24 August

UI Developer

Moscow · $3000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Haxe, Dart, Flutter, JavaScript, Scaleform, ActionScript3 (AS3), ActionScript, Flash, AIR, Cross-platform, Canvas, HTML5, Pixi, OpenFL, Games

ActionScript, ActionScript3 (AS3), AIR, canvas, cross-platform, Flash, Games, HaXe, OpenFL, PIXI, Scaleform, SVN, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, Flutter, Dart

Currently working on: Armored Warfare (Scaleform, Haxe) https://aw.my.com/ UI Dev Team Lead Integrated Haxe compiler into UI development pipeline to replace AS 2.0 Changed while UI production process with Figma API automation Variuos HTML5 Games and iPad App (promotion) for BeMore.ru (built with Haxe and Pixi.js) http://be-more.ru/games Best project from the past: Touch-Z Distance (frontend flash, serverside control, media streaming, arduino programming) http://case.redkeds.com/touchz/index-eng.html http://redkeds.com/ru/portfolio/2011/touch_z-distance__perwaja_w_mire_onlajn-fotostudija.103.html

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