6 декабря

Разработчик Perl

Удаленная работа, Россия · $1500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, PHP, JavaScript В основном, backend.

CSS, HTML, MySQL, Perl, JavaScript, Jira, PostgreSQL, Shell

Обёртка над SOAP::Lite для "Метод Лаб". Там же, написанный практически в одиночку CMS 4Site http://4site.ru (в данный момент на рефакторинге на GitHub). Внедрение на текущей работе ("КиноХод", https://kinohod.ru) Apple Pay и Android Pay.

Perl! Хорошая команда, в которой каждый делает свое дело, сильные и интересные задачи. Backend. Возможно, но не обязательно, повышение по карьере. Возможность научиться чему-то новому, что я могу применить. Никаких бесполезных знаний. НЕ рутина.

5 декабря

Senior Python developer

Удаленная работа, Россия · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Cloud platform development engineer at Digital Energy Cloud Solutions. Experienced backend developer with a demonstrated history of working in cloud infrastructure and financial services industry. Skilled in cloud computing, RESTful microservices, virtual appliances, microservices, Python (Programming Language), Flask, MongoDB, InfluxDB, other databases et cetera. Strong sides: + Achiever. Set for achieving the highest level of proficiency. + Motivated. Used to work without constant supervision. + Team player. Team is always more than a sum of its members. + Supportive. Got skill to communicate with anyone.

Python, Git, Linux, Flask, REST API, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, XML, Jira, Docker, Qt, JSON, Redis

Написал систему мониторинга пользовательских виртуальных машин, интерфейсы для работы с БД InfluxDB, реализовал полнофункциональную копию REST API системы мониторинга Prometheus для работы с Grafana с базой данных MongoDB, агрегатор данных для работы с консолидированными метриками. Разрабатывал и вносил изменения в систему управления Libvirt и OpenvStorage. (+Redis, парсеры). Также разрабатывал/дорабатывал механизмы развертывания и миграции виртуальных машин, исправления и дополнения для программного продукта компании. Вносил правки в Web-портал со стороны back-end (Flask). Решал иные, относительно сложные задачи в команде разработчиков очень высокого уровня. Разработал специализированное корпоративное программное обеспечение (Облачная инфраструктура, шифрованные каналы связи, аналитика, нейросети). Разработал программно-техническое средство (торговую систему-клиент) для Московской Биржи, прошедшее официальную сертификацию Московской Биржи.

Ищу только удаленный формат работы, на постоянной основе. Не фриланс, а полный рабочий день.

2 декабря

Разработчик perl

Москва · $2500 · Больше 10 лет опыта

Perl, MySQL, Linux, Nginx, svn, git, Memcache, Redis, Facebook API

Facebook API, Linux, Memcache, MySQL, Nginx

Офис возле метро. Белая зарплата. Маленькая команда. Неформальная обстановка. НЕ Open space.

24 ноября

Video Editor

Удаленная работа, Россия · $1000 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

Hello, I am video and film editor, colorist. I have experience in editing, color grading, sound editing and motion design. I have an education in the Culture and Art University. During my professional carrier I was involved in postproduction of TV, music videos, vlogs, commercials, wedding movies and short films. I am stick to deadlines and interesting in creating a high-quality products. See you on the next project!

adobe premiere, Adobe Affter Effects, video editing, color grading

editing https://www.youtube.com/user/am4am/videos color grading https://vimeo.com/284102291

24 ноября

Разработчик perl

Москва · $3000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Perl, basic JavaScript, MySQL, Linux, Apache/nginx


backend development

interesting project

18 ноября

Lead / Full-Stack Technical Recruiter

Харьков, Киев, Львов, Москва, Europe · $1500 · 4 года опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Maybe, the last recruiter profile you`ll ever need. Accelerating Candidate Experience, Amplifying Customer Service, Boosting Employer Branding. I offer: 4+ years of solid recruiting experience: — US- & EU-based startups and big companies; — Full recruiting lifecycle: from initial customer welcome & requirements gathering to the candidate`s onboarding & adaptation process; — Wide tech stack and business domains array: from fintech & entertainment to neurobiological projects; — Tight and proactive cooperation with customer (customer-oriented as hell), direct communication (Account Manager duties); — Collaboration with top-management; — Tons of tools, resources, services, technologies and approaches tested, implemented, improved & created; — Consultancy and Troubleshooting experience: able to spot the bottlenecks of the processes` flow and figure out the best way to optimize & grow (or to stay silent about them); — Team leading and mentoring experience; — Experience in setting up the processess turn-key, creating work instructions & documentation etc.; — Technical background in engineering as a key to the deeper understanding of Customer`s needs and Candidate`s profile. Able to make technical pre-screen and aware of what the Garbage Collector in .NET is. Ability to balance the needs of Business and Candidates` Experience staying both humane & business-profitable. "Strong interpersonal communication skills", as they often tell in JD. I never say something is "bad" but rather offer various options to make it awesome. ...And many other great things may arise. You better do what you love — and do your best, or... ;^)

IT Recruitment, Interviewing, Communication, Onboarding, Executive Search, Jira, Employee Relations, Full-cycle recruitment, Communication with foreign customers, Customer service, Service design, Account Management, Negotiations, Mentoring, Public Speaking, Creation of all HR documentation, Processes optimization & setup, Team Building, Recruitment Team Management, Recruitment consulting, headhunting, Research, Conflict Management and Problem Solving, Adaptation and motivation, Sales, Requirements gathering & analysis, Recruiting, X-Ray, Sourcing, Human Resources

— More than 50 months of successful full-stack technical recruiting for Silicon Valley projects, EU-based startups etc.; — Experience in foreign (western) markets recruiting; — Engineering and technical background; — Best closing record in recruiting — 3 hours for a TL position; — Fluent English (но и по-русски хорошо умею); — Successfuly trained & mentored more than 10 people (from zero to hero) using my own educational program. Students now employed as recruiters in EPAM Kyiv, Microsoft Partners etc.; — Personalised approach: candidates & customers turn into buddies (borders & rules respected though); — Handled all the company`s communication with customers (from sales and recruiting to PM and support); — My LinkedIn "Job" posts gain ~20k views; — Aimed at bringing neural science in working process; — As a person who strives to diversity and changes, participated in a bunch of tasks outside from recruiting (hardware, events, zero-wasting, HR, branding, fun management etc.); — Public speaking experience & passion, volunteering experience in- and outside of IT; — Been to two oceans in one day; — Got over the burnout and as a phoenix now I`m optimistic and stress-resistant come hell or high water; — I play drums and electric guitar; — I use LinkedIn profile as a CV; — I don’t think of any of the above mentioned achievements as my own as they couldn’t happen without people surrounding me; — I can be less wordy then here or even more — depends on your needs, expectations and outcome.

— Opportunities in- and outside of Recruiting; — Challenge; — Close cooperation with Customer & C-Level; — Ability to learn & grow; — No bullshit please (recruiting is similar to sales but NOT sales per se if done the right way). If your brand or project don`t speak for itself you should at least have a desire or be eager to make it (together for sure). — Happy to build & lead a team — it`s time to share but even more to learn; — Open for "troubleshooting" opportunities in relieving your company/department`s pain and/or helping to thrive; — Room for initiative and creativity, public events; — Competitive compensation, possibility to be flexible, mobile, agile etc., stable oxygen inflow. — Product/Startup or small company is a great option. Direct long-term proposition from the Founder is a dream-like. — Routine is good for an adequate timespan, but you can hire "average" people for average tasks. I can help you with this. I need to be inspired about what I do and can`t resist to inspire & light up others around. I adore to see people smiling & laughing — and the smile of an "introverted" person is a greater achievement sometimes. Plants start flowering and accounts growing when you bring love in what you do. p.s. It would be awesome if I`ll be able to get some new tech skills with you as well (some technologies out there I`d like to obtain). Open for any relocation opportunities — it`s not a question of WHERE you do, it`s rather WHAT. Feel free to reach out on any occasions though — I`m open for communication. Thank you for your attention, and good luck!

16 ноября

Database Engineer

Москва · $4000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

• Over 11 years of experience in database design, development and maintenance. • Extensive experience in identifying performance issues, debugging and performance tuning using Trace, Explain plan, Indexing, Hints, Partitioning, TKPROF and Profiling. • Participates in business and technical IT solution implementations – Database warehouse/OLTP planning, development, upgrading, performance tuning, disaster recovery, migrating, testing and support, high availability using DataGuard (FSFO), Streams, GoldenGate and RAC. • Excellent analytic, troubleshooting, debugging and error trapping skills. • Perform general technical troubleshooting and provide consultation to development teams. • Good knowledge and experience with SQL, PL/SQL and bash.

Cluster, Database, DR, Oracle Database, PL/SQL, RAC, SQL

14 ноября

Разработчик Delphi-OpenGL

Москва · $2000 · 8 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Delphi, OpenGL, SVN, 3D, OOP, MVC, MSSQL/MySQL, JavaScript, BugTracking, Problem solving, Constructive approach

Delphi, OpenGL, Windows, MSSQL, OOP, JavaScript

Ремейк стратегической игры с нуля - kamremake.com Своя игра на основе - knightsprovince.com

Ищу работу связанную с 3D графикой, лучше всего если в геймдеве. Готов к смене языка программирования.

6 ноября

Front-end Developer

$1500 · 2,5 года опыта · Intermediate

Октябрь 2017 — по настоящее время Индивидуальное предпринимательство, фриланс Веб-разработка, Фронтенд Языки разработки: JavaScript Фреймворки: Vue js, Angular 6 Другие навыки: Верстка(адаптивная, кроссбраузерная), jQuery и другие js библиотеки Июнь 2018 — сентябрь 2018 Foodza.ru (remote) Frontend developer Работал удаленно фулл тайм. Писал некоторую часть логики фронтэнда. Неплохо подтянул знание vue js и верстки Сентябрь 2016 — август 2017 Neon-mobile www.neon-mobile.com Младший Веб-разработчик Мое первое место работы. В основном учился чистому коду, Верстал админку, переписывал фронт c Angular js на Angular 4. Изредка исправлял баги бэкенда на laravel 5.

CSS3, Git, HTML5, Vue, JavaScript, Angular 6, TypeScript

Проекты в которых я принимал участие: https://foodza.ru https://rofas.kz https://euroflowers.kz https://vuetopia.ru https://webcode.ru https://1c-code.ru https://arestov.design

С удовольствием поработаю под началом крутого тимлида. Получение опыта.

5 ноября

Chief Editor/ PR Director (ICO, blockchain)

Москва · $4000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

Bilingual Copy-writing, editing, recruiting, team building, localization, team management, C2 English language proficiency, journalism, English & German technical translation.

copywriting, English, Localization, Recruiting, Microsoft Office, Strategic planning, Team Building, Team management, Technical translation, Adobe Photoshop, French, German, Team building

Almost moved to Bangalore to join the HackerEarth team as technical translator (project put on hold). (2016-17) Organized several festivals and conventions (up to 8000 visitors/3 days). XO of an international media contest for the disabled. (2014)

Do want: Relocation, work visa support, challenging tasks, goal-oriented strategy, adequate co-workers and superiors. Do not want: Conservatism, showing off instead of showing results and efficiency(the Russian way), confusing me with a secretary.

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