Graphic UX/UI Designer

Kyiv, USA, Canada, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Saint Peterburg · $800 · 1 year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

WEB - Creating prototypes of web and mobile applications, corporate sites - Development of visual style concepts for products (UI) - Work with existing projects in a team with other designers - Inheritance of a ready-made website style - Creating a response for websites and web applications. Tablet and mobile versions GRAPHIC Logo and Corporate identity development; Printing products: Leaflets, Booklets, Postcards; Outdoor advertising: Posters, Banners, Billboards, Citylights;

Figma, Sketch, UI/UX, Illustrator, Graphic design, Photoshop, InVision, Prototyping, User Experience, Principle, Brand Identity, User Interface , WEB DESIGN, Product Design, User Interface, Responsive Design, Zeplin, mobile design, Prototype, English,

Hi, I'm Kirill! I like life as well as interfaces. I like to press buttons and I also like to draw them. I used to think of myself as a simple guy and would love to join a good, good-natured team. I will be happy to share my experience and continue to develop.


Node.js developer

St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kyiv · $500 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

1,3 года опыта Frontend разработки Основной проект: Разработка системы мониторинга бизнес процессов с построением различных графиков. Проект писался на стеке TypeScript/React/Redux/Redux-Saga и сопутствующей ее экосистеме Последнее время занимаюсь наставничеством стажеров. Также имею небольшой опыт построения серверных приложений. Koa, express, mongoDB Нацелен полностью перебраться на сторону backend разработки

JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript, NodeJS

Большой проект с новыми технологиями


Account manager/Community manager/Support manager

Remote work, Malta · $1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Community manager passionate about social networks, customer care with 2-years experience of developing strong, long-lasting relationships between the company and customers at the international fintech project. Duties: - Creating and publishing content on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube and others); - Advocating for the company and instant working with feedback (monitoring and managing the company's mentions, handling negative issues, complaints); - Moderating, editing and optimizing public pages on social media channels; - Developing brand awareness (organization of promotions, coordination of promo publications, developing a network of brand ambassadors, networking with potential partners); - Analyzing marketing campaigns in Google Analytics and Power BI. Support manager: - Communicating with customers in a timely and accurate way to fulfill their requests; - Identifying customer needs and helping customers to troubleshoot and use the service's features; - Analyzing and reporting product malfunctions to a product team; - Providing coherent and clear updates on tickets in different tools (Freshdesk & JIRA); - Working cross-functionally with the user, product, business development teams, and partners to resolve issues through issues analysis and problem management.

English, Jira, Social Media Marketing, SMM, Marketing, Google Analytics, CRM, Google Trends, Digital Marketing

Held 60+ successful promo-campaigns aimed to increase brand awareness and grow social network communities on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram. The total number of followers has increased by 30k. Ratings on review platforms were significantly increased from 3,2 to 8,8 points. (out of 10)

I am looking for a remote job related to customer care/social networks. Specifically interested in art and history.


Middle Java developer

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallin · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Currently working at: Technaxis, Kazan Position: Middle Java Developer Developing RESTful API for web applications on Spring Boot. Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, PostgreSQL, Flyway, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Logback, WebSockets, SockJS, Swagger, QueryDSL, Spring Cloud Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB Also: Docker, Docker Compose, Ansible Currently programming Siemens PLC PM-1207: Programming Languages: FBD, STL, SCL; used Java liraries: s7connector, moka7 Company: Foss Labs, Kazan Position: Software Engineer Developing back-end for web applications (MVC, REST API). Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Logback, WebSockets, SockJS, Swagger Databases: PostgreSQL Also: Docker, Docker Compose Company: ACI Worldwide Russia, Kazan Position: Associate Software Engineer — Participate in planning, designing, developing, testing and testing software systems or applications for software enhancements and new products — Participate in the researches and resolution of customer reported problems — Perform other duties as assigned — Understand and Adhere to all Corporate Policies to include but not limited to ACI Code of Ethics and Global Information Security

Spring, Java, Git, Hibernate, Maven, SQL, OOP, JUnit, REST API, JPA, JSON, REST, JDBC, Design Patterns, Spring Boot, Microservices, Linux, Java 8, SpringFox, aws lambda, Flyway

Написание REST API на Spring (Boot) последних версий, интересная бизнес-логика с оптимизацией запросов к БД на микросервисной архитектуре. Также хотелось бы взять на себя неую ответственность DevOps, поработать с Докером, Ansible. НЕ хотелось бы заниматься программированием PLC и прочих устройств с ограниченным количеством памяти :)

26 May

Head of Digital Marketing/Media buyer

Cankt Peterburg, Moscow · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Руководитель маркетингового отдела Набор сотрудников (менеджеров) и обучение Работа с CPA сетями Контроль работы менеджеров по рекламе Постоянный мониторинг рынка Постоянный контакт с программистами Запуск, настройка и ведение РК Google Adwords, Яндекс Директ, VK Закупка рекламы у блогеров на youtube (интеграции, прероллы) Работа с креативами Работа с лендингами Поиск новых каналов привлечения трафика Анализ эффективности всех каналов Контроль бюджета и отчетность

Digital marketing, Head of Digital Mark Media buyer, gambling, online gambling, casino

Работал более 3х лет в нише гэмблинга ( азартные игры) с рекламным оборотом 50 000$ в месяц. Основной трафик был с YouTube есть огромный опыт введение РК с блогерами ( работали на прямую, ну и выбивали скидки ) Очень хорошо все это окупается ROI с одной РК в среднем 150%. Именно с блогерами есть множество успешных кейсов. Искал cpa-сети для интеграции офферов под ревшару или плата за действие тоже есть успешные кейсы. Оптимизировал работу в срм системе для введение РК блогеров чтобы было проще закупать рекламу для менеджеров ну и все как на ладони) Участвовал в разработке лендингов давал конкретные ТЗ для программистов. Работал и оптимизировал РК в Google Ads/direct Facebook и таргет ВК.

26 May

Разработчик C#

St. Petersburg · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Jun 2018 – Nov 2019 .NET Software Engineer at EPAM, Prague, Czech Republic Financial Services Software Development Development and support of the ASP.NET Core microservices for Market Risk Integration Services. Developed a few services from scratch. Supported CI/CD pipeline for .Net Fw, developed new one for .Net Core based on TeamCity and Powershell. Apr 2016 - Jun 2018 .NET/Java Software Engineer at Luxoft, Krakow, Poland Financial Services Software Development Development and support of the ETL system for risk analytics platform. Improved integration process with upstream system and overall stability of the whole product. Actively participated in release activities. Sep 2015 - Jan 2016 Pega/Java Software Engineer at Sberbank, Moscow, Russia Banking Business Process Modeling Implemented BPM system for legal department with Pega BPM platform. Jan 2013 - Jul 2015 .NET Software Engineer at HILL30, Saint Petersburg, Russia Developed and improved multiple portals for AIM Specialty Health. Developed HRIS system for Tri City Foods. Jul 2011 - Jan 2013 .NET Software Engineer at Bell Integrator Moscow, Russia Billing Software Development Developed system for processing of network data and metrics evaluation for Beeline company. Managed to release new version of the product given without source code. Developed ETL system for Russian Railways.

.NET, Entity Framework, C#, REST API, Git, OOP, Microservices, MS SQL Server, MSSQL, Design Patterns, c#, jQuery, .Asp.Net Core, ASP.NET, TeamCity, PowerShell, .Net Core, ASP.NET Core

Supported system without sourse code. Worked 48 hours without sleep at release support.

Legacy is OK too.

26 May

Head Of Marketing

Moscow, Kyiv, Kharkiv, St. Petersburg · $1800 · 9 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Самое большое удовольствие приносит погружение в бизнес Клиента. Нравится принимать участие в проектах на уровне стратегии, находить точки роста, решать нестандартные задачи, углубляться в детали. Самая лучшая задача та, с которой не смогли справиться до меня другие специалисты. Набор основных навыков, которыми буду рад быть полезен Вашему бизнесу: 1. Увеличение конверсии сайта и отдела продаж 2. Построение сквозной аналитики 3. Разработка промо-акций и вывод новых продуктов на рынок 4. Разработка и реализация стратегии интернет-маркетинга 5. Улучшение Вашего бизнес-продукта - при необходимости собрать и руководить командой

Digital marketing, Google Analytics, Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, PPC, Web Analytics, Team management, Project Management, E-mail marketing, Lead generation, AdWords, PR, google adwords, Product management, SEO, SMM, Google AdWods, Google Analitics, Business Analysis, Adwords PPC, Marketing project management, таргетолог, SMO, Content Strategy, Product Marketing, PPC campaigns

а). Специализируюсь на тематиках или проектах, которые проваливаются по продажам и рентабельности и их нужно срочно вытянуть в плюс. б). Второй вид проектов которые ко мне заходят - пройти модрацию на нестандартных нишах (например микрокредиты, гробы\памятники и тп.) в). Третий вид проектов - увеличить конверсию, путем улучшения продукта. Нестандартные идеи, бизнес-аудит, креатив. Например: 1. В нише "Экстремальные полеты на самолетах" зарабатывать на отказных подарочных сертификатах 2. В нише по производству свадебных тортов - использовать муляжи декорации (которые потом возвращаются), чтобы снизить стоимость производства торта в два раза, без потери маржинальности 3. В нише по продаже паркетов и стеновых панелей - договориться с поставщиками для поставки чуть ниже качества ламината, для участия в тендерах (оказалось что паркет с сучками отбраковывают на производстве), но его можно купить в разы дешевле. Что оказалось большим конкурентным преимуществом при получении заказа с тендера.

26 May

3d modeler, vizualizer

St. Petersburg · $800 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

4 года работал в автоматизации промышленных предприятий. Занимался настрой SCADA систем. Параллельно как хобби изучал 3D моделирование в 3ds Max, пакет программных продуктов Adobe (After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator). Затекстурил несколько моделей в Substance Painter. Сейчас работаю с дизайном промышленных операторских панелей. Большинство моих работ - объектное моделирование, но готов развиваться в любом направлении.

3ds Max, Corona, 3d model, modelling, vizualization

На новой работе за месяц справился с работой (дизайны панелей, визуализация установок), накопившейся за полгода.

Ламповый коллектив - самое важное. Готов отдать предпочтение хорошим людям вместо высоких зарплат.

26 May

Sales Manager

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, London, EU, San Jose, USA · $2200 · 6 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

At 16, I was an assistant to the system administrator during his vacation (2 months). I served about 200 computers at the manufacturing plant. While studying at the university, I worked as a sales manager (B2C) for 14 months at several different sales companies. I gained productive experience working in the largest bank in Ukraine (51% of the market for paying by bank cards), including sales (B2C) for 10 months. For 33 months I worked as a sales manager (B2C, B2B, B2G) in a manufacturing enterprise (a company of about 1700 employees) in the construction sector. My efforts resulted in multiple victories in local tenders and personal growth. I worked as a business development manager (B2B) for 7 months at an IT production company. During my time working there, the company resulted in: - Development of a high marginal series of narrowly focused products with a large degree of market demand. - Formed a commercial policy for distributors, dealers and retail chains. - Victory in tenders throughout Russia and abroad. In the last 6 months, I have been working as a manager. Attracting clients for IT companies to develop platforms, automated information systems for government agencies (B2G) and commercial organizations (B2B). Results during my time with this company: - Participation in tenders. Development of several systems. The implementation of these contracts are in December 2019. For the past 4 years, I have worked closely with our manufacturers or developers. Based on the article (, I have always worked in all types of roles of sales managers. I am from Russia, the city of Belgorod. I have a higher education level (international institute).

Sales, Communication Skills, It sales, International sales, English, Business development, B2B, CRM, Negotiations, Lead generation, Linkedin, Account Management, Team player, Team management, Presentation skills, B2C, Networking, Project Management, Marketing, Key Account management, Agile, customer support, International Deals, Sales Navigator, Client Relationship, sales process, identifying markets/sales channels, client communication, Business Strategies, Leads Generation, Leadgeneration, Russian, Multitasking, Windows, Analytic and diagnostic skills, Coaching, Result-driven, Communication, user aquisition, Detail-oriented, Email Outreach, Закрытие сделок, Analytics, Negotiation skills

I learned to set high goals and achieve them.

Looking for I want to work on interesting and complex projects (products). I always want to learn new and useful information.

26 May

CTO, Solution Architect, Team Lead (Blockchain, Fintech)

Saint Petersburg · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Blockchain development, crypto-exchanges development, payment processing development.

.NET, C#, Exchanges, Bitcoin, MS SQL Server, REST API, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, ReactJS, Redis, Solidity, TypeScrypt, Cassandra, Project Management, Leading teams, Architect, Architecture, Micro-service architecture, Microservices, Blockchain, Crypto, Solution Architecture, Problem solving, Solution Design, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core MVC, ASP.NET WEB API, Finance Domain, Financial services, Fintech, Git, Linux, Docker, Scrum, Product management

For three weeks I have created a full-fledged product, which according to industry norms takes 3 months.

New technologies

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