System administrator

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Nizhniy Novgorod, EU · $1800 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Skills, knowledge: - An idea of how computers and modern widely used OS's ( Linux, Darwin, NT ) are designed and work; - Understanding of network protocols and services, TCP/IP, OSI. Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) level of networks competence , experience with CISCO ISRs and L3-switches, and some other not so cool devices like Mikrotik, ZyWall, Fortigate; - Understanding of design and functionality of MS Windows (essentially, it is a DOS graphical applications emulator running on top of NT operating system); - A RedHat Technician level of Linux administration, active usage of Linux for production purposes during last 5 years; - Understanding of PKI; - DevOps skills: Ansible; understanding containers (LXC, Docker, Systemd-Nspawn); deploying containers with Docker-Compose, understanding design and the ideas Kubernetes is based on; experience with Phabricator, Packer, Artifactory, TeamCity, Jenkins (+ jenkins job builder), GIT workflow (GitLab\GitHub, accessing GitHub API with Python); got an idea about basic AWS components (S3, EBS, EC2), hands-on experience with Google Cloud; - monitoring: Zabbix, Prometheus + Graphana; - OS level virtualization (mostly VmWare ESXi and RedHat Qemu/KVM, some experience with different Openstack-based solutions); - Experience with Bash, JS, Perl, PHP, Python, TCL, C, VBScript, Powershell languages and SQL operations - able to understand C#, Java code (for example, in order to find out the reasons of errors or to make small changes in code) and to write service scripts in PHP and Python. - Understanding COW filesystems; - Experience with MS Exchange,Exim; - Samsung PBX, Asterisk; - Maintaining 1S:Enterprise business software suite (MS SQL & PostgreSQL). Have been working in IT field for more than 10 years, and for the last 7 years - on professional level. You can get an idea of my written English from the text of this resume. In my resume you can find out that I have experience providing technical support for English speaking customers. I checked my language skills against Oxford Online Placement Test and got B1-B2 level. Another publicly available test - EF SET - evaluated me as 70 out of 100 ( see my personal certificate here

Linux, Git, TCP/IP, Nginx, Python, PostgreSQL, VMware, CentOS, GCP, Docker/Docker Compose, Ansible

I definitely don't want messing with Windows systems much ))) Looking for additional remote part-time job (up to 4 work hours per day (8-10$/hour)). (Or full-time one if the compensation offered starts from 1700$ :-) )



St. Petersburg, EU · $500 · Upper Intermediate

Официального опыта работы нет, есть 3 сайта в портфолио, в том числе адаптив. Хочу развиваться в данной области. Готова пройти стажировку. Хочу выросли до Фронтенда

Git, CSS, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, SASS, HTML5, CSS3

Сертификат о прохождении базовой верстки с успешной защитой выпускного проекта

Хочу учиться и развиваться в компании которая занимается web-разработкой


JavaScript Developer, Frontend Developer , Animations Developer

Remote work, Russia · $2700 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Over 3 and half year of production development. Took part in different applications such as: analytics cabinets, cashbox extending web interface, auto supplyements e-commerce, online - offline educational platform , bank products, loyalty systems. Design: Figma, Framer, Photoshop, Zeplin, Avocode. Frontend: HTML, Handlebars, Pug, JavaScript, ES6, ES8, Async/Await, Apollo-GraphQL, React, Vue, Angular, GSAP, D3, Three.js, Redux Saga, Reselect, Immutable, Lodash, SCSS\LESS, PostCSS, CSS Animations, Flexbox, CSS Grid, Material Design, RxJS, TypeScript, Webpack, Gulp, Storybook Backend: Node.js, Express.js Koa.js. Data layers: MongoDB, Mongoose, MySQL, PostrgeSQL, Firestore, GraphQL. Testing: Jest, Karma. CI: Docker, Jenkins, Travis. Methodology: SCRUM, Agile. C#: .NET Services, .NET MVC, Blade.

JavaScript, React, Vue, CSS3, Angular, apollo, D3, GraphQL, Koa.js, MongoDB, Node.js, .NET, GSAP

Data vizualizations through images, analytics vizualizations, devepoing different apps bounded with online cashboxes.

Especially interested in data vizualization & transition with animation, objects transformations, forms mutation, all kind of dynamic interaction. responsing interfaces, life improvements based projects.


Project Manager / Team Leader

St. Petersburg · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Infrastructure and CM design, Scripting, C/C++, Heterogeneous computing, GPGPU, Windows kernel drivers, MS SQL, Oracle DBA, Linux system administration, PostgreSQL

C/C++, Embedded, kernel, Linux, Python, Security, Git, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DBA, SpaceWalk, Risk management, team lead

1. Разработка поддержки Stereo 3D в AMD Catalyst. Переработка модуля синхронизации частот AMD EyeFinity 2. Организация инфраструктуры тестирования по безопасности (dynamic testing и penetration testing) для Oracle VM

Я ищу работу с гибким графиком, возможно удаленную работу. Предпочтения - embedded systems, QA and Security QA,


Javascript Developer

Berlin, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Minsk · $2000 · 2 years of experience · Intermediate

I have 2 years of experience as a frontend developer, mostly used React & Typescript stack. Also have completed Angular 7 mentoring just for general vision. Don't like Redux. Dream to work with GraphQL backend. I worked on a credit company employee system for 1.5 years. There were React & Typescript on the frontend and Java microservices on the beckend. It was a big one project with 6 streams and various services. Now I am working on an internal project management system. We have a small team, so I lead the frontend development. We use the latest versions of React and Typescript, a common components library based on material-ui and a custom form validation mechanism. Also small bundles of our application are integrated into another platform. I have worked with the Scrum methodology on both of my projects, communicating with the entire team (management, backend, business analysis, testing) and using tools such as Jira and Knowledge Base.

JavaScript, Git, React, CSS, TypeScript, REST API, es6, Jira, NPM | Yarn, LESS, ES6+, AJAX, HTML5/CSS3


Full-stack Javascript Developer 

St. Petersburg · $4000 · 3 years of experience · Intermediate

- CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JADE, SASS, Angular 1.x - develpment of + admin panel, - MongoDB, Express, Angular - a tool for marketing agency that allowed them to manage their contacts with promoters, - Angular2, Ionic - Naava Family App - an iOS/Android app that allowed users of green walls to control them remotely, - React, Redux - Sberbank - an inner tool for client service, - Angular 1.x, NodeJS, Express, Oracle - Tinkoff Bank - admin app for public site

JavaScript, Redux, AJAX, Angular.js, HTML, HTML5, NodeJS, React, CSS, CSS3, Express JS, Oracle, SASS, Jade, MongoDB, Python

Worked for 2 most interesting banking systems in Russia. Sberbank - the largest and most high-loaded bank Tinkoff - the most technologically advanced bank in Russia.

Looking for challenging tasks, that would help me to improve myself as a developer. An opportunity to take part in product growth - so that i can at least make a proposal on what can be done more. Would like to take part in development of blockchain app (DAPP).


Full Stack Web Developer

Remote work, Russia · $3000 · 8 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Git, MySQL, Linux, PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery

AJAX, CodeIgniter, HTML, JSON, Laravel, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, PHP, CSS3, Git, JavaScript, MySQL, Jira, Linux, PostgreSQL, XML, Vue.js, Docker, Doctrine, Symfony3, Eloquent, MVC, REST API, OOP, Nginx, RabbitMQ, NPM

Профессиональный рост. Офис возле метро. Интересный проект. Адекватный менеджмент. НЕ аутсорс. Сложные задачи. Дружелюбный коллектив.

17 October

PHP Developer

Remote work, Russia · $1000 · 4 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Возраст: 32 года. Опыт: 4-5 лет (Фриланс и собственные проекты) Уровень английского: Ближе к Pre-Intermediate. Основные знания (Опыт коммерческой разработки): HTML, CSS, Javascript (Jquery). PHP (MVC, ООП), MySQL Готов как Full-time работе, так и к проектному сотрудничеству. Если резюме вас заинтересовало, но остались какие-то вопросы, пишите, обсудим.

HTML, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, OOP, Web Development, MVC

17 October

product manager / project manager

Samara, Moscow, St. Petersburg · $3000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

2009 - 2016 worked as software engineer all the way up to management 2016 - present - working as project/product manager

Product management, Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Team management, Product Development, Business Analysis, Kanban, English, Waterfall, backlog management, Tasks Decomposition and estimation, Risk management and troubleshooting

Собрал команду с нуля и запустил два новых направления в компании где я работаю - AR/VR и машинное обучение.

Хочется участвовать в разработке продукта, общаться с заказчиком, разрешать сложные переговорные ситуации, управлять командой

17 October

UX/UI Designer

Rostov-na-Donu, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar · $750 · 2.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Имею большой опыт в создании сложных интерфейсов и мобильных приложений, так же делал дизайн лендингов и промо страниц. Участвовал в разработке игр для iOS/Android, есть опыт в иллюстрации. Анимирую интерфейсы с помощью principle и быстро адаптируюсь к новым инструментам. Из своего опыта могу отметить участие в проектах: SharxDc Skillaz В данный момент проживаю в Ростове-на-Дону, в будущем готов рассмотреть переезд в другой город.

Adobe Photoshop, User Experience, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, mobile design, User Interface, Principle, Zeplin, Photoshop, Responsive Design, Wireframes, UI/UX Design, InVision, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Prototyping, Prototype, Product Design, Art-direction, WEB DESIGN, Google Material Design, UX design, UX analysis, A/B testing, User Experience , User Interface , HTML, CSS

Разрабатывал дизайн для стартапа Skillaz. Это платформа для поиска и оценки кандидатов для HR. Для данного стартапа разрабатывал интерфейс централизованной платформы по управления потоком кандидатов. Также делал лендинги для компаний-клиентов.

В идеале хочу работать в небольшой команде над интересным продуктом, но готов и к аутсорсингу.

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