27 May

Account manager/Community manager/Support manager

Remote work, Malta · $1000 · 2.5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Community manager passionate about social networks, customer care with 2-years experience of developing strong, long-lasting relationships between the company and customers at the international fintech project. Duties: - Creating and publishing content on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube and others); - Advocating for the company and instant working with feedback (monitoring and managing the company's mentions, handling negative issues, complaints); - Moderating, editing and optimizing public pages on social media channels; - Developing brand awareness (organization of promotions, coordination of promo publications, developing a network of brand ambassadors, networking with potential partners); - Analyzing marketing campaigns in Google Analytics and Power BI. Support manager: - Communicating with customers in a timely and accurate way to fulfill their requests; - Identifying customer needs and helping customers to troubleshoot and use the service's features; - Analyzing and reporting product malfunctions to a product team; - Providing coherent and clear updates on tickets in different tools (Freshdesk & JIRA); - Working cross-functionally with the user, product, business development teams, and partners to resolve issues through issues analysis and problem management.

English, Jira, Social Media Marketing, SMM, Marketing, Google Analytics, CRM, Google Trends, Digital Marketing

Held 60+ successful promo-campaigns aimed to increase brand awareness and grow social network communities on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram. The total number of followers has increased by 30k. Ratings on review platforms were significantly increased from 3,2 to 8,8 points. (out of 10)

I am looking for a remote job related to customer care/social networks. Specifically interested in art and history.

27 May

Middle Java developer

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tallin · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Currently working at: Technaxis, Kazan Position: Middle Java Developer Developing RESTful API for web applications on Spring Boot. Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, PostgreSQL, Flyway, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Logback, WebSockets, SockJS, Swagger, QueryDSL, Spring Cloud Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB Also: Docker, Docker Compose, Ansible Currently programming Siemens PLC PM-1207: Programming Languages: FBD, STL, SCL; used Java liraries: s7connector, moka7 Company: Foss Labs, Kazan Position: Software Engineer Developing back-end for web applications (MVC, REST API). Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Logback, WebSockets, SockJS, Swagger Databases: PostgreSQL Also: Docker, Docker Compose Company: ACI Worldwide Russia, Kazan Position: Associate Software Engineer — Participate in planning, designing, developing, testing and testing software systems or applications for software enhancements and new products — Participate in the researches and resolution of customer reported problems — Perform other duties as assigned — Understand and Adhere to all Corporate Policies to include but not limited to ACI Code of Ethics and Global Information Security

Spring, Java, Git, Hibernate, Maven, SQL, OOP, JUnit, REST API, JPA, JSON, REST, JDBC, Design Patterns, Spring Boot, Microservices, Linux, Java 8, SpringFox, aws lambda, Flyway

Написание REST API на Spring (Boot) последних версий, интересная бизнес-логика с оптимизацией запросов к БД на микросервисной архитектуре. Также хотелось бы взять на себя неую ответственность DevOps, поработать с Докером, Ansible. НЕ хотелось бы заниматься программированием PLC и прочих устройств с ограниченным количеством памяти :)

25 May

Project/Program Manager/Consultant

Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Berlin, USA, Canada, Amsterdam · $6500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

A result-oriented manager/lead with solid programming skills, requirement management, and team leadership experience. Able to prioritize tasks and demonstrate problem-solving skills. Able to speak with both business and technicians. Major activities: • Providing full-cycle SDLC consulting to the clients • Setting up transparent & manageable processes • Building the successful teams for both technical/non-technical clients • Account/Program/Initiative development Current employer: international software development company with 10+ offices worldwide Experience highlights: • Successful project management of projects and programs (+$5m budget) • Leading of multiple distributed teams (overall teams size is up to 30 people, SME, team leads, business analysts, designers, developers, QA, DevOps); • Leading discovery/solution design phases both onsite and offsite; • Effective communications at all levels with clients in US, Switzerland, UK; • Leading pre-sales activities; • Project transparency on operational and executive levels; • Expectations management for the stakeholders and the team. Tech background • .NET, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Java, JavaScript, SQL • Selenium, NUnit • Git, TeamCity, Jira, Confluence, TestRail • Continuous integration, test-driven development, fast production lifecycle, algorithms & data structures Education • Master's degree in math & computer science Certificates: • PMP • Program and portfolio management (ICP-PPM) • MCP

Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Team management, Jira, Kanban, English, Communication, Confluence, SDLC, Negotiation, Waterfall, Business Analysis, project planning, People management, Relationship management, Product Development, solution design, Team Leadership, expectation management, Product management

• Top #1 account (by gross margin) in company division in 2018 • Top #2 account (by gross income) in company division (2016-2018) • Удалось поработать и с госсектором, и с бизнесом в России и по всему миру • Десятки завершенных проектов • Могу построить команду для разных проектов: - технический/нетехнический клиент - один человек со стороны клиента или целая команда - гибкость управления скоупом/неясные требования + прозрачный управляемый бюджет - ответственность за программу/проект с момента первого контакта и до окончания поддержки • Могу работать с неопределенностью, когда непонятно, чего хочет клиент • Верю, что IT меняет мир, бизнес и людей, а проблемы - это новые возможности

• Bring life to new initiatives, changing the way company works • Concentrate on accounts/programs/product development rather than project management duties within a development team (ideally, cooperating with project managers, project assistants, architects, team leads, etc.) Буду рад обсудить вашу ситуацию

21 May

Project Manager

Moscow, St. Petersburg · $3500 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- International experience in design project management and suppliers sourcing - Sales support and delivery of highly comprehensive technical products and services - Contracts management and business planning including P/L responsibility - Customer relations management and company representation at the global exhibition events and scientific research organizations

Jira, Design Patterns

• Built an extensive network of cooperation with the European avionics and equipment manufacturers and some Chinese suppliers • Partnered and negotiated The Terms of Cooperation with French supplier – Safran Group under several areas of cooperation: Auxiliary Power Unit development (signed MoU, technical statement, finance model) and Engines procurement project, 120 pcs (solved and approved engines delivery plan for CEO) • Conducted an initiation stage of import substitution for Nomex thermal paper (USA) analogues within Russian manufactures. Coordinated research methodology in close cooperation with the national specialized research centers (valued at $2.5 mln) • There are 4 successfully completed R&D systems integration projects for the newest Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, valued at 32000 hrs • Solved an operational technical issues that appear during the manufacture phase with involvement of cross functional commodities experts • During 2010-2013, due to successful team performance, led internal sales of engineering workload to different Boeing business units overseas (Boeing Mesa Phoenix, AZ, Boeing Charleston, SC) • Designed a specific engineering training program, that allowed to release some engineering parts in Russia that significantly reduced an NRC development costs for a parent company

International multiprofile industry or SaaS company with focus on R&D projects, service projects in Russia/CIS/EMEA

20 May

Senior .NET developer, Team lead

Remote work, Russia · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Свыше 20 лет опыта разработки на различных позициях, как Senior Developer, так и System Architect. Интересует больше C# backend, но могу и в UI (desktop или web). Последнее место работы: февраль 2019 - настоящее время Venafi, Санкт-Петербург, www.venafi.com/ Ведущий инженер-программист .Net Fullstack Развитие и поддержка продукта TPP (Trust Protection Platform). - Разработан и поставлен сервис поддержки протокола EST (Enrollment over Secure Transport). (Полный цикл: изучение RFC, исследование возможных решений проблем и создание прототипов, разработка архитектуры реализации сервиса и его интеграции с продуктом, разработка с составе команды). ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, WCF, ASP.NET Core (Kestrel), MS SQL, C++, Python, Javascript. Детальное резюме могу предоставить по запросу.

.NET, asp.net mvc, C#, F#, JavaScript, TDD, WinForms, DDD, Event Sourcing, MSSQL, Python, Web Development, WPF, .NET Core, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL, Git, SOLID, OOP, Design Patterns, .Asp.Net Core, TypeScript, HTML, CQRS, PKI, Digital Certificates, IoC, Dependency Injection, Functional Programmig, React, Scrum, CI/CD, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Automated Testing, C++, Java, Code Review, Software Architecture, SOA

Идеальная работа - это интересные задачи, не тривиальная предметная область, интересные коллеги, с которыми можно поговорить не только о работе). Грамотно выстроенные процессы в компании, адекватный менеджмент

20 May

Директор по развитию бизнеса

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Amsterdam, USA · $4000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Опыт работы с в b2b маркетинге около 15 лет. Вывод на рынок и успешные продажи комплексных IT продуктов и решений в областях: коммуникационное оборудование, платежные технологии, сервисы для микробизнесов. Опыт привлечения зарубежных инвестиций взаимодействия с инвесторами ( частные инвесторы, инвестиционные фонды) Хочу найти работу директора по развитию бизнеса. Профиль компании: динамично-растущая, b2b рынок, отрасли: IT, SAAS, Big Data, AI, Cybersafety. Ведущую деятельность как на рынках России и СНГ, так и на международном рынке / или желанием работать на международном рынке. В штате фронт- офиса не более 50 человек. Готова взять на себя ответственность за: развитие продукта, продажи, маркетинг, коммуникации, повышение капитализации бизнеса.

Marketing Strategy, CRM, Lead generation, Account Management, Investor Relation, Digital Marketing, Product management, B2B sales, Presentation skills, Event marketing, Business Developement, Finance, Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Team management

Кейс 1: Успешный вывод на рынок СНГ и России нового телекоммуникационного оборудования. Доля рынка за 2 года- 15%. Кейс 2: Успешный проект по привлечению инвестиций в США (due diligence, привлечение инвестиций и работа с инвесторами, привлечено 5M$). Кейс 3: Проект маркетингового консалтинга: увеличение объема продаж в 3 раза за пол года ( длительность самого проекта 100-120 часов консультации ). Кейс 4: Увеличение объема продаж компании на 27% ( продукт в стабильной жизненной стадии). Кейс 5: Запуск нового платежного сервиса для SMB, развитие каналов продаж , за 2 года работы к сервису подключено более 18 000 абонентов.

Хочу найти работу директора по развитию бизнеса. Профиль компании: динамично-растущая, b2b рынок, отрасли: IT, SAAS, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Cybersafety. С работай / или желанием работать на международном рынке. В штате фронт- офиса не более 50 человек. Готова взять на себя ответственность за: развитие продукта, продажи, маркетинг, коммуникации, повышение капитализации бизнеса. Рассмотрю разовые проекты по консультированию b2b компаний: маркетинг, развитие бизнеса ,повышению капитализации бизнеса

18 May

CTO / Development Manager / Team leader

St. Petersburg · $4700 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Building systems is what I thought of when I've just entered the field and still doing so being active in the field of finance/trading/heavily loaded systems. 16 years in Software Development industry. 6 years as Architect/Tech Lead/TechPM 4 years as Team Lead/CTO I'm always open to all IT\community events in St. Petersburg Events: 2013 ------------- Jocker'13 Jug.ru, CodeFreeze.ru, IT Talk - 1-2 events per month 2014 ------------- Jug.ru, CodeFreeze.ru, IT Talk - 1-2 events per month Jocker'14 PGDays 2014 Тренинг по разработке архитектуры ПО, "Целостный дизайн" , Евгений Кривошеев ( Skilltrek.ru) 2015 ------------- Jug.ru, CodeFreeze.ru, IT Talk - 1-2 events per month 2016 ------------- Jug.ru - ~1 event per month Jocker'16 Highload'16 2017 ------------- Jug.ru - ~1 event per month 2018-2019 ------------- Jug.ru - ~1 event per month Data Art/Epam meetups TeamLeadConf 2020 ------------ Data Art meetups TeamLeadConf Burning Lead Meetups 2021 ------------ Podlodka TeamLead Crew

Java, Spring, TCP/IP, HTML5, Linux, JavaScript

1. Собеседование и набор проектных команд в 2х продуктовых компания и одной аутсорсинговой, и затем продуктивная разработка в этом составе 2. 24х7 системы с высокой надежностью в production в телекоме в онлайн рекламе (500k/sec API requests, 1 PB статистики) 3. Опыт написания торговых платформ (ммвб) 4. Oracle Certified Java Developer, Java 6 (95%) 5. Сertified Scrum Master

1 Разрабатывать и поддерживать сложные системы 2 Управлять командой разработки и влиять на развитие продукта 3 Зарабатывать с помощью #1 и #2 себе на жизнь В идеале делать это в свободной обстановке, в компании интересных и приятных людей со схожими мыслями

12 May


Saint-Petersburg · $1500 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Market feasibility, business project development, website development (managing), sales, dealership network development, PR. Разработка бизнес-идеи, проекта, запуск сайта, продажи, создание партнерских сетей, PR.

2 успешных проекта в интернет-продажах - англоязычный рынок для Ectaco.com и его дилерская сеть, PDATopSoft.com (продан Pocketgear.com) - англоязычный рынок мобильных приложений. Запуск и разработка онлайн-проектов, продажа облачных сервисов - Flowreader.com, Testomato.com

Адекватный менеджмент. Офис возле метро. Белая зарплата. Профессиональный рост.

29 April

Product Manager, Technical Product Manager, Product Owner 

Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, London, Paris, Amsterdam · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Experience: 4 years as a product manager, technical product manager, business analyst, project manager and product analyst in a startup, product and outsource companies in different domains (Enterprise, Computer Hardware and Peripherals, Automotive, AdTech, FinTech, E-Commerce). Web, mobile, embedded, data science/machine learning projects. Technical background. Successfully worked with the US and European customers and colleagues. Skills: Product Management, Technical Product Management, Business Analysis, Project Management, Customer Development, Product Analytics, Startups, UI/UX, Agile, Scrum. Foreign languages: English (fluent), German (intermediate), French (intermediate).

Product management, requirements development, Requirements management, Startups, UI/UX, Agile, Algorithms, Applied Mathematics, Business models, Competitive Benchmarking, Confluence, Customer development , Jira, market research, Mockups, New Product Development, Product Analytics, Project Management, Prototyping, Scrum, Statistics, UML, Data Science/Machine Learning, French, German, SQL, Business Analysis, Product research, Product Development, Product Roadmap, Presentation skills, Communication, Technical Requirements, Technical background, Technical Product Management, Product Backlog management, fluent English

Conducted full cycles of product development - from identifying user needs to product requirements to development, go-to-market strategy and launch. Built complex web, mobile, embedded and DS/ML products including products built from scratch. Actively participated in the launch of a startup on the UK market. Owned business, user, functional and non-functional requirements for products. Owner PRDs, tech specs, mocks. Owned products metrics and metrics evaluating processes. Owned market and competitive researches both in business and technology aspects. Owned customer development to identify user needs what led to the 25% increase of NPS and 20% increase of the conversion rate, as well as improved user feedback. Managed products/projects backlogs, conducted project management activities. Successfully cooperated with cross-functional international teams of developers, data scientists, QAs, UI/UX designers, product/project managers, sales, marketers, business development, account managers, tech support.

Growth opportunities, challenging complex products, especially employing data science/machine learning technologies, NLP etc. Not interested in simple web-sites or mobile apps. No gaming, gambling, dating.

24 April

COO, CEO, Операционный директор, руководитель проектов, технический писатель

Moscow, Kyiv, Kazan, London, USA, Canada, Sankt Peterburg Kipr · $2000 · 9 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Большой опыт работы ведения проектов, внедрение CRM, ERP, различного ПО на 1С, разработка собственного ПО, моб. приложений и иного софта. Опыт личного программирования на 1с, большой опыт в роли тим лидера и технического писателя. Я - связь между желаниями Заказчика и возможностями тех команды. Я - переводчик с "нормального" на "технический" языки. Мои ключевые навыки: технический склад ума, английский, турецкий, управление людьми, критическое мышление, эмоциональный интеллект, креативность,. Под моим руководством более чем в 20 компаниях были тщательно проанализированы, разработаны и внедрены бизнес-процессы, на основе которых, сформированы точные, понятные технические задания. Внедрены, дописаны или созданы с нуля под нужны заказчика ПО, проведен контроль обучения сотрудников компании. Владею английским и турецким языками. • development of the operational business processes of the company; • analysis, development and implementation of information systems; • development of regulatory documentation; • optimization of the warehouse, warehouse accounting and logistics; • introduction of new technologies for automation and optimization of processes; • consultation of owners and TOP managers on solving complex problems; • software development;

English, CRM, Business development, Team management, Project Management, Communication Skills, Product management, Communication, 1C , ISO, Jira, Analysis, Agile, Scrum, People management, Microsoft Office, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Analytics, Jira basics, Sales Funnel Management, Technical Writing

Более 20 закрытых проектов по оптимизации бизнес-процессов, среди которых узнаваемые международные производственные компании, профессиональные бизнес-консультанты, сетевой, а также it и разработчики мобильных устройств.

Чем сложнее проект - тем интереснее работа.

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