11 May

Product Owner / Product Manager

$3500 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Currently I work as a Product Owner on a new contact center application with Speech recognition and ML technologies in Sberbank. I'm interested in a new challenge which could be connected with a relocation to Europe (Poland, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, GB)

Product Owner with a passion in IT products and strong technical background (more than 5 years in business and system analysis). I'm focused on implementation of high-tech solutions in FinTech and Telecom domains. Implemented products: Contact center application for SberBank SAS RTDM for SberBank CRM Siebel for international bank CRM Amdocs for a telecom operator PLM system for sportswear retailer

11 May

UI/UX Designer, Product designer

Moscow, London, Barcelona, Kiev · $2000 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

Hello. I am UI/UX and products designer. I have experience in working for services, banking, online shops, etc. I love creating simple and gorgeous user interfaces & icons for web-apps, mobile and desktop apps. I do both flat UI/material design and skeuomorphic style. I make interfaces simple and easy to use. I use Figma as main tool. Sometimes Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch. Feel free to contact me.

Photoshop, Sketch, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Prototype, Adobe Illustrator, CSS, HTML, After Effects, Figma, CJM, SaaS, User Experience, User Interface, Wireframes, Zeplin, mobile design, Responsive Design

I have been working in design for 6 years now. 4 years in UI/UX and branding. I worked on my own startup in Moscow with my team.

I love big projects, startups & full-time remote work. Also interested in front-end development. I prefer to work on the whole product including UI and elements of a brand.

8 May

Product manager

Kyiv, Odesa, London, Berlin, Moscow, Amsterdam · $3200 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Founder | Squad Company • Founded a startup which focused on Mobile Apps and Games Development for Kids & Adults Entertainment; • Formulated company vision and goals. Hired and trained new team members; • Built a team of 9 developers, designers and media buyers; • Participated in every aspect of business development from market research, finance and operation to design, monetisation, marketing and user acquisition; • Created a full lifecycle for every product, MRD, PRD; • Released 6 mobile games for iOS and Android devices; • Worked on ASO, distribution, user feedback, collaboration with advertising networks; Product Manager | NDA • Created Mobile App prototype for the Innovative Cannabis Treatments; • Researched Cannabis and Psychedelic Mushrooms Market, MRD, PRD; • Interviewed patients for User Stories; Product Owner | Essentia One • Released blockchain open-source cross-platform software for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and Web; • Managed Team of 35+ designers, developers, managers and marketers; • Managed a Full Product Lifecycle, MRD, PRD; • Managed web products development: websites, wiki, product documents; • Managed Brand Identity building, web products development; • Reached 30,000+ users; • Communicated and worked closely with the CEO and executives to reach company’s goals; Head of Marketing | Essentia One • Built a community with over 50,000+ members; • Raised $25 mln on the public sale; • Built and managed team of 20+ Marketers, SMM managers, designers, copywriters, community managers and developers; • Managed International Conferences and Meetups organisation; • Managed PR, UGC, Aggregators, Business Partnerships and Investors Communication; • Communicated and worked closely with the CEO and executives to reach company’s goals; Founder & CMO | Homo Marketus • Founded B2B performance marketing agency on CPA and CPL basis; • Built and managed a team of 6 media buyers, designer and developers; • Generated over 2500+ leads monthly

Product management, Project Management, Scrum, Jira, Team management, Business Analysis, User Experience, Product research, Marketing, Kanban, English, Business development, Product Development, Google Analytics, Prototype, User Interface, Digital marketing, E-commerce, Communication, MVP, App Store Console, Hiring, Business Developement, reporting, Mobile Analytics, Payment Service Provider, Mobile app development, Developing cases for new Products/Features, Lean Product Management, B2B, Risk management, Pre-sales, making presentations, Conflict Resolution, Release planning, problem-solving skills, Product planning, product owner, growth marketing, Scrum/Kanban methodology, Mindmap, Market and competitor research, Analytical and problem solving abilities, Customer Experience, Performance team management, Managing and monitoring product KPIs, Conducting workshops, Business Intelligence, BPMN, UI/UX, Technical Requirements, Business value, Strategy development, Setting communications, Customer Success, Product Roadmap, Product Backlog management, A/B testing, People management, Product Management, multitasking, Presentation skills, Marketing Strategy & Research, Waterfall

Experienced Digital Industry Executive skilled in Business and Digital Strategy, Product Leadership, User Experience, Software Development, Mobile Gaming and Marketing. Having held positions of CEO, Product Manager, Head of Marketing and leading roles in product, business innovation, creative, branding, technology, marketing, design Vlad has helped create products and businesses for multinational technology companies and startups. Accomplishments: • Over 15+ Products Released • Helped to Fundraise $26 mln for Startups • Build from scratch and Lead a Team with over 35+ professionals • Released software in categories: mobile app, mobile game, fintech, adult, crypto, medical and AR • Released open-source and cross-platform products with blockchain technology

Interest to work on complex projects to create a highly addictive and viral product. Prefer to work with mobile product and projects aimed to make user-friendly solutions.

5 May

Product manager

Moscow · $1000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

Провожу исследования и анализирую результаты (UX, глубинные интервью, анализ конкурентов и рынка) Изучаю сценарии и проблемы пользователей, провожу CustDev, составляю Use Cases, CJM ‒ Определяю наиболее привлекательные аудитории для продукта ‒ Определяю оптимальный набор каналов для продвижения ‒ Создаю инструкции для пользователей ‒ Занимаюсь разработкой email-стратегии

Product management, Agile, Scrum, User Experience, Marketing, Digital marketing, Product research, Google Analytics, Communication

2 May

Product manager

Moscow · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Intermediate

Product Manager / business analyst / Data Scientist; startup: platform for bloggers and advertisers; Moscow — 07.2018 - 07.2019 Tasks: to determine the main priorities of product development, implementation control and introduction of new services for sale, description of those tasks, construction of machine learning models (bots, trends, recommendations) Project Manager / business analyst; Drivelinebaseball project; USA — 05.2017 - 05.2018 Tasks: construction of internal processes that ensure the work of the team, load planning, approval and maintenance of project budgets at all levels, analysis of business goals and objectives for their transformation into tasks for the team, setting tasks for the integration of modules of the developed system Project Manager / business analyst / developer; material machining plant; Belarus — 09.2017 - 04.2018 Tasks: to determine the bottleneck of the working process and to optimize its work, to develop a simple but powerful tool for specialists in the company Business analyst; xpansa company (main project: utires.com); USA — 02.2016 - 04.2017 Tasks: process analysis, preparation of specifications,control of task execution by developers, organization and implementation of automated testing, data analysis, minimal development of Python modules

NoSQL, Python, bash, PostgreSQL, Project Management

1) Product Manager / business analyst and Data Scientist; startup platform for influencers and advertisers; Achievements: increased sales with the joint work of development and sales departments 2) project Manager / business analyst; drivelinebaseball project; Achievements: organized the work of a team of 13 people and achieved 70% of the project margin 3) project Manager / business analyst / developer; material machining plant; Achievements: 60% increase in order processing speed 4) Business analyst; xpansa company (main project: utires.com); Achievements: the project was launched in prod by team from scratch; 12 designed and implemented automatic functional tests of the system using robotframework

Product/ Project manager in ML projects; Business Analyst

29 April

Project Manager

Moscow, St. Petersburg · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Руководитель проекта | Digital-консультант Специализируюсь на создании digital и IT-продуктов в медийных проектов, онлайн-кинотеатров, фитнеса; Монетизация контента в рамках IT-проектов. Выявление нужд бизнеса, разработка уникальных предложений, исходя из целей и задач бизнеса. Разработка сервисов. Digital-консалтинг. Погружена в тему современных IT-технологий и способов их применения в творческих проектах / продуктах. Опыт управления проектов с посещаемость более 1.500.000 посетителей в месяц. - Разработка и создание онлайн-сервиса целеполагания в сфере фитнеса и ЗОЖ (составление планов тренировок + подборы планов питания + тренировочный дневник) / web mobile; - Разработка продукта для диджитализации музейного, театрального, музыкального, радио и образовательного контента (DAM - система управления цифровыми активами); - Актуализация данных о рынке, разработка площадки коммуникаций с потребителями искусства (сообщества, партнёрские проекты, блоги, платформы агрегаторы, digital), варианты цифровой стратегии продвижения для sturt-up в сфере торговли предметами искусства; - Мультиязычный новостной игровой портал с элементами соц.сетей и геймификации в рамках мобильной игры-стратегии Imperial. Запуск с нуля. ТЗ+ UX-прототипы. Управляла созданием и разработкой веб-приложения в рамках мобильного приложения (Ember, Php, PostgreSQL). Разделила процессы игровой разработки и веб-разработки в рамках одного приложения (iOS, Android); - Сервис визуальной аналитики Kuznech (распознавание образов, фильтрация контента, интеллектуальный анализ данных и другие задачи визуального поиска для ритейла, е-коммерции, social media и маркетинга). Бизнесу предложено несколько вариантов монетизации платформы. Сформирована концепция продукта, стратегия его создания и развития; - Облачный сервис (платформа + приложение) для цифрового сельского хозяйства с функциями учета, анализа и планирования.

Project Management

29 April

Product Manager, Technical Product Manager, Product Owner 

Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, London, Paris, Amsterdam · $4000 · 4 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Experience: 4 years as a product manager, technical product manager, business analyst, project manager and product analyst in a startup, product and outsource companies in different domains (Enterprise, Computer Hardware and Peripherals, Automotive, AdTech, FinTech, E-Commerce). Web, mobile, embedded, data science/machine learning projects. Technical background. Successfully worked with the US and European customers and colleagues. Skills: Product Management, Technical Product Management, Business Analysis, Project Management, Customer Development, Product Analytics, Startups, UI/UX, Agile, Scrum. Foreign languages: English (fluent), German (intermediate), French (intermediate).

Product management, requirements development, Requirements management, Startups, UI/UX, Agile, Algorithms, Applied Mathematics, Business models, Competitive Benchmarking, Confluence, Customer development , Jira, market research, Mockups, New Product Development, Product Analytics, Project Management, Prototyping, Scrum, Statistics, UML, Data Science/Machine Learning, French, German, SQL, Business Analysis, Product research, Product Development, Product Roadmap, Presentation skills, Communication, Technical Requirements, Technical background, Technical Product Management, Product Backlog management, fluent English

Conducted full cycles of product development - from identifying user needs to product requirements to development, go-to-market strategy and launch. Built complex web, mobile, embedded and DS/ML products including products built from scratch. Actively participated in the launch of a startup on the UK market. Owned business, user, functional and non-functional requirements for products. Owner PRDs, tech specs, mocks. Owned products metrics and metrics evaluating processes. Owned market and competitive researches both in business and technology aspects. Owned customer development to identify user needs what led to the 25% increase of NPS and 20% increase of the conversion rate, as well as improved user feedback. Managed products/projects backlogs, conducted project management activities. Successfully cooperated with cross-functional international teams of developers, data scientists, QAs, UI/UX designers, product/project managers, sales, marketers, business development, account managers, tech support.

Growth opportunities, challenging complex products, especially employing data science/machine learning technologies, NLP etc. Not interested in simple web-sites or mobile apps. No gaming, gambling, dating.

26 April

Product manager | Project manager | Product owner

Moscow, London, EU, USA · $3500 · 5 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Just a few words about myself: I am hardworking, passionate, worked in Google, blah,blah,blah (I hate such descriptions) I will be specific. I have asked my coworkers about myself and this is what they have answered: My Soft Skills: -Pushing skills -Problem-solving and troubleshooting skills -Negotiating skills -Experimenting and innovation -Commitments -Self-motivation -Time-management -Leadership Hard skills: -Technical skills: code, DevOps -Certificated Project Manager: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, Less -Mobile and web development -Blockchain and cryptocurrency software -Trading, funds software -Jira, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Confluence, Trello, Asana, Microsoft, Google Experience Excellent track record of delivered projects Extensive background in management Previous work experience in Google, SaaS

Product management, Project Management, Business Analysis, Team management, Jira, Scrum, User Experience, Product research, Product Development, Confluence, Product Roadmap, Marketing, Business development, Agile, English, Kanban, Google Analytics, Prototype, Product Backlog management, A/B testing, Presentation skills, User Interface, SQL, Google Optimize, CRM

Bootstrapped my last product from 0 to 20k users


25 April

Product manager 

Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv, Moscow, Riga, Warsaw, Krakov · $2000 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Successfully lead large project technical teams and external vendors in the implementation of complex infrastructure projects from requirements-gathering through to implementation, support and handover. Lead multiple projects on a day-to-day basis. - Successfully delivered the project within the agreed time scales and exceeded outcomes expected by the project sponsors and stakeholders. - Lead technical team(s) in design and development tasks and assisted test teams in efforts to create test plans, and ensure that the product quality meets set expectations. - Performed System Analysis. - Carried out GAP analysis to study the current system and documented new changes and features that need to be added. - Conducted requirements and test scenario walkthroughs with developers and testers. - Played a key role in the review and approval of project documentation such as BRDs, FSDs. - Independently interacted with the developers to resolve the technical and implementing issues. - Involved in post-production issues.

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Product management, SDLC, People management, project planning, Kanban, Waterfall, Business Analysis, Team management, English, Risk management, Confluence, Git, Requirements analysis, trello, Trello, CSS, Jira, Client expectation management, Delivery management

I was the Head of Development in one of the biggest software development company in Kyrgyzstan. I managed 20 software developers and lead several projects. My key activities were: - Sales and management: searching customers, negotiations, revealed the needs of clients by phone and in person with small and medium-sized businesses. - Planning strategy for short and long term. - Managing team of developers and remote team of designers - Negotiation with the clients from the USA - Product Owner - Processing project proposals with different regions all around the world

I want to work in a company with strong product-oriented professionals.

25 April

Тех. директор/Тимлид/PM

Moscow · $4500 · 9 years of experience · Intermediate

PHP, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, Yii, Bitrix, memcache, MongoDB, Redis

AJAX, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, Linux, Memcache, Mongo, MongoDB, MySQL, OOP, PHP, PostgreSQL, Redis, Yii, Bitrix

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