Senior Analyst / Product Owner

Удаленная работа, Россия · $2000 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Performed gathering and documentation of requirements for a production planning system in a large US aviation corporation, including communication with clients on-site. Gathered business requirements in insurance domain for a large US-based actuarial and consulting firm and took part in developing of trading system for Canadian Credit Union. Participated in a large number of project in bank, logistics, oil and gas, gamification and other domains as a System and Business Analyst, as well as a Product Owner.

Business Analysis, Scrum, Jira, Agile, User stories, BPMN, Use cases, Requirements analysis, UML, English, Project Management, SQL, Confluence, Requirements management, Product management, Waterfall, Analytical Skills, SDLC, User Interface, REST API, MS Excel, Requirement analysis, Business Correspondance, Negotiation, Project coordination and leadership, B2C, MS PowerPoint, Attention to Details, Manual Testing, Diagrams and flowcharts, Subversion, Analysis of business requirements, Communication, REST, Microsoft Office, Kanban, JSON

Development of production scheduling system for a large US aviation corporation

Participation in a Product or outsourcing development, bringing a real added value for customers and supposing a large intellectual input from the team. I propose myself as a part-time Business/System Analyst or Product Owner.

21 мая

Project Manager

Москва, Санкт-Петербург · $3500 · Больше 10 лет опыта · Advanced/Fluent

- International experience in design project management and suppliers sourcing - Sales support and delivery of highly comprehensive technical products and services - Contracts management and business planning including P/L responsibility - Customer relations management and company representation at the global exhibition events and scientific research organizations

Jira, Design Patterns

• Built an extensive network of cooperation with the European avionics and equipment manufacturers and some Chinese suppliers • Partnered and negotiated The Terms of Cooperation with French supplier – Safran Group under several areas of cooperation: Auxiliary Power Unit development (signed MoU, technical statement, finance model) and Engines procurement project, 120 pcs (solved and approved engines delivery plan for CEO) • Conducted an initiation stage of import substitution for Nomex thermal paper (USA) analogues within Russian manufactures. Coordinated research methodology in close cooperation with the national specialized research centers (valued at $2.5 mln) • There are 4 successfully completed R&D systems integration projects for the newest Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, valued at 32000 hrs • Solved an operational technical issues that appear during the manufacture phase with involvement of cross functional commodities experts • During 2010-2013, due to successful team performance, led internal sales of engineering workload to different Boeing business units overseas (Boeing Mesa Phoenix, AZ, Boeing Charleston, SC) • Designed a specific engineering training program, that allowed to release some engineering parts in Russia that significantly reduced an NRC development costs for a parent company

International multiprofile industry or SaaS company with focus on R&D projects, service projects in Russia/CIS/EMEA

16 мая


Москва, Europe · $6000 · 9 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Project Manager, Product Manager in IT product development. I worked with startups and enterprise companies in various type of projects: web, e-commerce, mobile apps, back office systems. Solid expertise in: Product discovery and opportunity assessment Product strategy planning MVP planning Building dev and product teams Project staffing Backlog planning, User Stories Project estimation Product design, UX/UI Agile team management. Creating own process for each product\company, based on agile and lean principles. Scope management.

Agile, Jira, Kanban, Project Management, Prototyping, Scrum, Scrum master, User Experience (UX), Product management

Interesting: - Unusual products and ideas - Startups. Starting a product from scratch - Process management and team building

14 мая

Product manager

Berlin, Lisbon, Barcelona, Москва · $4400 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Fintech startup Created a payment system from scratch up to 1M RUB daily turnover. Customer development, technical specification, team formation, UI mockups, project management, MVP delivery, testing, integration with a major partner, integration projects with B2B customers, scaling. Delivered the first version of a trading terminal in 2 months. Customer development, UI mockups, project management, MVP delivery. Implemented analytics in 2 weeks. Technical specification, project management, testing. Online education startup Sales growth +50% in 4 months. Implemented best product development and growth practices, implemented an agile project management approach. Hired a new developer, with a smaller salary, 2x more productive and always available. Implemented analytics with Segment.io integration. Now CEO, marketing and sales managers see all major events in every customer lifecycle as well as the overall picture. Conversion increased +60% thanks to implementing A/B testing. The whole team is now focused on business growth because we have implemented a hypotheses-driven approach to product development.

Product management, Agile, Jira, User Experience, Business Analysis, Project Management, Google Analytics, English, A/B testing

Sales growth +50% in 4 months for an edutech product

A small team with a product/market fit, B2C product, remote-friendly culture

12 мая

System Analyst / Business Analytist

Днепр, Киев, Saint-Petersburg, Москва · $1000 · 1 год опыта · Upper Intermediate

Summer Research Intern at an International AI Lab, South Korea, 2018 Junior Researcher at an International Research Lab, from Nov 2017 to Jun 2018 Student projects: — AR Restaurant Menu (Unity & C#) — Pose Estimation in indoor rowing (Python) — Random Coffee Bot (Python) BCG Virtual Experience Program, 2020 - around 60 hours Participated in the open-access BCG Virtual Experience Program with InsideSherpa Modules Completed: — Strategy Consulting (Market Research, Data Analysis, Understanding consumer needs, Client Recommendation) — Digital Transformation ( Market Research, Use Case Development / Prioritization, Economics, Scaling) — Design (Strategic Design, Experience Design)

Business Analysis, Use cases, Requirements analysis, User stories, User Experience, User Interface, User Research, Interviews, Technical Writing, UI mockups and wireframes, Prototyping, Data Science in Python, MS Office, Analytical Skills, People management

Graduate of McKinsey Virtual Academy Microsoft Student Partner PwC Student Ambassador Intel AI Ambassador Candidate Education: — Data Science Masters at the Higher School of Economics — System Analysis Bachelor at the Dnipro Polytechnic National Technical University Graduate of 1991 Open Data Incubator, Y Combinator Startup School Winner of 1991 Open Data Hackathon, Winner of Moscow Climatron, Winner of VK Hackathon

Looking for a part-time or full-time system analysis job

11 мая

CTO/Product owner

Москва, Los-Angeles · $3500 · 6 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

September 2018 - Current Data science manager/Project manager Development of artificial intelligence systems for data analysis and blockchain solutions for a running business. Supervising development from the development of initial requirements, technical specifications to the implementation directly into the business We used: Creating Intermediate SQL Queries Working with CLI Python programming Data analytics with NumPy, SciPy for comparative statistics, for manipulation and analysis of Pandas, Visualization with Matplotlib Scikit-Learn for building models Independently take courses on Coursera in deep learning and areas of its application Car Detection, Art Generation, Facial Recognition AB testing implementation In general, I went deeper into the blockchain / artifical intelligence field. CTO January 2016 - September 2018 CTO - Designing application architecture in collaboration with backend lead - Choice of technology stack - Selection of tools for developing, planning and managing processes - Team work control (60 people) - Planning development tasks - Task setting team - Writing technical documentation - Coordination of work with business owners - Technical team consultation - Estimation of deadlines for performing tasks - Conduct interviews for Android developer / iOS developer / Backend developer / DevOps / PM / QA / Analytics / System engineer - Conducting ICO, all blockchain operations (ETH / BTC / BCH / DASH / LTC etc) - Creating your own cryptocurrency - Interaction with third-party vendors in diverse areas Have a great experience in the field of DevOps Backend and directly managerial functions Task tracking in JIRA CI / CD Jenkins / Bamboo Stack MongoDB Redis RabbitMQ Docker Kubernetes etc January 2014 - December 2015 PM Full project supervision January 2013 - January 2014 Backend lead developer Programming on Node.js, framework express, DB MongoDB May 2012 - January 2013 Backend developer PHP-coding

AWS, Jira, MongoDB, Node.js, RabbitMQ, Redis, Git, MySQL, Python, Product management, Project Management, Docker, Technical Writing, JavaScript, Scrum, PostgreSQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Communication Skills, computer vision, BlockChain, REST API, OOP, RPC

Created a team from scratch Created the architecture with the team Out in production with the finished product Held ICO from start to finish Engaged mostly backend / devops but also closely interacted with client teams

Interesting project, strong adequate team and leadership

11 мая

Product Owner / Product Manager

$3500 · 7 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Currently I work as a Product Owner on a new contact center application with Speech recognition and ML technologies in Sberbank. I'm interested in a new challenge which could be connected with a relocation to Europe (Poland, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, GB)

Product Owner with a passion in IT products and strong technical background (more than 5 years in business and system analysis). I'm focused on implementation of high-tech solutions in FinTech and Telecom domains. Implemented products: Contact center application for SberBank SAS RTDM for SberBank CRM Siebel for international bank CRM Amdocs for a telecom operator PLM system for sportswear retailer

11 мая

UI/UX Designer, Product designer

Москва, London, Barcelona, Киев · $2000 · 8 лет опыта · Intermediate

Hello. I am UI/UX and products designer. I have experience in working for services, banking, online shops, etc. I love creating simple and gorgeous user interfaces & icons for web-apps, mobile and desktop apps. I do both flat UI/material design and skeuomorphic style. I make interfaces simple and easy to use. I use Figma as main tool. Sometimes Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch. Feel free to contact me.

Photoshop, Sketch, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Prototype, Adobe Illustrator, CSS, HTML, After Effects, Figma, CJM, SaaS, User Experience, User Interface, Wireframes, Zeplin, mobile design, Responsive Design

I have been working in design for 6 years now. 4 years in UI/UX and branding. I worked on my own startup in Moscow with my team.

I love big projects, startups & full-time remote work. Also interested in front-end development. I prefer to work on the whole product including UI and elements of a brand.

8 мая

Product manager

Киев, Одесса, London, Berlin, Москва, Amsterdam · $3200 · 5 лет опыта · Upper Intermediate

Founder | Squad Company • Founded a startup which focused on Mobile Apps and Games Development for Kids & Adults Entertainment; • Formulated company vision and goals. Hired and trained new team members; • Built a team of 9 developers, designers and media buyers; • Participated in every aspect of business development from market research, finance and operation to design, monetisation, marketing and user acquisition; • Created a full lifecycle for every product, MRD, PRD; • Released 6 mobile games for iOS and Android devices; • Worked on ASO, distribution, user feedback, collaboration with advertising networks; Product Manager | NDA • Created Mobile App prototype for the Innovative Cannabis Treatments; • Researched Cannabis and Psychedelic Mushrooms Market, MRD, PRD; • Interviewed patients for User Stories; Product Owner | Essentia One • Released blockchain open-source cross-platform software for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux and Web; • Managed Team of 35+ designers, developers, managers and marketers; • Managed a Full Product Lifecycle, MRD, PRD; • Managed web products development: websites, wiki, product documents; • Managed Brand Identity building, web products development; • Reached 30,000+ users; • Communicated and worked closely with the CEO and executives to reach company’s goals; Head of Marketing | Essentia One • Built a community with over 50,000+ members; • Raised $25 mln on the public sale; • Built and managed team of 20+ Marketers, SMM managers, designers, copywriters, community managers and developers; • Managed International Conferences and Meetups organisation; • Managed PR, UGC, Aggregators, Business Partnerships and Investors Communication; • Communicated and worked closely with the CEO and executives to reach company’s goals; Founder & CMO | Homo Marketus • Founded B2B performance marketing agency on CPA and CPL basis; • Built and managed a team of 6 media buyers, designer and developers; • Generated over 2500+ leads monthly

Product management, Project Management, Scrum, Jira, Team management, Business Analysis, User Experience, Product research, Marketing, Kanban, English, Business development, Product Development, Google Analytics, Prototype, User Interface, Digital marketing, E-commerce, Communication, MVP, App Store Console, Hiring, Business Developement, reporting, Mobile Analytics, Payment Service Provider, Mobile app development, Developing cases for new Products/Features, Lean Product Management, B2B, Risk management, Pre-sales, making presentations, Conflict Resolution, Release planning, problem-solving skills, Product planning, product owner, growth marketing, Scrum/Kanban methodology, Mindmap, Market and competitor research, Analytical and problem solving abilities, Customer Experience, Performance team management, Managing and monitoring product KPIs, Conducting workshops, Business Intelligence, BPMN, UI/UX, Technical Requirements, Business value, Strategy development, Setting communications, Customer Success, Product Roadmap, Product Backlog management, A/B testing, People management, Product Management, multitasking, Presentation skills, Marketing Strategy & Research, Waterfall

Experienced Digital Industry Executive skilled in Business and Digital Strategy, Product Leadership, User Experience, Software Development, Mobile Gaming and Marketing. Having held positions of CEO, Product Manager, Head of Marketing and leading roles in product, business innovation, creative, branding, technology, marketing, design Vlad has helped create products and businesses for multinational technology companies and startups. Accomplishments: • Over 15+ Products Released • Helped to Fundraise $26 mln for Startups • Build from scratch and Lead a Team with over 35+ professionals • Released software in categories: mobile app, mobile game, fintech, adult, crypto, medical and AR • Released open-source and cross-platform products with blockchain technology

Interest to work on complex projects to create a highly addictive and viral product. Prefer to work with mobile product and projects aimed to make user-friendly solutions.

5 мая

Product manager

Москва · $1000 · 1,5 года опыта · Intermediate

Провожу исследования и анализирую результаты (UX, глубинные интервью, анализ конкурентов и рынка) Изучаю сценарии и проблемы пользователей, провожу CustDev, составляю Use Cases, CJM ‒ Определяю наиболее привлекательные аудитории для продукта ‒ Определяю оптимальный набор каналов для продвижения ‒ Создаю инструкции для пользователей ‒ Занимаюсь разработкой email-стратегии

Product management, Agile, Scrum, User Experience, Marketing, Digital marketing, Product research, Google Analytics, Communication

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