28 февраля

Lead node.js developer.

Минск · $4500 · 5 лет опыта · Intermediate

Projects "online casinos", "trading exchanges", "sports betting" in a lower priority. Ideally, I would like to find a project from the scratch to the position of team / tech leader.

CSS3, JavaScript, Nuxt, Stylus, Unix, Vue.js, Git, Node.js, ReactJS, SASS, Angular.js, Express.js, Redis, MongoDB, Mongoose, NATS, RabbitMQ, Docker/Docker Compose, Docker/Kubernetes/Swarm/Vagrant, NextJS, Nest.js, Koa2

Below list of all technologies with I worked. PHP : Wordpress, Codelgniter, Kohana, OpenCart, Magento, Symfony 2-3, Laravel 5+. JavaScript: React.js(v15), AngularJS(v1.6), Angular 2-5(v2.0-5.0), Vue.js, jQuery, TypeScript, flow, chai.js, jest, sinon.js, mocha.js, data-visualization(google charts), Node.js, socket.io, nuxt.js, node.js, koa.js, express.js, sequelize. HTML5: Bootstrap 3-4, Semantic UI, Materializecss, Foundation, Material Design, vuetify, element-ui. Data Bases: Mysql, MariaDB, PosgreSQL, MongoDb, Redis. Continuous Integration: Docker(compose, swarm, kubernetes), Vagrant, Jenkins, kubernetes. Web Servers: Apache, nginx, traefik. Template engines: EJS, Pug.js, TWIG, Blade. CSS3: SASS/SCSS, LESS, Stylus. Advanced unix user(ubuntu/macos).

I am enthusiastically engaged in web development, currently concentrated on Vue.js/React.js, Koa/Express.js and virtualization. Before I have experience in building from scratch SPA architecture, COMET applications from both the frontend and the backend (PHP / Node.js / Golang / Python). There is also experience in mentoring. Big outsourcing and legacy stack is not interesting, sorry in advance.

18 февраля

.NET developer

Санкт Петербург, Минск, Prague, Warsaw · $3000 · 4 года опыта · Intermediate

- C # - Developed a variety of desktop applications (WPF, WinForms), including multi-threaded, applications working with databases; - .Net Core - Worked on developing API, have little experience in parsing a monolith application into services; - SQL - Worked on development of client-server applications using MS SQL Server, SQLite; - VBA - I have experience in develop modules for MS Office - JS - I have some experience, continue learning -Golang - Low level, just started to learn Have experience in designing and developing databases based on MS SQL Server (stored procedures, functions, triggers, views) for financial, commercial, medical and other tasks. Good experience in parsing code. Ability to translate the customer's desire into code. Now I am working on bank-financial project, where I'm with my team developing payment processing application and parsing the monolith into services, as one of lead developers.

C#, .NET, WPF, SQL, WinForms, Windows, MSSQL, MS SQL Server, OOP, LINQ, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Entity Framework, JIRA, Confluence, NHibernate, JavaScript, Git, Jenkins, HTML, REST API, SOLID, Dapper

Developed a system, that allows employees to search for pharmacies on the map that have purchased certain drugs, for subsequent analysis of sales and employees performance. Stack: WPF, NetCore, MS SQL, YandexMaps API With the team we developed anti-fraud system for terminal payments.

I want to work with Net Core, C#, maybe Golang(but i still learn it). Please, no very old legacy projects from 200x. In total, legacy is normal for big projects, but not that old. I am here to find a job, which one can help me to get more development experience, meet interesting people, learn new features.

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