Senior Ruby / Ruby on Rails Developer

Remote work, Russia · $4500 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Rspec/Minitest, PostgreSQL, Nginx/Unicorn/Puma, HTML/Haml/Slim, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript/jQuery/React/Vue, Git, Linux (Ubuntu/Centos), REST API, MicroServices, DevOps ( Docker, Terraform, OpenStack, Packager).

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Linux, RSpec, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, React, Vue, Golang, REST API, Docker, OOP, Sidekiq, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, Capybara, Microservices, Bootstrap, SQL, Redis, HTML

Motivated and customer-oriented Ruby / Ruby on Rails developer with strong conceptual and design skills. I am results-driven, deadline-oriented, organized, and energetic programmer with experience in back-end programming, relational databases and development, DevOps, maintenance of websites. Purposeful, responsible, sociable, punctual. I learn quickly, aspire to obtain new knowledge and self-education. I have big exprience (about 8 years) in backend and frontend development on Ruby/Ruby on Rails FGBU CEKI — Alone with collaboration of UI Designer wrote backend and frontend, developed DB architecture, API endpoints. Developed gem OmniAuth Esia, interactive Map with POI clasterization, made DevOps. Data import/export from/to government sources (JSON, XML, CSV). DevOps, deploy by capistrano, puma, nginx. Server architecture - nginx, load balancers, workers, scheduled tasks. Search Engine Sputnik - developed new features, code optimization, DevOps - Terraform, OpenStack, Docker, Redis, Sidekiq, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Couchbase for tourism service on Ruby/Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. Developed high-loaded backoffice portal for Universiade in Krasnoyarsk 2019. Integration with other backend services by ActiveMQ using LDAP.

I'm looking for new interesting projects using modern technologies.


Front-end developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $600 · 1.5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Участвовал в разработке нескольких интернет магазинов. Приходилось разрабатывать корзину на фронте. Писал блоги, вывод информации, фильтрация информации. Тимлидил департамент(Frontend). Также разрабатывал сайт для курсов. Проще говоря, аналог

JavaScript, React / Redux, React, React Hooks, React-Router, ReactJS, AJAX, JSON, Axios, REST API, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap, Flexbox, GIT, ES6, HTML5

Участвовал в нескольких хакатонах, получал призовые места

Хочу работать над интересными проектами, надоело делать интернет магазины и блоги.


Full Stack Developer

$1000 · 1 year of experience · Upper Intermediate

JavaScript, Node.js, React, MobX, MongoDB, REST API, Git

JavaScript, React, Git, Node.js, REST API, MongoDB, React Native, Mobx

I have 1+ years experience in web development. I have developing at least two commercial web-projects using REACT+NODE.js. My responsibility is modifying existing programing code and writing e2e and unit tests. Currently, I am working as a Full Stack Developer and applying the knowledge that I gained from the Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development Specialization in The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Also, I have developed three single-page application websites (Bootstrap 4, Angular 5, React library v16.3), two multiplatform apps for iOS and Android (Ionic&Cordova, NativeScript), and one REST API Server (NodeJS) within the Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development Specialization in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Coursera. After the course I have applied these knowledge and technologies in three real projects (Bootstrap 4, Angular 5) as an individual contractor. Some of my achievements which I described in detail you can find in my resume. In my portfolio, there are all of my projects that I developed.

The opportunity to learn something new. Refine and improve my knowledge of JS frameworks, gain experience in real projects, develop professionally. I am keen on developing hybrid multiplatform mobile apps and I would be happy to work with the team that works in this field.

22 January

Frontend Team Lead

Moscow · $5500 · 6 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

AngularJS, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Linux, Bootstrap, Node.js, webpack, Vue/Vuex, Nuxt.js, Git, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, VanillaJS

Долгое время разрабатывал проект на AngularJS - журнал/дневник для школ Москвы. На данный момент этот продукт используют все школы Москвы. Последнее время работаю в большом e-commerce проекте Ozon, со своей командой полностью переписали клиентскую часть каталогов и поисковой выдачи на сайте.

Интересные проекты, не откажусь от экспериментов. Дружный коллектив, возможность карьерного и профессионального роста.

22 January

Front-End Developer

Remote work, Russia · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I'm a Front-End developer with 5+ years of experience. I create, develop and maintain websites from plain markups to high-loaded, scalable and performant SPA. I'm responsible, reliable, flexible and well-organized.I work well with others and I value and respect time constraints and deadlines. I am also great with clients: when a client has a question, I take the time to explain and clarify our process to them in an appropriate way.

CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, BEM, Bootstrap, Git, HTML5, Jira, jQuery, React, Redux, jasmine, Jest, Karma, LESS, MySQL, rxjs, TypeScript, webpack, Express, Node.js, RxJS, MobX, Vue / Vuex, Docker, Cypress

22 January

PHP Developer 

Moscow · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Over a 5 years working as a PHP developer. Languages: russian (fluent), english (upper-intermediate), german (beginner, but i am learning fast ;) ) Ready for a test task. Here are some of my projects: 1) ICO/STO/IEO international rating agency. - Environment: YII2, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX, Gitlab - What i developed: analytic blocks, REST API, adding exchanges to platform, calculator for cryptocurrencies, browser extension, parsing information from other resources and many other things - Special exprience: Working with Big data (over 500gb of database), experience of relocate 2) CRM system. -Environment: Yii2, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX, Gitlab -What i developed: the whole structure of CRM system, calendar, tasks, roles, reports - Special experience: development of a huge project in short time 3) Web shops (in general). - Environment: YII2/Laravel(5.7+), MySQL, VueJs, AXIOS, Gitlab -What i developed: the whole structure of web shop, payment system integration, admin panel development - Special experience: experience of including, testing and using different payment systems, VueJs experience 4) Site for Real Estate institution. - Environment: Wordpress, MySql, JQuery, AJAX, Github, Kanban board, Azure, Slack - What i developed: Wordpress plugins, news and blog sections, payment system - Special experience: Working in an international team, remote job, working with CMS (my last experience with CMS, i hope :) )

PHP, Yii2, Git, MySQL, SOLID, OOP, Vue.js, JSON, JavaScript, MVC, Jira, jQuery, AJAX, REST API, SASS, XML, Bootstrap, HTML5, PHP Storm, Redis, Docker, Laravel

Was a part of international team; Was developing on Unreal engine 4 VR games for almost a year; Have a good relocate experience; Have some knowledge in cryptocurrency world; Won a grant competition with AR project

Ready for relocation :) I am fine with frontend work also, so i am not disturbing Frontend developers for fixing or adding functionality Waiting for a good team, interesting projects and challenging tasks

21 January

Front-end developer

Remote work, Ukraine · $1800 · 2 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

I frontend developer with more than 2 years' experience in developing interactive websites. Participated in the development of large projects, portals related to GIS technologies. Developed projects on Angular 2 and worked with geodata and layers on Lealfet.js. - Solid knowledge of JavaScript, ES6+, TypeScript - Strong development skills include Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Design Patterns - 2+ years of experience in building UI applications both from scratch and maintain existing codebase - A bit less 2 years of experience with Angular 2+ - Experienced with map, layers and geodata on Leaflet.js

HTML5, CSS3, Git, JavaScript, ES6, AJAX, JQuery, REST API, TypeScript, Angular 2+, RxJS, Angular Material, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap, Leaflet, Knockout.js

Successfully worked in the face of constantly changing customer desires.

I am looking for work in interesting projects. I want to become part of an ambitious and strong team.

21 January

Web Developer

Moscow · $1500 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Web-programmer since 2016 года, high skilled in MVC and several frameworks: Yii2, Symfony, Django2, Flask. Well-skilled at SQL. I have developed some big frontend applications using Angular and Vue.js. High-skilled at working with remote API. I know git, use SOLID, also I like new technologies and to communicate with team

PHP, JavaScript, Symfony, Yii2, SQL, GIT, Angular 2+, Yii, Trello, Linux, Composer, Vue.js, vuejs, JQuery, JavaScript | jQuery, TypeScript, CSS3, HTML5, MySQL, Git, AJAX, Bootstrap, OOP

Web-programmer since 2016 года, high skilled in MVC and several frameworks: Yii2, Symfony, Django2, Flask. Well-skilled at SQL. I have developed some big frontend applications using Angular and Vue.js. High-skilled at working with remote API. I know git, use SOLID, also I like new technologies and to communicate with team

I'm searching good, comfortable company with good salary.

20 January

Fullstack web developer 🔥

Remote work, Ukraine · $1200 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Technologies: - HTML5, CSS3 / Flexbox; - Javascript 5-6-7, jQuery / jQuery UI; - React.js / Redux / Typescript; - PHP (OOP / MVC) / CodeIgniter / WordPress; - SQL (MySQL); - AJAX (fetch); - JSON; - REST API; - Google Map API / Google Places API / Bing Map API / leaflet.js; - git; - BEM notation, dash notation Additional libraries: - chart.js / highcharts.js / google charts; - anime.js / wow.js / animate.css; - axios Frameworks / templaters: - EJS; - SASS (SCSS); - Bootstrap 4; - Foundation for emails; Tools: gulp, babel, webpack, npm, browser dev tools, bash / terminal, Photoshop, Avocode, VS Code

HTML5, CSS3, Responsive web design, JavaScript, ES6+, jQuery, jQueryUI, JSON, AJAX, PHP, OOP, MVC, Wordpress, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap 4, Foundation, React / Redux, Axios, BEM, Adobe Photoshop, Gulp | Webpack, Babel, npm, Git, Cross browser markup, CodeIgniter, avocode, Trello, REST API

Middle web developer with 3 years experience (2 years corporating development / SEO) with main specialization in Front-end and side spec in Back-end / SEO / UX / Tech. consulting. Participating in more than 40 projects as developer / 100+ projects as corrector / redesigner / speed booster. Different platforms: HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery - ES6+ / PHP: custom CMS - Wordpress - laravel - CodeIgniter / React - Redux Different skills: from making responsive mobile first sites landing pages till the Social network and applications based on jQuery / React / Redux. Somewhere as Full stack (HTML5/CSS3 - Javascript/jQuery - PHP (CodeIgniter / Custom PHP / Wordpress / Custom CMS).

I'm looking for the ways to increase my own skill in web development / increase Soft and Hard skills / Increase commutication, management and self-management.

20 January

React Native Developer 🔥

Moscow, St. Petersburg, USA, Berlin, Kazan, London · $2200 · 3 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Hi there. My name is Bulat and I am React Native Developer with 3+ years of an experience. I like to work with big and interesting project and provide well-documented code and applications with the best performance. If you have interesting projects to work on - I am ready to start conversation:)

JavaScript, React, Redux, TypeScript, Responsive design, Git, React Native, React / Redux, React Hooks, OOP, REST API, HTML5, CSS, JSON, Jira, Figma

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