Front-End Developer

Remote work, Russia · $2000 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

I'm a Front-End developer with 5+ years of experience. I create, develop and maintain websites from plain markups to high-loaded, scalable and performant SPA. I'm responsible, reliable, flexible and well-organized.I work well with others and I value and respect time constraints and deadlines. I am also great with clients: when a client has a question, I take the time to explain and clarify our process to them in an appropriate way.

CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, BEM, Bootstrap, Git, HTML5, Jira, jQuery, React, Redux, jasmine, Jest, Karma, LESS, MySQL, rxjs, TypeScript, webpack, Express, Node.js, RxJS, MobX, Vue / Vuex, Docker, Cypress



Russia, irkutsk · $600 · 5 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

Ведение проекта по оборачиваемости в крупной компании, изменение регламентов промо-активности в крупной компании, логистика промо\сезона, продуктов питания, ультраскоропорта, технических и строительных материалов, оборудования и инструментов, тканей, аналитика общая и детальная от 2 000 SKU, АВС анализ, ХУZ анализ, расчёт LFL в разрезе 1 SKU и по группам, аналитика длительных периодов (3 года, например) и кратких (неделя, день). аналитика, снабжение, логистика, расчёты в Эксель, закуп, соответсвие законодательству РФ, опыт ведения переговоров, оптимизация регламентов компании. Maintaining a project for turnover in a large company, changing the regulations of promotional activity in a large company. Team work in the company staff. Logistics of the promo \ season goods, food, ultra-fastport food, technical and building materials, equipment and tools, textile, general and detailed analytics more then 2 000 SKU, ABC analysis, ХУZ analysis, LFL calculation in the context of 1 SKU and by groups, analytics of long periods (3 years, for example) and short periods (week, day). analytics, supply, logistics, calculations in exel, procurement, compliance with the legislatio of the Rus Fed, negotiation experience, optimization company's regulations. Dear foreign parthers, I prefer written communication on english. I can to talk with you orally on a regular topic

Project Management, Team management, Business Analysis, project planning, Microsoft Office, MS Project, People management, Product management, Product Development, Product research, Marketing, Analysis, Product Marketing, Analysis of business requirements, Success Mapping and Metrics Management, Business development


Senior Software Developer

Moscow · $5000 · More than 10 years of experience · Advanced/Fluent

Доктор наук, практический опыт от рядового разработчика до архитектора крупных систем. Решаю "нерешаемые" задачи.

C++, Linux, STL, OOP, Multithreading, Qt, Design Patterns, C, Architecture, Erlang, OTP


Senior FullStack .Net Developer

Remote work, Russia · $5000 · 6 years of experience · Intermediate

1) Information system for selecting and calculating mounting systems. ASP.NET web api, MS Sql, EF 6, IText, Swagger, SSIS, Oracle DB, git, Unit tests 2) Information portal for energy saving of enterprises. Development of IDM, SSO, file hosting, message exchange server with sciban templates, reporting server with dynamic reports based on FastReport.Core, Maintenance and development the main data management application, integrate Lua and Js engine in application for data scripting and validation. ASP.NET Core, .net core, CQRS + Event Sourcing. MongoDB, postgresql, angular, typescript, devextreme, IdentityServer4, openidconnect, Idm, SSO, entity framework core, Fastreport.Core, Sciban, Scss, Autofac, Swagger, autorest, webpack, git 3) Support and completion of the Bitcoin mining pool ASP.NET Core, MS SQL, Redis, Dapper, EF Core, git. 4) Equipment management system for local ISP ASP.NET MVC 4, EF 5, MS SQL, Jquery, jqGrid, OpenXMLSDK, SVN. 5) Bitcoin stock exchange ASP.NET MVC 5, EF 6, jquery, highchart, clojurescript, SVN, css. 6) SMS messaging administration system ASP.NET MVC 4, ms sql 2012 with stored procedures, knockoutjs, jqGrid, typescript, css, mercurial. 7) Planting and Care Management System. SPA on angularJS + ASP.NET web api, Kendo UI, EF code first, typescript, OData, jade, SVN. 8) Group of portals for the company providing ip telephony services. SharePoint 2013 as a data source, Asp.NET MVC application for data management (6-7 web portals). Subsequently, a large amount of data was migrated to Microsoft Sql Server with Entity framework Code first. I were the main developer of the system for three years. The project grew to seven large portals on ASP.NET MVC and SharePoint, completely covering the business requirements of the customer. ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET Web Api, nintex, kendo ui, css, pdf from html, itextsharp, OpenXMLSDK, TFS, XML, SOAP, Rest api, external api integrations.

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, JavaScript, OOP, Git, SQL, HTML, CSS, SOLID, mvc, MVC, Design Patterns, REST API, TypeScript, jQuery, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Microsoft Testing Framework, ASP.NET CORE, CI, SASS, .Net Core 2, Angular 2, EntityFramework, MVVM, Kendo UI, T-SQL, NoSQL, webpack, PostgreSQL, Continuous Integration, REST, XPath, OOP/OOD/SOLID, Kanban, Unit test, Visual Studio, WPF, WinForms, WCF, Multithreading, Angular6, DevExpress, TeamCity, XML, JSON, TPL, HTTP, ASP.NET Core MVC

I'm 6+ years fullstack .net developer. I quickly and efficiently solve tasks, learn new technologies and use its in my projects. I work well in a team. I can independently develop business requirements from the prototyping stage to the production ready solution.

An interesting project on modern technologies ( core, spa), development team (more than 3 people). Stable and high salary, diverse and interesting tasks. Not want to work with sharepoint



Remote work, Ukraine · $2500 · 6 years of experience · Beginner/Elementary

PHP: • ООП, MVC, DDD, рефакторинг, code review, паттерны проектирования, Smarty, Twig, REST API, JSON-pure API; • Фреймворки: Kohana 3.2+, Laravel 4.2+, Zend 2, Yii2, Symfony 3+. JavaScript: • ООП, MVC, рефакторинг, WebSocket; • Библиотеки: jQuery, underscore, moment и многие др., (React, Redux); • Фреймворки: Angular 1-8, Backbone. HTML и CSS: • Препроцессоры, адаптивная верстка, кроссбраузерная верстка, БЭМ; • Фреймворки: Bootstrap 3+. Базы данных: • MySQL, ORM, Doctrine2 (базовый уровень), active record; • PostgreSQL; • MongoDB - базовый уровень. Системы контроля версий: • Git; • Mercurial. Пакетные менеджеры: • Composer; • Bower; • NPM. Опыт работы с: • Grunt, Gulp, Webpack; • SOAP, XML. ...

HTML5, jQuery, MVC, web api, AJAX, Angular, Backbone.js, Bitbucket, Bootstrap, bower, composer, CSS3, GitHub, JavaScript, Jira, JSON, Underscore.js, Web Development, XML, Git, Laravel, Linux, Mercurial, moment, NPM, REST API, Scrum, SOAP, WebSocket, Grunt, es6, React, Redux


PHP Developer 

Moscow · $1500 · 5 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Over a 5 years working as a PHP developer. Languages: russian (fluent), english (upper-intermediate), german (beginner, but i am learning fast ;) ) Ready for a test task. Here are some of my projects: 1) ICO/STO/IEO international rating agency. - Environment: YII2, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX, Gitlab - What i developed: analytic blocks, REST API, adding exchanges to platform, calculator for cryptocurrencies, browser extension, parsing information from other resources and many other things - Special exprience: Working with Big data (over 500gb of database), experience of relocate 2) CRM system. -Environment: Yii2, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX, Gitlab -What i developed: the whole structure of CRM system, calendar, tasks, roles, reports - Special experience: development of a huge project in short time 3) Web shops (in general). - Environment: YII2/Laravel(5.7+), MySQL, VueJs, AXIOS, Gitlab -What i developed: the whole structure of web shop, payment system integration, admin panel development - Special experience: experience of including, testing and using different payment systems, VueJs experience 4) Site for Real Estate institution. - Environment: Wordpress, MySql, JQuery, AJAX, Github, Kanban board, Azure, Slack - What i developed: Wordpress plugins, news and blog sections, payment system - Special experience: Working in an international team, remote job, working with CMS (my last experience with CMS, i hope :) )

PHP, Yii2, Git, MySQL, SOLID, OOP, Vue.js, JSON, JavaScript, MVC, Jira, jQuery, AJAX, REST API, SASS, XML, Bootstrap, HTML5, PHP Storm, Redis, Docker, Laravel

Was a part of international team; Was developing on Unreal engine 4 VR games for almost a year; Have a good relocate experience; Have some knowledge in cryptocurrency world; Won a grant competition with AR project

Ready for relocation :) I am fine with frontend work also, so i am not disturbing Frontend developers for fixing or adding functionality Waiting for a good team, interesting projects and challenging tasks


Backend Developer

Saint Petersburg · $6000 · 7 years of experience · Upper Intermediate

Linux, MySQL, Maven, spark, Hadoop, docker, Git, Oracle, Scala, Java, bash, Ruby, PostgreSQL

bash, docker, Git, Hadoop, Java, Linux, Maven, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Scala, Spark, Ruby on Rails, Kotlin, Golang, Kafka, Redis, RSpec

On my previous job I developed several projects which I very proud: - Continue watching system for video streaming platform: From the very beginning I myself analyzed and thought out a system for storing and processing time stamps that contain information on the time each video was viewed by users on the platform. I thought about how to store these timestamps and in which of the database. How to transfer information to frontend clients. How to make the system resistant to high loads and to make it so it was easily to develop by other developers. - On another project, we started split the monolith into microservices. I integrated Apache Kafka into the system to synchronize part of the information through the kafka. It was error sensitive information that could not be lost, that's why we use Kafka instead http. Also If we used http we ddos our own system. This system began to be used by other projects in this company. and more interesting projects...:)

Looking for interesting projects, challenging task, new opportunity, various language and various technologies. Always wondering to develop big distributed application.


Senior Python Developer

Moscow · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

Senior backend developer for the UK-based small and medium business banking service. As part of the team, developed anti-fraud and anti-money laundering services prepared technical design project and ensured implementation based on the it. Ensured smooth integration with the external services like Global Processing Services, Dow Jones & etc. Stack used: asyncio/aiohttp, PostgreSQL, Marathon, Mesos, ELK, ansible, TeamCity, Chronos, RabbitMQ.

Django, gunicorn, MongoDB, Python, Redis, REST API, asyncio, ElasticSearch, Nginx, Pyramid, Column oriented database, Flask, PostgreSQL, Tornado, Sphinx, Vertica, Aiohttp, RabbitMQ, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Kubernetes, Docker, Celery

Rich experience in designing and developing backend web applications of different complexity and structure, as the construction of monolithic applications and development of applications with microservice architecture. The main programming language is Python, but I can write on Go and Node.JS. I prefer to use aiohttp + postgres/mongo, but have a successful experience of building systems on Django or Flask. I understand how to build a microservice architecture, I understand all the pros and cons of this approach. On projects where it is possible I prefer to use Docker for development and deployment, also there is an experience of construction of the distributed systems by means of Kubernetes. I have experience in team management (4-8 units) , including code review, formulation, planning, evaluation and distribution of tasks. I work on high-quality performance of tasks. I can and practice teamwork.


Разработчик C#

Moscow · $2500 · 5 years of experience · Pre-Intermediate

3 года опыта разработки WPF клиента. 2 года разработки WIndows Forms + ms sql + wcf. Немного поработал с asp .net, asp. core.

C#, .NET, Entity Framework, LINQ, REST API, Git, SQL, WinForms, WPF, WCF


Senior Java Developer, Software Architect

EU, Canada, USA, Moscow, Australia, London, Singapore · $4500 · More than 10 years of experience · Intermediate

I've been a team lead and a software architect in RoboCafe. I created Ayin distributed execution system and language. Interested in robotics and modern creative cuisine.

Java, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Git, XText, Eclipse Modelling Framework, EMF, Language Development, Vaadin, STM32, AVR, C++, Ayin, JPA, PostgreSQL

I created development department on my previous job. I designed most software architecture in distributed execution system and finally separated it to new project with own language called Ayin.

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