Разработчик python

Remote work, Russia · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Experienced software development engineer with 15 years practical experience in designing, developing, testing and implementing of various stand-alone and client-server architecture based enterprise application software in Python on different domains.

Python, Git, Django, PostgreSQL, Linux, REST API, Docker, Flask, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Django-Rest-Framework, SOAP, Continuous Integration

Skilled in python, server side programming, high-load API design and development, CI/CD, agile methodologies. Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Architect


Senior C++ Developer

St. Petersburg · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

• C++11/14/17, STL, Boost • Python, TypeScript, JavaScript • Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, AIX, Solaris, Windows • Multi-threading, low latency, networking, cryptography • ZeroMQ, OpenSSL, WebSockets, Protocol buffers • PostgreSQL, MongoDB • Git, SVN • CMake / CPack • Scrum, SAFe

C++, Multithreading, Networking, Boost, Linux, PostgreSQL, STL, Python

As an example, recently I designed and implemented custom L3 tunneling software (VPN) written in C++14/17. The software make use of Linux TUN/TAP driver to create a secure IP tunnel and use UDP or TCP packets to encapsulate the data transferred via the tunnel. All data and control packets are encrypted and authenticated using AES-256-GCM or CHACHA20-POLY1305 AEAD ciphers. Handshake protocol uses pre-shared keys (PSK) along with ECDHE for key agreement (modeled after OPTLS and TLS 1.3) and provides perfect forward secrecy. Fast blocking MPMC queue and fast thread safe memory pool classes were implemented in order to achieve high throughput of processed network packets. Both classes were designed to be cache friendly and to reduce memory fragmentation. The tunnel is developed to mitigate some of performance and scalability limitations of OpenVPN (tests show 4.5x improvement in total throughput over OpenVPN in a single-threaded mode on 1 Gbps Ethernet link; the tunnel is able to saturate 10 Gbps link in a multi-threaded mode). The software supports a minimally sufficient subset of OpenVPN configuration options so it can be used as a drop-in replacement. Also it can be managed using JSON-RPC protocol via Unix domain sockets. Main advantages and improvements over OpenVPN include: zero-copy networking, packet aggregation, absence of dynamic memory allocation, multi-threaded data encryption.


Software Engineer

Moscow · $6000 · 7 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Python, Django, SQL, JavaScript, Git, Scrum, Agile

Django, Python, SQL, Automated Testing, JavaScript, Unit Testing, Agile, Git, Scrum

13 October

Python/Golang Developer

Remote work, Russia · $4000 · 9 years of experience · Intermediate

Go, Python, Rust (newcomer), Linux, Git, Redis, MongoDB, FFmpeg, C/C++, Docker, Kubernetes

ffmpeg, Linux, Python, REST API, Golang, Redis, C/C++, MongoDB

Developed distributed task management system that can be locally installed on up to hundreds nodes without any additional services like load balancer and it will work even all except 1 node will be turned off. Experienced with API designs, project deployments, containerization technologies, optimizations for RAM and CPU usage in whole service.

* compact projects for 1-3 months developing time at most. MVPs or similar type of job * backend only

7 October

Python and/or Golang Developer or Big data architect 🔥

no difference · $2000 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

Seeking a position of a Python, golang programmer or Big Data architect. • Strong Experience in Python (11 years), Golang, Big Data (ClickHouse, Hadoop stack, Google BigQuery). • Expert knowledge of big data technologies with extensive hands on experience. Led design & implementation of big data projects in the NLP project. Also has very deep expertise in designing & implementing large enterprise systems. • Worked in Agile environment and sprints. • Big Data Platforms: Cloudera, Apache Hadoop, Google BigQuery. • SQL Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OmniSci (former Mapd), SQLite. • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Redis, Google Cloud Bigtable. • Apache Hadoop stack: Impala, Kudu, Spark, Hive. • In-Memory-Computing: MemSQL, Tarantool, Apache Ignite. • Messaging/stream processing: Kafka, RabbitMQ. • Machine learning: Keras. • Django (5 years), Flask, Twitter Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery, Java Script. • A well knowledge on OS Windows; Unix (Linux, Solaris, Freebsd). • Hardware: Very familiar with generic PC hardware. Experience working with distributed systems and multithreaded applications Experience with designing, implementing and deploying cloud-native and microservices based architectures

Linux, Django, MySQL, Python, Oracle, Redis, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Git, Flask, Django REST Framework, MongoDB, Celery, REST API, Aiohttp, Docker compose, Docker, Jira, JWT, RabbitMQ

3 October

Менеджер Проектов

Los Angeles · $2000 · 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

- More than 9 years of work experience in the IT industry as a Project Manager; - In-depth knowledge of project management theory, process, product and project metrics for Agile projects (SCRUM); - Simple SQL queries knowledge; - Coding experience (Python, Java); - Excellent communication and presentation skills; - Excellent judgment and decision making skills; - Fluent Spanish, English, Russian

Project Management, Agile, Scrum, English, Kanban, Jira, Team management, project planning, Confluence, trello, Redmine, Git, Risk management

2 October

Разработчик perl

Moscow · $2500 · More than 10 years of experience

Perl, MySQL, Linux, Nginx, svn, git, Memcache, Redis, Facebook API

Facebook API, Linux, Memcache, MySQL, Nginx

Офис возле метро. Белая зарплата. Маленькая команда. Неформальная обстановка. НЕ Open space.

2 October

Software Engineer

USA · $5000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

No visa sponsorship required. Passionate full cycle software engineer. Love to solve human problems using tech stack. Constantly improving skills not only as a tech specialist, but as a human being.

Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, Python, REST API, Ansible, Celery, CI/CD, Docker, Flutter, JavaScript, Jira, Linux, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLAlchemy, Tornado, Golang, gRPC

* Created rest API for bank app from scratch. * Refactored crawler (speed up x100 times) published control in Telegram (bot). * Redesigned mobile push notifications, adding asynchronous calls and admin panel. * Contributed to TrinityCore (wow server written in C++) * Contributed to PyMongo driver

Self made product to cover human needs via tech.

30 September

Senior QA Engineer

Europe, US (SJ) · $6000 · 8 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

***Scope*** Python: OOP, Design patterns, pytest PyQt - have examples for portfolio threading, multiprocessing, asyncio numpy, scipy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn web (I don't really like it) (Selenium, #pageObject pattern, requests, suds, zeep) pdb, cProfile Bash: awk, ssh, torque SQL: Relational algebra, select/join VBA: Excel, Word, CorelDraw Math: mathematical statistics, discrete math, probability theory, geometry Read code, basic syntax: C++, C#, Java, Ruby Use: Linux (bash), Windows (shell), MacOS PyCharm, IPython, Jupyter, SublimeText CI: Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo Issue tracking: Jira, Redmine Test management: Zephyr, TestLink, HP QC VCS: Git

Git, Python, Qt, Automated Testing , Linux, Scrum, Math

developed internal test-management systems and frameworks using Python, bash, Qt. built QA process from scratch. improved and speed-up testing-cycle from 2 weeks to 1 day developed automated tests for 3D simulators.

Like: analysis, mathematical modeling, problem-solving, test-analysis, test-management, complex software, simulators, teamwork, write frameworks, improve and speed-up processes, roadmaps, when you reach this sentence Don't like: UI testing, Selenium, API coverage (web is boring sometimes), use Java in frameworks only Hate: systems integrators, monkey-job, type parametrized test-cases in google docs

28 September

Python Developer

Remote work, Russia · $3000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I've been doing web development in Python for more than 7 years. I am well versed in algorithms, data structures, design patterns. I know how to write a fast, clean and well-maintained code. I am a server-side guy but I also know how client-side stuff works.

Python, Ansible, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, twisted, AWS, Celery, CouchDB, Docker, Jenkins, FUSE, go, telegraf, clickhouse

* I've contributed some code to the OpenStack (Liberty) * I'm a maintainer of commonly use python library for a CouchDB * I am one of the founders and organizers of DevDay - one of the largest IT community in Kazan city.

I'm searching for a company where I can specialize and advance in backend development using python. I'm looking for an opportunity to bring real tangible use to a team and/or customers.

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