QA engineer

Novosibirsk · $1000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Reported bugs found in testing and by users to help developers resolve issues quickly. Worked with developers to track backlog items. Updated testing documentation for new hires. Developed test cases and prepared reports. Interacted with business analysts and development teams to gather requirements and develop technical solutions. Initiated tasks for developers to request customization and bug fixes. Prepared technical documentation based on business requirements. Assisted users on new developments during acceptance testings. Trained and mentored new specialists on testing procedures, product specifications, and company policies.

Regression Testing, Jira, Manual Testing, Web Testing, Quality Assurance, Functional testing, SQL, HTML, Confluence, Test Design, Test cases, Database

25 January

QA Engineer

Remote work, Russia · $1500 · 9 years of experience · Intermediate

About 8 years in QA: - Experience with test automation and manual testing, include: web applications, mobile - Experience with Java Core and Java EE - Knowledge of Python, C#, Groovy, SQL

Selenium WebDriver, Manual Testing (QA), Java Core, JUnit, TestNG, C#, Java EE, JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML

24 January

QA engineer

Remote work, Russia · $3000 · 4 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• 4 years of QA experience; • Testing framework development; • 2 years in automation testing includes: work experience with Java, Selenium, TestNG/Junit, Maven, Cucumber; Serenity BDD, Selenide, Appium; • Work with Artificial Intelligence; • Experience in working with Git, Jenkins, Docker; • API testing (REST Assured, Postman, Fiddler, and Insomnia); • Develop performance tests in JMeter; • Work with logs, databases (MySQL); • Work with microservices architecture; • Experience working with SAP B1 system; • Experience working in a Windows/Linux; • AWS cloud ecosystem: lambda, ec2, RDS, Postgress; • Manual testing (web, desktop); • Mobile manual and automation testing (iOS, Android); • Experience in compiling test documentation (test cases, checklists, bug-reports); • Test management: metrics, visibility, planning, strategy; • Experience in compiling project specification (SRS, project map (, XMind.), features, research requests; • Bug Tracking: VSTS, Jira, Redmine, Trello; • Working with development teams in agile methodologies;

Manual Testing, Postman, Selenium WebDriver, REST API, MySQL, Jenkins, Android, Mobile Testing, Automated Testing, Page Object, Git, Scrum, Agile, Testing Documentation, Mentoring, Test Management

Remote work

23 January

Software quality assurance

Berlin, Amsterdam, EU, Barcelona · $2000 · 4 years of experience · Intermediate

1. Tinkoff Bank Saint Petersburg, SOFTWARE testing specialist 1) Participate in testing new features as part of the mobile app release. 2) active work with iOS and Android devices 3) Testing client-server applications, API testing, tracking POST-GET requests and responses via Fiddler and Charles programs. 4) conducting regression testing when closing the release, conducting a smoke test on the prod version of the MP. 5) updating and supporting test scenarios for autotesters (meaning complete and detailed cases for which they are already creating autotests). 6) Actively work and communicate with developers, analysts and productology. 7) Working with Postman, SoapUI, SQL Developer 2. Aplana Software Saint Petersburg, The Project of Sberbank-Technologies. My duties and functions: - Conducting integration and functional testing of Sberbank's web interface. - - Carrying out regression and functional testing - Writing, supporting and updating test scenarios - Analysis of Documents and STAS (specification of automated system requirements) - - Work in bug tracking systems HP ALM, JAZZ - Active communication and work with analysts, developers using mail, TCS (conference calls), Microsoft Lync - - Active work in integration between Sberbank systems: working with XML requests/XML responses, analyzing XML tags and elements for correct integration, sending soap requests via the SoupUI 5.0 program - Working with the database, generating simple queries via SQL Developer.

Manual Testing, Quality Assurance, Web Testing, SQL, Scrum, HTML, Postman, API testing, Agile, JSON, Regression Testing, Cross-browser testing, Bug Reporting, iOS, Android, Linux, XML, Mobile Testing, TestRail, Confluence, Test Design, Ad Hoc testing, Functional testing, Test Documentatrion, Test Management, API Testing / Postman, Jira

First of all, I am a qualified specialist in software testing. I have been working in IT for about 5 years. my main projects were the banking products of Sberbank and Tinkoff. I've worked with XML, API, UI, JSON formats, and testing via Postman. I also have experience working with IOS and Android mobile devices.

19 January

QA engineer 

Remote work, Russia · $2500 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

I possess knowledge in: • creation of test cases, check lists & test suites; • test design techniques (equivalent classes, boundary values, pairwise, exploratory, state transition); • API testing (REST, Python tools, Postman, Ping API); • HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Chrome DevTools; • Python 3, PyCharm, PyTest, Selenium, Selene; • Java, IntelliJ IDEA, JUnit, Maven, Selenium, Selenide; • Fiddler, PuTTY, Bash, Linux console, SSH; • PostgreSQL, MS SQL, DataGrip; • Jira, Mantis, YouTrack, Trello, TFS, TestRail, Zephyr, EasyQA, Confluence, Testlink, Pivotal Tracker. • GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab; • Circle CI, Jenkins, GitLab CI; • Blockchain markets & operations; • BrowserStack & Sauce Labs; •, Google PageSpeed, GTM; • Basics of BDD (Gherkin) & Robot Framework.

Automated Testing (QA), CSS, Frontend, HTML, Jira, Manual Testing (QA), PostgreSQL, Python, Quality Assurance (QA), Regression Testing, REST API, User Experience (UX), bash, JSON, Linux, MS SQL Server, Photoshop, CI, JavaScript, Mantis, Zabbix, JIra/Confluence/Zephyr, JAVA, Maven, JUnit, pytest, GitHub, GitLab, Zephyr; Bitbucket, Youtrack, Browserstack

Built testing system from scratch: test plan, test suites, automation, CI process.

18 January

Junior QA Engineer/Analyst

Moskva/Udalennyj · $500 · Less than a year of experience · Intermediate

Полгода работаю в тестировании ЕФР и УСБС для ВТБ (систем для банков), основанных на Siebel CRM (Oracle). Есть опыт в тестировании функционала, интеграции, интерфейса. Есть опыт работы с jira, confluence, прямого воспроизведения ошибок, обработки отчетов об ошибках, использования excel для тест-кейсов, SoaPUI для заглушек. Знаю HTML, CSS, есть опыт работы с CMS и форумами. Участие в проектах: - EFR, единое фронтальное решение для систем ВТБ - ULBS, интеграция - EVE Online, CCP Games (волонтер) Working half-year in EFR and ULBS testing for VTB systems (banks) which developed in Oracle Sibel CRM. I have experience in testing of functionality, integration and UI, was working with jira, confluence, manual bug reproducing, bug report processing, in using excel for test-cases and SoapUI for pulling requests. I am familiar with HTML, CSS, CMS and forums engines. Participation in projects: - EFR, web-interface for VTB systems (banks) - ULBS, integration (banks) - EVE Online, CCP Games (volunteer tester)

HTML, CSS, Agile, Manual Testing , Quality Assurance , English, SQL, Windows, MySQL, Linux, Function Testing, SoapUI, Usability and UI Testing, Integration Testing‍, VMware, Regression Testing, Git, SVN, Ad Hoc testing, JIRA/Confluence, localization testing, Bug Reporting, Test documentation writing/maintenance, Web Testing

Was working on primary integration between few bank systems. Processed a bit more than thousand of bug reports. Reproduced about thirthy issues and documented as defects. Various technical, UI, graphic and russian localization related.

Желательно в разработке игр Games development or related websites are preferred Familiar to HTML/CSS, Jira, Confluence Have interests in testing software for Android, Windows, Linux Ready to further learning.

16 January

QA Team Lead

Moscow · $4000 · 3 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

3+ years experience in manual and automated testing of web and mobile applications on hand. Tested FORD MODELS iOS and Web apps, automotive factories web app, external document flow web app and many other kinds of web and mobile applications. Have mentoring experience. In context of QA-required I also have experience working with all the technologies \ mentioned above. Have huge experience working with PageObejct and PageFactory patterns. Have experience in designing test frameworks and environments from scratch and maintaining them as well as developing custom test engines. - know how to organize multi thread\cross browser \ cross platform test runs using Jenkins + Selenium WebDriver \ Appium + open STF. Have experience of functional testing including REST API, UI, Load testing automation. Also did some desktop applications test automation using python squish and Winnium. Have experience of carrying out different testing kinds as well as of cooperation with foreign customers\colleagues, not only IT related ones and not limited by UK, US and Germany

Written Translation, Consecutive Interpretation, Technical Translation, Apache JMeter, Jenkins, Maven, SVN, Gitlab, Github, Bitbucket, TestNG, JUnit, Consul, rabbitmq, elastic search, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, JDBC, Hibernate, Appium, Selemiun WebDriver, openSTF, Android Studio, Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA, Squish, Trac, JIra/Confluence/Zephyr, TestRail, Allure report, Extent Reports, java, kotlin, python, swift, Bash, AGILE/SCRUM, Kanban, JSON, XML, XSLT

I am a fluent English speaker and skilled technical interpreter (IT, construction, mechanics, Machinery). Have experience of working solo in terms of single and multiple projects. I am down for open source solutions and saving corporate funds. Currently learning to pentest. Have android and iOS developer capabilities as well.

Looking for Qa team lead position. Interested in career and professional growth, friendly team and adequate authority. Mentioned income is valid for Russia only.

15 January


St. Petersburg · $150 · No English

Обучение нового молодого сотрудника с образованием программиста (22 года) с 0 под свою профессиональную деятельность. Хобби Web (HTML, CSS, понимаю код PHP) Готов к обучению с 0 для развития навыков до развития навыков до уровня профессионала.


Получение рабочей визы типа Д (ВНЖ) в Чехии (Прага). Добиваюсь цели всеми возможными путями.

Поиском клиентов, продажами.

15 January

QA Director

St. Petersburg · $4000 · 7 years of experience · Intermediate

QA Director, Lead QA, Automation QA TeamLead.

Performance QA, Quality Assurance (QA), Jira, Manual Testing (QA), Confluence, Agile

Организовал и развил тестирование производительности в AAA Mmorpg. Плотно интегрировал отдел с разработкой и Manual QA. Проект вышел в релиз с лучшей производительностью, чем у основного продукта. Успешно собрал команду автотестирования из разрозненных сотрудников на разных направлениях, избавился от узких мест в инфраструктуре автотестирования. Провел несколько обучений для команды по методологии и процессам QA. Обучил лидов внутри своего направления и выстроил процесс максимально автономно. Успешно руковожу командой 100+ тестировщиков. Занимаю должность директора по качеству в компании которая разрабатывает и издаёт мобильные игры.

Профессиональный рост.

14 January


St. Petersburg · $650 · Less than a year of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Стажировка на 2 проектах. Проекты: 1. Интернет-магазин продажи шин и дисков (user interface) 2. Сервис заказа еды (API) Обязанности: - Тест-дизайн (попарное тестирование, классы эквивалентности, граничные значения, переходы и состояния) - Создание тестовой документации (тест-сеты, тест-кейсы, чек-листы и баг-репотры) - Декомпозиция систем - Работа с требованиями - Работа с программами: 1. Xmind (создание интеллект-карт декомпозиции систем, схемы переходов и состояний). 2. Jira (занесение тестовой документации, отслеживание и создание задач, назначение и связывание задач между собой) 3. PgAdmin (подключение к серверу проекта и доступ к бд, sql запросы типа select) 4. Postman (создание коллекций запросов, запросы к серверу методами get, post, delete)

Manual Testing, Jira, Postman, SQL, HTML, Git, Web Testing, Test Design, Functional testing, REST API, Java, Checklist, CSS, Mobile Testing, TestRail, Bugs Reporting

За время стажировки нашёл 3 medium бага.

Работа в слаженном коллективе, где все объеденены одним делом - выпускать качественное ПО. Ищу возможность постоянно впитывать новую информацию и развиваться как специалист по тестированию.

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