10 January

Разработчик Elixir

St. Petersburg, Moscow · $1200 · 1.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Июнь 2019 — по настоящее время Adwirk. adwirk.com Elixir Developer Высоконагруженные системы, оптимизации + Разработка вебприложений (только бэкенд). На этой работе получил много опыта работы с OTP и знаний по архитектуре высокопроизводительных вычислительных систем Elixir: Plug/Cowboy, Phoenix, GenStage, Rustler DB: Ecto, Clickhouse, Rocks, Cockroach/PG Tests: ExUnit, Espec Декабрь 2018 — Июнь 2019 Виста. vistamed.ru Программист Python. Разработка большого монолита - в основном починка огромного количества багов, рефакторинг Python 2.7 + PyQt4 + MySQL + bottle

Elixir, PostgreSQL, Git, Linux, Phoenix

Полностью реализовал распределенный прокет по обмену рекламными офферами с производительностью 20к рпс, и задержкой на ответ в ~150 мс

7 December

Senior Ruby Developer

$5000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

My general experience is 8 years, 4 years with Ruby, I use JavaScript and React as needed, but I keep focus on the backend. I study different languages ​​as a hobby (Elixir, Go, Python). I have commercial experience in developing banking processing, crowdfunding platforms, marketing platforms, chatbots (telegram). I have experience in managing and setting tasks for other developers

Ruby, RSpec, Rubocop, Ruby on Rails, CSS, Git, HTML, OOP/OOD, PostgreSQL, Redis, SASS, Scrum, Sidekiq, SOLID, SQL, TDD, Bootstrap, RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker, Linux, Nginx, Kubernates, JavaScript

* Developed a service of interbank transfers with a multimillion daily turnover * Developed billing for an application with 500 thousand users * Won a prize from one of the largest banks of Russia on the blockchain hackathon in 2017 * Won a prize from the largest language learning school of Russia for integration with my project

I will consider different offers, but in priority: * An international company that provides relocation to the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Germany * Highly loaded project with microservice architecture * Developers test and keep code style * A team with interesting and fun people with whom you can go to a scientific conference or have fun in a bar

30 November

Team Lead/Senior Ruby Developer

Remote work, Russia · $5000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have been writing in Ruby for about 10 years. The last year I'm doing Data Science in Python. I worked with different projects in different areas: travel, video streaming, email marketing, VPN service, aero etc. There were projects with a lot of confusing business logic and a lot of legacy code. I also wrote projects from scratch and as a team lead built the team. I spent a lot of time on debugging difficult bugs and optimise bottleneck. I'm not afraid to try something new and I really like to learn something new. I focus on product and client requests but still spends enough time on making a good design of project architecture. I'm looking for a good team and an interesting project where you can apply my experience. I’m a little tired of companies where no one is ready to make decisions and don't let you do it. I’m looking for a team that is not afraid to change something to make the code easily supported, understandable and extensible.

Linux, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, Git, REST API, RSpec, Python, Pandas, Numpy, xgboos, lightgbm, neural network, CNN, RNN, Golang, Flask, Sidekiq, RabbitMQ, Amazon, TDD, BDD, CSS, HTML, AGILE/SCRUM, Machine Learning, Bootstrap, Capybara, Soft skills, Sinatra, Grape, Docker, Ansible, Redis