11 December

QA Engineer (Senior), Automation QA Engineer (Junior)

Moscow · $2400 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Strong theory of manual testing (ISTQB); - Experience in Manual testing with Web Based and Mobile-web based Applications; - Use bug tracking tools like JIRA, Trello, Redmine. Also I work with Confluence; - Perform various types of testing, such as Smoke, Sanity, Functional, Black/White box, Regression, Cross-browser, Acceptance, localization (l10n/i18n), Exploratory, Ad hoc testing; - Work with Charles, Postman, Docker, Burp Suite; - Experience in creating and maintaining different test documentations (end to end scenarios, test cases, check lists, reports, etc.); - Understanding of SDLC; - Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML; - Basic knowledge of the databases (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL); - A little bit of automated testing with PHP. I develop my skills in this area; - Some knowledge in Ruby, SQL, GIT, command line and Linux; - Experience in working with Agile, SCRUM; - Novice Scrum master.

Functional testing, Scrum, Web Testing, Postman, Quality Assurance, Agile, Test Design, Jira, Manual Testing, HTML, Git, SQL, Regression Testing, Charles, API Testing

I have an ISTQB Foundation Level. Work in large teams on large projects for 3 years.

I want to relocate. I expect a friendly team and a possibility to become a backend developer in 1-2 years.

21 November

QA Engineer

Moscow · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Hello, my name is Ilya, I'm from Belarus, but now I live in Moscow. I have worked as QA spesialist for 3+ years in different directions (manual, stress, automation testing) on complex high-load projects. Now I'm unemployed and available for new offers. On my previous jobs I write UI tests on PHP (with Codeception) and Java. Also I led small QA team.

JMeter, Java, PHP, Selenium WebDriver, Git, Postman, SQL, Jenkins, Workbench , Codeception, Docker, JIRA, QA, Selenoid

16 November

QA Team Lead

Moscow · $4000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

3+ years experience in manual and automated testing of web and mobile applications on hand. Tested FORD MODELS iOS and Web apps, automotive factories web app, external document flow web app and many other kinds of web and mobile applications. Have mentoring experience. In context of QA-required I also have experience working with all the technologies \ mentioned above. Have huge experience working with PageObejct and PageFactory patterns. Have experience in designing test frameworks and environments from scratch and maintaining them as well as developing custom test engines. - know how to organize multi thread\cross browser \ cross platform test runs using Jenkins + Selenium WebDriver \ Appium + open STF. Have experience of functional testing including REST API, UI, Load testing automation. Also did some desktop applications test automation using python squish and Winnium. Have experience of carrying out different testing kinds as well as of cooperation with foreign customers\colleagues, not only IT related ones and not limited by UK, US and Germany

Written Translation, Consecutive Interpretation, Technical Translation, Apache JMeter, Jenkins, Maven, SVN, Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket, TestNG, JUnit, Consul, rabbitmq, elastic search, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, JDBC, Hibernate, Appium, Selemiun WebDriver, openSTF, Android Studio, Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA, Squish, Trac, JIra/Confluence/Zephyr, TestRail, Allure report, Extent Reports, java, kotlin, python, swift, Bash, AGILE/SCRUM, Kanban, JSON, XML, XSLT

I am a fluent English speaker and skilled technical interpreter (IT, construction, mechanics, Machinery). Have experience of working solo in terms of single and multiple projects. I am down for open source solutions and saving corporate funds. Currently learning to pentest. Have android and iOS developer capabilities as well.

Looking for Qa team lead position. Interested in career and professional growth, friendly team and adequate authority. Mentioned income is valid for Russia only.

13 November


Remote work, Russia · $1800 · 2 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Проведение тестирования на проникновение как внешние так и внутреннее. Разработка инструкций а также использование социальной инженерии в проектах. Уверенная работа с Metasploit,PowershellEmpire,BurpSuite,Responder,Inveigh,Aquaton,dirsearch,Mimikatz,Gophish,Wireshark, PowerView, PowerSploit,Sqlmapm, XSSStrike, и другими. Понимание структуры AD, повышение привилегий в AD, разведка AD, использование различных атак на контроллер домена таких как DCSync, DCShadow, DPAPI и других. Получение доступа к критическим элементам - NAS, гипервизоры, базы данных, 1C. Понимание работы SMB, ssh, http, https, soap, RDP. Уверенный пользователь Linux и Windows. Понимание методов обнаружения атаки на AD. Повышение привилегий на Lunix. Поиск уязвимостей в веб приложениях, участие в Bug Bounty программах. Понимание и иcпользование методологии OWASP. Понимание и опыт работы с такими уязвимостями как XSS, XXE, SQL inject, RCE, сириализация в PHP Ruby Java, атаки на JWT web tokens, CBC-MAC, уязимости связанные с GIT, CSRF, обход CSP, CORS, LFI, RFI, Subdomain Takeover, GraphQL inject. Нахождение конечных точек в вебприложении с помощью анализа JS. Работа с сервисами dnsdb scout,shodan, censys. Понимание и использование эксплоитов к различным CVE. Понимание и работа c Apache2 настройка и использование SSl сертификатов, настройка dovecot и posfix, настройка DKIM/SPF/DMARC. Верстка сайтов для фишинга. Понимание тестирования Android приложений. Тестирование Wi-fi. Работа с гипервизорами Hyper-V, ESX. Работа c bad usb. Общение с заказчиками. Оценка времени на проведение тестирования. Понимание работы WAF и IDS. Составление отчетов по проведенным тестированиям.

Web Testing, Manual Testing, Linux, Automated Testing

6 November

Lead Software Automation, Quality Assurance, DevOps and Testing Engineer

Moscow · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

C#, .NET, Framework, Информационные технологии, Автоматизация технологических процессов, MS SQL Server, UI automation, TeamCity, Atlassian Jira, Crucible/FishEye, Confluence, VMware, NAnt, NUnit, DevOps, QA, Контроль качества, PowerShell, Selenium IDE, Unit, Testing, Scrum, Автоматизация, SVN, Git, MSSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Visual Studio, Stash, Intellij IDEA, SQL

Jira, Quality Assurance (QA), TeamCity, UI Automation, DevOps, Nant, Windows, Automation, C#, Java, JUnit, NUnit, PowerShell, Scrum, SVN, Test driven development (TDD), WinForms, XML, .NET, BDD, Cucumber, Git, Hibernate, JSON, LINQ, Maven, MSSQL, MySQL, OOP, Selenium, T-SQL, VMware, WCF, WPF, jQuery, Linux, TFS

29 October

Тестировщик, QA Engineer

Remote work, Russia · $1000 · 2 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

- Participation in web-projects. - Functional testing - Regression testing - API Testing - UX (user expirience) Compilation of test cases, checklists, bug reports Learning the basics of automated testing Looking for a part-job, full job time but remote opportunity to relocate - yes

Jira, Manual Testing, Scrum, Regression Testing, Quality Assurance, SQL, Agile, Functional testing, Web Testing, HTML, Postman, Confluence, Test Design, Git, REST API, API testing, Mobile Testing, Selenium WebDriver, Android, Windows, Jenkins, Linux, JSON, XML, GUI testing, Software testing, Chrome Lighthouse, Test Documentatrion, Quality Assurance , Test documentation creation, Базовые знания SQL, bug reports, Check list, Communication, Google Chrome DevTools, Black Box testing, User Interface, monitoring and control, exploratory testing, Usability and UI Testing, QA management, Use cases creation, Bitbucket, check lists, TestRail, Coverage matrix, test artifacts, Chrome Dev Tools, non-functional testing, Kibana, User Experience, ChromeDevTool, Creation of test documentation, API Testing / Postman, CRM, Browserstack, verification, Bugzilla, Working with DB using SQL

created from nothing testing documentation with a help of middle/senoir qa engineer, analysts and others

Good communication Feedback everything else is a matter of time

19 October

QA Lead

Moscow · $3000 · 2.5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

QA Management, Agile, DevOps, SQL, Test design, Test management, Python, pytest, Linux, JavaScript, bash, CI, Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Git, TeamCity, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, Cypress, backend automated testing, set top box testing

Python, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, bash, CI, Git, Linux, TeamCity, JavaScript, Jenkins

- Automated testing of STB devices - Developed API for QA needs - Found lots of root-causes of bugs - Managed team of 3 QA engineers