11 November

Senior Frontend Developer 🔥

Smolensk · $2500 · 6 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Project list: Reedit.com (in a scope of subreddit page), Accenture (client side API for the video content management), Elinvar (fin tech, multiple CRMS management) Tech stack: React/Redux/GraphQl/Typescript/Docker/D3 Role: Senior Software Developer (JS), would like to follow up with the front end line of work + exposure my python skills to the fullstack development

CSS3, HTML5, React, Redux, SASS, Adobe Photoshop, Angular.js, Git, HAML, JavaScript, MySQL, NodeJS, Python, SQLite, Node.js, REST API, TypeScript, webpack, AJAX, jQuery, es6, JSON, MongoDB

Reddit desktop web application: Building and maintaining 2x / r2 Reddit Web Application New UI design implementation Refactoring and support React/Redux typescript architecture Developing features for the Reddit mobile instance Used languages: Javascript, Typescript, Python Technologies: React, Redux, Lodash
 Development Environment: VIM + Tmux Опыт работы frontend developer: - reddit.com - accenture.com - interior.pro - livemaster.ru

Возможность плодотворного сотрудничества с работодателем, используя в работе передовые технологии для решения текущих задач.

1 November

Full stack/Backend Developer

Remote work, Russia · $7000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Technology Stack (For last 10 years): - Python, Django, Flask, Falcon - *nix - MySQL (MariaDB, Percona-Server), PostgreSQL (PostGIS) - NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, ElasticSearch, CosmosDB) - HTML4-5, CSS2-3, JS, React, AngularJS, TypeScript - Nginx, uWSGI, Apache - Haystack, Sphinx, Morphology - High-Load, Big Data - Amazon Services, MS Azure - Git - (a little bit) Pandas + NumPy + Cognitive Services High-Load, Optimization English (Advanced) My passion is high load and difficult tasks. I like to create the systems from the scratch. I really keen on improving my skills and experience in IT.

Django, Python, CSS3, HTML5, Linux, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Azure, JavaScript, PostGis, AWS, ElasticSearch, Git, TypeScript, PHP

Top 10 of Achievement: - CRM and part of ERP systems - Report system for analyze how working project and staff - A system analysis of prices, margins of competitors and suppliers - Processing system names of the goods competitors and suppliers to automatically search for similar titles - Targeting system: products, accessories, pricing management for different users - Integration with various tools (API, data exchange CSV, XML, DBF) - Creating an architectures for fast updating of large amounts of data - Experience in multiple code optimization for stable site work during peak load

An opportunity to working on project, not just wasting your time and money

3 October

Менеджер Проектов

Los Angeles · $2000 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- More than 9 years of work experience in the IT industry as a Project Manager; - In-depth knowledge of project management theory, process, product and project metrics for Agile projects (SCRUM); - Simple SQL queries knowledge; - Coding experience (Python, Java); - Excellent communication and presentation skills; - Excellent judgment and decision making skills; - Fluent Spanish, English, Russian

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, English, Kanban, Jira, Team management, project planning, Confluence, trello, Redmine, Git, Risk management

30 September

Senior QA Engineer

Europe, US (SJ) · $6000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

***Scope*** Python: OOP, Design patterns, pytest PyQt - have examples for portfolio threading, multiprocessing, asyncio numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn web (I don't really like it) (Selenium, #pageObject pattern, requests, suds, zeep) pdb, cProfile Bash: awk, ssh, torque SQL: Relational algebra, select/join VBA: Excel, Word, CorelDraw Math: mathematical statistics, discrete math, probability theory, geometry Read code, basic syntax: C++, C#, Java, Ruby Use: Linux (bash), Windows (shell), MacOS PyCharm, IPython, Jupyter, SublimeText CI: Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo Issue tracking: Jira, Redmine Test management: Zephyr, TestLink, HP QC VCS: Git

Git, Python, Qt, Automated Testing , Linux, Scrum, Math

developed internal test-management systems and frameworks using Python, bash, Qt. built QA process from scratch. improved and speed-up testing-cycle from 2 weeks to 1 day developed automated tests for 3D simulators.

Like: analysis, mathematical modeling, problem-solving, test-analysis, test-management, complex software, simulators, teamwork, write frameworks, improve and speed-up processes, roadmaps, when you reach this sentence Don't like: UI testing, Selenium, API coverage (web is boring sometimes), use Java in frameworks only Hate: systems integrators, monkey-job, type parametrized test-cases in google docs