Remote work, Russia · $2000 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Я программист с десятилетним опытом разработки программ. Моя область экспертизы - парсинг сайтов и обработка данных.

Python, MongoDB, Scrapy, Flask, MySQL, Linux, JSON, Docker

Я работал удаленно в одном аналитическом агенстве недвижимости больше 5 лет И парсил на Python (библиотеки - Grab и selenium)порядка 55 сайтов еженедельно


Senior Python developer

Remote work, Russia · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Cloud platform development engineer at Digital Energy Cloud Solutions. Experienced backend developer with a demonstrated history of working in cloud infrastructure and financial services industry. Skilled in cloud computing, RESTful microservices, virtual appliances, microservices, Python (Programming Language), Flask, MongoDB, InfluxDB, other databases et cetera. Strong sides: + Achiever. Set for achieving the highest level of proficiency. + Motivated. Used to work without constant supervision. + Team player. Team is always more than a sum of its members. + Supportive. Got skill to communicate with anyone.

Python, Git, Linux, Flask, REST API, MySQL, SQL, MongoDB, XML, Jira, Docker, Qt


Java Software Engineer

Moscow · $5000 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

EXPERIENCE WITH TECHNOLOGIES - Core Java / Java 8, multi-threading, Stream API, functional API, JDBC, Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA), JNDI and so on - Java EE 7 technologies stack (see additional details) EXPERIENCE WITH FRAMEWORKS: - Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Data - JSF PrimeFaces - JUnit, Arquillian - Apache Maven - git, svn, cvs - *nix like systems advanced user and shell scripting (bash) - RDBMS Oracle Database, Mysql/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS Sql server - Perl (read & fix code), Python (read & fix code) - Hadoop MapReduce (basic experience) ADDITIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAININGS - 2007 Administering Progress Sonic MQ/ESB - Certificate - 2017 Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer (passed exams with over 90% score) Additional details available upon request

Git, Java Core, Maven, bash, CentOS, EclipseLink, Java, Java EE, Java EE CDI, Java SE, JAX-RS, JMS, JPA, JSF, JSON, Primefaces, REST API, Tomcat, Weld, XML, Bean Validation API, EJB, Glassfish, Hazelcast, Hibernate, JAX-WS, JUnit, Web Development, Ant, Docker, HTML, JavaScript, JDBC, Perl, Angular.js, DevOps, JBoss, PHP, Python, Scrum, Spring, .NET, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Azure Cloud, Spring Boot, Spring Core, Spring Integration, Amazon AWS

My achievements for the past 6 years below: - Developed from scratch and launched a web-based system for online insurance policies sales, including CRM-system, back-end and front-end, payment gateway, integration with payment systems (Internet acquiring), and integration to State Unified Insurance Database of Republic of Kazakhstan. - Significant part of e-insurance market of Republic of Kazakhstan was grabbed by us in the first 1.5 years of running. - Electronic workflows system was developed from the scratch. The system was designed for Banking Information Security Unit and had automate process of control access to Banking Information Resources according to ISO/IEC 17799 industry standards.

Despite my strong managing experience in banking and insurance IT industry, I most like to be a part of software development process. I don't committed to working in a outstaffing company. I am expecting offers from European software product companies on position starting from Senior Java developer.


Software Engineer

Moscow · $5000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Current 2018 AT&T GNS Israel Software Engineer Project: iPlan – system for managing RAN projects, system backend based on microservices. Developed REST service endpoints, cross microservice error handler and different kinds of tests . (Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Oracle, MySQL, JUnit, JSON, REST) Responsibilities: • Designed and developed micro-services business components and REST service endpoints using Spring Boot and Spring MVC for iPlan system • Involving in the complete software development life cycle including requirement analysis, design, implementation, all levels of testing and maintenance. • Designed and implemented generic error handling library to handle automatically the exceptions in different microservices of the application • Established Continuous Integration (CI) practices and standards • Implemented application level persistence using Hibernate and Spring 2 Years 2016 - 2018 AT&T GNS Israel Automation Developer / Software Engineer Project: SDC – visual modeling and design tool for ECOMP ( AT&T SDN solution ), participation in development of backend and test automation. Developed library user and role validation mechanism with cookie (Cassandra, Titan, Jetty, Spring, JUnit, REST) Responsibilities: • Scrum master of Test Automation team, working with stakeholders following the Agile Scrum software development process • Designed and developed Test Automation framework for automation tests execution • Developed component and E2E automation tests in Java using TestNG and Selenium for API and WEB UI for SDC project • Creating tools for automatic reporting and analysis • Integrated test automation into the testing and delivery process of SDC project • Mentoring the team members 1.5 Years 2015 - 2016 CISCO Israel QA Automation Engineer Responsibilities: • Designed and developed CI (continuous integration) infrastructure with Jenkins on AWS • Developed automation tests with Python for REST API and for WEB UI with Selenium 3 Years 2013 - 2015 Partner Israel IT-Billing Specialist Responsibilities: • Developed automation of processes, controls and monitoring system with Python, Bash and PL \ SQL • Designed and developed new billing processes with PL/SQL • Investigation and analysis processes: providing recommendations as to the improvement in efficiency of existing processes and systems

Spring, Java, Maven, Git, JUnit, REST API, OOP, TestNG, REST, MySQL, Servlets, JSON, JDBC, bash, Java Core, SQL, Linux, Spring MVC, SLF4J

played Software Engineer and QA Automation roles, worked on defining, designing and implementing solutions, doing technical reviews focused on high development standards, quality and productivity over 6 years of experience in software development and automotive testing with Java, Python, PL/SQL extensive development experience in using various Java technologies and frameworks participated in Java projects of different complexity experience in design and development testing frameworks fo strengths in the ability to solve problems, analyzing warning signs, identifying the problem and finding the solution solid background in the full life cycle of software development products, including application design from scratch, bootstrapping, prototyping, analyzing and fixing performance issues, code refactoring, optimization, porting and re-design software

- a long and modern stake of technologies - opportunities for career advancement - openness to new propositions and innovations regarding project


Senior QA Engineer

Remote work, Russia · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced QA engineer with analytical, problem solving skills; work ethics and track record of on-time delivery.

Ant, Automated Testing (QA), awk, bash, Confluence, Git, Jira, JMeter, JSON, MacOS, Manual Testing (QA), Quality Assurance (QA), SQL, Windows, XML, XPath, Linux, AWS, Python, XSLT, Manual Testing

Сложные задачи.


ember.js expert

Moscow · $6600 · 8 years of experience · Intermediate

I am a web developer with big experience of Ember.js over 5+ years and web development over 8+ years. I have a lot of projects developed on Ember.js. I am a member of Ember.js community. I communicate with the core developers of Ember directly, so I have all the latest information on the development of Ember. I also take part in meetings Ember.js community. I am a member of the sub-team Ember.js. I follow the best UI&UX design techniques, practices and patterns. I want to participate in the development in long-term jobs in global interesting projects. I like Agile Environment where I can develop fast and closely collaborate with teammates. Enjoy using a TDD approach to problem solving. I graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science. I h

AngularJS, CSS3, ember.js, HTML5, JavaScript, React


Разработчик Flash/HTML рекламы

Remote work, Russia · $2000 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Прошел путь от дизайнера до артдиректора. Огромный опыт создания медийной интернет-рекламы. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ActionScript, ActionScript3 (AS3), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CSS3, HTML5, Flash

ActionScript, ActionScript3 (AS3), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, CSS3, Flash, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript

сертифицированный разработчик Flash/HTML5 рекламы и youtube мастхедов для Google DoubleClick и GDN - кофаундер

Возможность удаленной работы. R&D в медийной интернет рекламе. Не интересно делать сайты (особенно интернет-магазины) за исключением промо-проектов. Не интересно делать игры.

3 December

C# Developer

Moscow · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

Database - OracleSQL, MSSQL Language - C#, VB6 Bug Tracking - Jira, TFS CI - Jenkins

C#, Git, MS SQL Server, Oracle DB, REST API, ASP.NET, MVC, Dapper

Two and a half year as C# Developer Developing applications and services (Web Services, ODBC, WPF, ASP.NET, Hangfire); Developing Oracle DB (Packages); Two year in QA (ASP.NET, Selenium): Half a year in functional testing: Test-case developing and fixing. Project documentation writing. Experience with TFS bugtracking system. Static OracleSQL scripts. Half a year in load testing: Load testing on HP LoadRunner. Dinamic and static scripts on Oracle SQL, procedures SOAP stubs (SOAP UI, a little of Oracle Weblogic, Java) Result analyze and report preparation for customer. Straight communication with customer. One year in automation testing: C# + Selenium WebDriver. Unit testing with Specflow. Experience with JIRA bugtracking system. Experience with business accounting software

2 December

Java Developer

Moscow · $4000 · 8 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I am the team leader of one of the company's products. The product sells banking services to small and micro-businesses. At first, i was the only one programmer on the project. Some features that became useful to the bank were invented and developed by myself. Now I make architectural decisions, I draw up work plans, manage developers, interact with other teams to work on joint project sites. The team consists of seven backends and two front-end developers.

Java, EJB, Linux, Wildfly, JBoss, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Ethereum, Lua, Frameworks: Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring

At the previous place of work, I was engaged in the implementation of the client verification functionality (kyc - know your customer), the implementation of data exchange protocols with banks and other credit organizations, the implementation of the processes of payment, getting a loan and loan repayment using a bank card, using personal accounts of mobile and web applications. Also i implemented mechanisms for working with recurrent payments. At company before I was working on two projects. The first one is the ERP system, which is built on Java/Struts2/EJB3/Hibernate. This system had already existed when I joined the team. Also, I was developing the registration system for an international conference on the same technology stack. One of the tasks I fully accomplished was an integration process with the partner company. My area of responsibility was coordination of details with the representatives of the partner, design and development. Using SOAP I implemented integration process with an accounting system. I was also involved in the development of core ERP functionality to meet changing business requirements.

2 December

Senior .Net Developer

USA, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Moscow · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Работаю быстро, не залипаю. Люблю новое, уважаю старое. Работаю в команде или соло. Умею слушать и понимать суть. Умею делать новые проекты с нуля или улучшать/переделывать/поддерживать старые. Не ограничиваю себя рамками only coding - например, знаю excel, немного умею в аналитику, слежу за новостями, технологиями. Много раз делал бэкенд на .Net и фронтенд на разных технологиях. Разрабатывал кубы в Analysis services и писал мобильные приложения на Xamarin - настоящий фулстэк. Много тюнил sql и c#. Последние 5+ лет тимлидствую. Текущий проект в красках: банк, dev/uat/prod environments, CI/CD, еженедельные релизы, интеграция с 30+ другими системами, пользователи - все сотрудники банка, 40+ тех специалистов, большая часть в Лондоне, много ребят из Индии ;).

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, REST API, OOP, JavaScript, SOLID, Git, SQL, mvc, MVC, TypeScript, WCF, Azure, Full stack, Hangfire, ASP.NET WebAPI, DevExpress, TFS, SSIS, WinForms, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Microsoft Azure, Test driven development, web api, RxJs, Docker containers, Xamarin, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, jQuery, MSSQL, HTTP, .NET Core, XAML

Создал с нуля систему автоматизированного сбора вторичной отчетности + репортинг в PowerBI. Запускал многие проекты до дедлайна :)

Идеально - релокация в США (в этом случае ожидания по зп неактуальны). Сейчас живу и работаю в Кракове, Польша. Маленькая команда или большой проект? Не важно. Аутсорсинг или продукт? Продукт. Отлаженные процессы или новые технологии? И то и то. Больше интереса вызвал бы финтех/продуктовый стартап. Меньше интереса - банк/кровавый интерпрайз.

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