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Technical Project Manager, IT Director, CTO

Минск, Москва, Berlin, USA, London, Cyprus · $8000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Expert in development and realization of impeccable data protection solutions for business. My IT experience spans more than 20 years. Implementation of automation systems, software development for financial accounting, business process reengineering by means of ERP systems. Development of mobile applications as well as of encryption, protection and secure data transmission algorithms. I am the developer and the sole proprietor of the messenger source code with the securest data transmission system. I have the skills required to develop software applications at all management levels, as well as experience in design of complex systems, selection of teams and specialists, and writing terms of reference (technical tasks). I am experienced in highly effective analysis of customer requirements and using business process reengineering to develop and implement business systems. I possess experience in both successful company anti-crisis management and management of separate departments and projects. I have a hands-on experience in safe corporate data storage and transmission, as well as in protection of companies’ servers, reorganization of company operation on the DevOpsprinciples. I would not mind changing my residence if needed. I have a one-year-long Schengen visa and a Cyprus multiple-entry visa valid until 2022.

C#, .NET, LINQ, JavaScript, SQL, asp.net mvc, HTML, CSS, WPF, C# winforms, Product management, Project Management, MySQL, Python

Work with the company Intel. My IT experience spans more than 20 years. More than two hundred successful projects. Development of business applications for various business areas.

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Tech Lead, System Architect

Москва · $10000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

over 15 years in software development, dozens of successful projects on eCommerce, Banking, ERP etc

Software Architecture

Skills I gained during my IT journey. I am skilled enough to build high quality software and services comparing to AAA companies.

Complex product in B2B area

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Algorithmist, Senior C++ Developer

Москва · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Algorithms, Statistics, Search engines, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, C/C++

Algorithms, C++, C/C++, CVS, Information Retrieval, Multithreading, Natural Language Processing, OOP, Visual Studio, Git, Highload, HTML, HTTP, STL, SVN, TCP/IP, Windows, Apache, FreeBSD, Linux, PHP, Zend Framework (ZF), CSS, XML, MySQL, JavaScript, C#

Поисковые движки meta.ua, rambler.ru и ряда проектов помельче :) Если кратко, то автор всех местных поисковиков, кроме Яндекса. Или соавтор :)

Интересы: алгоритмы, обработка текстов, информационный поиск, прикладная лингвистика. Неинтересно: трейдинг, копание в сетевых протоколах.

29 ноября

Front-end engineer

Удаленная работа, Россия · $5500 · 4 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Seasoned professional with good knowledge of Javascript and web libraries and frameworks, as React.js and Vue.js. I have hands-on experience working with both RESTful and GraphQL APIs and familiar with the whole web-stack including protocols and website optimisation techniques. My competencies also include UI and UX building skills with cross-browser and cross-platform considerations.

JavaScript, React, Redux, React Native, GraphQL, Relay, RESTful APIs, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, ES6+, PostCSS, SASS/SCSS

- Researched, coordinated and implemented separated projects powered by GraphQL (Relay) and integrated them to existing system - Launched highly-interactive SPA using Vue.js - Worked on UI/UX prototyping, usability and responsive design - Mentored my peers and fostered educational environment by hosting talks on various topics

I love building interfaces, enjoy functional programming and move to full-stack competencies step by step. It would be great to work in a small or medium sized company specialised in biotech, medicine, education or machine learning. I really value skilful, enthusiastic and empathetic teammates.

27 ноября

Senior iOS Developer 

Винница, Киев(remote), Москва(remote), Remote · $3500 · 6 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

6+ лет коммерческой разработки клиент-серверных приложений под iOS, полный цикл от скетча до заливки в AppStore.

Swift, Objective-C, REST API, Multithreading, CocoaPods, JSON, MVC/ MVP/ MVVM, Custom UI, Alamofire, Realm, Git, CoreData, OOP/OOD, iOS, Auto Layout, Crashlytics, AppStore connect, CoreGraphics, GCD, Scrum, Adobe Photoshop, Zeplin, Localization, VIPER, Jira, Agile

Предпочтение: новые проекты на Swift, адекватный менеджмент и процессы. Бюджет: $3200-$4000 в зависимости от города, проекта и условий.

26 ноября

Software Architect/Lead developer

Пермь, Москва, Самара · $3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Pre-Intermediate

Experienced in desktop, service, cross-service, web and mobile platforms. Fan of Microsoft and most productive on Microsoft technology, such as .NET, C#, SQL Server, Azure, etc. Versatile and experienced with other platforms and frameworks such as Oracle, Delphi, PHP, Java, etc. Computer language expertise: • C# (13 years) • T-SQL (12 years) Primary experience: • Services: Multi-threaded applications • DB: Entity Framework • Client-server: SOAP, WCF • Web: MVC, Angular, jQuery • GUI: WPF, WinForms • Mobile: .NET CF, J2ME, Windows Phone • Azure: Web/worker roles, SQL Azure, CDN etc • Platforms: SharePoint • VoIP: Oktell Proactively gain exposure and expertise to emerging cutting-edge technologies and developer software. Possess more than 13 years of professional developing, so I guarantee that I can tackle any problem and build any project, according to your specifications.

C#, LINQ, .NET, Entity Framework, SQL, REST API, asp.net mvc, jQuery, WPF, Azure, Selenium, MVC, WCF, IIS, Multithreading, Microsoft SQL Server, Web/ WCF services, Software Architecture, SharePoint, VoIP

I'm always trying to understand "core issue"/main business goals, to reach most important things and to not spent time to useless things.

I'm expecting to develop new products. I like studying new technologies, but I does not see "silver bullet" in every new technology. Prefer to work with mature products.

25 ноября

Software Architect

Москва, Рига · $4000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Lua, PHP-7, Symfony, MySQL, Tarantool, ClickHouse, Oracle, MSSQL, Linux, JavaScript, Memcached, Redis, Sphinx, Jira, Jenkins, Shell, UML-Diagrams, JSON, System Architect, eCommerce, Miscroservices, ESB, HighLoad

JSON, Linux, Memcached, MySQL, Sphinx, SQL, Tarantool, XML, Clickhouse, JavaScript, Lua, Nginx, openresty, PHP 7, Redis, ElasticSearch, OOP, Shell, CSS, Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Jira, PHP, PostgreSQL, WebServices, REST API, Oracle, MSSQL

at conversation, some numbers: My data-cloud recived 2Pb of data per 6\month, max load: 70Tb\7Hrs (one night) and costs 3.5$\Gb of storage with mirroring and hot-access. SSO-service gets 600k logins per day with average 70ms to answer. Making DWH and report system for financial institution other info at conversation.

CTO, TeamLead, Software Architect, Startup

23 ноября

Project/Program Manager/Consultant

Москва, Санкт Петербург, London, Berlin, USA, Canada, Amsterdam · $6500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

A result-oriented manager/lead with solid programming skills, requirement management, and team leadership experience. Able to prioritize tasks and demonstrate problem-solving skills. Able to speak with both business and technicians. Major activities: • Providing full-cycle SDLC consulting to the clients • Setting up transparent & manageable processes • Building the successful teams for both technical/non-technical clients • Account/Program/Initiative development Current employer: international software development company with 10+ offices worldwide Experience highlights: • Successful project management of projects and programs (+$5m budget) • Leading of multiple distributed teams (overall teams size is up to 30 people, SME, team leads, business analysts, designers, developers, QA, DevOps); • Leading discovery/solution design phases both onsite and offsite; • Effective communications at all levels with clients in US, Switzerland, UK; • Leading pre-sales activities; • Project transparency on operational and executive levels; • Expectations management for the stakeholders and the team. Tech background • .NET, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Java, JavaScript, SQL • Selenium, NUnit • Git, TeamCity, Jira, Confluence, TestRail • Continuous integration, test-driven development, fast production lifecycle, algorithms & data structures Education • Master's degree in math & computer science Certificates: • PMP • Program and portfolio management (ICP-PPM) • MCP

Project Management, Scrum, Agile, Team management, Jira, Kanban, English, Communication, Confluence, SDLC, Negotiation, Waterfall, Business Analysis, project planning, People management, Relationship management, Product Development, solution design, Team Leadership, expectation management, Product management

• Top #1 account (by gross margin) in company division in 2018 • Top #2 account (by gross income) in company division (2016-2018) • Удалось поработать и с госсектором, и с бизнесом в России и по всему миру • Десятки завершенных проектов • Могу построить команду для разных проектов: - технический/нетехнический клиент - один человек со стороны клиента или целая команда - гибкость управления скоупом/неясные требования + прозрачный управляемый бюджет - ответственность за программу/проект с момента первого контакта и до окончания поддержки • Могу работать с неопределенностью, когда непонятно, чего хочет клиент • Верю, что IT меняет мир, бизнес и людей, а проблемы - это новые возможности

• Bring life to new initiatives, changing the way company works • Concentrate on accounts/programs/product development rather than project management duties within a development team (ideally, cooperating with project managers, project assistants, architects, team leads, etc.) Буду рад обсудить вашу ситуацию

23 ноября

Технический директор

Москва · $4000 · 3 года опыта · Beginner/Elementary

HTML, Laravel, CSS, PHP

Ищу компанию с хорошо слаженным коллективом, с возможностью профессионально расти и развиваться.

22 ноября

Senior Software Developer

Москва · $5000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Доктор наук, практический опыт от рядового разработчика до архитектора крупных систем. Решаю "нерешаемые" задачи.

C++, Linux, STL, OOP, Multithreading, Qt, Design Patterns, C, Architecture, Erlang, OTP

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