Senior Frontend Developer

remote · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ES6, Jquery, Vue.js, React, React.js, Node.js, Webpack, NPM

Heroku, HTML5, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, React, vuejs, CSS, webpack, Elixir, Redux, SASS, CSS3, Yarn, NPM

Expirience: Working with web more than 6 years. I have few projects in production. RoR stack & modern javascript stack(ES6/React/Vue) What I do: Write less and effective code. Develop large projects architecture. I love ruby & rails. Because rails gives better productivity and efficient for developing than many other frameworks.

Complex tasks. Good management. Professional growth. Friendly team.


backend developer

Remote work, Russia · $3500 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

Elixir (Phoenix) PHP7 (Yii 2 \ Symfony 3 \ Laravel 5, etc) MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached Git RabbitMQ and other MQs Sphinx, ELasticSearch, etc Docker, CI\CD, Unit testing Любой проект с нуля до продакшна. Опыт: - Проектирование бд и архитектуры гибкой расширяемой системы. - Оптимизации кода, sql запросов. - Интеграция платежных систем, социальных сетей и других внешних сервисов. - Написание REST API. - Telagram bots

Git, Laravel, PHP, Symfony 2, Yii, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Elixir, HTML5, JavaScript, Memcached, PostgreSQL

Проектная или part-time работа.

19 August

Разработчик Ruby, Golang

Remote (RF, Orenburg) · $3500 · 9 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Ruby on Rails, Golang, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 2, Ionic 3.

Agile, AJAX, Golang, Jira, jQuery, JSON, MVC, MySQL, OOP, REST, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, XML, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Angular 2, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5, TypeScript, GraphQL

16 August

Senior Android Developer

Remote work, Russia · $5000 · 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

~10 years as Android Developer and Team Leader

Android, Android SDK, Kotlin, RxAndroid, Kotlin Coroutine, MVP/MVVM, Dagger 2, Koin, Android custom UI components, Retrofit 2, SQLite, Git, Linux, RxJava/RxAndroid, Firebase

- I studied at the University of Helsinki for a half year(Computer Science/Mobile Development). - I was jury head on Russia Android Challenge in Moscow, organized by Google. - I successfully passed first stage of Telegram Android Challenge(in totlal: 96 participants passed) - About 25-30 mobile/web apps developed

Только удаленная работа (Full-time remote only)

15 August

Ruby, Elixir, Clojure – Senior/Lead

Remote work, Russia · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I have been engaged with computer science since childhood. The main part of the projects which I took part are various web services. Probably, the applications of some of them are installed in your smartphone. Backends on Ruby, Clojure and Erlang/Elixir. Databases: PostgreSQL mainly, Redis, RethinkDB, Elastic, Neo4j. Variety of frontend technologies, personally I prefer Elm or ClojureScript. Or even better - do not make complex frontend and using something like fomkin/korolev, synrc/n2o, phoenix/liveview. Interested in low-level programming on C/C++, looking into the direction of Rust, Swift and Scala native. Have successful experience as a team leader, but I still prefer engineering work. One of my pet projects fully developed on Clojure ( only Clojure for all, even for CSS ) still works like a clock in hands of the new non-technical owner who bought it from me. Photography is one of my hobbies. I experimenting with photogrammetry using OpenCV library. Image analyze and objects recognition is very interesting for me. I have a good sense of UI/UX. Everything I do looks nice and neat. I looking for complex problems with calculations, data analyze. I prefer companies with a flat hierarchy, independent employees who are able to cooperate decentralized for the benefit of the project. Micromanagement, Jira, daily scrums are my stop words. I am ready to work with new technology for myself. Anyway, every year I learn something new.

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, RSpec, PostgreSQL, React, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, OTP, C++, Git, Redis, MongoDB, Sinatra, OOP, REST API, OpenGL, Rust

Transfer of regular Rails application to API + Rich client SPA in few months. Gradually transfer IM backend from Rails+PG to Erlang+Riak right under high load without fuckups. Contribution to Clojure. My name sounded few times in some IT podcasts and videos of other developers. Work in world-famous projects from five different countries. Tasty cooking )

Small team, autonomy of engineers, not outsource, remote with regular IRL meetings.

15 August

Ruby developer

Novosibirsk, Moscow, Minsk, Tomsk, Krasnodar, Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-na-Donu · $1200 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Стаж в веб-разработке - более 4 лет, начинал с php + cms MODX + верстка. С 2016 года перешел на Ruby, с тех пор успешно завершил 5 коммерческих проектов на RubyOnRails, последние 2 на фронтэнде использовал VueJs. В разработке стараюсь следовать подходу TDD/BDD. Имею опыт настройки сервера для деплоя Rails приложений при помощи Chief.

Ruby, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, Linux, RSpec

14 August

Ruby developer

$1500 · 3 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Ruby, Elixir, Docker, Ruby on Rails

OOP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Git, JavaScript, ActiveMQ , ElasticSearch

Профессиональный рост, изучение новых технологий, дружный коллектив.

6 August

Фулстек-разработчик, тимлид

Moscow · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Системы управления городской инфраструктурой, сервисы микроплатежей, площадка для размещения рекламы в соцсетях, API мобильных приложений, медиа и СМИ разной степени популярности, промо-сайты. Навыки масштабирования проектов под возрастающую нагрузку. Построение процессов и команды.

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, RSpec, Swagger, Docker, CI/CD, Git, DevOps

Не пишите мне, если на собеседовании попросите улучшить какой-нибудь системный метод, найти недостающую пару числа в терабайтном массиве (особенно при условии, что свободной памяти нет), рассказать об адресации хешей, изобразить паттерн с помощью UML, дать определение блока, поменять местами значения двух переменных, вспомнить лямбда-исчисление, написать программу на бумажке. В команду понадобился еще один академический задрот? Это не я.

5 August

Ruby on Rails Developer 

Remote work, Russia · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

Hello! I'm Ruby on Rails developer with 3 years of Java EE and 3 years of RoR experience. I had worked for Deutsche Telecom, Disney, Yandex, MarathonBet. At this moment I'm interested in startups to understand how to Lean principles works. Keywords: Fullstack, Ruby on Rails, Highload, TDD, BDD, DDD, ES6, Frontend SPA frameworks, Mobile API, Messengers Bots, CI/CD, Mobile First, SQL/NoSQL, Team Lead experience, Software Design.

Fullstack, Ruby on Rails, Highload, TDD, BDD, DDD, ES6, Frontend SPA frameworks, Mobile API, Messengers Bots, CI/CD, Mobile First, SQL/NoSQL, Team Lead experience, Software Design, Ruby, Ruby / Rails

I'm just working well. Will make what your business need. My references just approved it.

Interested in fulltime remote work. Preferred startups and product companies.

5 August

Разработчик Ruby on Rails

Moscow · $2000 · 1.5 years of experience · Intermediate

2 года занимался фрилансом, а именно писал скрипты для игровых серверов для игры Garry's Mod. Имею небольшой опыт разработки на RoR, Ruby. В основном работал под линуксом. Умею пользоваться гитом.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Разработал несколько сайтов на Ruby On Rails с версткой, множество скриптов для игровых серверов, микро-сервисов, RESTful API веб-приложений.

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