Moscow · $6000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Управление командой разработчиков, аналитиков и консультантов на проектах по автоматизации/цифровизации рейтейлового бизнеса в РФ и зарубежом.


Реализация проектов в срок и с существенной экономией бюджета компании.



Moscow, Evropa · $8000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

CTO, People management, QA management, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Node.js, React / Redux, Unit Testing, React Native, DevOps, .NET, SQL, .NET Core, Docker, MongoDB, REST API, Git, JavaScript, Cloud Architecture, HTML5, Linux, Nginx, Clean Architecture, English, Product management, Project Management

– Brought Web/Mobile app to release for >100 000 users. – Hands-on: strategy, hiring, product/project management, architecture and coding. – Grown a team of 15 with regular 1-1s/coaching. – Organised the whole software development lifecycle from functional specs to acceptance, including development and QA processes. Cost-effective React + Native stack, feature branching, CI/CD, nitpick-free code reviews, clean code practices recorded in Knowledge Base, 100% unit coverage, manual + auto tests.

16 January


Moscow, Berlin, Munich · $4000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Debian,Ubuntu,Fedora,OpenSuSe,FreeBSD,MacOS, docker, docker-compose, docker-swarm, consul, consul-template, kubernetes, gitlab,nexus + gitlab-CI,OpenVPN, IPsec, ФПСУ-IP, ansible, ceph, vagrant, ELK + graphite, graphite-beacon + munin, mongoDB, zimbra, nginx, KVM, XEN.

Linux, Git, bash, AWS, Docker, Ansible, Nginx, TCP/IP, Networking, Ubuntu, Zabbix, Kubernetes, Jira, PostgreSQL, Gitlab CI/CD, MongoDB, CI/CD, RabbitMQ, Memcached, Database Replication, AWS CloudFormation, Kafka, Redis

Create e-commerce infrastructure from scratch : - production and test enviroments ( DO, Linode, KVM, Hetzner, AWS) - mail server working on zimra - gitlab with automatic deployment software on servers - automized deployment with ansible and docker - monitoring with graphite and logstash - secutiry model - PCI DSS e.t.c

Looking for interesting challenging projects. Want to be a part of professional friendly team and have possibility to learn new and grow professionally.

12 January

Senior Developer / Tech Lead (JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, GraphQL, Node.js, Docker) 🔥 

Remote work, Ukraine · $5000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am an expert in frontend technologies with solid knowledge of backend and storage technologies with 10 years of experience in Agile teams. I solve my clients' business problems with: - JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript 3.4 - React with hooks, React Native - Redux, reselect, redux-saga, redux-thunk - RxJS, Most.js for handling async data streams - Styling with Sass/SCSS - Webpack, Babel - Node.js for asynchronous services handling many concurrent data streams - RabbitMQ as a message broker in loosely-coupled architectures - MongoDB as a document store - PostgreSQL as a transactional DBMS - Docker for container deployment

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, MobX, RxJS, HTML, CSS, Node.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, REST API, GraphQL, Python

Designed and implemented a rich set of high-load web applications for Built high-load backend services like parsers infrastructure for I also worked on frontend. Designed and implemented a whole infrastructure of high-load crawler-like and scrapper-like applications for a stock aggregator engine with 2.4+ billion entries. Implemented backend and frontend of a tool for statistical analysis of social networks data for

I feel happy solving challenging problems in a team of highly skilled professionals.

9 January

CTO/Product owner

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Los-Angeles · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

September 2018 - Current Data science manager/Project manager Development of artificial intelligence systems for data analysis and blockchain solutions for a running business. Supervising development from the development of initial requirements, technical specifications to the implementation directly into the business We used: Creating Intermediate SQL Queries Working with CLI Python programming Data analytics with NumPy, SciPy for comparative statistics, for manipulation and analysis of Pandas, Visualization with Matplotlib Scikit-Learn for building models Independently take courses on Coursera in deep learning and areas of its application Car Detection, Art Generation, Facial Recognition AB testing implementation In general, I went deeper into the blockchain / artifical intelligence field. CTO January 2016 - September 2018 CTO - Designing application architecture in collaboration with backend lead - Choice of technology stack - Selection of tools for developing, planning and managing processes - Team work control (60 people) - Planning development tasks - Task setting team - Writing technical documentation - Coordination of work with business owners - Technical team consultation - Estimation of deadlines for performing tasks - Conduct interviews for Android developer / iOS developer / Backend developer / DevOps / PM / QA / Analytics / System engineer - Conducting ICO, all blockchain operations (ETH / BTC / BCH / DASH / LTC etc) - Creating your own cryptocurrency - Interaction with third-party vendors in diverse areas Have a great experience in the field of DevOps Backend and directly managerial functions Task tracking in JIRA CI / CD Jenkins / Bamboo Stack MongoDB Redis RabbitMQ Docker Kubernetes etc January 2014 - December 2015 PM Full project supervision January 2013 - January 2014 Backend lead developer Programming on Node.js, framework express, DB MongoDB May 2012 - January 2013 Backend developer PHP-coding

AWS, Jira, MongoDB, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Redis, Git, MySQL, Python, Product management, Project Management, Docker, Technical Writing, JavaScript, Scrum, PostgreSQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Communication Skills, computer vision, BlockChain, REST API, OOP, RPC

Created a team from scratch Created the architecture with the team Out in production with the finished product Held ICO from start to finish Engaged mostly backend / devops but also closely interacted with client teams

Interesting project, strong adequate team and leadership

7 January


USA, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Toronto, Vancouver, Moscow · $7000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

My name is Aleksandr, I am passionate about Software Engineering and Project Management. For the last 2 years I am leading the engineering of "Artificial Intelligence at you fingertips" solution at the German-Russian start-up. Previously I have led teams of 4-6 Software Engineers with whom we worked on outsourse projects on front-end side of web applications, backend services, and web platforms based on Content Management Systems. With almost all of the projects I have worked on, my dedication & orientation on results lead to me assuming a leadership position, even if it was not initially on the table. I feel comfortable leading teams of Software Engineers (both on-site & remote), and working at all stages of Software Development Life Cycle. I would love to challenge myself more, and work in a leadership position on products with daily users in the counts of millions, or in a startup where I would either need to build the engneering team from scratch, or improve the processess within the existing team.

Git, Project Management, REST API, Linux, Agile, Scrum, AWS, SQL, Jira, OOP, Redis, Python, Design Patterns, Product management, UML, Requirements analysis, Probability Theory & Statistics, Quality management, Architecture, Algorithms and Data structures, CI/CD, Continuous Integration, Machine Learning, DevOps, IT Manager, team lead, Java, Docker, Code Review, NLP, bash, HTML, Nginx, MongoDB, Selenium WebDriver, NoSQL, Risk management, Use Cases

When I started working at my current position, products documentation, for both business and software engineering, consisted of a few outdated high-level diagrams, which did not really help to understand their business context or solutions architecture. Processes were not defined as well, and teams worked in Ad-Hoc manner. Today we have a comprehensive documentation, which encompasses business context, software solutions engineering at all stages of SDLC, and processes used in the company. In 2019 our documentation has passed Technical Due Diligence by both partner IT Companies, and independent auditors hired by a multinational Venture Capital firm, which helped us with proceeding to a next investment round, and with attracting new customers.

I do not want to work in an outsourcing company, or in a small team with well established processes. Ideally, I would like to join a new department of a big company, that starts to build an engineering team. Less prefferably, but also good, just join a company with products daily users users in the counts of millions, or a company that wants to change their processes to become Agile. I would also consider positions at startups at early stages, where I would need to build an engineering team, processes and culture for it.

5 January

Swift Developer, Teamlead, CTO 

Moscow, St. Petersburg · $7000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

CTO, .NET, Xamarin, Swift

iOS, Swift, Android

As you will see from attached resume, I’ve had an experience in various roles, errands and challenges, ranging from software developer to CTO In addition to having a proven ability to provide senior leadership in establishing IT strategy, I embody ideas easily, taking into account the views of my team. To keep abreast of new developments and ideas, I'm visiting the SLUSH Conference in Helsinki annually, and WWDC in 2019. Key strengths including knowledge of architecture of iOS and Android, backend and understanding of both building up and managing a team, insure the successful and efficient functioning of mobile engineering process. For confirmation I had a successful experience in CoinKeeper, all the rates of which my team and me have been increasing by 30% steadily. I’m strongly believe in TDD, SOLID and Clean architecture.

I want to participate in a projects willing to make difference in the world. I love people and good, tasty code.

26 December

Senior Automation QA Engineer, QA Lead 

Kyiv, Moscow, N'ju-Jork, Los-Andzheles, London · $5300 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Android, iOS, manual, testing, mobile, Java, Git, OOP, MySQL, Linux, API testing, Postman, JavaScript, Swift, integration testing, C Sharp Setting up QA processes on project from scratch. Managing small QA teams. Working in teams and as single QA on project

Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Android, iOS, MacOS, Mobile testing, API testing, Backend testing, Jira, Linux, Performance Testing, C#, Java, Jenkins, MySQL, TeamCity, TFS, Project Management, Swift, Xcode, QA Lead

Senior Automation QA Engineer with 7+ year of manual, automation testing experience and leading small QA teams. Looking for interesting project, which will allow to grow professionally and improve my skills. Ready for relocation.

Flexible work-time, clean salary, comfortable workplace, grow professionally, work on a project in an active stage.

24 December

CTO / Team Lead / Senior Backend Developer

Moscow · $4500 · 9 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Как разработчик: - Умею готовить backend с использованием разных технологий. - Имею большой опыт работы с высоконагруженными проектами, с продуктами разных масштабов - от небольших рекламных проектов до гигантских продуктов. - Работал как с нуля так и с многолетним Legacy, писал большие монолиты и горстки микросервисов. - Умею подбирать стек технологий с учётом требований продукта и перспектив его расширения. Как руководитель: - Имею опыт управления командой разработчиков (в разное время от 3 до 6 человек) и построении процесса разработки в команде \ компании. - Могу, умею и практикую решение реальных задач бизнеса - от выяснения причин возникновения задачи до окончательного решения своими или чужими руками. - Умею применять различные практики командной разработки и построения команд в зависимости от условий. Понимаю где нужен Scrum, где лучше строить воркфлоу по Канбану а где лучше спуститься до старого доброго Waterfall. - Знаю "как" и умею применять статистическое управление процессами для повышения прозрачности работы Agile-команды для бизнеса. Как человек: - Склоняюсь к использованию критического мышления при принятии решений - Балансирую между творчеством и прагматичностью - Верю в людей, предпочитаю делегировать не только ответственность, но и полномочия - Всегда беру ответственность за то, что делаю - Отстаиваю интересы команды

Highload, PHP, Yii, Facebook API, Git, JavaScript, MySQL, Redis, Golang, Kubernetes, Docker, Project Management, Leadership, PostgreSQL

Как разработчик: - В начале карьерного пути реализовал систему рекламного трекинга, которая с небольшими затратами ресурсов считала клики \ лиды \ прочее, выводила это в интерфейсе и жила в разного рода продуктах с разным профилем нагрузки, агрегируя данные на наших серверах. Ещё до появления Clickhouse мы умели считать статистику в разных разрезах и с разных сторон лучше, чем большинство участников рынка. - Разработал систему оптимизации открутки рекламы в системе Таргет, которая с использованием разных алгоритмов и очень плотным использованием API (которое, надо сказать, было тогда в зачаточном состоянии и требовало постоянного контакта с разработчиками оттуда) удешевляла для клиентов нашего рекламного агенства размещения в этой сети. Подобную штуку делали и для FB и для ВК, но с Таргетом получилось сложнее всего и интереснее всего. Развесистая бизнес-логика, работа с местами неадекватным API и как итог - единое окно для размещения рекламы в трёх мажорных сетках, её оптимизация и управление ей. - Лидил несколько проектов в одной из крупнейших и наиболее технологичных компаний Рунета последних лет, очень много вложил начиная от планирования этих проектов и до самого этапа запуска. Не всё было гладко, но проекты в итоге были запущены и работают до сих пор. - Принимал участие в очень эпичном распиле монолита, где непосредственно влиял на архитектуру окончательного решения, отпиливал большое количество кода от монолита в новые сервисы и проводил соответствующие оптимизации, связанные с распределённым характером нового приложения. Как руководитель: - Построил процессы разработки в хаотично работавшей до этого команде - Внедрил лучшие практики, которые повысили не только сложноизмеримое "качество разработки" но и абсолютные показатели команды в доставляемых задачах - Много раз брал лидирующую роль в команде в отсутствие руководителя, удерживая пасущихся котов от разбредания по полю и превращая их в мотивированных профессионалах

Участие в принятии всех решений, касающихся разработки. Возможность быть ближе к бизнесу и продукту чем к разработке. Точно НЕ могу и НЕ хочу быть просто рабочими руками, которым спускаются задачи сверху.

20 December

System Architect/VP of Engineering/CTO/Head of Infrastructure

St. Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin, London · $7500 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

DevOps, Clouds, CI/CD, Architect, Leadership

Amazon Web Services, bash, Bosh, DevOps, PCF, Linux, PostgreSQL, Python, Clojure, Golang, k8s

I have been working for infrastructure over ten years with short interruptions for backend-development and functional programming. I was creating engineering teams in Kyiv and Saint-Petersburg and spending the last three years for more over 100 technical and management interviews. I hired, fired and motivated people. I've seen and huge enterprise companies and small startups. Worked in class A+ offices with a dress code and remotely from home. I was crafting cloud systems from scratch and improved different legacy systems. I was programming Bash, Perl, Python, Clojure, Scala, Nodejs, Golang. Now I'm in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and 29 years old. I'm burning out in an outsourcing company. I wish something to proud of I'm doing. For current employment, I'm doing infrastructure, improving infrastructure and consulting how to do an infrastructure better. The last project related to DataIngestion, so I'm working with data and developing some tooling with Scala and Python. I don't feel afraid of any job if I see the goal and sense. I don't love senseless movements and work-for-work. I love to deal with complicated things and learn fast. I don't like fanatics about tooling. I believe engineer is first, and Data, System or Software doesn't mean a lot. I have an opinion about team management, hate micromanagement, can understand I'm not right and proud of the team. Moreover, I'm joking near the coffee machine.

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