5 December

QA Automation Engineer

Remote work, Russia · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Занимаюсь автоматизацие примерно 3 года есть опыт е2е тестирования python pytest selenium selenoid так же писал интеграционные тесты

Jira, Selenium WebDriver, Automated Testing, REST API, Jenkins, Scrum, XPath, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Selenium, Manual Testing, Linux, Python, JSON, Postman, Git, Docker, SQL, testing web applications, Grid/Selenoid, Web Tesing, User Experience , Smoke testing, Quality Assurance, OOP, AJAX, webdriver.io

Выстроил процесс тестирования и собрал клманду

Удаленная работа интересные задачи

4 December

QA engineer

Berlin · $3200 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Senior QA engineer QA Automation engineer UI, Mobile, REST API automation

Automated Testing, Jira, Selenium, Regression Testing, QA Manual/Automation, Manual Testing , TestNG, Selenium IDE, Continuous Integration, Appium, Mobile App Testing, Mobile automation

Built automation from scratch: Mobile automation; UI Automation; REST API automation

Startups are preferably

4 December

QA Automation Engineer

Remote work, Russia · $7100 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Main language is Java. Usually i'm testing project manually while covering it with automated tests. iOS, Android, Web (Selenium), API and backend - everywhere it is needed.

Android, Automated Testing (QA), iOS, Selenium, Java, JavaScript, Python

I've been hired as QA when i was only 14. Guys from my first job asked me to create set of bug reports and were suprised how properly i did the job. Almost 15 passed since then - and now i'm reliable one-man QA department with test automation skills. More than 100 projects and high success rate - i'm continuing with building my career neatly and consistently.

Looking for good startup with remote job. Highly common with integration of QA into the existing companis which "forgot" to take QA with them from the start. Ideally i would like to meet the company that is looking for me - and not just "some QA". So small but powerful startups with good funding are welcome.

4 December

Senior QA Engineer

Remote work, Russia · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced QA engineer with analytical, problem solving skills; work ethics and track record of on-time delivery.

Ant, Automated Testing (QA), awk, bash, Confluence, Git, Jira, JMeter, JSON, MacOS, Manual Testing (QA), Quality Assurance (QA), SQL, Windows, XML, XPath, Linux, AWS, Python, XSLT, Manual Testing

Сложные задачи.

1 December

Senior QA Engineer

Europe, US (SJ) · $6000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

***Scope*** Python: OOP, Design patterns, pytest PyQt - have examples for portfolio threading, multiprocessing, asyncio numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn web (I don't really like it) (Selenium, #pageObject pattern, requests, suds, zeep) pdb, cProfile Bash: awk, ssh, torque SQL: Relational algebra, select/join VBA: Excel, Word, CorelDraw Math: mathematical statistics, discrete math, probability theory, geometry Read code, basic syntax: C++, C#, Java, Ruby Use: Linux (bash), Windows (shell), MacOS PyCharm, IPython, Jupyter, SublimeText CI: Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo Issue tracking: Jira, Redmine Test management: Zephyr, TestLink, HP QC VCS: Git

Git, Python, Qt, Automated Testing , Linux, Scrum, Math

developed internal test-management systems and frameworks using Python, bash, Qt. built QA process from scratch. improved and speed-up testing-cycle from 2 weeks to 1 day developed automated tests for 3D simulators.

Like: analysis, mathematical modeling, problem-solving, test-analysis, test-management, complex software, simulators, teamwork, write frameworks, improve and speed-up processes, roadmaps, when you reach this sentence Don't like: UI testing, Selenium, API coverage (web is boring sometimes), use Java in frameworks only Hate: systems integrators, monkey-job, type parametrized test-cases in google docs

27 November

QA Engineer

Relocation, udalennaja rabota · $2000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

More than 8 years of experience in manual testing, 2,5 years of experience in Test automation (Selenium, Postman, Newman), SoapUI, Test case design (Quality Center, TMS), Test case execution, Test plan developing, Bug tracking systems (Elvis, Jira, ALM), SQL database testing, Test drive participation, Cross-functional teamwork, Mobile testing, API testing. Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Automotive SPICE.

Agile, Scrum, Manual Testing (QA), Regression Testing, Waterfall, Jira, PL/SQL, SQL, Perforce, Automated Testing (QA), Oracle, API Testing / Postman, JAVA, JavaScript, Test Management, GIT, Kanban, Selenium

I have experience working with different projects and methodologies, mostly with Agile and experience in different kinds of testing. Experience in Test Management and QA. Built the QA environment from scratch on my current project.

Innovative technologies, startups are preferable, relocation to European countries.

1 November

SDET (QA Automation)

Relocation · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced in backend, frontend and mobile UI automation as well as in Manual testing and test design. Got excellent working experience with two big American customer companies in a both way, remotely and within the team on site. Implemented UI framework based on mocking data for Android App using Espresso, UiAutomator and MockHttp. In the same time automated backend part and app's communication level (SMS/PUSH services) using BDD and corresponding instruments: Cucumber BDD, Spring Framework. Have a good technical background and familiar with computer technologies more then 15 years. And familiar with many other tools and libraries: Maven, Gradle, Dagger2, JUnit, Selenium, Awaitility, AssertJ Bug tracking: Jira Test management: TestRail, TestLink, Zephyr SVC: GitHub

Jira, TestRail, English, Maven, Scrum, Java, Jenkins, SQL, MongoDB, Cucumber, Espresso, Selenium WebDriver, GitHub, API Testing / Postman, QA Manual/Automation, Mobile App Testing

Automation testing tasks. Interesting project. Growth opportunities Less bureaucracy. Smart management. Good labour conditions.

28 October

QA engineer

Berlin · $2800 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Developer in Bank 5 years QA, QA lead, QA automation 7 years experience in iOS (swift) and Android (Kotlin) development.

Jira, Automated Testing , Selenium WebDriver, Selenium, Scrum, TestNG, XPath, JSON, XML, JUnit, JMeter, Agile, Automated Testing, Manual Testing , Regression Testing, Web Testing , OOP, REST API

27 October

Senior QA Automation Engineer, Software Developer in Test (SDET), QA Automation Lead

Remote work, Russia · $4000 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

My recent experience: - I was working as SDET for US based company where performing wide range of testing activities such as integration, api, ui tests using Python, JavaScript and Robot framework. The project is aligned to broader strategic initiatives in data analytics such as the Real World Data Exchange(RWDex), Big Data Platform(BDP), Commercial Information Management(CIM), and consolidation of commercial data investments into a single platform where analytics professionals are able to access data through a secure, business friendly platform and leverage advanced analytics capabilities to support a broad range of planned and ad hoc requests from Analytics customers. - I was working as QA Automation Lead for US based car hauling company Super Dispatch. Design, develop, and execute automation tests. Using Java, JS, Selenium, Rest Assured, TestNG, Cypress, JMeter. Created and monitored detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test plans and test suits. Lead the team of QA engineers, guide and mentor them. Continuously review the existing processes and tools, and make them effective when it's needed. Prepare and manage a CI/CD pipeline for a testing environment. - Working as Senior Automation QA for Zensoft IO with full system development lifecycle experience, including designing, developing and implementing test plans, test cases and test processes fueling swift corrective actions, significant cost savings and fault-free audits. I was working on advanced Web-based products including MVPs in the Agile/Scrum environment for such clients like Uber, Spotify, VMWare, Echo Energy and others. Performing Load/Stress testing.

REST API, Jenkins, Selenium WebDriver, Automated Testing, Jira, Java, Git, SQL, Scrum, Maven, Selenium, HTML, CSS, Linux, TestNG, XPath, Manual Testing, JUnit, WebServices, TestRail, тест-дизайн, Cypress, Kotlin, JSON, IntelliJ IDEA, JMeter, OOP, Docker, Serenity, JavaScript, JAVA, Allure, API testing, Test Automation Frameworks, Python, MVP, Gradle, XML, Agile, Regression Testing, Cucumber, Manual Testing , Appium, Postman, BDD, Selenide, pytest, SDLC, Test Planning & Documentation, Quality Assurance, Web Testing, MySQL, Continuous Integration, JIRA

Senior Automation QA Engineer with 6+ year of automation testing experience, have a great experience leading teams of 10+ people. In addition, one of my personal achievements: I won QA scholarship ‘TestBash San-Francisco 2018’ from the Ministry of Testing.

19 October

Project Manager / Team Leader

St. Petersburg · $3000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Infrastructure and CM design, Scripting, C/C++, Heterogeneous computing, GPGPU, Windows kernel drivers, MS SQL, Oracle DBA, Linux system administration, PostgreSQL

C/C++, Embedded, kernel, Linux, Python, Security, Git, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle DBA, SpaceWalk, Risk management, team lead

1. Разработка поддержки Stereo 3D в AMD Catalyst. Переработка модуля синхронизации частот AMD EyeFinity 2. Организация инфраструктуры тестирования по безопасности (dynamic testing и penetration testing) для Oracle VM

Я ищу работу с гибким графиком, возможно удаленную работу. Предпочтения - embedded systems, QA and Security QA,

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