19 September

QA Engineer

Moscow · $2000 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Python, Selenium, Java. Manual testing, Test automation, Load testing, Mobile testing. Staff training, Interviewing. Soft skills: Innovative, Confident, Adaptable, Design Sense, Desire to Learn, Enthusiastic, Friendly, Communicative, Good at Networking, Sense of Humor.

Windows, Android, Manual Testing (QA), Jira, User Experience (UX), Agile, Automated Testing (QA), Jenkins, Linux, PostgreSQL, Scrum, Python, Java, Quality Assurance (QA)

Fully covered the checklist and business-critical functions with e2e and integration autotests. Currently in charge of the quality of the releases and leading the QA dept, searching, interviewing and teaching new engineers to the team. My load testing design has discovered a number of the app performance bottlenecks and increased the company's benefits.

I'm looking for a relocation, preferably to Australia, VIC or NSW. Will happily live and work there.

16 September

QA Team Lead

Moscow · $4000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

3+ years experience in manual and automated testing of web and mobile applications on hand. Tested FORD MODELS iOS and Web apps, automotive factories web app, external document flow web app and many other kinds of web and mobile applications. Have mentoring experience. In context of QA-required I also have experience working with all the technologies \ mentioned above. Have huge experience working with PageObejct and PageFactory patterns. Have experience in designing test frameworks and environments from scratch and maintaining them as well as developing custom test engines. - know how to organize multi thread\cross browser \ cross platform test runs using Jenkins + Selenium WebDriver \ Appium + open STF. Have experience of functional testing including REST API, UI, Load testing automation. Also did some desktop applications test automation using python squish and Winnium. Have experience of carrying out different testing kinds as well as of cooperation with foreign customers\colleagues, not only IT related ones and not limited by UK, US and Germany

Written Translation, Consecutive Interpretation, Technical Translation, Apache JMeter, Jenkins, Maven, SVN, Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket, TestNG, JUnit, Consul, rabbitmq, elastic search, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, JDBC, Hibernate, Appium, Selemiun WebDriver, openSTF, Android Studio, Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA, Squish, Trac, JIra/Confluence/Zephyr, TestRail, Allure report, Extent Reports, java, kotlin, python, swift, Bash, AGILE/SCRUM, Kanban, JSON, XML, XSLT

I am a fluent English speaker and skilled technical interpreter (IT, construction, mechanics, Machinery). 我会说汉语并继续学习它。Have experience of working solo in terms of single and multiple projects. I am down for open source solutions and saving corporate funds. Currently learning to pentest. Have android and iOS developer capabilities as well.

Interested in career and professional growth, friendly team and adequate authority. Mentioned income is valid for Russia only.

18 August

Manual Tester

Remote work, Russia · $100 · Advanced/Fluent

Июнь 2019 — по настоящее время 3 месяца МОО Келечек Стажер-тестировщик Разработка тестовой документации (тест кейсы, тест комплекты, тест планы, стратегии). Тестирование веб-приложений, мобильных приложений с использованием различных методов тестирования. (Acceptance Testing, Smoke Testing, Regression Testing, Functional, Non-Functional, Black Box) Подготовка тест-репортов, баг-репортов. Октябрь 2007 — март 2019 11 лет 6 месяцев Строительные компании Строительство, недвижимость, эксплуатация, проектирование Технический переводчик английского языка Устный перевод. Письменный перевод технической документации

Manual Testing, Regression Testing, Functional testing, REST API, Web Testing

Прошел полный курс тестирования ПО. В настоящее время работаю стажером-тестировщиком в МОО Келечек. Есть огромное желание развиваться в тестировании, автотестировании.

15 August


Moscow · $2000 · Less than a year of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Функциональное и автоматизированное тестирование банковских продуктов: Интернет банка, мобильного приложения, чата. Написание тест-кейсов, составление отчётов. Написание UI автотестов с использованием Selenium, Selenide и API с использованием Rest Assured.

CSS3, HTML5, REST API, Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, Java, C#, MySQL, Python