDB, Sinatra, OOP, REST API, OpenGL, Rust

Transfer of regular Rails application to API + Rich client SPA in few months. Gradually transfer IM backend from Rails+PG to Erlang+Riak right under high load without fuckups. Contribution to Clojure. My name sounded few times in some IT podcasts and videos of other developers. Work in world-famous projects from five different countries. Tasty cooking )

Small team, autonomy of engineers, not outsource, remote with regular IRL meetings.

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